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A guide to the golf club, course and facilities, and supporting local businesses.


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    Welcome .............................................................. 5

    History of the Club ............................................... 6

    The Course ............................................................8

    Take the Course Tour ..........................................11

    Clubhouse and Catering .................................... 17

    Professional Shop ............................................... 19

    Tuition ................................................................ 21

    Becoming a Member ........................................... 23

    Members Golf .................................................... 25

    Juniors ............................................................... 31

    Information for Visitors ...................................... 33

    Societies ............................................................. 35

    Functions ........................................................... 39

    Golf Breaks and Tourist Attractions .................... 40

    Open Competitions ............................................ 43

    Social Activities .................................................. 47

    How to Find Us .................................................. 49

    Contact Us ......................................................... 50


    Mullion Golf Club and Pinnacle Publishing wish to thank the businesses who appear in this publication for their support and wish them every success in deriving business from its circulation.

    The contents of this book are believed to be correct at the time of printing, nevertheless, we cannot endorse and readers should not rely solely upon the accuracy of any statements or claims contained herein without prior consultation with the service provider.


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    Photography by Mullion Golf Club

  • Mullion Golf Club - 5


    Mullion Golf Club, situated on the cliffs of the Lizard Peninsula, is not only the most southerly course in England, but one of the most beautiful in the West Country.

    Framed by sandy coves and protected reed beds, the course, now well past its centenary, has always attracted the literary giants who not only enjoyed the golf but were also fascinated by the ambience. Conan Doyle, A.P. Herbert, and A.A. Milne played regularly during several visits each year.

    At 6,053 yards off the white tees, 5,871 yards off the yellows and 5,422 off the reds, Mullion is a good test of golf for all players whatever their ability and particularly so on a windy day.

    With course improvements and modern facilities added in recent years, Mullion stands comparison with any rival for a testing and sporting days golf.

    We welcome visiting golfers with handicap certificates, who wish to play in groups of up to four, and also societies, who will be guaranteed a memorable days golf and some fine Cornish hospitality in our clubhouse. We have green fees for a round, day and weekly. The catering at Mullion is exceptional and appreciated by members and visitors alike.

    Whether you come for the day, visit us as part of a trip to this beautiful part of the world or decide to become a member and make us your home club, it is a decision you will not regret. A visit to Mullion lives long in the memory. Come see us soon.

  • Mullion Golf Club -

    History of the Club

    Mullion Golf Club was formed in 1895 following a meeting held at the Public Assembly Rooms in Helston.

    The founder of the course was William Sich, who used to be the churchwarden of nearby Gunwalloe Church, and he was named the clubs first captain.

    Sich was the chairman of the parish council for 23 years. A sociable man who moved in literary circles, his regular houseguests included such literary luminaries as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes), A.A.Milne (Winnie the Pooh), Sir James Barrie (Peter Pan), and Compton Mackenzie (Whiskey Galore).

    These writers also fell in love with the area and the game of golf and played regularly at our club.

    Another key figure in the clubs early development was Charles Turley Smith, who used to live in a house near the course called Pendragon. Smith was best known as a book reviewer and critic for Punch magazine.

    Despite such noteworthy patrons as J.M.Barrie, Mullion has not always enjoyed a fairytale existence and the club, much like the coastline on which it sits, has had to weather some stormy times.

  • Mullion Golf Club - 7

    The club had been bought in the 1920s by the issue of debentures, but it ran into financial difficulties in the tough times that were to follow the Second World War.

    With declining membership and ordinary folks interest in golf not yet established there was no option but to sell the land and the buildings, which fortunately fell into safe hands of the National Trust.

    A few local stalwarts persuaded the Trust to allow golf to continue to be played on a part of the course and as golf grew in popularity, the owners agreed to the re-establishment of the 18-hole course.

    This noteworthy event in the clubs history was celebrated with an exhibition match in 1966 featuring leading golfers of the day Peter Alliss, Dai Rees, Norman Sutton and Bernard Hunt.

    Mullion has never looked back. With course improvements and modern facilities added in recent years, the club stands in comparison with any rival. We celebrated our centenary in 1995 and in 2001 hosted the centennial championships of the Cornwall Golf Union, having hosted the inaugural championship in 1901.

  • Mullion Golf Club -

    The Course

    Mullion golf course has been described as the most unorthodox and sporting club where golf is played in the most beautiful scenery.

    The course is Britains most southerly course and the only one on the Lizard peninsula. Founded in 1895, the 18-hole lay-out boasts fabulous views and measures 6,053 yards (par 70, SSS 70) off the white medal tees, 5,871 yards (par 70, SSS 69) off the visitors yellow, and 5,422 yards (par 72, SSS 73) off the ladies red tees.

    All the holes are memorable, but those worthy of particular mention are the stretch from the 6th to the 12th, which determine whether youll have a good round or not. The sixth features an opening shot played from an elevated tee towards the green some hundred feet or so below in the distance.

    The 7th is without doubt one of the toughest par-four holes not only on the course, but arguably anywhere in the county. The views of Gunwalloe Church which dates back to the 14th century and the daunting row of crossbunkers

  • Mullion Golf Club - 9

    straddling the fairway are two sights you will not forget in a hurry.

    If the scenery does not take your breath away, then the walk up the 9th, surely will. As you pause a moment for your heart-rate to return to normal before taking your first putt, take a moment to look back down towards the tee and survey the coast beyond. The 11th tee is also worthy of a mention as it is on a cliff edge.

    Visitors are always welcome at Mullion and can be assured of a testing and invigorating round of golf which can become even more challenging if the wind is blowing.

    On completion of your round, retreat to the lounge to enjoy a drink whilst you dissect your game with fellow golfers or tuck into a bar snack or meal.

  • Mullion Golf Club -

    01326 231245 | 07855770331Trewint Cottage, Newtown, St Martin, Helston, TR12 6DW

    Informal Parties, Hog Roasts, Barbeques & Picnic | 01326 231245

  • Mullion Golf Club - 11

    Tour the Course

    If you have never played Mullion before you are in for a treat. Make the most of your trip by learning about some of the pitfalls that lie in wait and how to avoid them as you follow our course tour courtesy of Ian Harris, our PGA Professional.

    Hole 1, 196 yards, par 3

    The round begins with the trickiest of the four par-3 holes on the course. Naturally into the head winds, the tee shot needs to carry to the front edge of the green to avoid a cross bunker that bites into the left side of the approach. To go over the green leaves the most awkward of pitch shots. Safety can only be found off the tee by finishing short and right of the green.

    Hole 2, 407 yards, par 4

    The tee shot should be aimed at the two chimney pots of the home in the distance. This appears left of centre but to go right means avoiding a pot bunker and carrying further bunkers to the green. The approach to this par 4 should land just over the ridge before the green as the downhill apron and green cause the ball to roll further than one thinks.

    Hole 3, 410 yards, par 4

    This long par 4 (par 5 for the ladies) is normally into the sea breeze. Just as it seems from the tee, it is a straight hole but the tee shot should be right of centre to set up an easier second shot. With the green sloping from left to right, the approach is best played left of centre.

  • Mullion Golf Club -

    Tour the Coursecontinued

    Hole 4, 485 yards, par 5

    The first of the two par 5s off the white/yellow tees. The tee shot should be aimed at the house in the distance which appears right of centre of the fairway. The second shot must be aimed to the left to allow for the hole dog-legging to the right over the last 150 yards. The approach can be aimed to the left of the saucer shaped-green where the natural contour will draw the ball towards the hole.

    Hole 5, 358 yards, par 4

    A par 4 with bunkers right and left mean an accurate tee shot over the marker is essential. The approach requires a high, flighted shot over a ridge to the green. Too low an approach will cause the ball to run off the back of the long green.

    Hole 6, 311 yards, par 4

    A short but incredibly tricky downhill par-4 hole. The tee shot must be aimed some 20 metres left of the green to allow for a fairway that slopes considerably from left to right. The long hitter may take on the green but see their ball find a sandy or watery grave in the bunkers or stream that line the right of this beautiful hole.

    Hole 7, 432 yards, par 4

    One of Cornwalls finest stroke index one holes. A confident tee shot aimed at Gunwalloe Church sets up a second shot that will challenge the four cross bunkers that protect the long hour-glass shaped green which always provides a tricky two putt.

  • Mullion Golf Club - 13

    Hole 8, 155 yards, par 3

    This picturesque uphill par 3 usually requires one more club than you think; this should ensure that you avoid the treacherously deep pot bunkers that guard the green, eight bunkers in all guard this green. The putting surface slopes dramatically from left to right and this can be used to your advantage when chipping if the green happens to be missed.

    Hole 9, 443 yards, par 5

    This uphill par 5 might not be the prettiest but it certainly involves planning. Keeping your tee shot to the right will allow a safe second, laying up inside the 150-yard markers. The approach to the green plays long so take an extra club and although relatively flat, beware of probably the fastest green on the course.

    Hole 10, 394 yards, par 4

    Seen by many as Mullions signature hole, this strategic par 4 has the potential for all kinds of trouble. A straightforward tee shot aimed at or slightly left of the marker sets up a downhill second shot which must avoid the dreaded ravine to the right of the green. The greenside bank will act as a helpful cushion to those clever enough to employ it.

    Hole 11, 158 yards, par 3

    This tricky par 3 demands a full carry to the putting surface. Aim your tee shot at the back right of the green, this will allow the ball to feed down to the centre of the green. Pay close attention when reading the green or you may face the dreaded three putt!

  • Mullion Golf Club -

    Tour the Coursecontinued

    Hole 12, 385 yards, par 4

    A wonderfully landscaped dog-leg par 4 proves that a hole does not need to be 400 yards plus in order to be tough. Keeping the tee shot to the right sets up what is probably a lay up short of the dip and the pond. Finding the two-tier green may set up an Augusta-like downhill breaker depending on the multitude of flag positions.

    Hole 13, 344 yards, par 4

    A short par 4 which offers a good chance at making birdie, but one errant shot could cost you a bogey. Take a club off the tee to ensure you stay short of the two fairway bunkers, this leaves a short to mid iron into a long green. If the pin is at the back you may need an extra two clubs to get the ball all the way to the flag, especially when playing into the wind.

    Hole 14, 354 yards, par 4

    A par-4 hole played back out towards the sea. The hole plays as a slight dog-leg to the left, with everything running away to the right. Hitting the fairway is important because it opens up the green and leaves the best chance of getting it close with the short approach shot.

    Hole 15, 404 yards, par 4

    A tough par 4 at 404 yards which plays as a dog-leg left unless you wish to take on the penal rough by cutting the corner. This hole makes most of its distance, playing slightly uphill. Hit your tee shot at the black and white marker, this opens up the green which is well guarded by bunkers left and right. The second shot looks shorter then it is, but dont be deceived: take an extra club to reach the green.

  • Mullion Golf Club - 15

    Hole 16, 124 yards, par 3

    This is a short but tricky par 3. The green is long and narrow and has bunkers short, left and right protecting it from any errant shots, eight bunkers in all. Club selection is important here, take enough club to clear the front bunkers, but also beware of going long as this leaves a tricky pitch shot.

    Hole 17, 305 yards, par 4

    If you have a good score going, aim your tee shot just left of the black and white marker, anything too far right is out of bounds! The approach shot is blind, play to the left of the green ensuring you take enough club to clear the front bunker.

    Hole 18, 388 yards, par 4

    This is a tough finishing hole, getting a good tee shot away will make for an easier second shot. Ignore the flag on this approach shot, aim for the middle of the green. A par here is a great score!

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  • Mullion Golf Club - 17

    Clubhouse and Catering

    The clubhouse offers great comfort and a welcoming atmosphere in which to socialise and relax either after a round of golf or as members of the club.

    The bar is well stocked with a wide selection of beers, wines, and spirits and a choice of refreshing soft drinks. Hot and cold food is served daily seven days a week. You can enjoy a good selection of snacks or delicious daily specials and full three-course meals.

    Our catering is in the good hands of Sharon Covey, who returned to the club in 2011 and has quickly re-established her reputation for producing high quality meals from locally sourced ingredients. Sharon, along with her team, offer a warm welcome and prompt service, whether you be member, their guests or a visitor to the club.

    Breakfast is available daily from 8am on request for pre-booked groups and in addition to the excellent daily menu an a la carte menu is offered on Friday and Saturday evenings (bookings only).

    The Sunday Carvery has to be tasted to be believed. A selec-tion of succulent roasts with all the trimmings, a refreshing drink, good company and being able to leave the mountain of washing up to someone else: it is no wonder this weekly ritual has become so popular that pre-booking is essential!

    In addition to the excellent catering facilities and the inviting bar, the clubhouse also has light and airy ladies and gents changing rooms with modern power showers, hair dryers and lockers available for hire.

    The restaurant is available for group bookings and function hire. For specific catering information, call Sharon on 01326 241359 or e-mail

  • Mullion Golf Club -

  • Mullion Golf Club - 19

    Professional Shop

    Mullion Golf Clubs Pro Shop is the place to go to take care of all your golfing needs. The clubs Head PGA Professional, Ian Harris, and his team are on hand to give you the advice and informa-tion you require to make sound buying decisions.

    We are stockists of all leading manufacturers of drivers, fairway woods, utility woods, irons, wedges and putters, including Titleist, TaylorMade and Cobra and have one of the largest selections to be found in Cornwall.

    Even better, why not get your club or set of clubs made to fit your individual swing by taking advantage of our popular custom fitting service?

    Many recreational golfers play with clubs which are ill-suited to their swing, but with a few simple measurements in our state-of-the art academy you could have your own purpose-built equipment. This service costs less than you think and can bring about a dramatic improvement in ball striking.

    We have a lot of demo clubs enabling you to try before you buy and if you are attached to your current set of clubs, the Pro Shop staff are also very skilled at repairs.

    There are three buggies, six electric trolleys and a fleet of pull trolleys available to hire from the Pro Shop if you are want to conserve your energy to play at your best.

    If you are visiting us from afar, there are club crested hats, towels, shirts and golf balls for sale which make an excellent memento of your day.

  • Mullion Golf Club -

  • Mullion Golf Club - 21


    Mullions professional staff are PGA-trained and qualified to help golfers of all abilities, members and non-members, to improve their game and consequently enjoy it more. Beginners, novices, high and low handicappers and juniors can all be accommodated by arrangement, either as indi-viduals or in groups. The success of the club in introducing Juniors and Adult beginners to golf has been acknowledged by the awarding to the club of the Cornwall GolfMark Club of the Year for 2012.

    Whether it is a minor adjustment or a major problem that needs attention, the pros are best equipped to identify the cause and to provide a solution.

    We are fortunate to have an indoor teaching studio which allows teaching whatever the weather and enables us to

    provide newcomers to golf with the best possible introduction to the sport.

    The academy features a launch monitor and video analysis is available which, in tandem with the latest GASP software, allows the students swing to be slowed down and compared against those of the leading players.

    This visual confirmation allows the pupil to more easily un-derstand how to put right any flaws in their technique and a DVD can be provided enabling golfers to remind themselves of what area was being worked on ahead of their next lesson.

    The club has extensive practice facilities, with a practice area between the 5th and 13th fairways with flags at 50-yard intervals, a bunker area and a chipping green at the bottom of the practice area, a practice putting green next to first tee and two nets on the side of the Pro Shop, perfect for getting warmed up before a round.

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  • Mullion Golf Club - 23

    Becoming a Member

    Mullion is renowned as a friendly club with a wide and varied membership. There are many established groups ready to welcome you who play on a regular basis throughout the week and weekends so you will never be short of having someone to play with.

    We pride ourselves on having an active membership with a full schedule of competitions for men, ladies, seniors and juniors aimed at players of all standards. There is also a busy and varied social calendar with events for all of the family.

    Membership is open to all upon application you do not need to know anyone already at the club. Competitive golfers can achieve an official CONGU handicap recognised worldwide, and play in regular competitions both with their fellow members and against other clubs.

    Other compelling reasons to join Mullion include:

    Access to PGA Professional for tuition and advice.A well-stocked and competitively priced Pro Shop.Use of all practice facilities - putting green, chipping green and practice ground.Excellent in-house catering.Discount on bar purchases.A full calendar of competitions and matches.Affiliation to English Golf Union.Reduced green fees for your guests.Reciprocal golf at around 40 courses worldwide belonging to The 1895 Club. Full social calendar of events throughout the year.

    For details of current membership rates, please call by club on 01326 240276 or e-mail

  • Mullion Golf Club -

  • Mullion Golf Club - 25

    Members Golf

    Mullion has an active membership who enjoy a year-round programme of competition, both against other clubs in league and friendly competition and for the many club trophies on offer to members.


    The men have played in the Cornwall Team Championships, the countys equivalent of the Ryder Cup, which features teams of nine with four matches of foursomes in the morning followed by nine singles matches. However, this year the club have decided to enter the inaugural Presidents Cup, which is a team competition made of 9 players, three each from Category 1, 0 to 5 handicap, Category 2, 6-12 handicap and 3 from Category 3, playing individual matchplay in handicap order.

    Mullion are proud participants in many competitions organised by the Cornwall Golf Union (CGU) and also participate in the Frank Wills Salver, a ten-man foursomes

    team event for players with a handicap no lower than 5 or higher than 12 and its equivalent for players of handicaps between 13 and 20 called the Cornish Bowl.

    The club also sends teams to compete in the CGUs county week which takes place at a different Cornish club each year.

    The men enjoy competitive golf at the club throughout the year, playing traditional monthly medals and Stablefords, together with a range of trophy competitions, some of which date back to the early years of the club..

    In addition to the slightly more serious events, there are some light-hearted ones too, such as matches between the club committee and staff, left-handers and right-handers and respective teams selected by the captain and secretary.

    The men are a hardy bunch and even play for a special shield on Boxing Day. To keep interest going through the season, there is also a Winter League which takes the form of a betterball Stableford competition over six separate Sunday mornings.

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  • Mullion Golf Club - 27

    Members Golf


    The ladies are a smaller but equally friendly group who guarantee a warm welcome to prospective new members.

    Ladies Day is Tuesday for medals and Stablefords, and there are many cups and trophies to compete for, both individually and in pairs, both ladies and mixed.

    The Ladies, too, are keen supporters of county events, and enter teams in the Gammon Trophy, an inter-club team scratch match play knockout tournament and the County League, which features promotion and relegation between the three divisions at the end of the season. The Ladies won Division 3 in 2011, and won promotion to Division 2. Further success has followed in 2012 with promotion to Division 1 after having finished runners-up in Division 2.

    There is the chance for all standards of player to represent the club if they so wish, with the numerous friendly matches throughout the season providing the perfect opportunity to

    introduce new players to the thrill of competitive team golf.There are also mixed competitions throughout the year, of various formats.


    Mullion Golf Club has a seniors section for players aged 60 and over which goes under the name of the Mullion EGGS. Upon payment of the small annual administration fee (currently 3) there is the chance to enjoy the company and companionship of a great group of golfers.

    The section has quite a full programme of events through-out the year. Normally they play on Thursdays, enjoying 18 competitions throughout the season and 20 matches against other clubs, both home and away. Monday mornings sees an informal roll-up, the perfect way to start the week.

    One of the highlights of the year is an away weekend organised by the EGGS Captain, a very pleasant two days featuring much golf and socialising.


  • Mullion Golf Club -

  • Mullion Golf Club - 29

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  • Mullion Golf Club - 31


    Mullion has a blossoming junior section which the club is keen to expand further and member-ship opportunities exist for younger players eager to take up this healthy and fulfilling outdoor pursuit.

    The club is proud to have achieved GolfMark accreditation, which is a highly-regarded scheme run by England Golf that recognises beginner and junior-friendly golf clubs.

    A keen team of junior organisers are in place, backed up by our dedicated team of professionals who hold a series of coaching sessions throughout the year. They also take golf into schools and look to inspire the next generation of players through the popular Tri-Golf scheme. Younger golfers at Mullion can learn not only the skills necessary to be able to enjoy the game, but about course management and rules and etiquette.

    The junior section have their own regular competitions and trophies to play for and hold a prize presentation towards the end of the season.

    They also play annual fixtures against other clubs in the Bolitho League, which provides an opportunity to experience competitive golf and to enjoy some of the other outstanding courses Cornwall has to offer. County competitions are also well supported, there is a friendly fixture with the ladies each year and the club also hosts an annual Junior Open. There was success for the Junior team in 2012 winning the Junior Summer Scratch Knock-out.

    Please call 01326 240276 if you require more details about becoming a junior member.

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  • Mullion Golf Club - 33

    Information for Visitors

    Visitors are warmly welcomed at the club throughout the year to enjoy an invigorating round of golf and to avail themselves of the clubhouse facilities. Please contact the Golf Professional prior to arrival to ensure a tee time is available to avoid clashes with members and societies.

    Special rates are available to members guests, holders of the South West County Cards, to juniors and those able to play later in the day when the course is at its quietest. Winter offers are also available, check website for up to date details.

    Our course is quite undulating and there are pull trolleys available for hire. We also have a small number of buggies and electric trolleys which should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

    We are a fairly relaxed club, but we do ask visitors to respect our rules and standard golfing etiquette to ensure their visit runs as smoothly as possible.

    In common with other clubs we do request that visitors abide by our dress code both on the course and in the clubhouse, specific details of which can be found on our website,

    Handicap certificates are preferred, and you may be asked to show these at the Pro Shop. Golfers should certainly be of a sufficient standard for them to be able to enjoy their round and for them not to inconvenience other players when out on the course.

    Mobile phones should not be used in the clubhouse and on the course, except in emergencies. Their use is permitted in the car park.

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  • Mullion Golf Club - 35


    Golf societies are always assured of a warm welcome at Mullion Golf Club. We pride ourselves on the care and attention we give to ensure your day runs smoothly. Nothing is too much trouble and we would be delighted to help you build your own itinerary to create a golf day agenda unique to your group.

    We do not have set society packages as such, but rather pride ourselves on a flexible approach to give golfing groups exactly what they want. Choose from 18 or 36 holes and from a variety of catering options from a simple bacon roll or Full English breakfast when you arrive, right through to breakfast, lunch and a three-course meal to round off your day in style.

    All the little extras you would expect to make your day a success are provided, such as nearest the pin and longest drive markers and if you are looking for prizes, look no further than the Pro Shop, where there is a comprehensive range of equipment.

    Our PGA Head Professional and his team can also offer group lessons and golf clinics to make your society golf day even more fun.

    In first instance, society organisers should call the office on 01326 240276 to speak to the Secretary about their needs and to confirm that their preferred date is available.

  • Mullion Golf Club -

  • Mullion Golf Club - 37

  • Mullion Golf Club - 39


    If you are looking for a wonderful setting to make your special occasion truly special, there can be few more breathtaking locations than the one you will find at Mullion.

    Sitting upon the cliffs along a magnificent stretch of Cornish coast, the scenery is guaranteed to help any photographer produce a wedding album any happy couple are sure to treasure forever.

    Weddings, birthday, anniversary or retirement parties or any other forms of function can gladly be catered for.

    The clubhouse at Mullion is not vast, but you will find it warm, comfortable and welcoming. While we can only accommodate around 40 or 50 people for outside events, we do guarantee you will have a day or an evening to remember.

    The setting, of course, forms only part of making any occasion memorable, but you will find the catering and the service equally to you liking. In short, we tick all the boxes.

    Skilled, imaginative and versatile, our caterers have been building a growing reputation for the excellence of their cuisine and you only have to talk to our members to find out what they think of the fare on offer. Menu options can be discussed to ensure you get exactly what you want.

    Our Secretary will be delighted to discuss your requirements and to arrange for a tour of the clubhouse. Contact him by e-mailing or by calling 01326 240276.

  • Mullion Golf Club -

    Golf Breaks and Tourist Attractions

    We would be thrilled if you choose to come and play golf here at Mullion and even more delighted if you choose the area as a base for exploring all the best that Cornwall has to offer.

    A Golf Break is something well worth considering as the county is home to some of Englands most picturesque courses. Come down for a week or a fortnight and you will not tire of either the golfing challenges laid out in front of you or the scenery.

    There is no shortage of places to stay, with outstanding hotel accommodation available in the form of the Polurrian Bay

    Hotel and Mullion Cove Hotels. There are also many appealing bed and breakfast or self catering options, details of which can be found on our website.

    Mullion is Cornwalls largest village with a population of around 2,300. The town has a wide variety of shops, art galleries, pubs and tea rooms and is well worth a visit.

    The Lizard Peninsula boasts some spectacular scenery, with tiny picturesque harbours and pretty villages. The climate is very special too, with the unique conditions meaning it is home to 15 of Britains rarest plants.

  • Mullion Golf Club - 41

    No trip to Cornwall would be complete without visiting at least one of the beaches which are as postcard-perfect as any you will encounter in the UK with their secluded coves, golden sands and crystal clear turquoise water.

    The Lizard boasts an extraordinary variety of unspoilt beaches and coves including Poldhu Cove and Church Cove, along with Kynance Cove, probably Cornwalls most photo-graphed beach.

    The Lizard Coastal Path is one of the most spectacular stretches of the Cornwall Coast path, reaching from the Helford River in the east down to Englands most southerly

    point, The Lizard, and then round past Mullion on the west coast to Porthleven.

    Less than an hours drive away to the north-east is the Eden Project, Cornwalls most popular tourist attraction, attracting more than one million visitors every year. Lands End, another popular destination, is about 45 minutes away to the west.

    There are many other sights, such as the spectacular open-air Minack Theatre and the tiny island of St Michaels Mount, both within 45 minutes drive.


    12 St Elvan Crescent, Porthleven, TR13 9NA

    Contact Simon Taylor

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    The Trust Group

    Looking for professional, personal

    and quality service?

    Commercial Insurance Household Insurance

    Car/Van Insurance

    Please contact us for a no obligation review of your arrangements

    Earning your trust, not expecting it

    Cornwall Insurance Services59/61 Killigrew StreetFalmouthCornwallTR11 3PFTel: 01326 524425 Fax: 01326 218182

    The Trust Group

    Looking for professional, personal

    and quality service?

    Commercial Insurance Household Insurance

    Car/Van Insurance

    Please contact us for a no obligation review of your arrangements

    Earning your trust, not expecting it

    Cornwall Insurance Services59/61 Killigrew StreetFalmouthCornwallTR11 3PFTel: 01326 524425 Fax: 01326 218182

  • Mullion Golf Club - 43

    Open Competitions

    Mullion is proud to offer its members a truly outstanding 18-hole layout on which to play their golf, but feel that it is such a magnificent venue and wonderful test that others should also be given the opportunity to enjoy it.

    To that end, we host a large selection of open competitions and invitation events throughout the year which, as their name suggests, can be entered by all-comers.

    Pride of place goes to our Golf Week, which is traditionally held in the middle of June. Golf Week in 2013 runs from Monday 17th June to Sunday 23rd June. The week starts with an Open Betterball Stableford on the Monday, Tuesday sees the Open Mens Stableford, Wednesday the Open Team Event, Thursday the Dennis Bray Seniors Open for over 60s, Friday is the Ladies Open, Saturday the Open Texas Scramble, and the week concludes with the Open Mixed

    Betterball on the Sunday. A full seven days of competition for both Men and Ladies.

    Another popular annual event is the Coast to Coast Open, which is held over a Friday/Saturday at West Cornwall and Mullion Golf Clubs.

    Normally taking place in mid-July, this three-person team Stableford competition sees 18 holes played at one club on the Friday, followed by dinner, with the other club play-ing host to the second days golf and hospitality. 2013 sees Mullion host play on the Friday, with West Cornwall hosting play on the Saturday. This event is often over subscribed and it is advisable to book in advance to reserve your place.

    There are other competitions held throughout the year as well. You will find details of upcoming events on our website, together with information about how you can reserve your place.

  • Mullion Golf Club - 45

  • 01326

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    We renovate, repair and also build bespoke new homes.

    Our reputation is built on providing a professional and friendly service and taking the stress out of the building process. We want you to be able to enjoy the pleasure of watching your home unfold before your eyes.

    If you are looking for a quality builder in Cornwall then look no further.

    Woodstock have over 25 years experience in hardwood flooring, and a huge range to choose from.

    Come and visit our showroom for expert advice on selecting the right hardwood floor for your home.

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    Bickland Business Centre, Tregoniggie Industrial Estate Bickland Water Road, Falmouth, TR11 4SN

    Tel. 01326 370020

  • Mullion Golf Club - 47

    Social Activities

    With friendly, approachable members and staff and welcoming off-course facilities, we really feel there is nowhere better to enjoy not only your golf, but everything else that a well- rounded golf club has to offer.

    The wonderful setting overlooking the Cornish coast lends itself to some spectacular golf, but it is a pretty special place to relax too.

    An extensive and varied programme of social events is organised throughout the year, with the aim being that there should be something to appeal to everyone, whatever their taste in entertainment.

    One of the highlights of the year is the clubs presentation evening when members gather to celebrate those who have

    displayed golfing excellence at Mullion over the preceding 12 months.

    The social gatherings do not all revolve around golf, however, with notable dates in the calendar such as Mothers Day, Christmas and New Years Eve all celebrated with equal enthusiasm.

    Our exceptional caterers have organised a number of themed food evenings, and members have been able to enjoy more traditional steak and pizza and pasta nights, together with the more exotic such as a Caribbean barbecue.

    Musical entertainment is also popular, with many musical interludes within the themed food evenings, and discos all to have been found in the social diary. We did say we had something for everyone!

  • Commercial, Industrialand Domestic Cleaning

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    No 1, The Old Cattle Market, Porthleven Road,Helston, Cornwall TR13 0SR

    A full member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners

  • Mullion Golf Club - 49

    How to Find Us

    Mullion Golf Club is in the southern-most tip of Cornwall, six miles south of Helston and around 35 minutes drive from Falmouth and Penzance.

    For those with SatNav, our postcode is TR12 7BP.


    Once in Cornwall, head for Truro and take the A39 towards Falmouth and Helston and then the A394 to Helston. At Helston, follow the signs towards The Lizard and Mullion, onto the A3083.

    Follow the A3083 south out of Helston towards the Lizard, drive past RNAS Culdrose. At the roundabout carry straight on towards the Lizard turning right after about 400 yards (signposted for golf club and Poldhu Cove). Follow this road for approximately 3 miles going through the village of Cury. After a further half-mile beyond the village you will come to the golf club on your right-hand side.

    By train

    Our nearest railway stations are Truro or Redruth, both about one hours drive away. Taxis should be available outside the station.

  • Mullion Golf Club -

    Contact Us

    We look forward to welcoming you to Mullion Golf Club. If you have any questions or would like further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Mullion Golf ClubCuryHelstonCornwallTR12 7BP

    Telephone: 01326 240276



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