The New Bare Foot Running Survival Kit (FREE!)

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  1. 1. The New Bare Foot Running Survival Kit (FREE!) Bare foot running may seem like a fool's activity to many, but those of us who have felt the grass between our toes know it's like being a kid again. It feels great, it works your feet and legs into incredible shape - and it helps you focus on good running form to avoid accidents and injuries. But bare foot running also comes with some serious risks. If you're a bare foot running veteran then you know what I'm talking about. Something as innocent as a stray acorn can cause a ridiculous amount of pain if you're not careful - and the types of blisters and injuries you can sustain, even from "bare foot running friendly" surfaces can set your training back weeks. Thankfully, the Internet is a font of information about ways to avoid bare foot running injuries - but sometimes the advice you get can be conflicting. Some advise (as I once did) that you should land on the balls of your feet - and while that's better than landing on your heel, even that can cause injury - the safer alternative is the "mid-foot strike"... Needless to say, it's important to get your bare foot running information from reliable sources - a lesson I learned the hard (and painful) way. The controversy over bare foot running doesn't end at how to land, in fact - many doctors are seeing injuries from bare foot running and decrying the activity altogether. They say that bare foot running is just too high impact for our bodies and it's a dangerous activity that will lead to injuries down the line. On the other side of the argument are bare foot runners who have seen the benefits of bare foot running firsthand. (And the indigenous peoples around the world who still run long distances in bare feet)... I think it's important to keep an open mind about the issue, and keep ourself educated about the best ways to keep your body safe, healthy, and fit. To that end, I've got a cool freebie for any bare foot running fans who want it - it's a survival kit that I'll gladly provide to you at no charge, with the hope that it will keep your feet safe, injury free, and happily bare. You'll find it on the next page - and when you open it up, you'll discover the 10 things that every bare foot running athlete needs to avoid the dangers of the road, and get the most out of your bare foot running training. Of course, if you're worried about injury - you should probably also pick up a pair of minimalist shoes to train in to strengthen your feet and ankles before doing a barefoot marathon :-) There are some great options inside the survival kit that should do the trick...