The Pleasance Times - Issue #23 (Final - Awards Edition) - Monday 29th August 2011

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The Pleasance Times Awards 2011, You the editor reviews paper, The Pleasance Times, Final Issue

Text of The Pleasance Times - Issue #23 (Final - Awards Edition) - Monday 29th August 2011

  • Issue #23 - Monday 29th August - FREE

    The 2011Pleasance Times


    Occasionally informative, sometimes distracting, The Pleasance Times has, at least, achieved almost daily publication this Festival. Interviews, features, news and stories have been passably written, though rarely with any punch, pedigree or pazzazz.

    As an avid Amazon Kindle user, Ive frequently felt frustrated by incompatibility issues and the huge number of paper copies of the paper you print. The reams of wasted sheets have almost single-handedly ruined Pleasances green credentials yet again.

    Why has the much-loved daily wordsearch from two years back disappeared? Most days it has been replaced by an advertisement for the dismally dreary Pleasance Podcast, however the issue featuring a Page 3 Model appealed more keenly to my taste. Smut could be featured more often.

    Mid-Months Tartan Ribbon special issue, whilst comfortably Scotch, typified a gripe Ive had throughout the month; too much

    charity. All this Waverley Care and Pleasance fundraising. Next year, may I request more laughs and less moaning.

    Many stories in The Pleasance Times have been punctuated by the melancholic and moody photography of Idil Sukan. Suitable for Humphrey Ker, she seems a bizarre choice for shooting the Potted Potter birthday party or for your KidZone cover.

    Finally, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is an enormous, sprawling and varied event. There are shows across the entire city, featuring thousands of performers and a whole host of incredible shows. Consequently it seems utterly unacceptable that writers at The Pleasance Times employ an almost total bias towards Pleasance shows. Greater impartiality should be an utmost concern in 2012. What did we get wrong? What did we get right? Send your 250 word review of the paper to times@pleasance.couk

    You, The EditorIndie Richardson, a long-term Pleasance supporter, reviews this months Pleasance Times

    Issue #04 (Weekend 1st Draft) - 6th August - FREE

    21 Incredible VenuesCreativity spills out of the theatres accross our two main venues. Dubbed so far as The Guggenheim Museum, an Iceberg & something from the Crystal Maze, Pleasance Beside (beside the Courtyard) is sure to be a talking point. The walls of both Dome and Courtyard are being lit up with mesmerizingly delightful animations and graphics. But perhaps most excitingly, the Dome toilets have been completely refurbished and are sparklingly spotless.

    London DevelopmentPleasance Edinburgh only represents 1 month of Pleasances 12 month calendar. The summer Pleasance launches a 4.5million fundraising campaign for developing Pleasance Islingtons facilities, including rehearsal and performance spaces. Supporters can adopt a cobble-stone or even get included in a signature mural, the Pleasance Bayeaux Tapestry.

    Pleasance Press Launch (FREE Tickets)Pleasance Courtyard, 6Aug 11:00

    Pleasance 2011 has everything to offer. Saturdays Press Launch marks the official opening of Pleasance Courtyard and Dome, starting an incredible Festival month. This, in brief, is what you should be looking out for this month:


    INTERVIEW: Potted Potter Celebrates a Birthday

    Pleasance-Finland Collaboration


    WHo WAS HE?



    (Terry Aldertonphoto: Steve Ullathorne)

    220ShowsBoasting a stunning array of punchy theatre, gutsy music, kick-in-the-shins comedy and gotcha-nose kids shows, Pleasances programme is sure to bowl you over. Highlights include Art Maliks Edinburgh debut with Rose, a new drama about one Middle-Eastern immigrants struggle to bring up his English born daughter. Cammille OSullivan adds Pleasance Grand to her illustrious list of venues: Sydney Opera House, Royal Festival Hall, La Clique. Plus, of course, our stellar comedy line-up leaves nothing to be desired: try Comedy Award-Winner Russel Kane, Rich Hall, Terry Alderton, Imran Yusuf, Tim Key, Isy Suttie, Des Bishop, Tim Vine, Alex Horne... Although if you do desire more, try rising stars at Comedy Reserve, AAA Stand Up and The Comedy Zone.

    Following 26 years of yellow-ness, Pleasance is now going green. Working with intenational environmental company Planet Positive, Pleasance will accurately measure its carbon footprint, then develop a long term strategy aiming to reduce it. Well be making reductions in our own energy usage whilst also helping companies to do their bit.

    Top 10 PodcastHaving already shot into the iTunes Top 10 list, Pleasances Podcast will feature our very best acts, hosted by guest comedians. Two preview episodes, featuring David Mitchel, Reginald D Hunter, Arthur Smith and others are available now. Full episodes will be released this week.




  • Most InventIve show tItlewinner:

    Joe Wilkinson: My Mums Called Stella and My Dads Called Brian.

    Runners Up: Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher!,

    Masterslut, The Adventures of Wound Man &

    Shirley. Booby Prize (least Inventive):

    The Table.

    the thRees CoMPany MeMoRIal awaRd foR tweetIng exCellenCe

    Winner: SOLD

    (Peter Hobday, recieving the award from last years Winner

    Tom Crawshaw, said lol #hashtag excited.)

    Runners Up: @ryan_taylor_,

    Boy With Tape On His Face, Daniel Bayliss RIP,

    Thom Tuck,Pleasance (also Ryan Taylor),

    @sheepsofcomedyBooby Prize:

    @theatresnotdead (4 tweets)

    Best flyeRIng teChnIqUewinner:

    Jeff Leech - Naked in a sandwich board and socks.

    Runners Up: Robin & Partridge with their

    masks,How It Ends telling half a story, to

    be ended within the show.

    fUnnIest CUstoMeR qUeRy

    winner: (Email from ilovedannydyer- age do you have to be to watch joel dommentt neon hero?because i actualy love him but id be pretty

    upset if u have t be 16+ cas im gonna be 16 on april :-( thanks

    Runners Up: Its my friends 40th birthday, can Flawless do a shoutout for her at

    their gig tonight? Steve Bennett (Chortle) to Dome canteen: Can I have the risotto please?, Dome canteen: Would

    you like rice with that?, Ive come from Chester to visit my friend and left her contact

    information in my other handbag there, how do I find her?

    Best haIRwinner:

    Robin & Partridge (The hipster one.)

    Runner Up: Sean from The Table,

    Jeff Leech (so good that hes banned all touching),

    Sam from Delete the Banjax.

    Best CeleBRIty sPots winner:

    John Malkovich

    (Who handed out a single flyer, received universal praise for his hard graft, then let street team hand out the rest while he flew

    back to Hollywood.)Runners Up:

    Jeremy Paxman (who watched Pete Firman),

    The Hoff,Matt Horne, Omid Djalili, Rhod Gilbert,

    Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee carrying a rabbit in a cage,

    Scott Mills,Ronnie Corbett, Melvyn Bragg.

    food thats got Us thRoUgh the festIval

    winner: Red Box noodles.

    Runners Up: Mums,

    City Restaurant, Kebab Mahal,

    Bacon Rolls & Ketchup,Nachos & Vodka,

    Sushi,Skittles (From Skittles.)

    The seconD annual Pleasance Times aWaRDs

  • Best show PosteRwinner:

    Henry Paker: Cabin Fever

    Runners Up: Late Night Gimp Fight,

    Holly Walsh: Hollycopter,Tim Key: Masterslut,

    Benny Boot, David Reed,

    Best shoe (not show)

    winner: Benny Boot

    Runners Up: Steelies,

    Terry Alderton,Joel Dommett,

    Lydia Hampsons Red High Heels.

    wInneRs tRoPhy

    (CuT ouT and KeeP)John Malkovich receives his award at The Pleasance Times award ceremony this weekend.


    RT @SidewaysSawneyAlmost time for byebye from #pleztimes @thepleasance Back to my blog. What a time weve had. Thanks for reading. Toodles.

    RT @ThePleasanceTwo days left, the last chance to catch one of our 220 awesome, brilliant, award winning, fab, funky, cool, groundbreaking, sexy, rad, Shows

    download the full fRee podcast archive, featuring comedy from throughout august, at iTunes

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