The Power of Persuasion Persuasive Techniques in Writing

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The Power of Persuasion

The Power of PersuasionPersuasive Techniques in WritingAppeal by AssociationBandwagon AppealTaps into peoples desire to belongEx. Millions of teens have made City Jeanz part of their wardrobe what are you waiting for?

Snob AppealTaps into peoples need to feel superior to othersEx. Join the Brookside Club for Seasoned Skiers because youre way beyond the beginner slopes.

TestimonialRelies on the backing of a celebrity, expert, or satisfied customerEx. As a supermodel, its important for me to have a great smile. Brite Strips whiten your teeth without the wait!Justin Bieber Proactiv Commercial - YouTube

TransferConnects a product, candidate, or cause with a positive imageEx. Vote for clean air vote for Tony Leonard!

Appeal to ValueEthical AppealTries to gain moral support for claim by linking the claim to a widely accepted valueEx. If you believe that every child deserves a good education, support the Great Minds Organization.

Emotional AppealAppeal to FearMakes people feel as if their safety, security, or health is in dangerEx. How clean are the hotel rooms youre staying in? Youll be shocked by what our documentary reveals.

Appeal to PityTaps into peoples compassion for othersEx. For the cost of one cup of coffee a day, you could save a life.Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty Video - YouTubeWord ChoiceLoaded LanguageUses words with strongly positive or negative connotations to stir peoples emotionsEx. The alley next to the parking lot is dark and dangerous. Vote to increase the number of street lamps in our neighborhood. Residents deserve to feel safe and protected.