The Habits of Highly Effective Scheduling

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The Habits of Highly Effective Scheduling

The Habits of Highly Effective Scheduling

The HabitsLearn Carpentry, Not Just How To Use Your New PowersawLearn To Use The PowersawSee The Whole Forest, Not Just One TreeIts Not The Journey, Its The DestinationAware The Devil Is In The DetailsMake Friends With The DevilEverything New Is Old AgainPlay Sherlock Holmes In Real LifeCan See The Young Lady And The Old LadyWorks Without Their Crystal Ball

Learn Carpentry, Not Just How To Use Your New Powersaw

Learn The Methodology, Not Just The Software


While the ease of modern reprographics has effectively abolished this step, the need for a permanent record of the pure logic network is still important. -CPM in Construction Management 7th ed.

It is not good practice to plan the work while attempting to schedule it -The Roles and Attributes of a Scheduler paper

Learn To Use Your Powersaw

All Scheduling Software Are NOT Created Equally

Learn To Use The Software Effectively

See The Whole Forest, Not Just One Tree

See The Big Picture

Its Not The Journey, Its The Destination

Begin With The End In MindWhat is the schedule to be used for?What level of detail will be required?What type of reporting will this be used for?What type of analytics will be required?Will schedule be cost / resource loaded?Will EVM be used?Will Risk Analysis be performed?

Aware That The Devil Is In The Details

Utilize The K.I.S.S PrincipleManaging the tool should not become a project in itself - Break work into activities/events of a duration no longer than (20) work days each, except as to non-construction activities or events.If additional detail is not required and will not be used in planning and managing the project, then it should not be included in the schedule. On the other hand, sufficient detail needs to be included in the schedule to provide a viable tool for monitoring and controlling-Construction Planning and Scheduling, 2nd ed.

Make Friends With The Devil

Pay Attention To The Details Read all project and contract documentsContracts, specs, project documents will contain many considerations, requirements, and constraints-Work activity / events relationships shall be restricted to Finish-to-Start and Start-to-Start without lead or lag constraints.

Everything New Is Old Again

Consistency Is KeyStandardize wherever possible language, coding, IDsUse activity template definitionsSchedule structure must be manageableKeep it simpleControl changes to configuration Perform regular maintenance to identify and fix problems

Play Sherlock Holmes In Real Life

Research / audit project data for consistencyEnsure agreement with the contract datesSchedule dates and project documents are not independentAudits Government ProjectsClaims / Delay AnalysisIdentify problems with attention to data trendsCreate data tests to uncover problemsDetermine what the data says through thorough examinationRead between the lines and interpret subtle indicators

Can See The Old And The Young Lady?

Look At The Schedule Data In Multiple WaysFlow ChartsGantt ChartMilestonesSummary / Rolled upLookaheadsFragnetsHistogramsS Curves

Work Without A Crystal Ball

Utilize Thoughtful Realistic Information

G. I. G. O

Final ThoughtThe professional status of planning engineers and project schedulers needs to be recognized. Few professionals understand the contribution that planning engineers and project schedulers make to effective time control. - Managing the Risk Delayed Completion in the 21st Century, CIOBScheduling and schedulers are meant to help, not hinder, your project performance