The myths about liposuction

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The Myths about Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular as well as one of the most misunderstood of all cosmetic procedures. It's become a magic one procedure fixes all, when in reality it performs a very specific function. Here are some common myths about it debunked, so don't get your hopes and expectations set unreasonably high.This method does not get rid of cellulite. There, someone had to say it. In fact, many plastic surgeons think that liposuction might increase the visibility of cellulite. While you may not want to believe it, there are few if any treatments available yet that can cure or even diminish the appearance of dreaded cottage cheese thighs. It's a stubborn problem that most people have little control over anyways. Even pin-thin, genetically blessed bodies can suffer from cellulite. This process targets deep layers of fat, while cellulite is the result of a variety of problems including the upper layers of skin and the strength of the connective tissues, things that cannot yet be regulated or modified via surgical treatments. It can smooth out other lumpy areas, but dimples are there to stay for now.Another myth is that it's a "lunchtime" procedure or has a short recovery. While the recovery period varies greatly by individual and the amount of fat removed, it is most definitely not a pop-in and pop-out surgery. Recovery times are decreasing as is bruising, swelling, and other risks, but again you should always give yourself ample time to prepare. Some people find they are extremely sore or tender after the operation and need longer to rest. Others might just have more sensitive skin and bruise longer. If you are undergoing liposuction, expect a week or two of slight discomfort and time off normal activities.One of the biggest lies surrounding liposuction is that you won't gain the weight back. Sorry, but this is simply not true. While the areas where the process was performed will be more resistant to weight gain, they are still susceptible to it. And the rest of your body is of course, able to gain weight at its regular rate. It is most successful when the person maintains a reasonable level of diet and physical fitness.Have saggy skin? Surgery isn't the answer. People often mistake it as a cure-all for any weight-related cosmetic issues. Sagging skin needs to be excised by using a different procedure. This process targets just the fat that lies deep below the skin. You will not leave surgery looking tight and lean if your skin was loose and hanging in the first place. A good plastic surgeon can recommend a combination of procedures in order for you to not only remove excess fatty deposits, but to tighten the skin surrounding those areas.Do you think liposuction leaves no scars behind? Wrong. As with any surgery, incisions are necessary. And although small, there will be a scar. Everyone develops scar tissue differently, so some lucky people might have practically invisible reminders, but the average is more common. A faint but easily concealed scar (or scars depending on how extensive the procedure) is the norm.By Las Vegas Liposuction: