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The Outer Hebrides

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  • Island Getaway

    Gaelic Heritage

    Natures Paradise

    What to See & Do 2013-14

    Spectacular wildlife watchingat unique sites throughoutthe islands

    Ancient standing stones,Iron Age dwellings, medievalcastles...uncover 9,000 yearsof fascinating history

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    Disclaimer VisitScotland has published this guide in good faith to reflect information submitted to it by the proprietor/managers of the premises listed who have paid for their entries to be included. AlthoughVisitScotland has taken reasonable steps to confirm the information contained in the guide at the time of going to press, it cannot guarantee that the information published is and remains accurate. Accordingly,VisitScotland recommends that all information is checked with the proprietor/manager of the business to ensure that the facilities, cost and all other aspects of the premises are satisfactory. VisitScotland acceptsno responsibility for any error or misrepresentation contained in the guide and excludes all liability for loss or damage caused by any reliance placed on the information contained in the guide. VisitScotland alsocannot accept any liability for loss caused by the bankruptcy, or liquidation, or insolvency, or cessation of trade of any company, firm or individual contained in this guide. Quality Assurance awards are correct asof December 2012.

    The Outer Hebrides

    08 14 18

    Welcome to...



    Filte gu Na h-Eileanan an lar

    Take part in exhilaratingoutdoor activities

    Relax on miles ofunspoilt beaches

    Discover islands rich inGaelic heritage

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    02 Travel tips04 The Outer Hebrides at a glance06 Island heritage08 Natures paradise10 Natural playground12 Where legends come to life14 Hebridean inspiration16 Food & drink18 Whats on20 VisitScotland Information

    Centres22 Places to Visit29 Leisure Activities32 Shopping, Arts & Crafts36 Galleries37 Food & Drink42 Tours44 Transport45 Whats On47 Days Away48 The Outer Hebrides area map


    Cover Village Bay, Hirta, St Kilda - a UNESCOdual World Heritage Site.01 Tangasdale beach, Isle of Barra.02 Spot greylag geese at Loch Druidibeg,

    Isle of South Uist.03 Harris Tweed scarves being showcased on

    Trigh Iar (Iar beach), Isle of Harris.04 KT Tunstall headlining the 2011 Hebridean

    Celtic Festival, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.05 A seal on St Kilda.

    The Outer Hebrides is an idyllic island chain lyingoff the north west coast of Scotland. A landsteeped in ancient history, you will find mysteriousstanding stones and relics left by past inhabitants.Every island offers miles of pristine beaches thatboast white sands and turquoise waters. Thestunning scenery of the Outer Hebrides inspiresall manner of creative people and you will comeacross many art galleries and craft studios run bylocal artists and craftspeople.

    Visit nature reserves bursting with bird life, smell the peat fire in atraditional blackhouse and savour locally caught smoked salmon andshellfish, which abound in the lochs and surrounding waters.




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    Getting aroundthe islands 02Explore fascinatingarchaeological treasures06Get into ourGreat Outdoors 10

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    The Outer Hebrides

    Travel tipsWith your own transport you can explore the islands in depth. There is also a good bus servicethroughout the Outer Hebrides and fares are inexpensive. Several of the main islands arelinked by causeways, while Caledonian MacBrayne runs a comprehensive inter-island ferryservice. Flybe, operated by Loganair, run regular flights to the Outer Hebrides from Edinburgh,Glasgow and Inverness airports while Eastern Airways operate flights from Aberdeen.


    Dighean siubhail

    Did youknow?

    Trigh Mhr beach on Barra isthe only airport runway in the

    world which is washedtwice daily by theincoming tide.

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    Travel tips

    By road/bus Some of the islands roads are single

    track but are in good condition andrarely busy. In advance of travelling,make sure you fill up as petrol stationsare well spread out. Local car hirecompanies offer good rental deals.

    There are various bus servicesthroughout Lewis and Harris, mostrunning Monday to Saturday. Serviceson the Uists, Benbecula and Eriskayfocus on the main spinal route fromBerneray to Balivanich through toEriskay. Services are more frequent onLewis and Harris. Barra has three busroutes.

    For more information

    By ferry Caledonian MacBrayne runs inter-

    island services with well-equipped carand passenger ferries betweenLeverburgh on Harris and Berneray onNorth Uist and between Eriskay andBarra. Please ensure that you arrive atthe ferry terminal in good time foryour departure.

    You can make substantial savings tooby purchasing one of CaledonianMacBraynes special flexible ferrytickets. The Island Rover allows you toexplore the islands at your leisure with

    the choice of an 8 or 15 day ticket,while Island Hopscotch tickets arevalid for one month and let you pickyour own adventure by choosing froma selection of pre-planned routes.

    For more information call 08705 650000.

    By air Trigh Mhr beach on Barra topped a

    website poll in December 2011, as themost spectacular place to land in theworld.

    For details of inter-island flights withflybe operated by Loganair, or call0871 700 2000

    Where to find out moreFor inspiration and ideas on everything tosee and do in the Outer Hebrides, call intoa VisitScotland Information Centre. Ourfriendly experts can offer advice on allthings local as well as sharing their widerknowledge of Scotland.We can alsoarrange your accommodation, handle allyour travel needs and book tickets forevents, activities and attractions acrossScotland. Most of our centres stock awide range of quality gifts and our staffwill be delighted to help you find thatspecial souvenir of Scotland. So, call in tosee us - well point you in the rightdirection.

    Please refer to the list of InformationCentres in the Outer Hebrides on page20.

    For more information visitwww.travelinescotland.comor call 0871 200 2233.

    01 The award winning Isle of Barra Airport,Trigh Mhr beach.

    02 Cycling across Loch Bee, Isle of South Uist.03 MV Hebrides arriving at Uig, Isle of Skye,

    from the Isle of Harris.03


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    The Outer Hebrides

    The Outer Hebridesat a glanceNa h-Eileanan an Iar aig aon sealladh

    Marvel at the ancient archaeological treasures and gorgeous beaches of the Outer Hebrides.Visit nature reserves rich in birdlife and wildlife and explore the mountain peaks of Harris.Try sea kayaking or surfing, go salmon and trout fishing in over 2,000 fishable lochs and takea boat trip to St Kilda, a UNESCO dual World Heritage Site of natural and cultural importance.See for yourself why these islands, the homeland of Scots Gaelic, inspire many local artistsand photographers in their work.

    Did youknow?

    The coastline of theOuter Hebrides isaround 2,500 km

    in length.


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    At a glance

    Dont miss... Visit local art galleries such as the

    Harbour View Gallery on Lewis.

    Take home some locally madecrafts inspired by the Hebrideanlandscape available fromAnLanntair in Stornoway, Lewis.

    Embark on a sea voyage with SeaHarris, Sea Trek or Kilda Cruises tosecluded islands including St Kilda.

    Explore the coast around Barrafrom a kayak with ClearwaterPaddling, and you might see seals,dolphins and basking sharks.

    01 Looking over the machair to Trigh Iar (Iarbeach), RSPB Balranald Nature Reserve,Isle of North Uist.

    02 Viewpoint on Clettraval Hill, near Hosta,Isle of North Uist.

    03 Craft Shop run by the Uist Craft Producers,Kildonan Centre, Isle of South Uist.

    Lewis Much of Lewis consists of

    atmospheric moorland dotted withsparkling freshwater lochans whilethe epic coastline is a combination ofsteep cliffs and spellbinding beaches.Visit the magnificent CalanaisStanding Stones and the Norse Milland Kiln, Shawbost, enjoybirdwatching at the Butt of Lewis orhead for the stunning west coastbeaches for a spot of surfing in someof the most consistent swells inEurope.

    Harris With its imposing hills and peaks, the

    mountains of North Harris wereformed from some of the oldestgeology on the planet. Enjoy hillwalking with panoramic views, takea boat trip and see seals at LochFlodabay, try golf at Scarista on theedge of the Atlantic or relax on whitesandy beaches that rival those of theCaribbean.

    St Kilda Situated around 40 miles to the west

    of North Uist, take a boat trip fromLewis or Harris to learn about thenatural and cultural importance ofthis UNESCO dualWorld HeritageSite.A trip to this once-in-a-lifetimelocation will be remembered formany years to come.

    North Uist Famed for its birdwatching, visit the

    RSPB Balranald Nature Reserve tosearch for the elusive corncrake. Seethe islands most notable historicalsites including Barpa Langass andthe impressive stone circle of PobullFhinn or explore the TaighChearsabhagh Museum and ArtsCentre.

    Benbecula Linked to North and South Uist by

    causeway, Benbecula is aconsiderably flat island with beautifulwest coast beaches backed by lushmachair, the low-lying fertile plaintypical of the Outer Hebrides. Visitthe 14th century castle ruin at Borveand the Museum nan Eilean,Lionacleit.

    South Uist Enjoy more than 20 miles of brilliant

    white sandy beaches, play the lostgolf course created by Old TomMorris or visit the vast LochDruidibeg Nature Reserve supportinga large colony of greylag geese andhundreds of different plant species.

    Barra Visit the medieval Kisimul Castle,

    Castlebay, the ancient seat of theClan Macneil that sits dramaticallyon a rocky islet in the bay. Take toone of the beaches such asTangasdale and enjoy the theremarkable scenery.Why not cycleor walk around this small butbeautiful island?



    If youre looking for daysout ideas in the OuterHebrides, Scottish NaturalHeritage has put an Explorefor a Day - Outer Hebridesleaflet together which youcan download

  • 06 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    The Outer Hebrides

    Get a sense of the rich history of the Outer Hebrides as you discover the ancient relics whichdot the landscape, or learn how more recent inhabitants have lived on these isles.

    These islands have been inhabitedsince Mesolithic times, some 9,000years ago. Learn about the ancientpast of the Outer Hebrides with a visitto some of the islands archaeologicaltreasures.

    See the evocative Calanais StandingStones, believed to be older than thePyramids of Giza and Stonehenge, onthe Isle of Lewis or the beautifullypreserved chambered cairn, BarpaLangass, on North Uist.

    Experience the peat reek of atraditional Hebridean blackhouse atArnol on Lewis and get an insight intohow islanders lived - some lived inblackhouses right up until the 1960s.

    If you want to learn about Scottishclan culture or youre researching yourroots, head to the Seallam! VisitorCentre in Northton on Harris and tapinto their extensive archives.

    Take the journey of a lifetime and sail

    to the astonishing archipelago of StKilda, arguably the most remote partof the British Isles, located 40 mileswest of North Uist. Learn about thehardy people who once lived on theseislands, which are a dual UNESCOWorld Heritage Site due to theirremarkable natural and culturalheritage.

    The Outer Hebrides is the heartland ofGaelic culture and the language is stillspoken by many islanders today.


    Island heritageDualchas

    Did youknow?

    The geology and Lewisian gneissrock of the Outer Hebrides is,

    at 3,000 million years old,amongst the oldest

    in Britain.

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 07

    Island heritage

    Highlights Dun Carloway Broch, Lewis -

    discover one of the best preservedIron Age forts in Scotland.

    Bosta Iron Age House, Bernera -visit this reconstructed dwelling,inspired by the remains of real IronAge houses which were exposedafter a storm.

    Kisimul Castle, Barra - take theshort boat trip to visit the seat ofClan Macneil, which sits proudlyon a rocky island in Castlebay.

    Clanranald Stone, South Uist - seethe mysterious stone, steeped inlocal legend, at the KildonanMuseum.

    01 Calanais Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis.02 Kisimul Castle, Isle of Barra.03 St Clements Church, Rodel, Isle of Harris.04 Clanranald Armorial Stone, Kildonan

    Musuem, Isle of South Uist.




  • 08 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    The Outer Hebrides

    Natures paradise

    The Outer Hebrides is a region bursting with fascinating flora and amazing bird and marinelife. There is no better place to enjoy the great outdoors and experience a thrilling wildlifeencounter in 2013, the Year of Natural Scotland.

    Prras ndair

    The colossal cliffs along the Butt ofLewis attract many magnificentseabirds, including fulmars, kittiwakesand shags.

    Discover the beauty of the machair.These low-lying coastal plains comealive during the height of summerwhen they are carpeted in colourfulwildflowers.

    The Outer Hebrides is home to thedensest population of otters in northwest Europe. Keep a look out for these

    elusive creatures hunting along rockyshores.

    The waters around these isles playhost to an incredible array of marinelife including basking sharks,bottlenose dolphins, orcas and greyseals.

    These islands boast three NationalNature Reserves - St Kilda, 40 mileswest of North Uist, the Monach Isles(Heisker) just west of North Uist andNorth Rona and Sula Sgeir, over 40

    miles north-east of Lewis. You will findmore than one million seabirds on StKilda, including the largest colony ofgannets in the world and the UKslargest puffin colony.

    The Gaelic language of the OuterHebrides is rooted in the landscapeand has an extremely rich vocabularyfor describing this unique environment.For instance, there are over 80 Gaelicwords meaning hill, mountain orelevated ground.


  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 09

    Natures paradise


    Dont miss... Look out for humpback whales

    around the Hebridean coast.

    Seals coming ashore to pup inautumn at Flodabay, Isle of Harris.

    Watch hundreds of greylag geeseand fulmars on the Monach Isles.

    Take a wildlife trip to the remoteisles of North Rona and Sula Sgeir.

    Highlights North Harris Eagle Observatory,

    Harris - one of the best locationsfor spotting golden and whitetailed sea eagles.

    RSPB Balranald Nature Reserve,North Uist - birdwatchers will lovethis haven for lapwings, oystercatchers and corncrakes.

    Loch Druidibeg, South Uist - agreat place to observe the greylaggeese all year round.

    Isle of Eriskay - meet thepopulation of hardy Eriskay ponies,a rare breed which originated onthe island.


    01 Spot greylag geese at Loch DruidibegNature Reserve, Isle of South Uist.

    02 A golden eagle returning to its nest tofeed its young.

    03 A corncrake in song, RSPB BalranaldNature Reserve, Isle of North Uist.

    04 Wildlife watching at Rubha Ardvule, Isle ofSouth Uist.

    Did youknow?

    There are up to 45 speciesof colourful wild flowerin any square metre of


  • 10 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    The Outer Hebrides

    Natural playgroundRaon-cluiche Ndarra

    The wild landscape of the Outer Hebrides offers a naturalplayground for adventure seekers and those who simply wishto enjoy the great outdoors.

    Sample the world-class fishing -whether youre sea angling orfreshwater fishing, there are ampleplaces to cast your line includingAmhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate, Harris,North Uist Estate and Storas Uibhist,South Uist, thanks to good stocks ofsalmon and trout.

    The Isle of Lewis is renowned as a

    surfing hotspot with locations such asDalmore, Dalbeg and Mangersta,boasting some of the most consistentsurf in Europe with year-round swellsand impressive beach breaks.

    The mountains of Harris attracthillwalkers from all over, who are keento tackle the heights of the Clishamand Uisgnaval Mr.

    From the beaches of Uig to thesheltered waters around Vatersay, theOuter Hebrides offers the idealconditions for kite surfing, powerkiting and windsurfing.

    Throughout the length and breadth ofthese isles youll discover stunningwhite sand beaches to explore - someof which would rival those of theCaribbean.While away the hoursrelaxing on Tolsta on Lewis orTangasdale on Barra and enjoy thestunning scenery these islandparadises offer.


  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 11

    Natural playground


    Did youknow?

    St Kilda, with its outlandishsubmerged caves and tunnels,

    is rated one of the topdiving locations in

    the world.

    Dont miss... Cycle north from Barra to the Butt

    of Lewis.

    Explore turquoise waters aroundthe coast from a kayak.

    Abseil the sea cliffs of the Butt ofLewis.

    Play golf in stunning surroundingsat Harris Golf

    Learn to surf in a day with

    Explore the sea caves of TrighGheiraha beach on Barra.

    Highlights Isle of Harris Mountain Festival -

    explore the rugged hills, whitesand beaches and turquoise seasof Harris. Find out more

    Askernish Golf Course, South Uist -tee off among dramatic sand dunesat this lovely 18-hole course.

    Uist Outdoor Centre, Lochmaddy -go diving among kelp forests andwrecks. Find out more

    Srn Uladal, Isle of Harris - rockclimbers love to scale this epic over-hanging crag, made up of ancientLewisian gneiss.

    01 Sea kayaking with Clearwater Paddling,Isle of Barra.

    02 Isle of Barra Golf Course.03 Fishing on Lower Loch Bornish, Isle of

    South Uist.04 Windsurfing on Loch Bee, Isle of South



    For experienced walkers, enjoy theLewisWest Side coastal walk, or theClisham Horseshoe on Harris or forsomething more relaxing try the CladhHallan Roundhouses circular, nearDailburgh, South Uist.

    See the islands from two wheels asyou cycle south to north, along the162-mile Barra to the Butt of Lewisroute or why not take it easy andexplore the quiet roads for a day?

    For more information on activities, goto

  • 12 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    The Outer Hebrides

    Be inspired by DisneyPixars Brave and explore some of the inspiring landscapes, legends andrich heritage similar to those that were captured so beautifully in the film.

    Ancient Scotland The Isle of Lewis is awash with

    archaeological treasures left behind byits ancient inhabitants. Step back over5,000 years with a visit to the CalanaisStanding Stones, thought to be olderthan the pyramids.

    Stroll along the beautiful beach at UigSands where the intricately carvedLewis Chessmen were found.A large

    Chessman sculpture by the beautifulbeach commemorates the original find.You can learn more about thesefascinating Norse relics at the UigMuseum.

    Cross the bridge from Lewis to GreatBernera and explore the Iron AgeHouse and Village, a reconstruction ofancient remains unearthed here after astorm.

    Visit the mysterious stone circle ofPobull Fhinn, the most prominentstanding stones on North Uist whereat least 24 stones can be counted.

    Inspiring Landscapes Discover the stunning scenery of the

    Isle of Harris, from the ruggedmountains of the north to the stunningwhite sands and turquoise waters onthe south west coast. See Luskentyre


    Enjoy the outdoors like Meridafrom Brave and try your hand atsome exciting activitiesNa h-Eileanan an Iar.Beothachadh uirsgeulan.

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 13

    Where legends come to life

    beach in the west and the famousGolden Road (so named due to thecost of building it), which winds itsway through the lunar landscape ofsouth east Harris.

    Clans & Culture Uncover clan culture on Harris at St

    Clements Church, home to themagnificent medieval tomb of AlasdairCrotach, chief of Clan Macleod.

    Kildonan Museum offers a greatinsight into the history and heritage ofSouth Uist including the mysteriousClanranald Stone, which is steeped infolklore.

    Tour the seat of Clan Macneil with avisit to Kisimul Castle on the Isle ofBarra.

    Highlights Gearrannan Blackhouse Village,

    Lewis - see island life in a restoredtraditional crofting township.

    Co Leis Thu?, Harris - research yourfamily roots at this fantasticgenealogy facility at the Seallam!Visitor Centre.

    Dun Carloway Broch, Lewis - thiswell-preserved Iron Age broch isbelieved to have been the home ofa tribal leader.

    Barpa Langass, North Uist - visitthis astonishing Neolithicchambered cairn. You can evenstep inside and explore the ancientpassages for yourself.

    01 Dun Carloway Broch, Isle of Lewis.02 A visitor exploring Barpa Langass, a

    chambered cairn, Isle of North Uist.03 Gearrannan Blackhouse Village, Carloway,

    Isle of Lewis.04 Seallam! Visitor Centre, a family research

    centre, Northton, Isle of Harris.




    Discover standing stones inthe Outer HebridesDid youknow?

    The word Hebrides is believedto originate from the Norsehavbredey meaning isles

    on the edge of the sea.

  • 14 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    The Outer Hebrides

    Hebridean inspirationNa h-Eileanan an Iar a dusgadh inntinn

    Experience the creativity of the Outer Hebrides. Whether you explore the rich culture oftraditional music and Gaelic singing or uncover arts and crafts handmade by islanders,youll discover how these islands can inspire.


    Did youknow?

    Acclaimed Scottish writer,Peter May has brought these

    islands to the fore with the popularLewis Trilogy books. Why not follow

    in the footsteps of Inspector FinMacleod and explore the areasdetailed in The Blackhouse,

    The Lewis Manand The Chessmen


  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 15

    Hebridean inspiration

    Gaelic is still spoken in the OuterHebrides today and the languageboasts a rich singing tradition. HearGaelic singing and foot-stompingtraditional music at some of the greatlive music festivals, such as theHebridean Celtic Music Festival,Barrafest or the Fisean (festivals).

    The Outer Hebrides is renowned forHarris Tweed, a luxury clothhandwoven by islanders using localwool. See a weaving demonstration atthe Harris Tweed and Knitwear shopand exhibition in Drinishader, Harris.

    The Isle of Eriskay is famous for theEriskay Jersey, one of the rarest piecesof craftwork in Scotland. Traditionally,these intricately patterned seamless

    jerseys were made by local women fortheir fisherman husbands.

    Pick up a piece of handcrafted jewelleryfrom Hebridean Jewellery on South Uistwho specialise in Celtic design.

    The landscape of the Outer Hebridesoften inspires artists andphotographers. Visit some of the manystudios and galleries on Harris includingBlack Lab Photos and Frames,WestTarbert and Hebrides Art, Seilebost tosee how nature inspires art.

    Enjoy superb arts venues whichshowcase local and internationalartwork and exhibitions, such as AnLanntair on Lewis and TaighChearsabhagh on North Uist.

    Highlights Enjoy a whole summer of cultural

    events during the Harris ArtsFestival.

    Learn how Harris Tweed is made atthe Lewis Loom Centre, inStornoway.

    Savour freshly made coffee whilesurrounded by artwork at theSkoon Art Caf, Harris.

    See a selection of artwork by localartists at one of the many galleriesthroughout the islands includingArdbuidhe Cottage Gallery,Drinishader, Harris and HolmsaigStudio Gallery, Quidinish, Harris.

    Peruse inspirational ceramics fromUist Craft Producers, South Uist.

    Pick up handmade knitwearproducts from Harris Tweed shopsin Grosebay and Tarbert on Harris.

    Follow the Uist Sculpture Trail fromNorth Uist, through Benbecula toSouth Uist.

    01 Harris Tweed scarves being showcased onTrigh Iar, Isle of Harris.

    02 The interior of the Skoon Art Caf on theGolden Road, Isle of Harris.

    03 Handmade Hebridean jewellery, Iochdar,Isle of South Uist.



  • 16 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    The Outer Hebrides

    Food & drinkBiadh & deoch

    Treat your taste buds to the outstanding flavours of the Outer Hebrides, as these islands arerenowned for an abundance of premium produce.

    You can feast on exquisite localshellfish such as lobster, scallops, crabs,mussels and oysters throughout theOuter Hebrides.

    Visit the Hebridean Smokehouse onNorth Uist and learn how traditionalHebridean peat smoked salmon isprepared before sampling it yourself.

    Try Hebridean mutton, which has adistinct flavour as the hill sheep grazeon heather.

    Head to Stornoway to try the famouskippers which have been split, saltedand smoked in the town for over 150years.

    Stornoway is also famous for itsdelicious black pudding, which can bebought from local butchers or sampledin cafs and restaurants.

    Savour a dram of single malt whiskyfrom the Abhainn Dearg Distillery inUig, the most westerly distillery inScotland.


  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 17

    Food & drink

    Buy a bottle of award-winning craftbeer from the Hebridean Brewery inStornoway.

    Enjoy freshly caught local seafood atthe Anchorage on the Isle of Harris.

    Those with a sweet tooth will love theluxury Scottish tablet made byHebridean Toffee on the Isle of Barraor handmade chocolates at HebrideanChocolates in Stornoway.

    Dont miss... Sample fresh local salmon at the

    Digby Chick restaurant inStornoway.

    Try salmon pt on homemadeoatcakes at the Kildonan Centre,Isle of South Uist.

    Savour local seafood at theCastlebay Hotel, Barra.

    An opportunity to taste deliciousand fresh hand dived scallopsthroughout the Outer Hebrides.

    Boats bringing the catch of the dayinto Kallin Harbour, North Uist.

    Visit the Stornoway FarmersMarket for locally grown freshproduce.

    01 A seafood platter served in the HarrisHotel, Tarbert, Isle of Harris.

    02 Outer Hebrides smoked salmon.03 Award-winning Stornoway black pudding

    from Charles Macleod butcher.04 Barbaras homemade pat and oatcakes,

    Kildonan Centre, Isle of South Uist.

    Did youknow?

    Aquamara, made from purifiedseawater from the Outer Hebrides,

    is the first bottled seawater inthe world produced for

    culinary use.




  • 18 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    The Outer Hebrides

    Whats onTachartasan

    The Outer Hebrides boasts a packed programme of events throughout the year, offeringvisitors and locals the chance to experience the rich culture of these islands. From live musicto boat festivals, theres always something going on to keep you amused.

    Enjoy live music at one of the fantasticfestivals taking place. Celas MusicFestival on South Uist and theHebridean Celtic Festival in thegrounds of Lews Castle in Stornoway,are great events for experiencingtraditional music and attract visitorsfrom all over the UK and further afield.

    Check out some of the Fisean takingplace throughout the Outer Hebrides.These are local annual festivalscelebrating traditional music andculture.

    Explore the beautiful Isle of Harrisduring the mountain festival and enjoy


    a week packed with guided walks,talks and more, or attempt the FivePeaks Challenge.

    Uncover the islands creative sideduring the Harris Arts Festival andimmerse yourself in music, drama andcraft events.

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 19

    Whats on

    Dont miss... Hear great live music in an

    unbeatable setting duringBarrafest.

    Golfers will love the Lewis GolfWeek, a seven day extravaganzaof golf activities.

    Experience local tradition at theNorth Uist Highland Games.

    Hear the bagpipes played toperfection at the Donald MacleodMemorial Piping Competition.

    01 KT Tunstall headlining the 2011 HebrideanCeltic Festival, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.

    02 Norrie MacIver, performing at the HarrisArts Festival.

    03 A competitior in the piping competition,Carloway Agriculture Show, Isle of Lewis.

    A Sgoth is a traditional clinker builtfishing boat and you can see thesegraceful vessels sailing in the harbourduring Sail Stornoway - a HebrideanMaritime Festival.

    Take part in one of the popular halfmarathons which take place on the

    Did youknow?

    At the height of summer,the Outer Hebrides enjoys22 hours of daylight, which

    is a bonus as theres somuch going on!



    Isles of Lewis, Harris, Benbecula andBarra.

  • Centres

    Find all you want to do inThe Outer Hebrides in one place

    At a VisitScotland Information Centre well tell you abouteverything you want to see, everything you want to doand everything else youll need for your visit. Our friendlyexperts can offer advice on all things local as well assharing their wider knowledge of Scotland. We dont justadvise either. We can sort out your accommodation andall your travel needs, as well as tickets for events acrossScotland. So if youre looking to get the most from yourvisit, there really is only one place to go.

    Some Centres may not offer all services listed

    Open All Year

    Open April until October

    Plotted on the area maps on pages xx - xx

    Castlebay Main Street, Castlebay,Isle of Barra, HS9 5XD 01871 810336

    Lochboisdale The Pier Road, LochboisdaleIsle of South Uist, HS8 5TH 01878 700286

    Lochmaddy Pier Road, LochmaddyIsle of North Uist, HS6 5AA 01876 500321

    Stornoway 26 Cromwell StreetStornoway, HS1 2DD 01851 703088

    Tarbert The Pier, TarbertIsle of Harris, HS3 3DG 01859 502011

    Open All Year

    Open April until October

    Plotted on the area map on page 48

    Some Centres may not offer all services listed

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 21

    4 Star Award WinningBoutique Hotel

    Hotel Hebrides . Pier Road . Tarbert . Isle of Harris . HS3 3DG . ScotlandTel: +44 (0)1859 502364 | Fax:+44 (0)1859 502578E-mail: [email protected] |

    Hotel Hebrides is a four star award winning boutique hotel inthe Outer Hebrides. Centrally situated, and close to all of ourbeautiful beaches, our hotel could not be better placed for theenjoyment of all our islands have to offer.

    Hotel Hebrides has 21 quality, contemporary bedrooms whichoffer a high standard of quality combined with top notchtechnology. Every bedroom at the hotel is unique, laden withdelightful considerate touches such as our range of luxuryHighland Soap products which are made using natural producefrom the Isle of Lewis, top quality pocket sprung mattresses andsumptuous thick bath sheets and robes for your added comfort.There is free wi in every room, freeview TV and many deluxerooms have ipod docking stations.

    Thanks to our insistence of serving superbly cooked Scottishfood, using painstakingly sourced local produce, the PierhouseRestaurant has become a highlight of the Outer Hebrideanexperience. The Pierhouse is a relaxed informal restaurantoverlooking the harbour. We offer a creative modern menu,including top organic produce and light and healthy options.We are open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Opening Hours (April-October) Lunch: 12pm 4pm Dinner: 5pm - 9pm

    It is widely regarded that at the heart of a good hotel lies a great bar andHotel Hebrides will not disappoint. The Mote Lounge Bar offers a greatselection of Scotch whisky, delectable, rustic bar food and a brilliant buzz.There is also regular traditional live music.

    Food served 12pm - 9pm

  • 22 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    Places to Visit


    Situated in Tarbert,Harris at the far endof the bay near themain junction A859.A large selection of

    Harris Tweed Clothingfor Ladies, Gents and

    Children. Superbrange of bags, hats,shoes, boots, purses

    and many moreaccessories, all in

    Harris Tweed.

    We also have a large Tweed storeopposite the shop with excitingTweeds to choose from as well

    as yarn and wool. There is also asmall open exhibition with details

    of our main exhibition and weavingdemonstrations at Harris Tweed

    and Knitwear available to book onrequest. Coach Parties Welcome.

    Tel: 01859 502040Email: [email protected]

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 23

    Places to Visit


    KNITWEARSituated 5 miles fromTarbert on the GoldenRoad in the beautifulBays of Harris. Here

    in the village ofDrinishader at theOld School you willnd a wide range of

    Harris Tweed: Jackets,Coats, Bags, Shoes,accessories, gifts,knitwear and local

    knitting wool.Come along and view the purpose

    built Harris Tweed Clo MorExhibition. Experience the past

    and present day process of HarrisTweed. A unique display of old andnew pictures, artefacts and presentday designer productions. Weavingdemonstrations available on request

    and a view of Marion Campbellsexhibition. Coach parties welcome,

    toilet facilities available.

    Tel: 01859

  • 24 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    Places to Visit

    Located in an environment of rugged beauty at Carloway on the Altanticcoast of the Isle of Lewis, the unique group of restored thatched cottages atGearrannan should be included in the itinerary of all visitiors to the island.Open from 9.30am to 5.30pm (except Sundays) throughout the summerseason. Self-catering open all year.Tel: 01851 643416E-mail [email protected] Web:

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 25

    Places to Visit

    Painta PotStudio!

    Paint a Pot Studio and Coffee Shopis one of the few fun things to do on the

    Western Isles in any weather.At Paint a Pot you can paint your

    own ceramics including mugs, plates orpottery shapes. With over a 100 items to

    choose from its great fun for all the family.We glaze and re your masterpiece andits ready for collection (or posted) within

    2 to 4 days.

    The Bear Mill - Here you can createyour very own bear which you will stuffby hand so you are in complete controlof creating your own treasured friend.

    Finish off your bear by choosing acostume to dress him or her in from ourwide range of bear clothes, shoes, hats

    and sunglasses

    Coll Pottery, Coll,Isle of Lewis


    andBear MillThe

    Hours: Tue-Sat: 10AM - 5PM Sun: ClosedMondays during school holidays 10am-5pm


    IT IS BEST TO BOOK BY CALLING 01851 820651

    We also accept Commissions& stock Coll Pottery



  • 26 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    Places to Visit

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 27

    Places to Visit

  • 28 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    Places to Visit

    KILDONAN . ISLE OF SOUTH UIST . WESTERN ISLES . SCOTLAND . HS8 5RZTel: 44 (0)1878 710343 . email: [email protected] .


    KILDONAN MUSEUMThe KILDONAN CENTRE in South Uist is a heritage centre and cultural amenity which includes a museum, a craft shop, a Fis room for ceilidhs, music and

    dance, a caf and an archaeology room where finds can be cleaned and examined by visiting archaeology groups.

    Opening Times Visitor Centre:April, May, Sept & Oct open 10 - 6pm, Mon to Sat

    June, July & Aug open 10 - 8pm, Mon to SatNov - March open 10 - 4pm, Tues - Sat

    Telephone: 01851 621

    The Farmhouse is one of the most historicallyimportant buildings in the area

    Promoting Famous Calanais Standing StonesExhibition Centre and Gift Shop

    Cafeteria accommodating 50 people

    Outer Hebrides - ScotlandCallanish Visitor Centre

    Callanish - Isle of LewisSelf-catering Farmhouse

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 29

    Leisure Activities

    SEA-KAYAKING Day course sea-kayaking or Guided sea-kayaking or canoeing tours are excellent for beginner,intermediate and experienced paddlers alike. Head out on a guided exciting trip to one of the many islands thatsurround the Isle of Harris. Depending the wind and tide well choose from some fantastic unspoiled locations, eachvery different and yet just as beautiful. See seals, enjoy the wilderness and wildlife!

    SAILING Treat the family, a group of friends or yourselves to a great day out on this fun sailing trip aboard theFLYING DUTCHMAN. With a real hands-on focus everyone has the opportunity to get involved, with the chanceto try your hand at steering the boat, adjusting the sails whilst enjoying the thrill of sailing. It will be a great day ofsailing on the Sound of Harris around the small islands. Seals could be seen sunbathing on the rocks and Gannetsand Cormorants ying over the mast. If you like we can do some shing for tea.

    WINDKART TASTER SESSIONS to experience the thrill of X-sailing. Within 30 minutes you will bare the legendaryX-sailing Grin that so many have worn no matter if you are 8 - 98 years old. Come and have a go, most of ourgroups are between 2-4 people and together you will share the thrill and adrenalin of X-sailing.

    MOUNTAIN BIKE HIRE GOOD QUALITY MOUNTAIN BIKES, CHILDRENS BIKES, TAG A LONG TRAILERS,CHILDRENS BUGGY. See the beautiful Islands by bike! Why bring bikes from home when you can use ours!Helmets provided.

    All our sessions start with a safety brieng.For more informationplease enquireby phone or e-mail



    Tel: 07788 425157 e-mail: [email protected]

    Unit 1, Leverburgh Industrial Estate, Pier Road, Leverburgh (opposite the ferry terminal)

  • 30 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    Leisure Activities

    Lady Lever Park . Stornoway . Isle of Lewis . HS2 0XPTel 01851 702240 .

    The 18 hole golf course on the Isle of Lewis in theWestern Isles is well designed and professionallymaintained with panoramic views of StornowayHarbour and the Minch. At only 5252 yards it mayappear short by modern standards but there areplenty of hazards for wayward shots including maturetrees, heather and gorse.

    The clubhouse incorporates agolf shop that will provide visitorswith a good selection of golngmerchandise, as well as club andtrolley hire.

    ScaristaIsle of HarrisOuter HebridesScotland

    Tel: +44(0)1859 550226

    Email: [email protected]:

    The Isle of HarrisGolf Club

    Life members taking part in the Life Members Tournament


    For inspiration on everything tosee & do in Scotland, call into aVisitScotland Information Centre.

    Well point you in the right direction.Accommodation Tickets Gifts & Souvenirs

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 31

    Leisure Activities

  • 32 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    Shopping,Arts & Crafts

    Licensed Grocers Filling Station Post Ofce

    Your local shop for:- Fresh Fish Ready Meals Fresh Bread Daily Local Beef, Lamb &

    Venison in Season Solid Fuels and much more

    Support yourlocal shop

    Bayhead Shop, Paible, North Uist HS6 5DSTel: 01876 510257


    SHOPButha Scalpaigh

    Situated in the centre of thevillage, the shop has a large



    Tel: 01859 540218email:

    [email protected]

    OpenMon-Satall year round


    partnered with Butha ScalpaighWelcoming Cafe offering delicious FOOD, TEAS and good COFFEE

    Menu changes dailyUnlicensed (BYO with evening meals only)


    Sept-Apr Tues-SatTel: 07824 444611 or 07799 761336

    01859 540218email: [email protected]


    visit our award-winning community owned shop

    Telephone/Fax: 01851 672444Email: [email protected]

    Open: Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat 9-5,Thur & Fri 9-6, Closed Sunday.

    Excellent range of fresh & frozen foods; off-sales;post ofce; unleaded/diesel, calor gas, coal.

    ATM free at point of use. Seated refreshment area;hot drinks/snacks, freshly lled rolls, microwave.

    Fuel also available out of shop hours by credit/debitcard M F

    Phone/email ordering and home deliveries.Commercial size washer and dryer in our laundrette

    room. Wi-Fi, Video Conferencing Facilities.Baby Changing and Toilet Facilities

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 33

    Hebridean Jewellery aremanufacturers of sterling silverand gold jewellery inspired by thework of the ancient Picts and Celtsthough to the present environment.

    This nely crafted jewellery has wideappeal from neck torcs through tobrooches or delicate earrings with someinset with various gemstones. We alsomake Celtic wedding band rings, uniquenecklaces, gold pendants and bracelets.

    The jewellery is hand crafted in theworkshop in the township of Iochdarwhere we have a good coffee shop servinglight snacks by the silver strands of theNorth West coast on the Isle of South Uist.

    HEBRIDEAN JEWELLERYIochdar, South Uist HS8 5QX Tel. 01870 610288HEBRIDEAN JEWELLERY63 Cromwell Street, Stornoway HS1 2DD Tel. 01851 702372CROCKS & ROCKS2 Wentworth Street, Portree IV15 9EJ Tel. 01478 612670

    Shopping,Arts & Crafts

  • 34 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    Shopping,Arts & Crafts

    Explore the coastline north and south of Stornoway inour 8.5m Rib. Comfortably seating 8 passengers, wecan provide sightseeing and sea shing trips, take atrip to the Shiant Isles and its abundance of wildlife

    including pufns, sea eagles and occasional sightingsof dolphins and porpoises. Leaving by prior arrangement

    from Stornoway area, contact Charles or Joe

    01851 702303 / 07900 605405Email: [email protected] (Map Grid: B3)

    01851 702303 / 07900 605405Email: [email protected]

    Open 7 days: Monday to Saturday6am to 11pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm

    Licensed convenience store with LPG,Calor gas, hot and cold food, ATM.

    Also selling outdoor equipment and footwear, mapsand GPS, sea and freshwater shing equipment.

    Firearms dealership.

    A & R MORRISONButcher, Freezer Centre,

    Licensed Grocer,Hot Snacks,

    Gifts, Toys, Stationery,Hardware, Plumbing,

    Electrical, Coal, Cement,Gardening Supplies etcWe manufactureour own unique

    Ness Black Puddings

    Cross StoresCross, Ness, Isle of Lewis

    Monday-Friday: 9-6 Saturday: 9-7Tel: 01851 810241 Fax: 01851 810717Email: [email protected]

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 35

    Shopping,Arts & Crafts

    BthLisaLssopen studios

    Alison Macleod, Tiger TextilesFine arts, crafts, textiles and much more!

    Elaine Murray, Fine Art PaintingFind us on Facebook

    email: [email protected]

    Open Mon-Sat 21 Habost, Ness, Isle of Lewis

    Inspired bythe beautifulHebridean

    Landscape andlove of Harris


    All Rarebird products handmadein our Carloway Workshop.

    Visitors welcome. Quality clothing,accessories, homewares,

    jewellery and gifts.

    Open 9am to 6pmMonday - Saturday


    Tel: 01851 643329 Email: [email protected]

  • 36 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    GalleriesHARBOUR VIEW


    Paintings, Prints & Cardsby

    Anthony J. Barber

    T/F: 01851

    Hebrides Art is located in Seilebost on the west coastof Harris. 300 paintings & prints on display by morethan 20 artists. Wide range of greetings cards andhand-crafted gifts: jewellery, pottery and ceramics - allaffordable and portable. Yummy cakes, scones, soupsand breads, all homemade by us. Fully wheelchairaccessible. OpenMonday to Saturday April-September,10:30am-5:00pm (except Mondays in April andSeptember). Open at other times by appointment.

    CARLOWAYThe gallery and working

    studio ofJane and Peter HarlingtonOriginal artwork, interesting cards

    and unusual giftsTiny Tearoom and Blue Bothy

    accommodationA warm welcome awaits

    11 Upper Carloway, Isle of Lewis HS2 9AG

    Tel: 01851

    [email protected]

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 37

    Food & Drink

  • 38 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    Food & Drink

    Doune Braes HotelWhen out and about on the westside of Lewis a welcome awaitsyou at the Doune Braes Hotel. Weserve light meals with homebaking,teas and coffees during the dayand in the evening you can relaxin comfortable surroundings andenjoyhomely foodusingHebrideanfayre. Free WIFI access to guestsusing the hotel facilities.

    Shellsh and local lambare included in our menu.

    DOUNE BRAES HOTELCarloway, Isle of LewisHS2 9AATel: 01851 643252Fax: 01851 [email protected]

    5 comfortable en suite rooms with TV & Tea/Coffee facilities.Wireless broadband internet access is also available throughout the inn.Home cooked meals using as much local produce as possible are available all day in

    the restaurant and there is a well stocked and lively public bar.Situated 1.5 miles off the A859 - Balallan.

    For more information and a warm welcome, contact:THE LOCH ERISORT INN . Sheildinish . Isle of Lewis . HS2 9RA

    Email: [email protected] Tel: 01851 830473

    The Loch Erisort Inn

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 39


    Conservatory Caf with stunning viewsServing local produce and homebaking,

    Fairtrade Tea & Coffee.Gift shop, email and internet facilities,

    fully registered childcare facilities.Cultural events throughout Summer

    Jams, Chutneys, Tablet, Shortbread, producedunder Hebridean Kitchen brand in centre.Caf open 11-4 Mon-Sat all year round,

    Sunday Brunch and extended hours in summermonths. Credit/debit cards accepted

    01876 [email protected]


    Stornoway Fish SmokersFinest handcrafted smoked delicacies from thelast traditional smokehouse in the Hebrides

    Shell Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2BSTelephone: 01851 702723 e-mail: [email protected]



    12.95Served Monday to Saturday

    12noon -2pmChoose from 5 starters and 6 maincourses offering a fine

    selection of local produce*********

    3 COURSE EARLY MENU 18.50Served from 5.30 until 6.30


    A la carte and also set dinner menu available3 courses 25.95


  • 40 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    Food & Drink

    A delightful 4 Star family hotel, highly praisedfor food service and comfort, welcoming allages with 4 single & 6 double/twin roomsincluding one with disabled facilities.Enjoy dinner in the dining room or a meal inthe informal lounge diner


    North Uist, Western Isles HS6 5EJT: 01876 580676 E: [email protected]

    Approx. 15 mins form Benbecula Airport& Lochmaddy Ferry

    Ardmaree Stores andLOBSTER-POT TEAROOMGeneral Stores for your Groceries, Provisions,

    Wines and Spirits, Hardware, Clothing and much more.LICENSED TEAROOMOpen from 9am-8.30pm

    Beginning of May until the end of August(9am until 5.30pm rest of year)


    Situated just 500 yards from the ferry terminal on Berneray5a Borve, Berneray, North UistTel/Fax: 01876 540288

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 41

    Food & Drink



    Fresh home cooked fareranging from soup,open sandwiches,

    toasted sandwiches, scones,pancakes and delicious cakes.

    We serve good quality coffee and agreat range of teas in a very relaxedatmosphere with our opening hoursTuesday to Saturday10am til 4pm.

    19 Cromwell Street,Stornoway,Isle of Lewis,HS1 2DA

    01851 822759

    Library Coffee Shop

    Tel: 01851 703270


    Ropework Park StornowayTel: 01851 702445email: [email protected]

    Award-Winning StornowayBlack Pudding

  • 42 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to




    Islands of Adventure is Great Berneras only unique

    seafaring adventure. Our speciality is giving you

    an exhilarating once in a lifetime experience. Our

    high class speedboat along with breath-taking

    scenery and amazing wildlife is the most exciting

    way to explore this part of the Western Isles. While

    you cruise and experience the beauty of Great

    Bernera and its surrounding Islands, you then get

    into open waters and the Adventure begins!

    Website: [email protected]

    Tel: 01851 612309 Mobile: 07917 644 534

    Evening Cruise (1.5hrs)

    Fishing (2hrs)


    Contact:Island Cruising

    1 Erista, Uig, Isle of Lewis HS2 9JGTel: 01851 672381

    E: [email protected]

    Angling & TouristGuiding Trips

    10 Francis St Stornoway Tel: 01851 703491

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 43

    ToursRising out of the Atlantic some 50 mileswest of the Isle of Harris, St Kilda isone of the world class destinations foradventurous travellers. Once the mostremote community in Britain, St Kildais a dual UNESCO World Heritage Site,listed both for its natural environmentand cultural significance.

    St Kildas breathtakingly wild landscape, cultural history andteeming wildlife have long fascinated explorers and naturalists.More than a million seabirds nest here each year, with the outlyingisland of Boreray and neighbouring sea stacks home to the worldslargest colony of gannets.Meanwhile, St Kildas fascinating human history can be exploredon the main island of Hirta where the original village, with its neatstreet of cottages complete with church, school and feather store,has been carefully preserved by the National Trust for Scotland.There is also a museum with an exhibition of St Kildan life up to thepoignant evacuation of the last islanders in 1930.And now you can visit this remarkable place for yourself withKilda Cruises, a day trip to St Kilda is a must do if you come to theOuter Hebrides.

  • 44 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to


    Contact Hugh MacNeil

    Tel: 01871 890313


    Small, friendly car hire businessavailable all year round.

    Delivers anywhere on Barra,each car comes with its own map and

    guide to the island.

    For car hirein the

    islands...just Ask!Liniclete, Benbecula,

    Western Isles HS7 5PY

    Tel: 01870 602818Fax: 01870 602933

    [email protected]

    Ask Car Hire

    14 Bayhead Street, Stornoway,Isle of Lewis HS1 2DUTel: 01851 703760Email: [email protected]

    LEWIS CAR RENTALSSelf Drive HireNo Mileage ChargeFree Collection -Airport & Ferry

    Tel: 01878 700 267Email: [email protected]

    mily Run Motor Mechanicand Car Hire company

    serving North Uist, SouthUist, Benbecula and Barra

    for more than 25 years.

    ease contact our car hire ofcefor the latest deals & booking

    Laing Motors

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 45

    Whats On


    August 1st - 17th

    traditional music gaelic singing theatre craft workshops family events

  • 46 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to








    Srid Choinnich, SternabhaghKenneth Street, Stornoway, HS1 2DS

    [email protected]

    01851 703307

    When EnjoyingScotlandsOutdoors...

    Remember that your actionscan affect you, other peopleand the environment.

    Whatever youre doing, makesure you know the ScottishOutdoors Access Code.

    Order your copy

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 47

    Days Away

    Tel: 01456 Satnav: IV63 6XP


    Large Shopping Complex: Cashmere & Woollens, The Nessie Shop,The Whisky Shop, Kiltmaker, Ancestral Names, Loch Ness Gallery,Local Crafts, Cafe, Restaurant & Bar, Hourly Cruises on Loch Ness.

    Winners of The Best Visitor Experience in theHighlands and Islands HITA 2011-2012

    DIRECTIONS: From Inverness, follow the Loch Ness Trailalong the A82 to Drumnadrochit.

    From Drumnadrochit, follow A82 signs for Inverness,TURN RIGHT over the bridge and look for this Building.

    TheLochNessCentre& Exhibition

    A portal to the unique natural phenomenonthat is Loch Ness Scottish Natural Heritage


    For inspiration on everything tosee & do in Scotland, call into aVisitScotland Information Centre.

    Well point you in the right direction.Accommodation Tickets Gifts & Souvenirs

  • 48 For information on accommodation and things to see and do go to

    The Outer Hebrides area map

  • To find out more about The Outer Hebrides go to 49


    Ravenspoint offers a unique atmosphere in astunning location, where visitors can experiencea variety of historical and cultural attractionsthat includes: Local History Museum, PatagoniaArchive, Angus Macleod Archive, Derek CooperCollection, Calum Kennedy Exhibition withadditional facilities on offer such as a Hostel,Community Shop and new Lochside View Cafwhere you can enjoy excellent food with localrecipe dishes on offer.

    Contact us at telephone 01851 880236

    for further information.Plan your journey to us at Kershader,South Lochs, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9QA


    For public transport journey planning

    0871 200 22 33*(*calls from a BT landline cost 10p per minute; costs fromother providers may vary)

    Free apps forsmartphones

    On the phone

    On the internet

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    Theresmore to Scotlandwith BBCALBA

    Sky 168 Freeview 8 Freesat 110 Virgin Media 188

    Tha BBC ALBA air a ruith le MG ALBA ann an co-bhuinn ris a BhBC. BBC ALBA is run by MG ALBA in partnership with the BBC.