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The New Danish Waste and Resource Company // Nomi4s

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Text of The New Danish Waste and Resource Company // Nomi4s

  • The New Danish Waste and Resource Company

    150 000tonne of waste

    handled annually

    9 000companies

    Turnover of

    30million Euro

    Hjermvej 19 DK-7500 Holstebro tel +45 70 200 226 [email protected]

    150 000citizens are


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    Nomi4s i/s

    Nomi4s is characterized by being environmentally friendly, and competitive and by providing excellent service to the public and businesses alike...

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    - det nye danske affalds- og resourceselskab

    New Resource Company On January 1st 2014 a new joint municipal partnership co-partnership was formed between the Holstebro, Lemvig, Skive and Struer municipalities. This partnership is in

    charge of administration, waste planning, waste handling, sales, etc.

    Nomi4s collects and receives household waste from the area and receives business waste directly from the companies.All waste is handled efficiently and with careful

    environmental responsibility.

    The Development Department Nomi4s is currently excelling within the innovative and green sectors. This is

    specifically seen in a development project which will improve the technology for

    automatic waste sorting. Here the amount of extracted material will be optimized

    and the technology will help to increase the quality of valuable reusable material, which is currently in demand on the market. The improved technical concept will help Denmark to get closer to the governments goal of a 50% reutilization of household waste.


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    Nomi4s i/s

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    - det nye danske affalds- og resourceselskab

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    Nomi4s i/s

    Operational Units

    Sorting, processing and sales

    Soil decontamination facilities Weighing-in terminal

    Recycling stationsUnderground environmental stations

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    - det nye danske affalds- og resourceselskab

    Controlled landfill

    Garden and park waste Compost

    Weighing-in terminal Solutions for collecting household waste

    Recycling stations

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    Nomi4s i/s

    Waste is an important resource - compressed cardboard, paper, plastics, aluminum, etc. ready for reutilization...

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