The Mission of Medicine - Tzu Chi Group - 2014...¢  Great kindness to all beings, and great compassion

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Text of The Mission of Medicine - Tzu Chi Group - 2014...¢  Great kindness to all beings, and...

  • The Mission of Medicine Caring for the body and the soul

  • The First Medical Outreach free clinic

    on September 10,1972

  • Tzu Chi Hospital

    Tzu Chi Hospital was build in 1986

  • Great kindness to all beings, and great

    compassion for all. 無緣大慈 同體大悲

    Respect Life 尊重生命

    The spirit of TIMA

    To Care with compassion,

    To give with joy. 慈悲喜捨

    Treating patient as a whole being-

    “physically, mentally, and spiritually”

    rather than simply treating diseases.


  • There are four divisions in Taiwan






    Hualien, Taiwan

  • Tzu Chi Free Clinic in Los Angeles 1993

  • TIMA, USA Networks Consist of:

    Commissioners, Faith corps, Volunteers for

    administration and supportive work.

    Health care professional volunteers: Doctors, Dentists, Oriental MD, Nurses,

    Pharmacist, Nutritionist, Lab technician, etc.

    Non-medical professional volunteers:

    Regardless of race, religion, language, anyone who is willing to

    share his love and contribute his time and expertise to the

    needed is welcome to join in.

  • Medical Team Organization

    • Medical professional advisory

    committe team – Tzu Chi

    Foundation Northwest Region

    • Non medical professional

    volunteer – Tzu Chi Foundation

    Northwest Region

  • 醫療組 Medical Group

    Medical Professional

    Western Medicine ,

    Orientatal medicine,

    Dental, Vision,

    Chiropractic, RDA, Nurse,


  • 醫療組 Medical Group

    Non Med Prof. volunteer


    ADM, GA, PR, Inventory,

    Outreach, Bone Marrow,

    Orgon Donation, Health

    Education, Patient Support,

  • 醫療組組織 Organization

    ADM 行政管理

    Medical/Dental Outreach 義診隊 Bone Marrow / Organ Donation

    骨捐器捐宣導小組 Health Education 衛教小組 Patient Support 病友關懷

    Dental Clinic 定點牙醫義診所

  • Support Team

     Administration

     General Affair

     Inventory Management

     3in1

     Cultivation ground

     IT

     PR

     Flyer

  • Support Team

     Outreach

     MD

     OMD

     Vision

     Chiropractic

     Dental

     Nurse

  • Support Team

     Health Education and patient support


     Bone marrow donation

     Organ donation

  • 義診隊 Outreach Team

     Start on 1995, CTTB Outreach

     Establish Medical Group on 1997

     First community Health Fair on 1997,

    Summer and Winter every year

     Join International Medical Outreach since

    2000, Dominica, El Salvador, Sri Lanka,

    New Orleans, Haiti …

  • 義診隊 Medical Outreach Team

     Support Central Cal. Medical Outreach

    Since 2001

     Join RAM (Remote Area Medical) for

    medical outreach in 2011, 2012 in

    Sacramento and Oakland

     Offer Dental Service in Healthy Living,

    San Jose starting 2011, 2012 and 2013

  • 骨捐器捐宣導小組 Bone Marrow / Organ Donation Promotion Team

     Establish Bone Marrow Donation Team

    on 1998 in Promotion, Education, work

    with ADDP for sample collection and

    case work

     Establish Organ Daonation Team on

    2000, Promotion, Education for Organ

    Donation and Register

  • 衛教小組Health Education Team

     Starting from 1994, seasonal

    Community Health Seminar

    Including: Heart Disease, Glaucoma and

    Cataract, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes,

    Cancer Prevention, Oriental Medicine Care,

    Mental Health Care, Hospice Care, Advance

    Medical Directive…

  • 病友關懷Patient Support Team

     Established Dialysis Support Group on

    2005, serve Chinese speaking dialysis


     Established Diabetes Support group

    on 2010, Provide health education

    class to Chinese speaking diabetes


  • 大愛牙醫義診車Dental Van

     Worked on Dental Van Purchasing

    project in 2006, Grand Opening on

    2008, serve under served, uninsured

    individual in community

     Free Dental Clinic in Milpitas to serve

    uninsured low income individual from

    May 20, 2013

  • Medical Outreach Program

  • 近期計劃 Current Plan

     Free Oriental Medicine Clinic

    - serve people in need with

    lower cost but high efficient

    treatment, preventive care

  • 未來計劃 Future Plan

     Tzu Chi Medical Center

    - offer MD, OMD, Vision, Dental,

    Chiropractic service

  • 期許 Expect

    Serve community needy

    with compassion and giving

    without return, to heal

    suffering and comfort

    people in need to build up a

    better community.

    With Grateful……

  • The End