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THE JUAN DECISION Anthony, Serina, Marcus, Lakricha

THE JUAN DECISION Anthony, Serina, Marcus, Lakricha

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Text of THE JUAN DECISION Anthony, Serina, Marcus, Lakricha

Level one

The Juan decision Anthony, Serina, Marcus, LakrichaLevel OneOne day after school, Juan and his friends hung out in the park. One of his friends suggested that they go to the arcade at the mall down the street. Juan liked his friends idea and the thought of not considering it would make him look like a non-supportive friend.Level TwoThey arrive at the mall arcade and Juan and his friends are spending all their money on game tokens. Later on, Juans stomach growls and eventually so does his other friends. They leave the arcade to go to the food court and then realize they have no more money on them, because they spent it all on arcade tokens.Level ThreeOne of the guys said Hey, I have an idea. Lets go over to my house I have plenty of junk food. When they arrived at his friends house, Juan came to a point of overlooking what he was about to eat. He had a flashback of a conversation that he had with his mother about him eating junk food.Level FourAfter the thought of the flashback Juan had thought of either eating junk food with his friends or going home. He eventually made his decision to go home. When he got home he saw his mother making salad for dinner. He smiled at himself and then offered to help her.

Level FiveAfter dinner he got ready for bed. As he was in bed, he was recapping what happened that day with his friends. He was proud of himself for making the right decision of putting what is important first, in this case, his healthy eating habits. After a long day, he finally drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face.