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    The Outer HebridesNa h-Eileanan an Iar

    Where to Stay &What to See & Do 2013

    Island Escapes

    Gaelic Heritage

    Natures Paradise

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    The Outer HebridesFilte gu Na h-Eileanan an larThe Outer Hebrides is an idyllic 130 mile long chain of islands lying 30 miles off the west coast of Scotland. More than 200 islands make up this astonishing archipelago, each offering an irresistible mix of breathtaking scenery and amazing wildlife along with a rich, vibrant and unique Gaelic heritage. Enjoy the splendour of this rugged paradise, one of Britains last remaining wildernesses.

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    Cover The beach at Bagh Siar, Isle of Vatersay.01 A white sandy beach near Bornish, Isle of South Uist.02 The famous Harris Tweed cloth.03 Loch Druidibeg Nature Reserve, Isle of South Uist.




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    01 Calanais Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis.02 Shawbost Museum, Isle of Lewis.03 Gearrannan Blackhouse Village, Carloway, Isle of Lewis.

    Lewis, Harris& St KildaLedhas, Na Hearadh & HiortWith its gorgeous white sand beaches, wild moors and jagged peaks, the Outer Hebrides is a place of striking contrasts. Travelling between the islands is relatively easy with all the main inhabited islands accessible by ferry or causeway. Be consistently amazed as you journey around these glorious isles and discover the unique character of each one.

    Together Lewis and Harris make up Scotlands largest island. Although they form the same landmass, they are very different in landscape and character. The enigmatic islands of St Kilda lie 40 miles west of Harris and never fail to astonish visitors. Why not make the journey of a lifetime and visitthem for yourself?

    LewisA great deal of Lewis consists of atmospheric moorland dotted with sparkling freshwater lochans. The coastline exists on a truly epic scale, with an unforgettable combination of giant sea cliffs and vast empty beaches.

    Visitors can uncover the legend of DisneyPixars Brave with a visit to the evocative Calanais Standing Stones, which bear a striking resemblance to the stone circle seen in the film. These magnificent monoliths are believed tobe 5,000 years old and reputedly older thanthe Pyramids of Giza. Dont miss the impressive Dun Carloway broch, one of Scotlands best preserved fortified towers, known to have been built more than 2,000 years ago.

    The landscape of Lewis is well suited toadventure. The surfing on the north west coastat Mangersta, Cliff and Dalbeg beaches isworld-class due to the strength and consistency of the Atlantic swells. The sheer cliffs of Lewis are essentially an invite to abseil and a great deal of pleasure can be derived from sea kayaking around the varied coastline.

    The local wildlife is abundant and the Butt of Lewis in particular is a birdwatchers dream.You can find kittiwakes, fulmars and cormorants and there is also the tantalising possibility of spotting whales off the north coast.

    The islands main settlement is Stornoway, a bustling port and the largest town in the Outer Hebrides. Stornoway is home to An Lanntair, one of Scotlands most dynamic arts venues, and every summer the popular Hebridean Celtic Festival takes place in and around the town.

    HarrisWith its imposing hills and peaks, the rugged landscape of Harris contrasts strikingly withthe low-lying moors of Lewis. The mountainsof North Harris were formed from some of the oldest rock on the planet.

    With 2013 the Year of Natural Scotland, what better way to get involved than by exploring wonderful and wild Harris? The dark jagged peaks of North Harris give way to the more gentle landscape of South Harris where, on the west coast, you will find brilliant white shell beaches and turquoise waters with the hills to the north offering a stirring backdrop.

    Luskentyre beach is a seemingly never-ending stretch of sand that you might even have to yourself. The beaches of Harris are backed by the machair, the Gaelic word for the low-lying fertile plain typical of the Outer Hebrides. The machair comes alive with wild flowers during the summer months.

    All of this is in stark contrast to the eastern faceof Harris, a barren, lunar-like landscape. Set on this rocky east coast is the main ferry port of Tarbert, the town rising steeply from the pierand having a small selection of great hotelsand restaurants.

    Theres some excellent fishing to be had onHarris, with healthy stocks of salmon and trout, while if youre a keen golfer, you shouldnt miss the opportunity of tackling the stunning 9-hole course at Scarista overlooking the beach of the same name.

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    Of historical interest is St Clements Church in Rodel, a place of worship for the MacLeod chiefs in the 16th century. Harris is also the home of Harris Tweed, the famous and timeless luxury cloth thats handwoven by islanders using local wool.

    St KildaSt Kilda is a UNESCO Dual World Heritage Site and these remote and majestic islands attract visitors from all over the world. If your passion is birdwatching or diving, or if it is simply the isolation of these islands that has fired your imagination, a boat trip to St Kilda is a thrilling experience and a great way to celebrate theYear of Natural Scotland.

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  • The Uists, Benbecula,Eriskay & BarraUibhist, Beinn na Faoghla,Eiriosgaidh & Barraigh


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    02 03 04

  • Did you know? Barra Airport is the only airport in the world to have a beach runway which is used for scheduled airline services.

    The Outer Hebrides is formed on the oldest exposed rock in the world, Lewisian Gneiss.

    The narrow, winding road on the east side of South Harris is known locally as the golden road due to the cost incurred building it.

    For anglers, there are over 2,000 fishable lochs in the Outer Hebrides.

    01 Kisimul Castle, Isle of Barra.02 Liniclate beach, Isle of Benbecula.03 A visitor exploring Barpa Langass, Isle of North Uist.04 Monument commemorating the birthplace of Flora MacDonald, who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie

    escape capture during the Jacobite rebellion, Isle of South Uist.

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    Each one of the main southern islands hasits own unique character and travelling between them, whether by sea or over causeway, is a joy. You would do well to venture beyond Lewis and Harris during your time in the Outer Hebrides and discover a haven of tranquillity bursting with wonderful wildlife in the Year of Natural Scotland 2013.

    North UistA mere 13 miles north to south, this island is characterised by long stretches of sand, peat bogsand countless small fresh water lochs. In fact, more than half of North Uist is submergedin water!

    Famed for its birdwatching credentials, this island attracts bird enthusiasts from all over the world, keen to spot coastal waders and divers at the RSPBs Balranald Nature Reserve. If fishing is your passion, North Uists well-stocked lochs provide excellent salmon and trout fishing.

    The islands most notable historical sites include the 18 ft high chambered cairn, Barpa Langass, and the impressive stone circle of Pobull Fhinn.

    North Uists main settlement is Lochmaddy where the excellent Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Arts Centre can be found, as well as Uist Outdoor Centre, which offers courses in sea kayaking and scuba diving.

    BenbeculaThe island of Benbecula sits between North and South Uist and is linked to both by causeway. Benbecula is considerably greener than North Uist and is also incredibly flat. It follows the pattern of other Hebridean islands in having beautiful west coast beaches backed by lush machair.

    Benbeculas attractions include Borve Castle, a ruined 14th century tower house. The main town on the island is Balivanich, which acts as the administrative centre for the southern islands. The airport receives regular flights from the Scottish mainland.

    South UistSouth Uist is one of thelarger islands and is blessed with more than 20 continuous miles of west coast beach, backed by gigantic dunes. Large sea lochs cut into the more mountainous eastern side ofthis island of contrasts.

    Get close to nature in the Year of Natural Scotland and discover the varied wildlife on South Uist at the vast Loch Druidibeg Nature Reserve which supports a large colony of greylag geese.

    If you fancy an active break, South Uist offers superb fishing while golfers can play the lost golf course at Askernish, laid out by the legendary course architect Old Tom Morris in the 19th century and recently rediscovered and restored.

    Historical highlights include the 16th century Clanranald Stone displayed in the Kildonan Museum, which offers a fascinating insight into the history and heritage of South Uist. Lochboisdale on the east coast of the island isthe main village and port. Linked to South Uistby causeway is the lovely island of Eriskay, where Bonnie Prince Charlie first set foot on Scottish soil, and from where you can catch the ferry to Barra.

    BarraBarra, the most southerly of the main islands, is beautiful in the extreme. A compact paradise with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the beaches are spellbinding. In fact, planes land on the cockle shell beach at Traigh Mhr when the runway isnt vanishing below the waves at high tide. In 2011 it was voted the worlds most stunning landing spot in a global poll of pilots and travellers.

    The main town in Barra is Castlebay where just offshore is Kisimul Castle, a medieval marvel perched on a rock in the bay. Kisimul Castle is the ancient seat of the Clan MacNeil and you can

    explore it by taking the briefest of boat trips.

    On the far side of the bay you can make out the brilliant white sands

    of Vatersay, another Hebridean island luring you still further south. Vatersay can be reached these days by causeway.

    Such is the ease with which you can get around the Outer

    Hebrides there is very little excuse for not exploring them


    Dont missthe 16th century

    Clanranald Stone displayed inthe Kildonan Museum,

    South Uist.

  • Culture& historyCultar & eachdraidhThese islands have been inhabited for over 6,000 years and you get a real sense of history as you travel around the Outer Hebrides. The many interesting historical sites speak of this fascinating past, while the people themselves demonstrate that these islands are rich in culture.

    The Outer Hebrides is awash with fascinating archaeological treasures, with more being unearthed all the time. Believed to have been erected around 2900 BC, the Calanais Standing Stones on Lewis are an obvious highlight and a subject of much intrigueand speculation.

    You will discover numerous cairns and brochs scattered across these islands, while the Bosta Iron Age House on Bernera is a painstaking reconstruction of an Iron Age village thatwas uncovered by chance following a galein the 1990s.

    It was St Columba who brought Christianityto these islands in the sixth century, founding several churches. By the ninth century, the Vikings had reached these shores and traces of Norse influence remain, especially in the naming of settlements on Lewis, including Tolsta, Bragarand Marvig to name just a few.

    During the time of the Jacobite Rising, Bonnie Prince Charlie landed on Eriskay from Franceand later hid in the Outer Hebrides to avoid capture by government troops following defeatat Culloden.

    The tale of the 19th century in these islands as with much of the Highlands is that of the Clearances, when many islanders were evicted from their homes to make way for sheep by landowners, sparking a flood of emigrants tothe New World. In many ways, the Outer Hebrides has a turbulent history.

    The rich culture of these islands though has thankfully remained intact. The Outer Hebrides is the heartland of Gaelic culture, with over half the population speaking the Gaelic language and towns and local landmarks retaining their Gaelic names.

    The Hebridean people are immensely proud of their roots and enjoy celebrating the Gaelic culture, especially through music. The Outer Hebrides has a long tradition of clrsach(a Celtic harp), accordion and bagpipe playing, while unaccompanied Gaelic singing is a highly regarded art form worth hearing while you visit. To experience Hebridean music, head to a music session at a local pub or revel at one of the islands festivals.

    The Hebridean Celtic Festival, which takes place in July, is a celebration of traditional and contemporary music, and is a key date on the cultural calendar. There are also many smaller community-organised arts festivals that feature traditional singing and piping. Celas is an annual summer event on South Uist, which showcases local music and dance.

    Roots and ancestry can exert a strong pull and a number of big Scottish clans have their origins in the Outer Hebrides, such as the MacNeils of Barra and the MacLeods of Lewis and Harris. Co Leis Thu? is the Genealogy Research Centre for the islands and is part of the Seallam! Visitor Centre on Harris.

    Embrace the history and culture of these islands and the Outer Hebrides will reward your curiosity time and time again.

    Did you know? Over half of the population of the Outer Hebrides speak Gaelic.

    The Outer Hebrides was under Norse rule for almost 400 years.

    The famous Lewis Chessmen were found fully preserved at Uig Sands, Lewis.

    Jacobite heroine, Flora MacDonald, who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie evade imprisonment, was born on South Uist.



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    01 The Blackhouse, Arnol, Isle of Lewis.02 Statue of Our Lady of the Isles, Isle of South Uist.03 Seallam! Visitor Centre, Northton, Isle of Harris.

  • 03

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    Natural islandsEileanan ndarra


    Nature is at its most glorious in the Outer Hebrides where there is always the possibility of a thrilling wildlife encounter. There is no better place to celebrate the Year of Natural Scotland than these islands, where youre likely to spot golden eagles, corncrakes, orcas, basking sharks and bottlenose dolphins.

    There is a real emphasis on nature conservation in the Outer Hebrides and these wildlife-rich islands boast three National Nature Reserves (NNRs), in addition to the superb RSPB Nature Reserve on North Uist. There are many more designated areas of environmental value across the islands.

    North Rona and Sula Sgeir, two remote islands off the north coast of Lewis, form a single NNR of international importance. These two islands attract tens of thousands of breeding seabirds, including guillemots, gannets and storm petrels.

    The Monach Isles west of North Uist form another NNR that attracts hundreds of barnacle geese as well as large numbers of fulmars. The third NNR is St Kilda where the sheer cliffs and sea stacks draw more than a million seabirds.

    01 Looking across Hougharry beach, part of the RSPB Balranald Nature Reserve, Isle of North Uist.02 Clettraval Hill viewpoint, near Hosta, Isle of North Uist.03 A corncrake in song, Balranald Nature Reserve, Isle of North Uist.

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to www.visithebrides.com 09

    Back on the main islands, the RSPB Nature Reserve on North Uist has lapwings, oystercatchers and corncrakes among the machair. In fact, the Outer Hebrides is the last stronghold of the corncrake and accounts for around two-thirds of the UKs population of this famously elusive bird.

    The epic sea cliffs at the Butt of Lewis attract their share of magnificent seabirds including fulmars, kittiwakes and shags, while the South Lochs region of the island is a favoured spot for wading birds. Look out for redshanks and curlews here too. Head to the new North Harris Eagle Observatory set in the magnificent Harris hillsfor your chance to spot golden eagles soaring through the Hebridean sky.

    Loch Druidibeg on South Uist has long been an important breeding site for greylag geese, which

    remain throughout the year. Away from dry land, the waters around the Outer Hebrides play hostto some incredible marine life.

    Basking sharks are a fairly common sight around the coastline in summer and if youre lucky you will also see orcas and bottlenose dolphins. The Outer Hebrides also has more than 40 percent of the worlds grey seal population and the densest population of otters in north west Europe.

    Besides all the creatures, these islands containan amazing range of flora, some of which are very rare. There are actually more than 1,000 types of wild flower in the Outer Hebrides and at the height of summer, the machair is transformedinto a colourful carpet of orchids, yellow irisesand poppies. So come to the Outer Hebridesand see nature in all its vivid glory.

    Did you know? St Kilda has the worlds largest gannet colony, as well as the UKs biggest puffin colony.

    More than 370 bird species have been recorded in the Outer Hebrides.

    Eriskay ponies are a hardy rare breed with only about 400 existing worldwide.

    The Outer Hebridesboasts over 55 Sites of Special Scientific Interest, 3 National Nature Reserves and 1 Local Nature Reserve.

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    Seals in Loch Flodabay,Isle of Harris

  • CreativeislandsEileanan cruthachail



    Did you know? Puirt beul translatesas mouth music and is a form of unaccompanied Gaelic singing.

    Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis, who sings on DisneyPixars Brave soundtrack, is from North Uist.

    Hebridean folklore tells of the Blue Men of the Minch evil kelpies who look for sailors to drown and ships to sink.

    For Harris Tweed to be genuine it must be hand spun, woven and dyed in the Outer Hebrides.

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  • Theres so much beauty in the Outer Hebrides and not just the ravishing scenery. Every day around these islands, local artists are creating new bespoke pieces of work. You might just end up carrying home more than lovely memories.

    The stunning Hebridean landscape is a never-ending source of inspiration for local artists whose work can be viewed in town shops, galleries and studios throughout the islands. Pay one of them a visit and see for yourself how nature inspires art. Where better than the Outer Hebrides to experience artinspired by nature as part of the 2013Year of Natural Scotland?

    Think of the Hebrides and the first thing that probably comes to mind is Harris Tweed, the famous luxury cloth, which is unique to these islands and handwoven by islanders using local wool. There are three Harris Tweed mills in the Outer Hebrides, which use the skills of locals to produce authentic Harris Tweed cloth. There are also Harris Tweed shops in different towns around the islands where you can select from jackets, suits, skirts, hats and handbags, all of them carrying the famous Orb trademark that indicates the item was genuinely handwoven in the Outer Hebrides.

    The Gaelic culture of the Hebrides is rooted in the landscape and has an extremely rich vocabulary for describing this unique environment. Did you know there are over 80 Gaelic words meaning hill, mountain or elevated ground? The Gaelic language also boasts one of the richest singing traditions in Europe. For a chance to hear Gaelic singing as well as foot-stomping traditional music during

    your trip to the Outer Hebrides, check out some of the great live music festivals taking place across the islands such as the Hebridean Celtic Music Festival, Harris Arts Festival, Barrafest or the Fisean festivals.

    There are some superb arts venues in the Outer Hebrides, the most well-known of which is in Stornoway. The award-winning An Lanntair enjoys a firm reputation that extends far beyond these islands. This strikingly modern arts venue champions the best in the visual and performing arts with the busy events programme typically including traditional and contemporary music. An Lanntair features local, national and international artists, as well as an excellent restaurant.

    Taigh Chearsabhagh, in Lochmaddy on North Uist, is an award-winning community museum and arts centre that features contemporary art and takes care to reflect the islands heritage and culture. The venue is beautifully set by the shoreline and

    is worth an hour or two of your time if you happen to be in the area.

    The Outer Hebrides boastssome excellent arts festivals which showcase the creativity of these islands. These festivals tend to take place during the summer months and they include the Harris Arts Festival which celebrates

    the special culture of Harriswith a series of fun events

    and workshops.



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    01 Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis, who sings on DisneyPixars Brave soundtrack.02 Reflections by Colin MacKenzie, Baleshare, Isle of North Uist.03 Handmade Hebridean Jewellery, Iochdar, Isle of South Uist.04 Artist Willie Fulton at work in his studio, Ardbuidhe Cottage Gallery, Drinshader, Isle of Harris.

    Did youknow?

    Harris Tweed is the onlyfabric in the world whose production is protected by

    an Act of Parliament.

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    Outdoor activitiesCur-seachadan a-muighIn the Year of Natural Scotland 2013, experience the natural playground of the Outer Hebrides and throw yourself into the abundance of thrilling sporting pursuits on offer. Whether its surfing the Atlantic swells off Lewis, diving the kelp forests aroundthe coast, or exploring sea lochs from asea kayak, there are plenty of ways toget close to nature.

    If youre into surfing, the north west coastof Lewis is the place to head for incredible reef and beach breaks. You can enjoy some of the most consistent and least crowded surf in Europe with year-round swells and you may get a sense of the tremendous enthusiasm that exists among the local surfing community. As well as surfing, there are excellent windsurfing opportunities throughout the Outer Hebrides. Uig Sands on Lewis is a recognised windsurfing spot, as are some of the more sheltered waters around the southern isle of Vatersay. Kite surfing too has grown in popularity in the Outer Hebrides in recent years.

    With all those fantastic sea lochs to explore, sea kayaking is a common pursuit around these parts, while sailing is another obvious activity given that there are in excess of 200 islands to explore and plenty of beautiful spots for mooring. Popular sailing destinations include the Flannan Isles and Mingulay.

    There are some superb diving opportunities around the Outer Hebrides where, in clear waters, you can explore reefs, pinnacles and numerous wrecks, while observing the fantastic marine life. For the ultimate diving experience, take a boat trip to St Kilda, which has been rated one of the top five diving locations in the world.

    From the ocean depths to the highest peaks, the mountains of North Harris, where there is so much unclimbed rock to be scaled, present a stiff challenge to serious climbers. The sea cliffs of Lewis are a very popular spot for abseiling.

    While the Outer Hebrides might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of golf, some of Scotlands most scenic and affordable courses happen to be here, including the stunning 9-hole course on Harris and an epic 18-holelayout among the dunes at Askernish on South Uist which was designed by Old Tom Morris.Or why not take part in some of the events during Stornoway Golf Week?

    All around the islands there are excellent sea angling and freshwater fishing opportunities, particularly on and around North and South Uist, thanks to good stocks of wild salmon and trout.

    If you just want to stretch your legs and take in the fresh air, why not enjoy an exhilarating coastal walk or a trek across the moorland in the company of a local guide? Or if you prefer two wheels, turn the wind to your advantage and cycle the islands south to north making use of the many causeways and enjoy a days cycling along someof the quiet roads.

    01 The stunning backdrop to the Isle of Harris Golf Course.02 Enjoying the view of Hosta Beach, Isle of North Uist.03 Anglers preparing to fish for wild brown trout on Lower Loch Bornish, Isle of South Uist.04 Surfing off the west coast of the Isle of Lewis.

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    Did you know? Barra Golf Course is the most westerly in the UK.

    The smallest salmonand sea trout loch in the world is Laxdale Loch in South Harris.

    The coastline of the Outer Hebrides is around 2,500 kmin length ideal for sailing and sea kayaking.

    Throughout the islands youll find long, flat beaches that lend themselves perfectly to kite surfing.Windsur ng on Loch Bee, Isle of South Uist

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    Food & drinkBiadh & deoch


    02 03

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    The Outer Hebrides is renowned for its natural larder with lots of talented local producers delivering premium Hebridean fare, including smoked salmon, fresh shellfish, succulent beef and lamb. Why not treat yourself to some of these delights onyour visit?

    The Hebridean larder consists of fresh quality ingredients, with restaurant menus kept local and seasonal. Freshwater salmon and trout feature regularly, as does exquisite local shellfish like lobster, scallops and crabs.While on these islands you can feast on the likes of mussels and oysters too.

    Try succulent salmon, fresh from one of the local fish farms, including the award-winning Loch Duart in South Uist, and savour the taste of the waters of the Outer Hebrides.

    No holiday to these islands would be complete without paying a visit to one of the many smokehouses. Head to the Hebridean Smokehouse on North Uist or the Loch Duart Artisan Smokehouse on South Uist and learn how peat smoked salmon is prepared using traditional methods. Youll even get to sample this for yourself as well as peat smoked scallops and sea trout.

    While on Lewis you should try Stornoway kippers, the towns famous and delicious local delicacy. Another famous local product is Stornoway black

    pudding, available in local butchers and served everywhere from cafs to leading restaurants.

    There is a long tradition of cattle and sheep rearing in the Outer Hebrides, resulting in thehigh quality of the local beef and lamb dont miss an opportunity to taste the distinct flavourof Hebridean mutton.

    Besides all the fish and red meat, you can sample artisan cheeses and homemade pts in the Hebrides spread on crisp handmade oatcakes.If you have a sweet tooth you should seek out some of the luxury Scottish tablet made by Barra-based Hebridean Toffee or try delicious handmade treats at Hebridean Chocolates in Stornoway.

    Round off your day with a bottle of award-winning craft beer from the Hebridean Brewery in Stornoway or a dram of single malt whisky from the Abhainn Dearg Distillery in Uig on the Isle of Lewis.

    Eating and drinking the quality local produce available in the Outer Hebrides will only enhance your enjoyment of the islands.

    Did you know? The famous Hebridean Toffee is made in Castlebay, Barra.

    Stornoway kippers have been split, salted and smoked in the town for more than 150 years.

    Hebridean mutton has a distinct flavour as a result of the hill sheep grazing on the heather.

    Abhainn Dearg Distillery in Lewis is the most westerly in Scotland.

    01 A main course of hand-dived scallops at the Anchorage Restaurant, Leverburgh, Isle of Harris.02 A fresh seafood platter served at the Orasay Inn, Isle of South Uist.03 The Hebridean Smokehouse, Isle of North Uist.04 Award-winning smoked salmon from Loch Duart Artisan Smokehouse, Lochcarnan, Isle of South Uist.

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    April5The Donald Macleod Memorial Piping CompetitionThe Caladh Inn,Stornoway, Isle of Lewis H7

    May25Stornoway Half Marathon,10k and Fun RunLewis Castle College,Stornoway, Isle of Lewis H7www.srac.org.uk

    June1Benbecula Half MarathonSgoil Lionacleit, Isle of Benbecula R22http://runbenbecula.btck.co.uk

    29BarrathonCastlebay School,Castlebay, Isle of Barra P30www.barrathon.org.uk

    July1 5 (provisional date)Fis Na HearadhVarious venues, Isle of Harris D12www.feisean.org

    1 5Fis Tr an ErnaPaible School, Paible,Isle of North Uistwww.feisean.org Q20

    6Harris Half MarathonRegistration at Community Centre,Tourist Information Car Park,Tarbert, Isle of Harris D12www.srac.og.uk/harrishalf.htm

    6Uig GalaReef Machair, Uig, Isle of Lewis D7www.uiggala.edicypages.com

    6 13Stornoway Golf Club Open WeekLady Lever Park, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis H7

    Whats onTachartasan


    02 03

    KeyMap Reference (See maps on pages 64 65) C3


    Food & Drink

    Great Outdoors

    Highland Games

    Local Shows & Galas

    Music, Arts & Culture


    Reflecting the rich culture of these islands, the Outer Hebrides boasts an impressive programme of events. With traditional music and boat festivals, Highland games and agricultural shows, youre likely to be ableto join in some kind of celebration during your stay.

    Theres such a strong musical heritage in the Outer Hebrides and big events, like the Celas Music Festival, the Hebridean Celtic Festival and the annual calendar of Fisean, are all worth experiencing.

    BarraFest is another fun festival in the Outer Hebrides in July which is the perfect time to visit this lovely little island and hear fantastic live traditional music in an unbeatable setting.

    The working of the land is reflected in the various agricultural shows that take place in communities. As far as key sporting events, there are thevarious island half-marathons, while the Stornoway Golf Club Open Week is a seven day extravaganza of golf.

    While you can enjoy days of absolute peace in the Outer Hebrides, experiencing one of the islands vibrant events is a great way of learning about the local culture and making new lifelong friends.

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to www.visithebrides.com 17

    4Ben Kenneth Hill RaceLochboisdale Pier, Lochboisdale,Isle of South Uist R27www.ianbinnie.me.uk/ben_kenneth_hill_race/

    7Carloway Agricultural ShowCarloway School, Isle of Lewis E6

    7North Uist Agricultural ShowHosta Machair, Hosta, Isle of North Uist Q19www.northuistshow.btck.co.uk

    10Annual Motor ShowTong Showground, Tong, Isle of Lewis J6www.witpg.org.uk

    September14 21Harris Mountain Festival D12www.harrismountainfestival.com

    Check for latest updatesWestside Agricultural ShowLower Barvas, Isle of Lewis G5

    Fis BharraighCastlebay Community School, Isle of Barra P30www.feisbharraigh.com

    Fis Tir A MhurainDaliburgh School, Daliburgh,Isle of South Uist Q26www.ceol-uibhist.co.uk

    7 12CelasGleus House, Daliburgh,Isle of South Uist Q26www.ceolas.co.uk

    12 20Berneray WeekBerneray Community Hall,Isle of Berneray T18www.isleofberneray.com

    13 20Hebridean Sheepdog Trials CircuitVarious venues throughoutSkye and Outer Hebrides

    15 20Sail Stornoway a Hebridean Maritime FestivalStornoway harbour, Isle of Lewis H7www.sailhebrides.info

    17 20Hebridean Celtic FestivalVarious venues in Stornoway and surrounding districts, Isle of Lewis H7www.hebceltfest.com

    17South Uist Gamesand Piping SocietyAskernish Machair, Askernish, Isle of South Uist Q26

    18Highlands and Islands Young Piper of the Year CompetitionSgoil Lionacleit and Dark IslandHotel, Liniclate, Isle of Benbecula R22

    19North Uist Highland GamesBaleloan Field, near Balmartin,Isle of North Uist Q19

    20 27Sollas Week 2013Taigh Sgire Sholais and SollasMarquee, Sollas, Isle of North Uist R19

    22 26Fis Eilean an Fhraoich H7Stornoway, Isle of Lewis

    26 27BarraFestThe Marque, Tangasdale Machair,Isle of Barra P29www.barrafest.co.uk

    August1 17Harris Arts Festival 2013Various locations, Isle of Harris D12www.harrisarts.net

    3Beinn Lee Hill RaceLochmaddy, Isle of North Uist T20http://en-gb.facebook.com/beinnleehill.race

    01 Manran entertaining the crowd at the Hebridean Celtic Festival 2012, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.02 A band entertaining the crowd at BarraFest, Isle of Barra.03 The Vatersay Boys ceilidh band.04 Celtic Fire Show, Harris Arts Festival.

    This list highlights just a selection of events taking place in the Outer Hebrides in 2013.The events information contained in this publication is as supplied to VisitScotland and to the best of VisitScotlands knowledge was correct at the time of going to press. VisitScotland can accept no responsibility for any errors. Events can be subject to change, we recommend you check details with a local VisitScotland Information Centre before travelling (see page 22).


  • 18 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to www.visitscotland.com

    Travel tips Dighean siubhail

    Enjoying the Hebridean way of life is easier than you think, with plenty of daily flights and ferries from different points on theScottish mainland. Once youre here, the regular inter-island ferries and causeways will help you get around.

    By busRegular bus services to mainland ferry ports connect, where possible, with ferry arrival and departure times. Scotlands main bus operatoris Scottish Citylink. For more information call0871 266 33 33 or visit www.citylink.co.uk

    For local bus timetables in the Outer Hebridesvisit www.cne-siar.gov.uk/travel

    By railThe Freedom of Scotland Travelpass allows unlimited travel on scheduled rail servicesin Scotland, Caledonian MacBrayne ferriesand certain Scottish Citylink bus routes,including those connecting with ferries tothe Outer Hebrides.

    Travel by rail to Oban from where you can catch a Caledonian MacBrayne ferry to the Outer Hebrides, or take the train to Kyle of Lochalshthen journey by bus through Skye before makinga ferry crossing from Uig to the Outer Hebrides.

    For more information call 08457 55 00 33 or visit www.scotrail.co.uk

    By ferryCaledonian MacBrayne runs a modern fleet of car and passenger ferries to five ports in the Outer

    Hebrides: Stornoway from Ullapool, Tarbert and Lochmaddy from Uig on Skye, and Lochboisdale and Castlebay from Oban.

    Caledonian MacBrayne also operates an excellent inter-island service in the Outer Hebrides with ferries between Leverburgh and Berneray, and between Eriskay and Barra.

    You can make substantial savings too by purchasing one of Caledonian MacBraynesspecial flexible ferry tickets. The Island Rover allows you to explore the islands at your leisure with the choice of an 8 or 15 day ticket, while Island Hopscotch tickets are valid for one month and let you pick your own adventure by choosing from a selection of pre-planned routes.

    For more information on ferry tickets and fares call 0800 066 5000 or visit www.calmac.co.uk

    By airThere are several options for flying to theOuter Hebrides.

    Flybe, operated by Loganair, fly to Stornowayfrom Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness, Benbecula from Glasgow and Inverness andBarra from Glasgow. For more information call 0871 700 2000 or visit www.flybe.com

    Eastern Airways flies between Stornoway and Aberdeen from Monday to Friday. For more information, call 08703 669 100 or visitwww.easternairways.com

    Connecting flights are available from London to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness,and from other cities around the UK and Europe.

    Where to find out moreFor inspiration and ideas on everything to see and do in the Outer Hebrides, call into a VisitScotland Information Centre. Our friendly experts can offer advice on all things local as well as sharing their wider knowledge of Scotland. We can also arrange your accommodation, handle all your travel needs and book tickets for events, activities and attractions across Scotland. Most of our Centres stock a wide range of quality gifts and souvenirs and our staff will be delighted to help you find that special souvenir of Scotland. So, call in to see us well point you in the right direction.

    Please refer to the list of Information Centresin the Outer Hebrides on page 20. For further travel information call 0871 200 2233 or visit www.traveline.org.uk


    01 The Caledonian MacBrayne ferry leaving Castlebay, Isle of Barra, for Oban.

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    1T]QTRd[P The airport serves the islands of Benbecula, North and South Uist. The islands, linked by a series of road causeways, boast fantastic beaches and the machair coastal grassland typical of the regions. They are a popular destination for outdoor pursuits and country sports, including salmon fishing.

    1PaaP A special place to visit especially memorable if you fly in through the beach landing strip. Washed by the tide twice a day, Traigh Mhor beach is reputed to be the only beach runway in the world to handle scheduled airline services, and frequently features in the top 10 most stunning airport landings.

    Bc^a]^fPh The airport is situated on the Isle of Lewis. It is the ideal starting point from which to explore the islands of Lewis and Harris, both of which boast dramatic scenery, rich history (including the world-renowned Callanish standing stones), abundant wildlife and white sandy beaches.

    Make the best use of your holiday time and choose to fly to one of the Outer Hebridean island airports, starting your journey at either Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness.









  • visitscotland.com/wheretofindusInformation Centres

    Find all you want to do in the Outer Hebrides in one placeFor inspiration and ideas on how to make the most of your time in the Outer Hebrides call in to a VisitScotland Information Centre. Our friendly experts can offer advice on all things local as well as sharing their wider knowledge of Scotland. Ask and youll find all the hidden gems, from cultural to culinary. We dont just advise either. We can sort out your accommodation and all your travel needs, as well as tickets for events across Scotland. So if youre looking to get the most from your visit, call in and see us well point you in the right direction.

    Open All Year

    Open April until October

    Plotted on the area maps on pages 64-65Some Centres may not offer all services listed

    Castlebay Main Street, Castlebay, Isle of Barra HS9 5XD 01871 810336

    Lochboisdale The Pier Road, Lochboisdale Isle of South Uist HS8 5TH 01878 700286 Lochmaddy Pier Road, Lochmaddy Isle of North Uist HS6 5AA 01876 500321

    Stornoway 26 Cromwell Street Stornoway HS1 2DD 01851 703088

    Tarbert The Pier, Tarbert Isle of Harris HS3 3DG 01859 502011

  • For more information on Quality Assurance or comments on star awarded properties please contact us: VisitScotland, Castle Wynd, Inverness IV2 3BJ. Email. [email protected] or [email protected] or visit www.visitscotland.com/qa

    Youll be surprised by the quality we can serve up

    Call into any VisitScotland Information Centre for further information www.visitscotland.com/wheretofindus

    o it is clean, tidy and an acceptable standard

    oo it is a good, all round standard

    ooo it is a very good standard, with attention to detail in every area

    oooo it is excellent furnished using high quality materials, superb food where provided and friendly, professional service

    ooooo an exceptional standard where presentation, ambience, food where provided and service are hard to fault

    It should be noted that establishments that fail to meet our minimum standards will not be awarded a star rating.

    Establishments awarded gold stars have consistently achieved the highest levels of excellence within their star grading.

    Access all areas The following symbols will help visitors with physical disabilities to decide whether accommodation is suitable:

    $ Unassisted wheelchair access % Assisted wheelchair access & Access for visitors with mobility difficulties

    We want you to feel welcome Find establishments that pay particular attention to your specific needs:

    D Walkers C Cyclists Anglers Bikers Classic CarsGolfers Children Field Sports Groups Ancestral Tourism

    Because we care www.green-business.co.uk

    Businesses that work in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way are graded:

    Bronze , Silver or Gold

    The very best of food and drink www.visitscotland.com/foodanddrinkWe assess the presentation, quality and service of food in every kind of eating establishment in Scotland from fish and chip shops to pubs, takeaways and top class restaurants. Whether youre looking for a family-friendly bar or a romantic restaurant, EatScotland gives a reliable, authoritative and comprehensive guide to eating out in Scotland.

    Only those operators who meet the EatScotland quality standards are accredited to the scheme so look out for the logo to ensure you visit some of Scotlands best, quality eating establishments.

    Those with extra special standards of food are awarded EatScotland Silver or Gold .

    Outer Hebrides produced smoked salmon

    Locally sourced produce or sweet treat whatever youre in the mood for, we know a surprising number of places. In fact, we visit hundreds of different establishment every year, grading them on everything from standard of food to the warmth of welcome to help you make a more informed choice.VisitScotland Quality Assurance. Quality you can trust.

    i i



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    Practical informationFiosrachadh feumailNow is the time to choose yourholiday accommodation

    This guide has been split into five accommodation sections for the Isles of Lewis, Harris, North Uist, Benbecula & South Uist and Barra.

    Hotels and Inns Guest Houses and B&Bs Self Catering Camping and Caravan Parks Hostels/Activity Accommodation

    Establishments are listed within these sections in alphabetical order by location and then by business name. Each entry has a map reference (see example) relating to the maps which appear on pages 64-65 of this guide. The maps are helpful if you dont know where a particular town is in relation to the area that interests you. Where establishments are listed as By a city, town or village it is wise to check the exact location online and with the operator before making your journey. Some listings have a distance beside the location; this indicates the approximate road distance in miles from the location. These mileages are voluntarily provided by the businesses themselves.

    BookingAccepting accommodation by telephone or in writing means you have entered into a legally binding contract with the proprietor of the establishment. If you cancel or fail to take up that accommodation, for whatever reason, the proprietor generally has the right to ask for compensation. You should always check the cancellation terms in advance and, if you must cancel a booking, advise the management immediately. Online bookings are also subject to terms and conditions; please check direct with the provider for these.

    Insurance and cancellationsShould you have to cancel for any reason, it is reassuring to know that you can be insured against

    any compensation claim. Please ensure you take out cancellation insurance prior to your trip.

    PricingThe prices of accommodation, services and facilities stated in this guide are based on information received from the relevant advertisers. Please note that prices include VAT where applicable and are for your guidance only (VATas at December 2012). Please check prices when you book accommodation and confirm exactly what the quoted price includes.

    SmokingThe majority of Scotlands indoor public places, including pubs, restaurants and cafs, are smoke-free by law, creating a healthier and fresher environment for residents and visitors to our beautiful country. Hotels, B&Bs and guest houses are also smoke-free but can designate bedrooms where guests can smoke, if they wish to do so.

    To check the availability of such bedrooms,please check with the establishment directlywhen booking. For further information, visitwww.clearingtheairscotland.com

    Look out for the short breaks symbolThe Outer Hebrides offers a fabulous range of quality assured accommodation as listed on pages 24-52. Establishments which display the above symbol offer short breaks. Contact them direct for current special offers or to make a booking.

    E Assistance DogsThe new Equality Act 2010 protects anybodywho has or has had a disability and peoplewho experience discrimination because theyare linked or associated with a disabled person. In respect of assistance dogs the law quite clearly states that to refuse admission to a registered assistance dog is now unlawful and constitutes discrimination under the Equality Act 2012 under three possible categories: 1: discrimination arising

    from a disability; 2: indirect discriminationand 3: disability harassment. VisitScotland is committed to equality of opportunity and is working through its Accessible Tourism Project to educate and inform all our customers about the requirements under the law. We have encouraged all our business customers to use the assistance dog symbol in order to comply with law, or make it clear in a statement that they welcome all assistance dogs. It is always advisable to check with each establishment prior to booking.

    v Hearing LoopInduction loop and infrared systems help people with hearing loss hear more clearly by reducing the effect of background noise. When a building has been fitted with a loop or infrared system, you will usually find this mentioned in their adverts, newsletters and at the entrance to the building. Informative signs and symbols should be displayed such as the loop sign above, it is always worth asking if it is not obvious. Please note this iconis not verified by VisitScotland Quality and Standards Department.

    , Dogs WelcomeDogs are welcome to this establishment, on the understanding that they are on their leash andare kept under control. You may have to check with each establishment whether there are restricted areas for your dog. Please note this icon is not verified by VisitScotland Quality and Standards Department.

    GaelicIn this area some/most of the population speak the Gaelic language (as well as English), so if you wish to stay with Gaelic speakers please look out for the symbol within entries and ask when you book your accommodation to confirm that this is available. The Gaelic language is rich in tradition, history, music, and culture, and will add an interesting dimension and unique sense of place to your holiday.

    Facility symbols please note that you should always check that a particular facility or service is available at the time of booking

    1 Ensuite bath and/or shower for all bedrooms

    2 Ensuite bath and/or shower for some bedrooms

    3 Private bath and/or shower for all bedrooms

    4 Private bath and/or shower for some bedrooms

    W Washbasins in bedrooms/rooms

    H Hairdryer in bedrooms

    m Television available

    n No television

    ! Satellite/cable TV

    Broadband WiFi DVD player available

    CD player available

    iPod docking station

    x Telephonein bedrooms/self catering unit

    k Tea/coffee making facilities in bedrooms

    R Restaurant

    X Evening meal available

    V Vegetarian diets provided

    S Special diets provided

    Packed lunchesby arrangement

    r Room service

    { Full alcohol drinks licence/licensed bar

    } Restricted alcohol drinks licence

    a Lounge

    b TV lounge

    e Smoking rooms available

    P Porterage

    l Laundry service

    # Credit/debitcards accepted

    . Ground floor bedrooms available

    u Passenger lift

    ^ Four-poster beds

    Building of historic/literary/architectural interest

    G Garden

    Y Open hearth fire

    ` Regular live entertainment

    j Leisure facilities

    8 Indoor swimming pool

    9 Outdoorswimming pool

    : Games room

    A Childrens play area

    p Private parking

    q Limited parking

    Disabled parking on site

    J Property on working farm/croft

    , Pets accepted by arrangement

    Gaelic language spoken

    v Hearing loop

    E Assistance dogs

    Short breaks available

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to www.visithebrides.com 23

    TOWN (5 miles) oooo Hotel F5 Glen Whisper Hotel Rural hotel with a reputation for excellent cuisine and accommodation.

    Old Perth Road, Crieff PH16 8DL T: 01887 820346 F: 01887 829009 [email protected] www.glenwhisperhotel.com

    Sgl (5) 68 pppn RODbl/Twn (5) 53 pppn ROFam (1) 53 pppn ROEnsuite (11)



    Open: Jan Dec

    1WHmkRXr{lp#GYVS &DC


    cuisine a

    otel.com tel

    Sgl (5) Dbl/Twn (F

    Accommodation options and costsNumber in brackets refers to number of rooms/units of that type.

    Quality awardFor added assurance of quality and standards, all accommodation establishments display a Quality Assurance Award. The scheme is explained on page 21.

    Scheme iconsThese give details of any scheme the establishment may be a member of, and further information about disability access levels and availability of short break offers.

    LocationBy designates that a property is within 10 miles of this location.Mileage in brackets after the location indicates the distance from the named location.

    Map referenceTo assist you further in locating each establishment, this grid reference relates to the maps on pages 64-65.

    Facilities and symbolsSee below for an explanation; please check at time of booking.

    Name of business


    Contact details

    How to read the listingsIil leughaidh na liosta

    Further informationFor further information either visitwww.visitscotland.com or contactthe accommodation provider directly.

    0 Ensuite bath and/or shower room(s) inself catering unit

    L Bed linen providedon request freeor for hire

    T Towels provided on request free orfor hire

    M Additional charge for power/fuel/ heating

    g Laundry facilities on site

    w Washing machine

    t Tumble dryer

    [ Microwave

    d Dishwasher

    f Freezer

    h Domestic help

    y Payphone available

    ) Non-smoking establishment

    I Not all properties/caravans have all facilities

    Eating out facilities within two miles or meal service available

    Drying facilities

    F Family rooms available

    Twin/double rooms available

    Alpine sleeping platform

    Pitches fortouring caravans

    Tents welcome

    Motorhomes welcome

    Car parking adjacent to caravans or tents

    Electrical hook-up points available

    Privately-owned caravans

    Caravan holiday homes available

    Chemical toilet disposal facility

    Chemical toilet disposal for motor homes

    K Shop within two miles/mobile food shop calls

    Shop on site

    Q Gas cylinders for exchange refill

    s Shower available

    ~ Bath available

    ] Caf/restaurant

    N Takeawayfood available

    Cycle hire nearby

    Groups welcome

    Sgl SingleDbl DoubleTwn TwinFam FamilySte Suite

    DB&B Dinner, Bed & BreakfastB&B Bed & Breakfastpppn per person per nightprpn per room per nightpw per week

    pu per unitps per suiteso single occupancyRO room only (breakfast not included)Ensuite/priv facs please check priorto booking

  • 24 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to www.visitscotland.com

    Dun Carloway Broch, Isle of Lewis.

    Isle of Lewis

    Hotels and Inns

    Hotels, Inns, Restaurant with Rooms

    NESS, CROSS ooo Inn J3Cross InnVisit Lewiss most northerly hotel and restaurant and discover the best.

    Cross, Ness, Isle of Lewis HS2 0SN T: 01851 810152 [email protected]

    Sgl (2) 45-65 prpnDbl/Twn (3) 70-100 prpnFam (1) 90-120 prpnEnsuite (6)



    Open: Jan Dec


    STORNOWAY oooo Hotel H7

    Cabarfeidh HotelRightly known as Stornoways finest hotel this is an exceptional, yet informal, four star hotel where you can relax and enjoy wonderful service. Youll find stylish, modern bedrooms and contemporary dining in our Solas Restaurant. Close to golf club, parkland walks, town and harbour.




    0DQRU3DUN6WRUQRZD\,VOHRI/HZLV+6(8 T: 01851 702604 [email protected] www.cabarfeidh-hotel.co.uk

    Open: Jan Dec

    Sgl (10) 89-129 prpn Dbl (7) 120-169 prpn Twn (24) 120-169 prpn Fam (5) 130-189 prpn(QVXLWH


    STORNOWAY oo Hotel H7

    Caladh InnJust three minutes walk from the town centre and ferry terminal, the Caladh is an excellent base for touring holidays. Its Eleven Caf Bar/Buffet restaurant is extremely popular with both visitors and local residents. Free wireless broadband access.



    1HDUWRZQFHQWUH)DPLO\IULHQGO\UHVWDXUDQW)UHHSDUNLQJ)UHHEURDGEDQG %DQTXHWLQJZHGGLQJVFRQIHUHQFHVJames Street, Stornoway, ,VOHRI/HZLV+641 T: 01851 702740 F: 01851 703158 [email protected] www.caladhinn.co.uk

    Open: Jan Dec

    Sgl (20) 65-79 prpn Dbl (17) 89-119 prpn Twn (29) 89-119 prpn Fam (2) 99-129 prpnEnsuite (68)


    STORNOWAY oo Hotel H7

    Royal HotelIn the heart of Stornoway, overlooking the marina and Lews Castle, theres a warm welcome at the historic Royal. Full of character, its home to the trendy HS-1 cafe bar and the Boatshed Restaurant, known for its creative cuisine. Free broadband access.



    +DUERXUVLGHORFDWLRQ)UHVKVHDIRRGVSHFLDOLWLHV+6RSHQ6XQGD\V 5RRPVHUYLFHDYDLODEOH)UHHSDUNLQJCromwell Street, Stornoway, Lewis HS1 2DGT: 01851 702109 F: 01851 702142 [email protected] www.royalstornoway.co.uk

    Open: Jan Dec

    Sgl (8) 69-89 prpn Dbl (9) 99-120 prpn Twn (9) 99-120 prpn Fam (1) 109-140 prpnEnsuite/priv facs (27)


  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to www.visithebrides.com 25

    UIG, CARNISH oooo Restaurant with Rooms C7

    Open: Jan Dec84302

    Auberge CarnishRichard and Jo-Ann Leparoux, the original patrons of the acclaimed Bonaventure Restaurant with Rooms are back in business. Located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Auberge Carnish is a purpose-built guesthouse situated on their croft which tumbles down to Uig Sands Google Earth HS2 9EX. On offer are spacious, luxurious, ensuite rooms all thoughtfully boasting sea views. The intimate restaurant overlooking the bay seats around 20 covers and offers both gourmet and rustic menus. Eat and sleep in luxury at the edge of the Atlantic.


    5 Carnish, Uig, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides HS2 9EX T: 01851 672459 M: 0785 584 3375 ) [email protected] www.aubergecarnish.co.uk

    Sgl (1) 89-105 prpn Dbl (3) 115-169 prpn Twn (1) 115-169 prpn Ensuite (5)


    Serviced Apartments

    STORNOWAY oooo Serviced Apartments H7Cairn Dhu ApartmentSpacious, contemporary, stylishly-designed apartment available on a per night basis.

    18a/1 Matheson Road, Stornoway HS1 2LA T: 01851 701611 M: 0787 620 6165 F: 01925 523021 [email protected] www.lewisapartments.co.uk

    Per night 89-140Apartment (1)Bedrooms (1)



    Open: Jan Dec


    For more information onthe Outer Hebrides


    STORNOWAY ooo Serviced Apartments H7Dunedin Garden ApartmentQuality accommodation, continental breakfast, hospitality tray, free WiFi, private parking.

    Dunedin, Anderson Road, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2PG T: 01851 703964 www.dunedingardenrooms.co.uk

    Dbl/Twn (1) 45-95 prpnFam (1) 45-95 prpnEnsuite (2)



    Open: Jan Dec


    Mangersta beach, Isle of Lewis.

    Hotels and Inns Serviced Apartments

  • 26 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to www.visitscotland.com

    Guest Houses and B&Bs

    Guest Houses, B&Bs

    BACK ooo Bed & Breakfast J6

    Ravenstar Bed & BreakfastSituated on a working croft our Bed & Breakfast offers a glimpse of crofting life. Comfortable rooms and cosy guest lounge afford a relaxing stay. Lovely sea views over the Minch, close to beaches and moorland. Free WiFi. Natural therapies available.




    Open: Jan Dec

    'EO 34 pppn 7ZQ 34 pppn )DP 34 pppn(QVXLWH 3ULYIDFV


    Connect with us...



    BACK oooo Bed & Breakfast J6

    Open: Jan Dec54042

    Seaside VillaSpectacular views of Broadbay and across to the Sutherland Hills with miles of unspoilt sandy beaches. Why not stay with a Gaelic speaking family steeped in local culture and history. With 37 years experience providing home cooking using fresh local produce and Highland hospitality at its best. Special weekly rates. Special rates for three nights or more based on two people sharing. Free WiFi.


    Back, Isle of Lewis HS2 0LQ T/F: 01851 820208 M: 0777 069 5363 [email protected] www.seasidevilla.co.uk

    Sgl 39 pppn Dbl (2) From 30 pppnTwn (1) From 30 pppn (QVXLWH 3ULYIDFV


    BACK, NEAR STORNOWAY ooooo Guest House Gold J6

    Open: Jan Dec71531

    Broad Bay HouseStay in style at our luxury beachside guest house. We have four spacious bedrooms all equipped with flat screen TV and DVD systems, leather armchairs and personal decking areas. All are ensuite with fabulous bath or power shower and Molton Brown goodies. Guest library, laundry, free WiFi broadband and bike loan. Eat skillfully prepared fresh local produce in our fantastic dining room overlooking the beach. Licensed with an interesting wine and whisky list.


    Back, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS2 0LQ T: 01851 820990 [email protected] www.broadbayhouse.co.uk

    Dbl (3) 139-179 prpn Twn (1) 139-179 prpn Ensuite (4)

    O*M4]Nw{R);5 &%

    BALALLAN ooo Bed & Breakfast F9Clearview B&BElevated location, panoramic views. Central for touring Lewis and Harris.

    44 Balallan, Lochs, Isle of Lewis HS2 9PT T: 01851 830472 [email protected] www.clearview-lewis.co.uk

    Dbl/Twn (3) 32 pppnEnsuite/priv facs (3)



    Open: Jan Nov

    *MDwRa~8 DC

    BALALLAN ooo Bed & Breakfast F9

    GledfieldCroft house accommodation. Family run B&B in modern croft house on working croft. Excellent centre for touring both Lewis and Harris. Fishing by arrangement. Beautiful, tranquil setting ideal for anyone wishing to chill out.




    Open: Mar Oct

    Sgl 45 pppn 'EO 32 pppn 7ZQ 32 pppn )DP 32 pppn(QVXLWH

    1Hm!kXblpJ,GVS DC

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to www.visithebrides.com 27

    Guest Houses and B&BsBALALLAN ooo Bed & Breakfast F9Tigh na BruaichTraditional croft house, with gallery/gift shop, centrally located for touring.

    Debbie Cullis & Paul Smith 8 Balallan, Isle of Lewis HS2 9PN T: 01851 830742 M: 0776 024 5405 [email protected] www.saa.co.uk/art/islandarts

    Sgl 45 pppnDbl/Fam (1) 35 pppnEnsuite (1)



    Open: Jan Dec


    BREASCLETE oooo Guest House E7Loch Roag Guest HouseComfortable rooms, spectacular scenery and easy access to all attractions.

    22a Breasclete, Isle of Lewis HS2 9EF T/F: 01851 621771 M: 0778 988 4112 [email protected] www.lochroag.com

    Sgl (2) 40-45 pppnDbl/Twn (2) 40-55 pppnFam (1) 40-45 pppnEnsuite/priv facs (5)



    Open: Jan Dec


    CALLANISH oooo Guest House E7

    Leumadair Guest HouseFamily run, family friendly guesthouse with a view of the Callanish Standing Stones.On a working croft with free-range hens, highland cattle, GOS pigs, Hebridean sheep and vegetable polytunnels. Our croft produced eggs, bacon, and sausages make a superb breakfast. Host with extensive local knowledge.



    1HDU&DOODQLVK6WRQHV$OOURRPVHQVXLWH (YHQLQJPHDODYDLODEOH'LVDEOHGIDFLOLWLHV 3HWVE\DUUDQJHPHQWD&DOODQLVK,VOHRI/HZLV+6'< T: 01851 621706 M: 0787 906 3331 F: 01851 621781 [email protected] www.leumadair.co.uk

    Open: Jan Dec

    'EO 35-45 pppn 7ZQ 35-45 pppn)DP 35-45 pppn (QVXLWH

    *PM:CN{R},a85 &%

    COLL oooo Bed & Breakfast J6

    Thirty FiveThirty Five offers guests a rural retreat beside the sea in the village of Coll six miles from Stornoway. Breakfast is served in the conservatory overlooking the beautiful sands of Coll bay and the Uig and Harris hills. A warm welcome awaits you.



    %HDFKVLGHORFDWLRQ6SHFWDFXODUYLHZV 5XUDOUHWUHDW+HEULGHDQKRVSLWDOLW\ )UHH:L)L35 Coll, Isle of Lewis HS2 0LP T: 01851 820859 M: 0781 432 2375 [email protected] www.thirtyfive-lewis.co.uk

    Open: Jan Dec

    Dbl (1) From 40 pppn Twn (1) From 35 pppnEnsuite (1) Priv facs (1)


    LOCHS, CROSSBOST ooo Bed & Breakfast H8Penuel B&BSeaside location eight miles from Stornoway, 30 miles from Tarbert.

    Penuel, 44 Crossbost, Isle of Lewis HS2 9NP T: 01851 860340 M: 0798 557 8199 [email protected]

    Dbl/Twn (2) 27-32 pppnPriv facs (2)



    Open: Apr Sep


    LOCHS, LEURBOST ooo Bed & Breakfast H8Glen HouseBeautiful location overlooking scenic sea loch.

    77 Leurbost, Lochs, Isle of Lewis HS2 9NU T: 01851 860241 F: 0860 241 1851 [email protected]

    Dbl/Twn (3) From 30 pppnEnsuite/priv facs (2)



    Open: Jan Dec


    SOUTH GALSON oooo Guest House J3

    Galson Farm Guest HouseGalson Farms fields reach to the Atlantic shore. Invigorating air, superb views, two guest lounges, quality farmhouse cooking using fresh homegrown/local foods, drinks licence, set within old restored stone farmhouse combine to allow our guests a peaceful retreat from their everyday hectic lives.




    6RXWK*DOVRQ,VOHRI/HZLV+66+ 7 [email protected] www.galsonfarm.co.uk

    Open: Jan Dec

    Sgl (3) 50 pppn 'EO 39-50 pppn 7ZQ 39-43 pppn (QVXLWH


    STORNOWAY ooo Bed & Breakfast H7

    Ardmor Bed & BreakfastModern spacious home in a quiet residential area. One mile to the town centre and ferry terminal. An ideal base to tour Lewis and Harris. Close to hospital and Lewis Castle grounds. Self service continental breakfast.



    1HDUORFDOKRVSLWDO&ORVHWRWRZQ %XVVWRSQHDUE\1HDUFDVWOHJURXQGV :L)L29 Urquhart Gardens, Isle of Lewis HS1 2TX T: 01851 702796 [email protected]

    Open: Jan Dec

    Sgl (1) 35-40 pppn Dbl (1) 70-80 prpn )DP 70-120 prpnEnsuite/priv facs (2) Shared facs (1)


    STORNOWAY ooooo Guest House Gold J7

    Braighe HouseFive star luxury accommodation with stunning seafront location. If you are looking for an excellent base from which to plan your trip; or a corporate guest who appreciates all the facilities that make business trips go smoothly; then Braighe House is the perfect destination for you.




    Open: Jan Dec

    6JO 75-105 prpn 'EO 95-140 prpn 7ZQ 95-140 prpn )DP 115-170 prpn(QVXLWH 3ULYIDFV

    *OMDNwRa~85 DC

    STORNOWAY ooo Bed & Breakfast H7The Croft House Bed & BreakfastComfortable accommodation within walking distance town centre and all amenities.

    6 A Perceval Road North, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2UG T: 01851 701889 M: 0774 273 5333 [email protected] www.thecrofthousestornoway.co.uk

    Dbl/Twn (1) From 40 pppnFam (1) 70-140 prpnEnsuite (2)



    Open: Jan Dec


    STORNOWAY oooo Bed & Breakfast H7FernleaVictorian listed building tastefully upgraded keeping original character. Parking available.

    9 Matheson Road, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2NQ T: 01851 702125 M: 0776 218 6819 [email protected]

    Sgl (1) 42 pppnDbl/Twn (3) 42 pppnFam 42 pppnEnsuite/priv facs (4)



    Open: Jan Dec


  • 28 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to www.visitscotland.com

    Guest Houses and B&BsSTORNOWAY ooo Guest House H7Hal O The WyndWelcoming, town centre, sea views, beside ferry terminal, free WiFi.

    2 Newton Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2RE T: 01851 706073 F: 01851 307580 M: 0778 994 2374 [email protected] www.halothewynd.com

    Dbl/Twn (4) 70-105 prpnFam (1) 80-130 prpnEnsuite/priv facs (3)Shared facs (2)



    Open: Jan Dec


    STORNOWAY oooo Guest House H7Hebridean Guest HouseTown centre over-looking castle grounds and golf course. Free WiFi.

    Linda Johnson, 61 Bayhead, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2DZ T: 01851 702268 F: 01851 701791 M: 0774 700 1379 [email protected] www.hebrideanguesthouse.co.uk

    Sgl (4) 55-70 pppnDbl/Twn (5) 95-110 prpnFam (1) 100-120 prpnEnsuite (10)



    Open: Jan Dec


    STORNOWAY oooo Bed & Breakfast H7Jannel B&BA modern, friendly family home with free WiFi and parking.

    5 Stewart Drive, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2TU T: 01851 705324 M: 0773 822 5273 [email protected] www.jannel-stornoway.co.uk

    Sgl (1) 50 prpnDbl (2) 75 prpnTwn (2) 75 prpnFam (1) 95 prpnEnsuite (4)



    Open: Jan Dec

    *OMDNR2)a85 &DC

    STORNOWAY ooo Bed & Breakfast H7LathamorSpacious home overlooking Stornoway offering home cooking and large garden.

    Bakers Road, Newmarket, Isle of Lewis HS2 0EA T/F: 01851 706093 M: 0781 075 1468 [email protected]

    Dbl/Twn (2) 25-49 pppnFam (1) 25-40 pppnDB&B From 40 pppnEnsuite (1)Shared facs (2) 34


    Open: Jan Dec


    STORNOWAY oo Bed & Breakfast H7Maggies B&BA warm welcome and comfortable accommodation close to town centre.

    38 Springfield Road, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2PPT: 01851 702953 M: 0778 845 [email protected]

    Dbl (2) 60 prpnTwn (1) 70 prpnShared facs (3)



    Open: Jan Dec


    STORNOWAY ooo Bed & Breakfast H726 Newton StreetSpacious house overlooking harbour, close to ferry and town centre.

    26 Newton Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2RE T: 01851 702824 [email protected] www.freewebs.com/beburns

    Dbl/Twn (1) 30-40 pppnEnsuite/priv facs (1)



    Open: Jan Dec


    STORNOWAY ooo Bed & Breakfast H7Sula SgeirCottage adjacent to owners home. One mile from town centre.

    6a Sand Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2UE T: 01851 705893 [email protected]

    Sgl (1) From 35 pppnDbl (1) From 35 pppnTwn (2) From 35 pppnEnsuite/priv facs (4)



    Open: Jan Dec


    TOLSTA CHAOLAIS oooo Bed & Breakfast E6Ceann BodaichBeautiful village. Comfortable self contained apartment. Stunning sea views.

    Mrs A Granville, 10 Tolsta Chaolais, Isle of Lewis HS2 9DW T: 01851 621722 M: 0787 650 4462 [email protected] www.hebrideanholidaycottages.co.uk

    Dbl (1) 50-80 prpnEnsuite (1)



    Open: Jan Dec


    UIG, CROWLISTA oooo Bed & Breakfast C7SuainavalA warm welcome in a stunning location overlooking Uig Sands.

    3 Crowlista, Uig, Isle of Lewis HS2 9JF T: 01851 672386 [email protected] www.suainaval.com

    Dbl/Twn (2) 30-35 pppnEnsuite (2)



    Open: Jan Dec


    For a list of events throughout the Outer Hebrides see pages 16-17

    UIG, TIMSGARRY ooo Guest House C7

    Open: 15 Apr 15 Sept13821

    Baile Na CilleHistoric listed 18th century building with early 19th century additions. Award-winning cuisine with home baked bread and original dishes developed over 33 seasons. The finest location possible, looking out over the sand of Uig beach to the Hills of Harris beyond. Just six guest suites and rooms with three sitting rooms with TV, hi-fi, WiFi, library and games room. Walled flower garden, grass tennis court, croquet lawn, direct path to the shore and beach beyond.


    'EO From 55 pppn 7ZQ From 55 pppn '%% From 85 pppn 3ULYIDFV


  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to www.visithebrides.com 29

    Self Catering

    ACHMORE oooo Self Catering G7Christine & Calum Angus MacKayNew Scandinavian style lodges in spectacular scenic location.

    29 Lewis Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2JW T: 01851 700310 M: 0783 663 6306 [email protected] www.sundowncottage.co.uk

    Per week 500-700 Cottage (2) Bedrooms (2-3) Sleeps (6-10)



    Open: Mar Oct


    BACK Awaiting Grading J68 BackFamily-owned bungalow with breathtaking view of Broadbay.

    Mrs Anne Harwood, 17 Poulton Road, Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 7DS T: 01253 396452 M: 0790 094 1762 [email protected] www.isleoflewis-selfcatering.co.uk

    Per week 450-650Cottage (1)Bedrooms (4-5)Sleeps (9-12)



    Open: Apr Sep

    .6OYVZ=FHw{R); (Open other months by arrangement)

    BACK oooo Self Catering H7

    StemrewayStemreway is an open plan modernised yet traditional Lewis croft house about six miles from Stornoway and offers absolute comfort and tranquillity. From the house there is a superb view of the village of Gress with its magnificent sandy beach and open expanse of Broad Bay.




    Open: Jan Dec


    *.6OYV=Hw{R/) DC

    Information Centres visitscotland.com/wheretofindus

    BACK, COLL Awaiting Grading J6The LonghouseUnique new-build. Peaceful croft setting with Broad Bay views.

    30 Salisbury Road, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 1AS T: 01425 483078 M: 0796 144 5632 [email protected] www.lewislonghouse.com

    Per week 1,000-1,600 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (2) Sleeps (4)



    Open: Jan Dec


    BACK, VATISKER ooo Self Catering J6Mrs Jessie CampbellComfortable chalet near beaches. Open views across Minch and Broadbay.

    Kirklea Chalet, 8 School Road, Vatisker, Isle of Lewis HS2 0JY T: 01851 820379 [email protected]

    Per week 180-320 Chalet (1) Bedrooms (2) Sleeps (5)



    Open: Jan Dec


    BARVAS oooo Self Catering G5

    Moorpark CottagesEnjoy the comforts of luxuriously appointed accommodation in the heart of a traditional crofting community on the west side of Lewis. Each cottage offers spacious accommodation for up to four people, excellent facilities, renewable energy systems and also superb disabled access, making them the ideal holiday destination.



    'LVDEOHGDFFHVV:L)L5HQHZDEOHHQHUJ\ KRXUKHDWLQJV\VWHP6SDFLRXV6WHLVKDO3DUN%DUYDV+64= 7 [email protected] www.moorparkcottages.co.uk

    Open: Jan Dec


    *.6OIYV=FHR} %DC

    Get close to nature inthe Outer Hebrides


    BERNERA, BREACLETE oooo Self Catering E6The ArdRelax and appreciate the tranquility of Bernera great views.

    Breaclete, Bernera, Isle of Lewis HS2 9LT T: 01851 612205 [email protected] www.theardbernera.com

    Per week 450-650 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (2) Sleeps (2-4)



    Open: Jan Dec

    *.6O[YZ=FwR} DC

    BERNERA, BREACLETE ooo Self Catering E6Loch Breacleit ViewPerfect base for exploring beautiful Lewis and Harris. Overlooks lochs.

    T: 01259 210599 M: 0782 508 7097 / 0783 417 7506 [email protected] www.hebridesaccommodation.com

    Per week 250-450 Bungalow (1) Bedrooms (1) Sleeps (2)



    Open: Jan Dec


    BERNERA, BREACLETE oooo Self Catering E6Lochan View CottageLuxurious and tranquil cottage set in stunning location.

    15 Riverview Crescent, Cardross, Argyll & Bute G82 5LT T: 01436 671022 M: 0776 892 3740 [email protected] www.lochanviewcottage.co.uk

    Per week 240-520 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (3) Sleeps (2-5)



    Open: Jan Dec

    *.6YV=FHw{R); DC

    BERNERA, HACKLETE oooo Self Catering D6Harsgeir View CottageSelf catering, four star, two bedroom cottage, sleeps four. Pets welcome.

    Mr Calum Watt 9 Kiln Ridge, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2TY T: 01851 703612 M: 0773 300 7255 [email protected]

    Per week 330-430 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (2) Sleeps (2-4)



    Open: Jan Dec


    BERNERA, HACKLETE oo Self Catering D6Miss E J HutchisonOn shores of West Loch Roag. Ideal for fishing, walking and wildlife.

    5 Hacklete, Great Bernera, Isle of Lewis HS2 9ND T: 01851 612269

    Per week 240-300 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (3) Sleeps (5)



    Open: Jan Dec


    Self Catering

  • 30 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to www.visitscotland.com

    Self Catering By BERNERA, CRULIVIG ooo Self Catering E7Mrs M MacWilliamsBeautifully situated, fully equipped bungalow overlooking sea. Superb views.

    Dachaidh Ur, Lower Bayble, Point, Isle of Lewis HS2 0QB T: 01851 870483 M: 0794 605 4105 [email protected] www.hollyburn.co.uk

    Per week 400-525 Bungalow (1) Bedrooms (3) Sleeps (6)



    Open: Jan Dec


    BRUE oooo Self Catering G5

    Beul na MaraSuperbly comfortable cottage, uninterrupted panoramic sea views, beaches. Easy access to all that the Island has to offer. Secure outbuilding. Crofting Community, walking, surfing, fishing, bird-watching, otters, archaeology. Superb location, Best cottage we have ever stayed in, warm welcome.




    Open: Jan Dec

    Per week 550-700 &RWWDJH %HGURRPV 6OHHSV

    *.6O[YV=FHw{R); DC

    BRUE oooo Self Catering G5

    Ocean ViewOverlooking the Atlantic coast of the Isle of Lewis, Ocean View is a traditional stone croft house that has been extensively renovated to offer comfortable accommodation. The house features an open hearth, central heating, two bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchen with new appliances.




    Open: Jan Dec



    CALLANISH oooo Self Catering E74 CallanishComfortable, cosy, restored cottage with views over the Callanish Stones.

    Katharine & Graham Skillen Derrymount, North Cheriton, Somerset BA8 0ABT: 01963 [email protected]

    Per week 600Cottage (1)Bedrooms (3)Sleeps (5-6)



    Open: Jan Dec


    CALLANISH oooo Self Catering E7Callanish Farmhouse CottageIdeal base for your holiday situated near the Calanais Stones.

    Calanais Visitor Centre, Calanais, Isle of Lewis, Western Isles HS2 9DY T: 01851 621422 F: 01851 621446 [email protected]

    Per week 360-560 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (2) Sleeps (2-4)



    Open: Jan Dec


    CALLANISH ooo Self Catering E7Mr & Mrs Angus SmithCentrally situated for touring the island. Near to Callanish Standing Stones.

    Creagan, Callanish, Isle of Lewis HS2 9DY T: 01851 621200 [email protected] www.lewisaccommodation.com

    Per week 280-450 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (3) Sleeps (5)



    Open: Jan Dec

    mf[wtLTA,pyGH)M. DC

    CARLOWAY oooo Self Catering E5

    An Taigh ClachExcellent self catering accommodation in Carloway on the Atlantic west coast of the Isle of Lewis. An Taigh Clach boasts stunning views, with the Atlantic to the west, hills of Uig and Harris in the distance and the croft land of Carloway directly outside your door.



    6WXQQLQJVFHQHU\2QZRUNLQJFURIW $EXQGDQWZLOGOLIH&ORVHWREHDFK 3HDFHIXOUXUDOORFDWLRQMr & Mrs Macdonald, Carloway House, &DUORZD\:HVWHUQ,VOHV+6$4 M: 0783 802 1229 [email protected] www.carlowayselfcatering.com

    Open: Jan Dec


    *.6OYV=FHw{R, &%

    CARLOWAY oo Self Catering E527 GareninRefurbished, three bedroomed bungalow on croft near Gearranan black houses.

    Upper Lynwood, Alva, Clackmannanshire FK12 5EX T: 01259 762115 M: 0774 818 3438 [email protected] www.27garenin.com

    Per week 300-400 Bungalow (1) Bedrooms (3) Sleeps (6)



    Open: Jan Dec

    HLTm)[fdtp,GY D

    For a list of eventsthroughout theOuter Hebridessee pages 16-17

    CARLOWAY, GARENIN oooo Self Catering E5

    Taigh Glass & Taigh an t-SeoladairBoth blackhouses are perfect for families and Taigh Glass has been restored with the needs of disabled visitors in mind. A feeling of the past without the hardships. Peaceful, beautiful and relaxing.



    7DVWHIXOO\UHVWRUHG8QGHUIORRUKHDWLQJ *RRGFRDVWDOZDONV6ROLGIXHOVWRYHV :LOGOLIHZDWFKLQJGearrannan Blackhouse Village, &DUORZD\,VOHRI/HZLV+6$/ T: 01851 643416 F: 01851 643488 [email protected] www.gearrannan.com

    Open: Jan Dec

    Per week 420-630 &RWWDJH %HGURRPV 6OHHSV


    CARLOWAY, GARENIN oo Group Accommodation E5

    Taigh LataThis group accommodation blackhouse has bunkhouse style accommodation, with sleeping areas of six, six, two and two. It is perfect for a large family or organised group. Socialise in unique atmosphere. A beautiful, homely haven. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay.




    Open: Jan Dec

    Per night 370-430 &RWWDJH %HGURRPV 6OHHSV


  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to www.visithebrides.com 31

    Self CateringCARLOWAY, GARENIN ooo Self Catering E5

    Taigh Thormoid an ic IainOffers a sea view, solid fuel stove, underfloor heating, double bedroom, shower room, fully fitted kitchenette, and a living area. Perfect for a single person or a couple. Idyllic location in secluded bay. Never before seen anything like this! Wonderful.




    Open: Jan Dec

    Per week 329-476 &RWWDJH %HGURRPV 6OHHSV


    DALBEG ooooo Self Catering E5

    Mrs Lesley Wiseman (Aultbeithe)Situated at the end of the road at Dalbeg, on the west coast of Lewis, overlooking Loch Dalbeg and 100 metres from a beautiful sandy beach. Close to the Westside Coastal Walk and some of the best archaeology in the world. No pets; no smoking.



    /RFDWLRQORFDWLRQORFDWLRQ6XSHUEO\HTXLSSHG&RPIRUWDEOHDQGVSDFLRXV /LJKWDQGDLU\6WXQQLQJVXQVHWVCaberfeidh, 19 Seilebost, Isle of Harris, Western Isles HS3 3HP T: 01859 550338 M: 0750 011 7832 [email protected] www.hebrides-holiday.co.uk

    Open: Jan Dec

    Per week 895-1,295 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (2) Sleeps (4)

    *.6YVZ=FHw{R)O DC

    GRAVIR, SOUTH LOCHS oo Self Catering H10Loch Odhairn CrofthouseBeautiful location, cosy, comfortable, well-equipped house; families, walkers, fishers.

    Mr and Mrs Michael Smedley 12 Hames Lane, Newton Regis, Tamworth, Staffordshire B79 0NH T: 01827 830235 [email protected]

    Per week 295-450 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (3) Sleeps (7)



    Open: Jan Dec


    LINSHADER, WEST SIDE ooo Self Catering E7Mrs Lorna PendleCosy comfortable cottage in secluded location, good hillwalking and birdwatching.

    3 Linshader, Isle of Lewis HS2 9DR T: 01851 621311 [email protected] www.westsidecottage.co.uk

    Per week 250-380 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (2) Sleeps (4)



    Open: Jan Dec


    LOCHS, BALALLAN ooooo Self Catering F9Ceann An Loch CottageLuxury and tranquility. Self catering cottage for up to four people on Lewis.

    Mr Donald & Julie MacKenzie 51A Balallan, Lochs, Lewis HS2 9PT T: 01851 830400 M: 0790 966 6401 / 0791 701 6323 [email protected]

    Per week 1,400-1,600Cottage (1)Bedrooms (2)Sleeps (4)



    Open: Jan Dec

    9*.6OYV=FHwR &%

    LOCHS, CROSSBOST ooo Self Catering H8Seaview CottageSpacious, cosy, comfortable cottage overlooking Loch Leurbost in peaceful surroundings.

    Mrs Peggy A MacMillan, 13 Crossbost, Lochs, Isle of Lewis HS2 9NPT: 01851 860522 / 860340M: 0786 777 4657 [email protected]

    Per week 320-350 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (3) Sleeps (4-5)



    Open: Jan Dec


    LOCHS, KEOSE ooo Self Catering G9Mrs L LankesterComfortable house in peaceful surroundings, beautiful views overlooking Loch Erisort.

    Beech Cottage, Ceos, Isle of Lewis HS2 9JT T: 01851 830479 [email protected] www.tighnamaraceos.co.uk

    Per week 360-425 Cottage (1) Bedrooms (2) Sleeps (1-6)



    Open: Jan Dec


    LOCHS, KEOSE GLEBE oooo Self Catering G9

    Handa and the Cottage in the GardenTwo well-equipped cottages in a lovely location central for touring all of Lewis and nearby Harris. Stay at home and enjoy scenic moorland walks overlooking Loch Erisort. The Cottage in the Garden is 30 metres behind Handa but not obtrusive. Hard to describe so please check out our website!



    ,G\OOLFVHWWLQJ6SDFHIRUIDPLOLHVIULHQGV +HDWHG\HDUURXQG7ZRWRLOHWV 7URXWILVKLQJQHDUE\Murdo & Christine Morrison, Handa, .HRVH*OHEH/RFKV,VOHRI/HZLV+6-; 70 [email protected] www.westernisleswelcome.com

    Open: Jan Dec

    Per week 330-590 &RWWDJH %HGURRPV 6OHHSV


    To nd your ideal placeto stay, use the mapreference and refer to themaps on pages 64-65

    LOCHS, ORASAIGH oooo Self Catering G10

    Mrs Isobel KennedyShiantview cottage offers families and couples a very comfortable and peac