The Renaissance Period (England 1485-1660)

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The Renaissance Period (England 1485-1660). The Renaissance Rediscovering Ancient Greece and Rome. Renaissance / _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The 16th Century

The Renaissance Period(England 1485-1660)The RenaissanceRediscovering Ancient Greece and RomeRenaissance /____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Renewed interest in the literature of ancient Rome and Greece)

Refers to the renewal of curiosity and creativity Peoples values

BeliefsBehaviorrebirth The RenaissanceRediscovering Ancient Greece and RomeRenewal of Human SpiritRenaissance personWell rounded interests, such as___________ _________________(and other fine arts)_____________________________________



InventorScienceLanguages, etc.The Church is still rich and powerful.

It All Began in Italy: A Flourish of Genius______________________ was responsible for financing many intellectual and artistic endeavors. A few Italian geniuses _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Roman Catholic Church Boccaccio/Author of The Decameron

DaVinci/The perfect Renaissance Man


Columbus/An explorerHumanism: Questions About the Good Life_________ was an intellectual movement whichUsed the classics combined with traditional Christian thought _________________________________________ ________.Taught people how to live and rule by answering the question how do we achieve happiness; which is through ____________

Humanism has a VERY OPTIMISTIC VIEW of human potential that people are capable of perfect-ability (striving to become perfect) tried to harmonize Bible with classics i.e. Greek and Latin.a life of virtue.HumanismThe New Technology: A Flood of PrintThe _____________ was created in about 1455 by Johann Gutenberg, and transformed the way information was exchanged.The first book printed______________________Helped spread knowledgeMade books more available to more people(REVOLUTIONIZED THE WORLD)______________Created the English Printing Press (set up) in 1476

Printing Press The Latin Bible

William Caxton

Two Friends Two HumanistsTwo prominent humanists are____________________________Dutch Monk---loved to travel---wrote in LatinBelonged to all of Europe---because of travelsOn a trip to EnglandTaught Greek at CambridgeMet and became friends with a young lawyer_____________________________________________________________________________________________________(Both men wrote in several languages, including English)He wrote poems, pamphlets

However, Utopia had the greatest impact. Desiderius Erasmus (1466?-1536)

Sir Thomas More (1477?-1535)

A common feature common to all Reformers was ___________________________________________ _________In Germany __________________________________


This action against the Church is a historic event. The Reformation: Breaking with the Church People should have personal understanding of the Bible rather than depend solely on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. , Martin Luther 1517 pinned his thesis statements (95 issues) to the door of the church. He wanted a New Christianity where

The rejection of authority of the Pope and the Italian churchman.The Reformation: Breaking with the Church continued There were three circumstances that led to Englands break with the Church.____________________________________________________________________________________Financial burdens.Patriotism.National Identity.King Henry VIII Versus Pope: All for an Heir

King Henry VIII wanted to end his marriage with Catherine of Aragon because__________________________________________________King Henry VIII wanted to break with the Catholic Church ____________________________ ___________________________________________King Henry VIII executed Sir Thomas More ___________________________________________He wanted to marry Anne Boleyn.She was unable to give King Henry a son. because he wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon.because More did not recognize King Henry VIII as head of the church. More believed that church and state should be separate.King Henry VIII Versus Pope: All for an Heir continuedThere were five groups dissatisfied with the Church of England:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________These groups were dissatisfied with the Church of England because____________________________________________ ____________________________________________.Puritans remember this one.PresbyteriansBaptistsNon-conformistsDissidentsThese groups felt that it was a copy of the Catholic Church.King Henry VIII Versus Pope: All for an Heir continuedThe five things these dissatisfied groups wanted to get rid of were___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________BishopsPrayer booksPriests vestmentsChurch bellsStained glass windowsKing Henry VIII Versus Pope: All for an HeirWives of King Henry VIII___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Katherine of Aragon (divorced/annulled)

Anne Boleyn (beheaded)Anne of Cleves (divorced)Catherine Howard (beheaded)Catherine Parr (survived)Jane Seymour (died)King Henry VIII :Renaissance Man and Executioner_____________ started the Royal Navy_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________.Under King Henry VIII , it put stop to foreign invasions, allowed England to spread power, language, literature all over world. (beginnings of England as World Power)

King Henry VIII King Henry VIII Versus Pope: All for an HeirKing Henry VIII is considered a Renaissance Man because_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ wrote poetry, music, literaturein youth very athletic, handsome

ladies man, good dancer, etc.

Henry VIII: Renaissance Man and ExecutionerList Henry VIIIs wives, their fates and children (if any) he had with each.

READY, SET, GO .Katherine of AragonWife 1

Katherine of Aragon continued Very Catholic!They were very happy for awhile.Gave birth to daughter: Mary.Doesnt give him the son he wants, eyes move elsewhere to Anne Boleyn.Annulment (divorce) sends her back to Spain.

Anne Boleyn Wife 2

Anne Boleyn continued Henry created the Church of English in 1531 for her.Henry became attracted to her about 1525 she was one of Katherine of Aragons ladies in waiting.Henry sent Cardinal Wolsey to the Pope to plead his case for a divorce. Wolsey was later dismissed as Lord Chancellor.Henry secretly married Anne 1533.Anne Boleyn continued Parliament declared the marriage to Katherine invalidCareful..if marriage is invalidWhat happens to Mary????She is considered illegitimate.Anne gives birth to Elizabeth Sept. 1533Jane SeymourWife 3

Jane SeymourQuiet, mousey and frail.One of Anne Boleyns ladies in waitingSeemed to always be frightened.VERY different from Katherine and Anne.Married Henry day after Boleyns execution.Already carrying Henrys only legitimate son.Edward (1537-1553)Childhood fever causes his death.Was Henrys favoriteshe gave him a son.Anne of ClevesWife 4

Anne of ClevesWife 41540---Henry marries her, sight unseen.Alliance with Germany.Had only seen portraits of Anne (in person, didnt like what he saw called her a Flanders mare.)She saw what was coming (SMART).Testified-the marriage was never consummated. Probably most fortunate of all Henrys wives.Received many gifts from Henry (SET for LIFE).Catherine HowardWife 5

Catherine HowardBorn between 1520 and 1525no recordCousin of Anne Boleyn (poor side of family)Wild child -- not supervised like most young childrenAffair with music teacherAffair with estate managerOne of Anne of Cleves ladies in waiting

Catherine Howard continued Rumors she was carrying Henrys son before he annulled marriage to Anne of ClevesProbably started by her familyIt workedthey were married a few weeks later (16 days after being freed from Anne)Henry showered her with jewels and clothesHenry called her his rose without a thornCatherine vowed all his wishes would be metBUT.

Catherine Howard continued She found her marriage bedunappealingBy this time, Henry wasNearly 50 (she was approximately 19)Weighed about 300 lbs.SickHad a leg ulcerEarly in 1541..she had a romance with Thomas Culpepper.

Catherine ParrWife 6

Catherine Parr continued 1512-1548Widowed twiceIn a relationship with Thomas Seymour (Janes brother, actually married him after death of Henry)She caught Henrys eye-he proposedMarried in July 1543She was friends with his childrenEven brought Henry and his daughters togetherThrough and Act of Parliament-they were put back in the line of succession

The Boy King and Bloody Mary

The Boy King and Bloody Mary continued King Henry VIII only legitimate male heir was __________________.Edward VIMary I (Tudor) (daughter of Katherine of Aragon)

Mary I (Mary Tudor) continued Determined to have a Catholic heir.Her uncle was the King of SpainMarried the King of Spains sonPhillip 1st cousin.Strong-willed, determined to avenge the w