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The who, what, when, why and how of Kalypso's founding.

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Kalypso was recognized as one of Consulting magazines 2011 Seven Small Jewels. The firm was selected for its explosive growth and unique blend of innovation and strategy.

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Small Jewel 2011

We started Kalypso to address a glaring need in the professional services marketplace for the combination of deep industry expertise and product development knowledge.

, Founding PartnerGeorge Young

The Kalypso StoryThe concept for Kalypso was born in a St. Regis hotel room in Houston when George Young and Bill Poston - then partners at a large consulting firm - were attending the retirement party of a close friend and mentor. His retirement was the spark that ignited an idea.

The idea was Kalypso.

They left comfortable roles with their old firm during the consulting industry turmoil of 2003 to create something special and have some fun.

The Story of Kalypso is the Story of its People

Kalypso Founders George Young and Bill Poston

In Their Own Words We founded the firm on a core principle to serve clients the way they want to be served. Serving clients is a privilege and it is our responsibility to do it well.

We saw a market with niche competitors focused on narrow aspects of innovation, strategy and operations, and large technology competitors implementing product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. We did not see anyone who could combine management consulting with PLM technology implementation expertise.

Three factors allow us to truly make something innovative happen in the marketplace: (1) an exclusive focus and a comprehensive set of capabilities to deliver sustained improvements in innovation, (2) a unique blend of people true characters with character, and (3) a strong set of core values and a cultural affinity for hard work on cutting-edge concepts.

What is it that makes Kalypso so special? We work really hard and balance that with the fact that we get to do interesting work for amazing clients every day. But behind it all, the key to it, is our people.

Our VisionWe will be the worlds premier innovation consulting firm.

We will combine a comprehensive set of world-class capabilities to deliver on the promise of innovation while becoming the worlds most respected provider of objective technology advisory and implementation services.

As a private partnership, we serve clients, not shareholders. We are a platform for professionals to grow personally and professionally by creating friendship, eminence, excellence and prosperity.

2010 Consulting Magazine Best Small Firms for Strategy

Hardest Working Firm Most Interesting Assignments

Kalypsos unique focus on innovation, product development and PLM technology, along with the high integrity of all of the team members, has made it an exciting time to be a part of the firm.

, Senior ManagerRich Gaby

Our MissionKalypsos mission is to help clients deliver on the promise of innovation. Kalypso helps clients innovate more and fully harness innovation to drive profitable, sustainable growth by:

Capturing new top line revenue

Growing product margins

Getting more from existing resources

Extracting greater value from IP

Stripping out cost, inefficiency and waste

Increasing agility and improving time to market

How We Deliver on Our MissionKalypso helps companies by improving capabilities across nine dimensions of The Innovation Engine:










The Kalypso DifferenceKalypso was founded on a core principle we will serve our clients the way they want to be served.

We are a firm big enough to provide the experience, expertise, resources, and tools needed to help clients succeed, yet nimble enough to ensure clients get exactly the type of support and service they deserve.

The Kalypso approach is unlike traditional professional service firms its the Kalypso Difference.

Exclusive Focus Focus on enhancing innovation performance across the front end of innovation, portfolio and pipeline management, new product development and introduction, and value management.

Comprehensive Capability Deep experience across all aspects of innovation, including business and innovation strategy, process improvement, PLM technology, organizational effectiveness, and intellectual property management.

Flexible Delivery - Serving clients the way they want to be served, assuming shared project risk and structuring client engagements to allow for maximum flexibility.

Informed Opinions Providing clients with informed opinions and uncommon solutions, helping clients turn challenges into success stories.

Sustained Results Dedicated to helping our clients create solutions that deliver sustainable results.

Why We Are UniqueKalypso is distinctly qualified to help companies attain business improvements, bringing:

The expertise to improve business, innovation and product strategies

The knowledge and tools to improve innovation and product development execution through innovation process improvement

The experience to change innovation culture on a global scale

The know-how to maximize profit and return on investment through skillful pricing and value management

The capability to enable change and sustain innovation improvements by implementing appropriate information technology and training programs

The most exciting thing about Kalypso is in its unique set of values. A successful client relationship is one that does not end at project completion.

, Senior ManagerEmily Adams

Our ValuesWe are a diverse group of professionals with a common set of core values that shape our culture and set us apart.

At the heart of this culture is a belief in the power of innovation both in the way we deliver services and in the products that we help clients to develop. Our values are consistent across all of our team members, and are evident in the way that we work.

Our improvements in innovation capabilities are, in significant part, due to Kalypso support. Their experience, thought leadership, and unique focus on enabling the individuals involved to be successful are driving the organizational changes needed.

, Cor Bosselaar

We act as the leaders behind the leaders.We invest in the long-term success of our individual clients, not just their companies. We celebrate every individual client promotion and view them as a measure of our value, and believe that trusted advisors do not stop advising when the project is complete. We reserve the spotlight and glory of success for our clients, not the consulting team.

Kalypsos focus on innovation and its experienced, professional staff set it apart in its ability to bring clients real and lasting results.

, PartnerNoel Sobelman

We harness the power of creativity and innovation.We believe that innovation combined with action can change the world for the better. We value different ways of thinking and problem solving, and expect lively debate and dissent from all levels of the organization - ours and our clients. We feel that the diversity of our teams bring fresh perspectives and insight to our work.

Network of Executive Women Leadership Summit

We have passion for personal development.We do not tolerate intellectual sloth or stagnation - continuous learning is required. We stay on the leading edge of management thinking and adapt new concepts rapidly. We genuinely care about one anothers success and work hard to help our colleagues, believing in the development of the whole person, not just the business side.

Titan Award Winners

We are committed to our business partners.We treat our business partners as if they were our clients or our practitioners, and bring integrity and respect to our alliance relationships. We go to extraordinary lengths to help each other - without keeping score - and expect the same in return from the people we choose to do business with.

What is special about our team is the diverse backgrounds everyone brings to the table. These are real, multi-dimensional people who complement their expertise and intelligence with personality and integrity.

, Founding PartnerBill Poston

We value professionalism, integrity and quality.We believe that serving clients is a privilege and accept the responsibility to do it well. We demand unquestioned integrity and veracity from all of our people in every situation. We hire exceptional people for their professional excellence and superior performance, and balance creativity and passion for ideas with professionalism and pragmatism.

Kalypso is filled with exceedingly intelligent and generous people. I am enormously fortunate to spend time with and learn from them, and hope to contribute to their successes.

, Operations DirectorTimi Lynch

We are a team of characters with character.We think that interesting people are more fun to work with, and build life-long relationships with our colleagues. We foster a healthy lack of respect for hierarchy and positional authority. We are passionate about what we do and know how to have fun - at work and after.

What It Means to Be a Kalypsonian

You will work hard. Maybe a lot harder than at any other firm. The benefit is working with world-class clients on the most interesting