The Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation. The app can

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  • The Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation

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    Introduction 5 App Overview 5 Application Usage Instructions 6 Application Launch Screen 6

    Server Info 7 Server Setup and Selection Screen 7 Server Definition Screen 8 Accessing a Server 9 The Launchpad 9

    AutoSys Jobs 10 The Job Search/Select Screen 10 Key 11 Job Filtering Screen 11 Job Detail Enquiry 12 Job Operations 14 Job Details 15 Job Run Information 15

  • 3The Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation

    Job Execution Detail 15 Job Dependencies 16 Job Logs 16 Job Operations 17 Job Search/Select - Favourites 17 Job Search/Select - Most Recent Jobs 18 Job Search/Select - Most Accessed Jobs 18

    AutoSys Machines 19 The Machine Search/Select Screen 19 Machine Detail Enquiry 20 AutoSys Global Variables - Maintenance 20 Adding a Global Variable 21 Changing/Deleting a Global Variable 21 Global Variable - Change 22 Global Variable - Delete 22

    Further Notes 23 Navigation Menu 23

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  • Introduction Thank you for purchasing AutoSight, the Extra Technology Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation.

    The app can be installed on your mobile device (iOS or Android) and configured to connect to your AutoSys instance.

    App Overview AutoSight has been designed to allow you to interact with AutoSys from your mobile device. It communicates with existing AutoSys server components – RESTful Web Services – and provides the following high-level functionality across three areas:

    Jobs: View attributes and run information, monitor statuses and interact with AutoSys jobs (for example, FORCE START or CHANGE STATUS)

    Machines: View attributes and status of defined machines (Agents)

    Global Variables: View, create, update and delete AutoSys Global Variables

    5The Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation

  • Application Launch Screen Show Tutorial Tips This enables or disables pop ups in the app, that provide further instructions on app usage.

    Clear Cache Clear the local app cache.

    Toggle Theme Experimental feature to enable/disable app colour theme.

    History Slider Set the amount of history items stored locally within the app.

    (Shown here with alternative theme toggled)

    Application Usage Instructions

    +44 845 475 5550


  • AutoSight App Usage Documentation

    Server Info Server Setup and Selection Screen On this screen, the connections to AutoSys instances can be added, changed or deleted.

    To edit or delete an existing instance entry, slide the instance to the right, and choose Change or Delete.

    Swipe right on Instance to make changes to instance definition/ delete instance definition.

    This button is used to define new instances for your system(s).

    The Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation 7

  • Server Definition Screen Enter the AutoSys instance information here.

    Instance: 3 Character Identifier of the AutoSys instance

    Server Name: Hostname or IP address of the back end AutoSys RESTful Server

    Port: Port number of the back end AutoSys RESTful Server

    Username/Password: The credentials of the EEM user name used to access AutoSys

    Maximum Results per Request: number of results to retrieve

    TimeOut: Amount of time before the app times out

    Job Run Info Patched:

    Job Change Status Patched:

    Job Log WebService Installed:

    Once the information has been entered here, click on Save to return to the previous screen.

    +44 845 475 5550


  • Accessing a Server To access the defined AutoSys instance, touch on its entry in the Select AE Instance screen, enter the EEM password for the instance in the prompt and select Login:

    For the sandbox instance ET1, the password is: 01demo (for the user: demo01)

    The Launchpad If login is successful, the Launchpad will load (see below):

    From the Launchpad, select the required item from ‘Jobs’, ‘Machines’ or ‘Global Variables’.

    The Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation 9

  • The Job Search/Select Screen If ‘Jobs’ is selected from the Launchpad, the initial Job Search/Select screen is shown below.

    (Note: The list of jobs will be made up of all the jobs to which the logged-in user has access, in that AutoSys instance).

    AutoSys Jobs

    Note: To refresh this display, pull down on the main list.

    Job Grouping

    +44 845 475 5550

    Screen Selector

    Job Name Search Box


    Job Filter

    Page Controls

    Job List

    Job Status

    Job Operations Menu

    Job Favourite

    Most Accessed

  • Job Filtering Screen On this screen you can select or deselect items for inclusion in the main job display. Tree levels are expanded and collapsed using the + and – buttons.

    When Filtering is complete, touch on ‘Back’ in the top left of the screen to return to the main job display.

    Key Job Name Search Enter all or part of job name search (* = wildcard)

    Page Controls Navigate through pages of jobs

    Job Filter Button Access job filtering page

    Job List Main list of jobs

    Job Status Current status of jobs in the list

    Action Menu Button Access actions page to interact with Jobs

    Job Favourite Button Mark/unmark this job as a favourite

    Job Filters Toggle between ALL, Favourites, View History, Action History

    Screen Selector Switch the app between Jobs, Machines and Global Variables

    The Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation 11

  • Job Detail Enquiry Touch on a job name in the main list, to access the Job Detail Enquiry screen for that job. Basic job attributes are displayed:

    Favourites - When you press the heart icon, it is added to favourite the heart centre goes black. When you deselect it from favourites it becomes white again.

    Minus Button - Remove job from Group from Job Detail:

    +44 845 475 5550

    In addition, three buttons are displayed on this screen:

    1. Plus Button: Add job to Group from Job Detail

    2. Hamburger Button: Access the Job Operations Menu for the Job

    3. Favourite Button: Mark this job as one of your Favourites

    Press ‘Back’ (top left) to return to the main job list.


  • Clicking on the ‘Folder’ Icon on the job Select/Search screen displays jobs currently grouped:

    From Multi Action Group, press hamburger to right of the page number to perform same operation on the entire group.

    The Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation 13

  • Job Operations From either the Job Detail Enquiry screen, Job Dependencies screen or the Job Search/Select screen, the Job Operations screen may be accessed using the Hamburger button ( ).

    Operation menu on left shows single job selection.

    Operation menu shown right shows actions performed against a group of jobs.

    Pages 15- top half of 17 pertain to a specific job.

    You can scroll down to see further operations. This is similar to the illustration on the right.

    When there is no enquiries section in the menu, you are performing a group operation. Because you are dealing with multiple jobs, you cannot perform individual job enquiries.

    +44 845 475 5550


  • Job Details Access the Job Detail Enquiry screen (see previous page).

    Job Run Information View previous executions of the selected job, with start/end times and status.

    Job Execution Detail Note: Touch on one of the job executions to drill into the Execution detail:

    The Mobile App for AutoSys Workload Automation 15

  • Job Dependencies Touch on Job Dependencies to view Predecessor/Successor jobs:

    Job Logs Here it is possible to retrieve log files from job executions:

    The following log types are available for selection:

    In addition, it is possible to set search criteria.

    +44 845 475 5550


  • Job Operations ‘Sendevent’ actions may be issued against the selected job. For example, to issue a JOB_ON_HOLD event, touch ‘Job on Hold’ and then select ‘Yes’ to the prompt:

    When a ‘sendevent’ command has been issued, the app returns to the previous Job Search/Select screen.

    Job Search/Select – Favourites If any jobs have been marked as Favourites in the app, the list of these may be displayed by touching the ‘Favourite’ button at the bottom of