The Queen of England Elizabeth II

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The Queen of England Elizabeth II. Author: Marta Graban. Elizabeth . The Queen of Britain was born 21 st April in 1926 year on Bruton Street 27 in Mayfair district in London. Her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. She is from the House of Windsor. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Queen of England Elizabeth II

The Queen of England Elizabeth IIAuthor: Marta GrabanElizabeth The Queen of Britain was born 21st April in 1926 year on Bruton Street 27 in Mayfair district in London. Her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. She is from the House of Windsor.

Her predecessors king was George VI. He was her father. He died, when Elizabeth was twenty-six. In 2nd June 1953, she came to power and she became a queen.

Childhood She was born in Mayfair district, but she grew up Piccadilly Road 145. Her father was Albert Frederick Arthur George (George VI) and her mother was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Her full name was Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon. Elizabeth has a sister named Margaret. She was a countess of Snowdon. She died in 9th February in 2002 year. In childhood Elizabeth was very serious and systematic. She liked be organized. She was a granddaughter of king George V, so she was eligible to name Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth of York. When she was born, she was third in line to come the throne.

Elizabeth with her mother and sister

When Elizabeth was ten, her uncle, George V, came a power. Few months ago, he must abdicated, because he want to married American Wallis Simpson. She was twice divorced. After abdication, her father, George VI, became a king. In 1939 year, It broke out the Second World War, so Elizabeth and her sister Margaret went to castle Windsor in Berkshire. Elizabeth was very excited, because she was second in line to be a monarch. In 1945, the princess join the women army. She pass a driver and mechanic training. Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward

WeddingIn 22nd July 1939, Elizabeth met Philip. For Elizabeth, Philip is distant cousin. In 1946 Philip visited the castle Balmoral and got engaged with princess Elizabeth. Her parents wasnt satisfactions about that, so he send her to Africa. In 1947, journalists find out about engagement. Some month Elizabeth with Philip got married in Westminster Abbey. One year ago, in 14th November, Elizabeth gave birth to her first baby. Now, Elizabeth has got four children Charles, Prince of Wales, Anne, princes Royal, prince Andrew, Duke of York prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

The Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeths father died in 6th February in 1952 year. One day later Elizabeth became a unofficial queen of Great Britain in St. Jamess Palace. In 24th March 1953 died her queen grandmother. She died of cancer. In 2nd June 1953 Elizabeth was crowned on Queen of England. Now, Elizabeth II is the queen of fifteen other countries. She is a monarch of sixty years. On the occasion of that, in 2012 year was golden jubilee. According to politicians, family and subjects, she is firm, brave, serious, organized and wise. She win about one hundred fifty badge.

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My OpinionIn my opinion The Queen Elizabeth II is a gem of all Great Britain. Even though she is the elderly, she is very firm. Elizabeth II play a major in all kingdom. She is one of few people, who really I admire.

Interesting piece of news Queen Elizabeth II has sent her first e-mail from the British military base in 1976.

She doesnt need a passport to travel. Within a sixty years, she outlived twelve presidents of U.S.A. and six popes. The EndYoung Elizabeth. ChildhoodWeddingThe Queen Elizabeth IIOther informacions.


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