The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Implications for the Councils

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Text of The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Implications for the Councils

  • The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000Implications for the Councils

  • Aspects of work that might merit surveillance

    Fly tipping.

    Illegal Money lenders Loan Sharks

    Fraud - Housing benefit, sub-letting, internal fraud, student loan audit, council tax, disability.

    Food safety issues

    Doorstep Crime Anti Social Behaviour Offences

  • RIPA and local authorities

    Regulates the use of covert investigatory powers by Public Authorities

    Ensures that those covert activities are compatible with Human Rights

    Introduces Accountability

  • Justifying Local Authority use of covert techniques There are no RIPA powers

    RIPA simply provides a framework to govern our use of covert techniques to enforce existing consumer/public protection legislation

    RIPA has improved control and oversight of these techniques and local authorities performance is improving

    RIPA makes local authorities accountable and open to challenge and that is a good thing

  • Terrorism laws used to spy on us ??

    Watched while walking the dog?

    Phone spies: Town halls using anti-terror powers to bug residents' calls and emails

    Some councils are allowing middle-ranking staff to authorise covert operations

    The whole of Britain has become a Panopticon.

  • The dog fouling debate

    we do not consider dog fouling or littering as matters which meet the test of necessity and proportionalitySir Simon Milton

    Dog excrement carries a parasite which can cause blindness in children. On this basis I suspect that a reasonable, well informed, member of the public would approve of covert surveillance necessary to reduce dog fouling in childrens playgrounds ... Sir Christopher Rose

    Dog fouling is at the top of residents list in terms of issues they want the council to be tackling on the ground, so I know the public are only too pleased to see us catching people," Jim Corey, Ch Exec, Wyre Council

  • Who is really watching you?

    Let's not get hysterical. There are far graver threats to our liberties than the man from the town hallThe Guardian

  • RIPA Key messages



    Collateral Intrusion

    RIPA is a complex and difficult piece of legislation.Lord Justice Mummery 2006

  • Section 27 RIPA key messages

    An authorisation issued by an Authorising Officer under the Act will provide the lawful authority for a public authority to carry out surveillance.

    Officers can only act in accordance with the terms set out in the authorisation

    The Authorising Officer thus performs a quasi judicial role

    The Authorising Officer is accountable for his actions if things go wrong

  • The role of elected members

    Provide a point of challenge

    Ask questions

    Ask for reports

    Look for outcomes

  • Dave Holland, Cardiff Council,