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    September 2013 From the Neighborhoods of Hampton Township, PA Vol. 8 No. 5

    The Hampton News

    Whats Inside Police Log ...................................... 3

    North Hampton Fire Dept. ........... 5

    Real Estate ..................................... 6

    North Hills Comm. Outreach ....... 6

    Library News ................................. 8

    Chefs Corner ................................ 9

    Sports ...................................... 10-17

    Depreciation Lands Museum. .... 19

    State Rep. Hal English ................ 20

    Current & Upcoming Events 21-22

    Classified ...................................... 23

    A Local Patriot Returns Home By Gail Scott

    Will Power Inspiration for September Service

    by Gina Hussar

    Six-year-old Will Pilarski was all set to follow in his eight-year-old brother Noah's

    footsteps this year by entering into his first year

    of competitive gymnastics. But just over a

    month ago, when headaches turned out to be

    much more, his gymnastics path came to an

    end, at least for now.

    (Continued on page 15)

    Two Countries Find Common Ground on the Baseball Diamond

    As part of the Pony League Friend-

    ship Tour the Hampton Athletic Associa-

    tion proudly hosted two Japanese base-

    ball teams for exhibition games that were

    played on our high schools new ball-

    field. The tour was created to promote

    friendly relations between the two coun-

    (Continued on page 14)

    P off Elementary 2nd grade students in

    Marilyn Adamss class had a spe-

    cial pen pal in Afghanistan during

    the 2012-2013 school year. The students

    wrote cards, letters, and emails to Army

    Private Connor Green while he was sta-

    tioned in Afghanistan for eight months.

    Private Green would write back to the stu-

    dents and share photographs of his life in

    the Army and also answer the childrens

    many questions. Connor is a 2011 Hamp-

    ton High School graduate. The children

    had a special treat this August when they

    got to meet him in person while he was

    home on leave.

    Mrs. Adams organized the event at the

    Poff playground on August 13th where

    (Continued on page 23)

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    Production: Laurie & John Rizzo

    Freelance Writers: Gail Scott,

    Gina Hussar and Diane Prem


    The Hampton News

    P.O. Box 243 * Wildwood, PA * 15091

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    2013 RiverQuest Student Awards

    B ritton Mills, Hampton High School and Michael Yakich,

    Hampton Middle School, are the 2013 honorees who were

    presented awards at the Fox Chapel Yacht Club on July 13,

    2013, during RiverQuest's "RiverFest" fundraiser and special

    event. Britton and Michael are among nine awardees who demon-

    strated interest in environmental science and stewardship and met

    the criteria for the awards.

    Michael received a commemorative plaque, $50 award,

    RiverQuest t-shirt, and a RiverQuest Family Saturday sail certifi-

    cate for demonstrating environmental stewardship through his

    studies and projects in

    and around the commu-

    nity. Michael is an

    active member with the

    Allison Park Sports-

    man Club. He worked

    with the water projects

    in Pine Creek, Deer

    Lakes and North Park.

    Some responsibilities

    include stocking fish in

    North Park Lake and

    Pine Creek. He attends

    weekly meetings with

    the Sportsman Club to further his

    knowledge in science.

    As for Britton, she received the

    Ohio River Navigator Award which

    includes: a commemorative plaque,

    $100 award, RiverQuest t-shirt, and a

    RiverQuest Family Saturday sail cer-

    tificate. She demonstrated academic

    interest and pursues coursework in

    environmental science, volunteering at

    the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, the

    National Aviary and the Wildlife Re-

    habilitation Center in Verona, PA. Britton Mills

    Michael Yakich receiving his award

    along with James Roddey as the MC

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    412.486.4090 724.444.8826


    Gas Sewer & Water Lines Water Heaters Camera Sewer Inspection and Line Location Electric Eel & Hydrojet Sewer Cleaning Backflow Preventers Faucets Fixtures Dye Tests Storm Drains Frozen pipes thawed

    The Hampton Township Police Department is dedicated to en-

    hancing the quality of life of the residents and guests by providing the

    very best in law enforcement services. The twenty-two officers and

    two civilian clerks take pride in serving the community in a profes-

    sional and proactive manner. The HTPD consists of a fleet of 9 vehi-

    cles, 1 ATV and 2 mountain bikes that are used for a variety of patrol


    If you have a question or concern, visit:, and click on Frequently Asked

    Questions section or e-mail:

    The HTPD main numbers: Emergencies: 911.

    Administrative use only: (412) 486-0400 or (724) 4437585.

    A summary of noteworthy incidents that occurred between July

    15th August 26th 2013.

    Police Log


    412-427-4363 Cell 412-487-0500 x210 Office owned & operated by NRT LLC.

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    October 2013 issue


    On Saturday, August 3rd at 7:20 a.m., Hampton Police were

    dispatched to a possible burglary at the AT&T store located at

    Shopper's Plaza. Upon their arrival, officers discovered the front

    entry door to the business had the glass smashed out. The manager

    advised he would have to conduct an inventory to know exactly

    what was taken. Investigation to continue.

    Criminal Mischief

    On Friday, August 16th, several residents from Shawnee

    Court reported that their mailboxes were damaged sometime over-

    night. No suspects at this time.

    On Wednesday, August 21st, several residents from LeTort

    (Continued on page 7)

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    One-on-One Attention!

    I bring my salon-on-wheels

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    Gail Scott Realtor

    Hampton Office

    5048 Route 8, Gibsonia

    C: (412) 260-8424

    W: (724) 449-9900 x255

    Gail & Cody


    Nick Pisani Jr.


    Because I care about all of you, I am going to put

    myself out there and share a not-so-fantastic parenting

    moment. This morning, after a night of tossing and

    turning, I woke up to my youngest throwing tantrum

    after tantrum, walking around like a little chubby

    bomb waiting to explode at any moment. Youre

    being SUCH a baby! I heard myself say. Hes 15

    months old, people. I called my baby a baby. Ill re-

    move myself from the Mother of the Year contest-

    ant list.

    But let me defend myself for a moment. I see his

    wheels turning. I see that inner monologue going and

    Im convinced that the inner monologue sounds some-

    thing like that the guy that does the voiceovers for

    horror movie trailers. Sometimes I think he thinks to

    himself, Im so glad we are going shopping. I will

    wait patiently until we get to the checkout line and

    then, when the cart is full and just enough people are

    around, I will break into hysterics for no good reason

    and make everyone there think she is completely inca-

    pable as a mother. This is the kid with the 10 octave

    squeal. This is the kid who has made me THAT per-

    son, the one everyone looks at in restaurants.

    Thank GOODNESS for my super strong inner

    peace force field! And for time spent in silence. It was

    in such a time that the BEST parenting method came

    to me, and its a method I have used with all of my

    kids and more and more often, my spouse as well.

    Here it is:

    BEST- Breathe, Empathize, Solve, Toss

    When your kids push your buttons, talk back, spill

    something, act out in public, scream on airplanes or

    whatever, try handling it the BEST way.

    Breathe. When you take a sec to breathe, you stop

    yourself from REACTING. When we take one breath,

    its just long enough to diffuse the frustration and to

    keep us from acting like someone we wouldnt even

    want to share a cab with.

    Empathize. SO often we over react because we are

    expecting our children to behave in a way that they are

    not emotionally capable of. Even our teenagers lack

    the same level of adult control that most of us have. Is your child tired?

    Feeling that you dont trust him? Most of the time our kids are not trying

    to drive us insane. Take poor behavior as a message. What message are

    they trying to send that they arent ready to verbalize? Manage your expec-

    tations. If you take your kids to the grocery store when they are sick and

    exhausted, guess what? Its kind of your fault.

    Solve. Solve the problem. And if they are old enough, get them involved

    in the solution so that they begin to think about problem solving for them-

    selves. Ask, Any ideas on how we can fix this? If they are tiny and it

    means cutting your shopping trip short? Do it. The best solutions are the

    ones that get them thinking or the ones that diffuse the anxiety for you


    Toss. Toss it out. The second you solve it, stop thinking about it. Give

    them a hug. Get on with your day. My husband has a tendency to stay mad

    for three hours over a broken remote. Its broken. Breathe. Empathize. Did

    you put the remote where the 15 month old could get to it? Solve. Fix it or

    buy a new one. And Toss. RIP remote. We had some good times. And now

    its over.

    Onward and upward, just a little step closer to sanity. =)

    Gina Hussar is an author, Personal Success Coach and Certified Reiki

    Healer. She can be reached at For FREE

    Peace and Power tips get on the mailing list at

    Find us on Facebook at

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    North Hampton Vol. Fire Dept.

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    Chief John Schwend Monthly Report

    July 2013

    Monthly Incident Summary:

    CO Alarm No Ill Effects 4

    Commercial Fire Alarm 8

    Gas Leak / Smell of Gas 1

    Other 2

    Pumping Detail 4

    Residential Fire Alarm 5

    Smoke Investigation / Burning Odor 4

    Vehicle Accident No Entrapment 9

    Vehicle Accident W/ Entrapment 1

    Wires Down / Transformer Problem 8

    Total Incidents for the Month 46

    Total Incidents for 2013 269 Congratulations to Firefighter Nolan Flynn for responding to

    his 500th career incident with NHVFD as well as Lieutenant

    Jordan Brennan for responding to his 1500th incident.

    Noteworthy incidents:

    Numerous storms came through the area this month causing a number of pumping related incidents as well as

    many calls for wires down and poles on fire

    NHVFD was dispatched to a business on West Hardies Rd. for smoke in the building after a lightning strike. Crews

    investigated and found the air conditioning unit had been

    struck. Power was secured to the unit and no further action

    was necessary

    NHVFD responded along with HVFD to the report of a

    tractor accident with entrapment on Sweet Water Pl. One

    patient with a head injury was unable to get out of the tractor

    that had rolled on its side. Crews removed the windshield

    with screw drivers to assist EMS in gaining access to the


    New Membership:

    We can always use new members who are interested in fire-

    fighting, fire police or as drivers only. There is a place in the

    department for anyone who is interested in helping. Please

    contact an officer at 724-443-5250, or visit our website at

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    North Hills Community Outreach

    NHCO Winter Coat Collection NHCO is collecting new and gently used winter coats for local families in need during September and October. All sizes are appre-

    ciated; childrens and adult XL and XXL are especially needed.

    Coats should be clean and have working zippers. Donations can be

    dropped off at NHCO Allison Park, 1975 Ferguson Road, Allison

    Park, PA 15101, Monday Friday, 9am-4pm, during September and

    October. For more information, pl...


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