The most mysterious places in Poland ?. One of the most mysterious places in Poland: Jedlinka.

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Slide 1The most mysterious places in Poland ? Slide 2 One of the most mysterious places in Poland: Jedlinka Slide 3 Jedlinka is a haunted castle. Legend has it there was a mysterious treasure burried in the castle. THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION Slide 4 GHOSTS Tapping and shuffling in the attic, there's no one around, and the doors are closed - this led to the belief that there are ghosts in the castle. Slide 5 Treasur e Treasur e When the Second World War began, the owners of the property Ulrich Bhm and his brother Werner, as reserve officers were called to the Wehrmacht. Managing the whole property was now in hands of their sister Erica, who also took care of their mother, Clara Bhm. Since 1944, the Nazi organization Todt, whose task was to build underground tunnels in the nearby mountains, had its headquarters in the castle. The palace as a military facility was then kept secret and obtained the name Villa Erika. In February 1945, when the front was very close, Erika Bhm ordered to collect silver and precious porcelain from the whole palace, put them into three boxes and hide in the palace area. Ms. Mller, who helped in burying the boxes, told later that in May 1945 the place where the treasure was burried was all covered with grass and could not be found. Slide 6 JEDLINKA Jedlinka is beautiful. So far there is no information that there was something more beside ghosts, treasure and secret doors. Slide 7 Jedlinka is: A) church B) castle C) house What was hidden there: A) man B) treasure C) door In the attic of the castle there are: A) ghosts B) cats C) monsters Slide 8 ANIA HERMANOWSKA