The History of TV and Where TV is Headed

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The History of TV and Where TV is Headed. By Shelby, Libby Jean, Grant, and Andrea. History of TV. How it all started…. *1875: In England, William Crookes builds a forerunner to the TV-cathode ray tube. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The History of TV and Where TV is Headed

The History of TV and Where TV is HeadedBy Shelby, Libby Jean, Grant, and Andrea

History of TVHow it all started*1875: In England, William Crookes builds a forerunner to the TV-cathode ray tube.*1884: In Germany, a student named Paul Nipkow builds a scanning disc, which is an early version of television.*1890: Karl Ferdinand Braun invents the cathode ray tube*1907: In Russia, Boris Rosing builds a working electronic/mechanical system in the lab.*1922: 15 year old Philo Farnsworth designs a television image dissector*1923: Vladimir Zworykin patents an electronic camera tube, the iconoscope*1925: A moving image is telecast in a lab experiment

The Beginning*1936: BBC starts worlds first regular television service, three hours a dayIn Germany television cameras transmit the Berlin Olympics*1939: NBC starts the first regular daily electronic TV broadcasts in the U.S.*1940: Peter Goldmark at CBS demonstrates television in color*1947: Meet the Press shifts from radio to TV; will be longest running TV program.*1948: CBS and NBC begin nightly 15 minute television newscasts.Before cable there was Community Antenna Television (CATV)

Color TV!*1951: Color television sets go on sale*1953: TV Guide; initial press run is 1.5 million copies*1958: Videotape delivers color*1960: Kennedy-Nixon debates draw huge numbers of viewers*1963: JFK assassination sends millions to around the clock newscasts*1965: Vietnam War becomes first war to be televised and is nicknamed the living room war

TV Now*1975: HBO bounces signal off satellite to reach cable systems*1980: CNN begins round the clock reports from Atlanta to 172 cable systems*1995: Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS) beam digital programs to home dishes*1999: TiVo offers personal television control: storing programs and skipping ads*2006: Television signals available digitally*2010: 3D television arrives

Then & Now

TV Shows/Moments Throughout the Ages - Howdy doody - Johnny Carson Nixon - down goes frazier - this is the big one catchphrases - the simpsons i am so smrt - patrick explaining Wumbo - great moments in tv historyEffects & Analysis

Future of the Television

Multi-screen experience throughout your home, anywhere you want and any size Commanded by voice Youll be able to choose to buy or stream any particular show or channel or brand What will advertising be like? Thin and pearlescent Youll never have to miss a second of TV!

Use TV unit to access an entire system of content e.g. on demand via the internet It will be easily sourced from content catalogs and accessed with a handheld deviceTen years from now, the TV will still be one of the largest pieces of furniture in the living roomWhere TV goes, so goes the nation.

Is the day coming when they will sell access to their shows directly over the Internet on a pay-per-view basis and bypass the TV distribution companies?Developers of emerging technologies (such as web-based streaming video companies Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu) are rapidly changing the way many people view their entertainmentGoogle TV.

The television industry has been splintered in recent years, as streaming content to computers and mobile devices has increased in convenience, access, and popularity. Broadcasters are excited about the future

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