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The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon By: Meaghan Shaw

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Text of The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon By: Meaghan Shaw

  • The Grand Canyon By: Meaghan Shaw

  • What (and where) is the Grand Canyon?The canyon is located in Arizona. It is a very large, rocky canyon. So lets get going with the virtual tour.

  • How deep is it REALLY??This Canyon is as deep as. 1 MILE!!!!!! Can you believe it? Because it IS really hard to believe!!!!!! He he he he!!

  • How many people go there each year??Five million people go to the Grand Canyon EACH YEAR!!!!! Its a real attraction!

  • How was it made?The Colorado River went through the canyon once. It washed away lots of rock and made the canyon.

  • How long is it?It is quite long! Here is a math problem for you to solve to see how long it is.25 x 2x 2 x 2 +( 7 x 11) =277 MILES LONG!!!!! Go math!!

  • CreditsAnimation by: Kids Inc.

    Writing by: Kids Inc.

    Pictures by: Kids Inc.

    This great, superb, fantastic, beastly slide show by: Meaghan Shaw

    Peace out Yall!!!!!!! Have a sweet day!!!