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  • Liceo Scientifico Guido CastelnuovoAnno scolastico 2014-2015Materia: IngleseInsegnante: Daniela StringaClasse: 3 G

    Testi: Arturo Cattaneo, Donatella De Flaviis Millenium vol.1 From theMiddle Ages to the Romantics ed. C Signorelli ScuolaVocabulary in Use

    The Middle Ages (449-1485)Celtic and Anglo-Saxon BritainPre-Celtic and Celtic BritainCeltic artRoman BritainThe Anglo-Saxon invasionThe Germanic and the Vicking elementThe NormansThe Norman conquestThe clash between Crown and Church: Thomas BecketRichard the LionheartMagna Charta and ParliamentWars and social revoltThe Hundred Years WarReligious and social revoltThe War of the RosesThe warlike idealAnglo-Saxon societyThe pagan cult of fameThe Christian influenceCanterbury CathedralThe Norman CathedralThe Gothic CathedralThe pictures in contextAnglo-Saxon poetryThe epicFeatures of Anglo-Saxon poetryMedieval poetryMedieval lyricsMedieval balladsThe continental influenceMedieval romanceThe romance and its originsCharacteristics of romanceThe Arthurian romancesBeowulfGermanic legend in Old English poetryThe heroic idealThe storyThe Coming of BeowulfGeordieLord Randal

  • Geoffrey ChaucerLifeWorksThe father of English poetryThe Canterbury TalesThe structure of the talesChaucers pilgrimsA portrait of middle-class EnglandThe storyChaucer, Boccaccio and DanteThe Wife of BathThe Prioress (fotocopia da Only Connect)The Renaissance (1485-1660)The first Tudors and the ReformationThe first Tudor King: Henry VIIThe accession of Henry VIIIThe Reformation and the Church of EnglandHenry VIIIs victimsReligious persecution under Edward VI and Mary IElizabeth I and the conquest of the seasRenaissance poetryThe sonnet and the cult of the ladyThe English sonnet sequencesShakespeares sonnetsMetaphysical and Cavalier poets.The sonnetSonnet XCVIIthe English sonnetRenaissance dramaThe Elizabethan theatreThe structure of the theatreThe companies of playersWilliam ShakespeareShakespeares sonnetsThe greatest English sonnet sequenceThe fair youth, the dark lady, the rival poetMain theme of the collection: loveMain theme of the collection: timeWhen I Do Count the ClockThat tells the TimeShall I Compare TheeLet me Not to the marriage of True MindsShakespeares playsThe First FolioThe dramatic worksThemes: Women and love-Women and power-Father and daughter-Rhetoric and power-The world as a stageRomeo and Juliet (1594-95) lettura del testo integraleHamlet (1600-1601)The playThe storyTo Be or Not to Be

  • From: Act III, Scene 4; Act IV Scene 2 (fotocopie)Hamlet: visione del filmOthello: visione del filmChristopher MarloweA short turbulent lifeDoctor FaustusThe legend of FaustA modern mythThe storyFaustus Last Hour and DamnationJohn DonneLifeThe conceitThe Sun RisingJohn MiltonLifeParadise Lost

    Michael McCarthy Felicity ODell EnglishVocabulary in Use Upper-intermediate CambridgeUnit dall 8 alla 29 con esercizi

    Compiti per le vacanze:Leggere almeno due dei seguenti testi in lingua originale:

    D. Defoe: Robinson Crusoe, Moll Flanders, Lady RoxanaS. Richardson: Pamela: or, Virtue Rewarded,Clarissa:or, The History of aYoung LadyH. Fielding: Tom Jones, An Apologyfor the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews,The History of Sir Charles GrandisonJ. Swift: A Tale of a Tub, The Battle of the Books, Gullivers Travels

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