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<ul><li><p>LEADERS IN CORROSION PREVENTION &amp; SEALING TECHNOLOGY</p><p>Volume 29 - Number 2 </p><p>See story page 3.</p><p>The Queens Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2010, Recognises</p><p>Winn &amp; Coales International for Growth in World Sales</p></li><li><p>2</p><p>WINN &amp; COALES INTERNATIONAL LTD</p><p>WINN &amp; COALES (DENSO) LTD Tel: +44 (0) 20 8670 7511Denso House, Chapel Road, London SE27 OTR, England Fax: +44 (0) 20 8761 2456 Anti-corrosion and sealing systems Email:</p><p>Website:</p><p>ARCHCO-RIGIDON Tel: +44 (0) 20 8761 6244Denso House, Chapel Road, London SE27 OTR, England Fax: +44 (0) 20 8761 2456 Corrosion resistant linings Email:</p><p>Website:</p><p>DARTFORD COMPOSITES LTD Tel: +44 (0) 1322 350097Unit 1, Ness Road, Erith, Kent DA8 2LD Fax: +44 (0) 1322 359438 Manufacture and repair of FRP panels for cars and trains Website: </p><p>DENSO NORTH AMERICA INC - CANADA Tel: +1 416 291 343590 Ironside Crescent, Unit 12, Toronto, Ontario, M1X 1M3 Fax: +1 416 291 0898Canada Email: Anti-corrosion and sealing systems Web site: </p><p>DENSO NORTH AMERICA INC - USA Tel: +1 281 821 33559747 Whithorn Drive, Houston, Texas 77095 Fax: +1 281 821 0304United States of America Email: Anti-corrosion and sealing systems Web site:</p><p>DENSO SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTD Tel: +27 31 569 4319 120 Malacca Road, Redhill Industrial Area, Durban North 4051, Fax: +27 31 569 4328Republic of South Africa Email: Anti-corrosion and sealing systems Web site:</p><p>DENSO (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD Tel: +61 1300 658 590411-413 Victoria Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3056, Fax: +61 1300 655 064Australia Email: Anti-corrosion and sealing systems Website:</p><p>DENSO (NEW ZEALAND) LTD Tel: +64 9274 1255PO Box 76167, Manakau City, Auckland, Fax: +64 9274 1258New Zealand Email: Anti-corrosion and sealing systems Website:</p><p>SEASHIELD INTERNATIONAL Tel: +44 (0) 20 8670 7511Denso House, Chapel Road, London SE27 OTR, England Fax: +44 (0) 20 8761 2456 Marine corrosion protection systems Email:</p><p>Website:</p><p>SEASHIELD INTERNATIONAL Tel: +1 281 821 33559747 Whithorn Drive, Houston, Texas 77095 Fax: +1 281 821 0304United States of America Email: Marine corrosion protection systems Web site: </p><p>SEASHIELD INTERNATIONAL Tel: +61 1300 658 590411-413 Victoria Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3056, Fax: +61 1300 655 064Australia Email: Marine corrosion protection systems Website:</p><p>SEASHIELD INTERNATIONAL Tel: +64 9274 1255PO Box 76167, Manakau City, Auckland, Fax: +64 9274 1258New Zealand Email: Marine corrosion protection systems Website:</p><p>PREMIER COATINGS LTD Tel: +44 (0) 1233 770663Headcord Road, Smarden, near Ashford, Fax: +44 (0) 1233 770633Kent TN27 8PJ, England Email: Membranes and corrosion protection systems Website:</p><p>For further information on our products and their suitability for your particular project,please contact any of the Denso companies listed below:</p></li><li><p>Winn &amp; Coales International Ltd </p><p>LEADERS IN CORROSION PREVENTION &amp; SEALING TECHNOLOGY</p><p>3</p><p>For quick identification of the relevantproduct type used in each story we</p><p>have used the following colour codes:</p><p>BURIED PIPELINES &amp; LPG VESSELS</p><p>EXPOSED STEEL &amp; PIPEWORK</p><p>STORAGE TANKS, PUMPS ETC</p><p>SEALING MASTICS</p><p>MEMBRANES &amp; FLASHINGS</p><p>INDUSTRIAL TAPES</p><p>SUB SEA PIPELINES &amp; JETTY PILES</p><p>Protective coatings for......</p><p>Protective linings for.....</p><p>Sealing &amp; waterproofing.....</p><p>The award announced on the Queens birthday is the result of the combined efforts of the companys UK, basedstaff, subsidiary companies and global network of agents offering proven and cost-effective solutions for</p><p>its customers corrosion and sealing related problems.</p><p>Winn &amp; Coales International, established in 1883 remains an independent company and celebrated its 125thAnniversary in 2008. The companys Denso anti-corrosion and sealing systems have been used to protect buried</p><p>and sub-sea pipeline, exposed steelwork and storage tanks in highly corrosive environmentsworldwide for over 80 years. </p><p>The Queens Awards for Enterprise: International Trade2010, Recognises Winn &amp; Coales International</p><p>for Growth in World Sales</p><p>Winn &amp; Coales International Ltd, was honoured on the 21st April with a Queens Awards for Enterprise:International Trade 2010, recognising its growth in world sales over the past few years.</p><p>Chairman David Winn OBE said Winning this award recognises theamazing success we have achieved in establishing our products reliability</p><p>and quality across the world despite recessionary times. It is a also areward for all of the effort and finance we have continually invested</p><p>in developing new innovative products to solve ourcustomers ever changing needs.</p><p>Pictures:Top left: Chairman David Winn OBE with HRH Princess Alexandra during the companys</p><p>125th Anniversary celebrations in 2008</p><p>Bottom Left: An International Sales Meeting with key staff from the companys eight subsidiary companies.</p><p>Top Right: Subsidiary Denso North America Inc opens a new facility in Houston Texas USA in 2007.</p><p>Bottom Right: Director Chris Winn (left) and Chairman David Winn OBE Opening the newHouston Premises.</p></li><li><p>4</p><p>LEADERS IN CORROSION PREVENTION &amp; SEALING TECHNOLOGY</p><p>Corrosion Prevention for Pipeline - Canada </p><p>Properly applying epoxies incold weather is different thanapplying them at warmertemperatures due to, amongother things, the curingtemperature required. In thecase of 7200, a minimum curetemperature would be 5degrees Celsius at best. At anatmospheric temperature of 5degrees Celsius and on steel atthe same temperature, it maytake a minimum of 24 hoursbefore the product is cured</p><p>enough to handle whichsometimes is not concurrent withthe schedule of the pipelineconstruction. In circumstanceswhere the cure time of the epoxycoating needs to be acceleratedthe addition of heat from anoutside source is commonlyused. Before we continue onwith that subject it is importantto remember:</p><p>Protal 7200 is a preferredcoating because of a fewgood reasons:</p><p>1. Good long track record.2. Performs under high operating</p><p>temperatures.3. A great deal of independent </p><p>test data.4. Ease of application/Contractor </p><p>friendly.5. Strong technical field support </p><p>and customer service.6. Competitive Pricing.</p><p>In Canada pre-heating thepipe is the most commonly usedmethod to speed up the curetime of the 7200 and is typicallydone by two methods which areoutlined below with the prosand cons of each.</p><p>Propane TorchA portable propane tank andtiger torch is used to blast aflame onto the bare pipeline steelincreasing the temperature priorto hand applying the 7200.Pros Inexpensive Relatively light weight and </p><p>easy to handle Technically easy to operateCons Fire hazard Inconsistent heating of the pipe Potential to burn the existing </p><p>mainline coating May produce rust blooms on </p><p>the prepared surface (SSPC SP-10 - NACE 2 or SIS 05 59 00-1967 Sa 212 is required)</p><p>Coating Pipe Joint Weldswith Denso Epoxy inSub-Zero TemperaturesIn many parts of the world coating pipelines in the field inbelow freezing temperatures is not an issue; this is not thecase in Canada and in Western Canada five months of theyear typically average below freezing temperatures. Duringthese five months many large diameter pipelines are builtwhich require protective coatings that are applied on siteand Denso Protal is a coating of choice. Propane torch.</p></li><li><p>LEADERS IN CORROSION PREVENTION &amp; SEALING TECHNOLOGY</p><p>5</p><p>Corrosion Prevention for Pipeline - Canada </p><p>Heat Induction CoilAn induction coil has two maincomponents, a power supplyand a set of special cablesthrough which a high-frequencyalternating current is passedcreating an electromagneticfield. The cables are arranged ina special steel casing which isclamped over the pipe. Thepower supply units usually havean output of 120 kVA. Theelectromagnetic field excitesthe molecules of the steel raisingits energy level and causing thesteel material to heatfrom within.Pros No open flame Efficient Heats the pipe consistently </p><p>and evenlyCons Expensive Bulky - requires its own </p><p>separate vehicle Level of technical knowledge </p><p>to operate Mechanical - can break down</p><p>Both methods are usedalthough on larger projectsinduction coils are used almostexclusively.</p><p>By pre-heating the steel itallows the curing time to changefrom hours to minutes. TheProtal 7200 is immediatelyapplied after heating the pipeand after verifying the desiredtemperature has been achievedby using a temperature probe.Pre-determined pre-heat</p><p>temperatures range from 50-80degrees Celsius depending onthe current ambient temperatureand wind conditions,temperatures too low or too highcan damage the epoxy or causeit to cure improperly.</p><p>Denso works diligently withcontractors, inspectors andowner companies at a field levelto provide a QA/QC instrumentand is instrumental in ensuringthe 7200 will perform to the highlevel of excellence that it isrenowned for.</p><p>Country: Canada</p><p>Location: Not specified</p><p>Object: Pipeline</p><p>Problem: Corrosion Prevention</p><p>Productsolution: Denso Protal 7200</p><p>Project Summary</p><p>Product type:Buried Steel Coating</p><p>Setting up a heat induction coil</p></li><li><p>6</p><p>LEADERS IN CORROSION PREVENTION &amp; SEALING TECHNOLOGY</p><p>Corrosion Prevention for Marine Piles - Scotland </p><p>Country: Scotland </p><p>Location: McInroys Point</p><p>Object: Steel Legs</p><p>Problem: Corrosion Prevention</p><p>Productsolution: SeaShield 2000 FD</p><p>Project Summary</p><p>Product type: Sub Sea /Splash Zone Coating</p><p>SeaShield Protection for NewClyde Berthing StructuresThe SeaShield 2000 FD System was specified by consultantsArch Henderson LLP to give additional protection to a numberof legs on the new berthing structures constructed by GeorgeLeslie Ltd for Western Ferries (Clyde) Ltd at McInroys Point,Gourock and at Hunters Quay, Dunoon. The scheme is partof an upgrade by Western Ferries to the vessel loadingfacilities at their terminal sites on the Firth of Clyde.</p><p>The berthing structuresinterface the vessels withfloating linkspans that moveup and down with thetide,thereby facilitating trafficmovement on and off theferries.The construction andassembly of the tubular pilelegs resulted in exposed areaswithin the tidal zone that didnot recieve adequate protectivecoating. The Denso Seashieldsystem was specified byArch Henderson toovercome this problem.</p><p>The SeaShield 2000 FD wasinstalled by Clde CommercialDiving Ltd, beginning with theapplication of Denso Paste S105overwrapped with Denso Marine</p><p>Piling Tape. To complete thesystem HDPE Jackets were</p><p>bolted together around thetape wrapped pile legs.</p><p>Above and Below: A car ferry approaching the new berthing structures located at McInroys Point, Firth of Clyde.</p></li><li><p>LEADERS IN CORROSION PREVENTION &amp; SEALING TECHNOLOGY</p><p>7</p><p>Resistant Lining for Concrete Neutralisation Sump - Qatar </p><p>Country: Qatar </p><p>Location: Ras Laffan</p><p>Object: Concrete Sump</p><p>Problem: Corrosion Prevention</p><p>Product Archco-Rigidonsolution: 623D &amp; 603D</p><p>Project Summary</p><p>Product type:Linings for Steel &amp; Concrete</p><p>The Pearl GTL will have acapacity to convert 1.6 billioncubic feet of natural gas per dayinto 140 thousand barrels per dayof petroleum liquids and 120 kilobarrels of oil equivalent (730 TJ)into natural gas liquidsand ethane. </p><p>Archco Rigidon 623D and 603Dsystems were successfully utilisedto line two concrete neutralisationsumps and related manholes withan approximate overall area linedof 4,000 square meters. Thesystems were hand and rollerapplied to give optimum corrosion/ erosive protection and flexiblestrength to the floor wallsand ceiling. </p><p>The Archco Rigidon 623DSystem is a heavy duty liningformulated from vinyl ester resinwith chopped strand glass fibremat. The lining is applied tosuitably prepared concretesubstrates to a nominal thicknessof 3mm comprised of: A vinyl esterprimer; a silica filled 623D resinbase coat approximately 1.5mmthick; two layers of 450gm/mchopped strand glass fibreimpregnated with 623D resin; alayer of surface tissue and 623Dresin; a final sealer coat of 623Dwaxed resin topcoat. </p><p>Archco Rigidon 623D and 603Dhave a proven track record oflong-term protection in a widevariety of corrosive / erosiveenvironments.</p><p>Archco-Rigidon Lining usedon Concrete NeutralisationSumps, Pearl GTL Project -QatarPearl GTL is a gas to liquids (GTL) project based in RasLaffan, Qatar. It converts natural gas into liquid petroleumproducts. It is the largest GTL plant in the world.</p><p>Below: The ceiling of the tanks were lined with the Archco-Rigidon systems as well.</p><p>Above and Below: Archco-Rigidon 623D and 603D linings were applied to the floors and walls of theconcrete neutralisation tanks. The Archc-Rigidon 603D lining was used on the manhole covers.</p></li><li><p>8</p><p>LEADERS IN CORROSION PREVENTION &amp; SEALING TECHNOLOGY</p><p>Corrosion Prevention for Pipeline - United States of America </p><p>Protal 7200 is a two-part,100% solids epoxy coating thatcan be applied in one coat up to50 mils. The coating exhibitsexcellent cathodic disbondmentresults of 4 mm @ 150F (65C).Another benefit is high impactand abrasion resistance fordirectional drill applications.Furthermore, the extremely fastcure makes it ideal for tie-ins andholiday repairs. Test results withindependent labs and oil &amp; gascompanies have proved to besuperior to other liquid coatings.</p><p>Unlike FBE, which requiresexpensive and heavy equipment,Protal 7200 only requires a brushor roller to apply. The costly riskof downtime due to equipmentfailure is eliminated. Due to thesecost savings, Protal 7200 is idealfor a variety of field or shopapplications including girthwelds, tie-ins, HDD applications,station piping, fittings andrepairs to FBE. </p><p>Protal 7200 Protects AllWeld Joints on Major GasTransmission PipelineProjectThe Kinder Morgan Mid-Continent Express Pipeline is arecently completed 42 inch and 36 inch 500-mile pipeline inwhich the girth welds, HDD weld joints and tie-in joints wereprotected with Protal 7200. Protal 7200 was selected as thecoating of choice for this project due mainly to its versatility tobe used in various applications. The product has outstandingphysical properties and fast cure ability, which allowed thecontractors to use the same coating for the protection of allweld joints including girth welds, tie-ins and bore joints.</p><p>Country: United States of America</p><p>Location: South/Southwest USA</p><p>Object: Weld joint coating</p><p>Problem: Corrosion Prevention</p><p>Productsolution: Denso Protal 7200</p><p>Project Summary</p><p>Product type:Buried Steel Coating</p><p>Left: Pre-heating of weld joint prior to blasting.</p><p>Opposite pictures:</p><p>Top: Applying Protal 7200 at 50 mils on 42 inchdiameter joint for a directional drill. </p><p>Bottom: Applying Protal 7200 by brush at 25 mils on a 42 inch diameter girth weld.</p></li><li><p>9</p><p>LEADERS IN CORROSION PREVENTION &amp; SEALING TECHNOLOGY</p><p>Corrosion Prevention for Pipeline - United States of America </p></li><li><p>10</p><p>LEADERS IN CORROSION PR...</p></li></ul>


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