The poetry of a e housman ii last poems unabridged audio book

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  1. 1. The Poetry of A. E. Housman II: Last Poems (Unabridged)Housman himself knew that his output as a poet would not be large. In his preface tothis volume, he wrote, rather touchingly: "I publish these poems, few though they are,because it is not likely that I shall ever be impelled to write much more." He pulledLast Poems together because his life-long friend, Moses Jackson, was dying andHousman wanted Jackson to be able to read these poems before Jackson passedaway. The work in this volume is more varied in form and content than in his firstbook, and shows a change of heart, a greater acceptance of the human condition,along with a more impersonal voice. If anything, his voice is gentler, his spirit calmerand more accepting, and his sense of the eternal stronger than in his first book.Category: Drama & Poetry > PoetryAuthor: Alfred Edward HousmanPublisher: Freshwater SeasNarrator: Robert BethuneAudio length: 45 minListen to a sample of this audiobook online at