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The GILWELL GAZETTE - Wood Badge · PDF file If we fall behind on the schedule, the Scout Master is going to insist that we make up the time from breaks and wherever possible. Since

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Text of The GILWELL GAZETTE - Wood Badge · PDF file If we fall behind on the schedule, the Scout...

  • T h e G

    IL W E LL

    G A Z E T T E

    G re

    at er

    C le

    ve la

    n d

    C o

    u n

    ci l


    D ay




    p ri

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    1 6

    Good morning and welcome to Greater

    Cleveland Council’s 2016 Wood Badge


    On behalf of the Wood Badge staff, I

    want to thank you for being here.

    Thank you for making the commitment

    to take the premier national Boy Scout training given at the council level for adult leaders.

    The only requirement to attend this training (beyond basic training) is to have an open mind –

    please trust that everything that you will do, has a purpose. Lord Baden Powell said that

    Scouting is a “game with a purpose”; that quote is applicable to Wood Badge as well. This train-

    ing is designed in a way that you will learn leadership skills through the eyes and experiences of

    a youth member of a Boy Scout Troop.

    Upon arrival this morning, you will be a member of Cub Scout Pack 1. Today’s luncheon is the

    Pack 1 Blue and Gold Banquet where you may glean ideas that could be implemented in your

    own unit. At the conclusion of the banquet, you will

    cross over into Boy Scout Troop 1 – where you will

    spend the remainder of you time – in a patrol. As a

    member of your patrol, you will learn new skills

    from each other, learn to rely on each other to solve

    problems and, no doubt, become friends.

    Embrace the process of the training and thank you

    again for being here!

    Carol Doe

    Course Director / Scout Master

    Time Activity Location

    7:30 Check-in: Augustus Porch

    8:30 Gathering Activities

    9:30 Gilwell Field Assembly Gilwell Field

    10:05 Course Overview Training Room

    10:35 Listening to Learn Den Sites

    11:25 Break

    11:35 Blue & Gold Banquet Dining Room

    12:55 Break

    1:10 Troop Meeting Training Room

    3:10 Troop & Patrol Photos

    3:50 Patrol Leaders' Council Dining Room

    4:50 Break

    5:00 Values, Mission, Vision Training Room

    6:00 Dinner Dining Room

    6:45 Patrol Meeting Patrol Sites

    7:45 Who-Me Game Patrol Sites

    8:45 Instructional Campfire phitheater

    10:00 Cracker Barrel Dining Room

  • Hello everybody! Welcome to Wood Badge!

    We have been preparing for your arrival for many months and we are so ex- cited to begin the experience of Wood Badge with you. Over the next 6 days, we will be covering a lot of ground… this course is designed to lead you down a path filled with many experiences. Some of these may be completely new, and others may give you a fresh perspective to a familiar view. As you learn new tools to take back home with you, there will be much for you to think about.

    Like most things in life, you will get as much out of this course as what you put into it. If you keep your mind and heart open, and allow yourself to be immersed into the moment, you’ll be amazed by what you will learn. Each step of this course builds on itself and everything is done for a purpose. Allow yourself to experience and share this journey with members of your patrol,

    others in the course, and members of the staff. If you do, I promise, this will be an adventure you will enjoy and never forget.

    Ok, now for some important business. As the Senior Patrol Leader on this course, one of my most important du- ties is to make sure that we stay on time. Sticking to the schedule is something that I ask everybody for help in ac- complishing. We are all part of one of the largest Wood Badge courses in many years in the Cleveland Council. This means that there will be challenges that we will face together. One of these will be time, and the schedule. This makes it very important that everybody does their best to be where they need to be…. when they need to be there.

    If we fall behind on the schedule, the Scout Master is going to insist that we make up the time from breaks and wherever possible. Since there isn’t much free time to be found in the schedule, it all leads back to Mrs. Doe making sure that I keep things on track, so I really need your help so that I don’t get pulled into another Scout Master Conference….my Dad will not be happy with me if that hap- pens!

    One thing we have done to help everyone stay on time is to pub- lish the daily schedule each morning in the Gilwell Gazette. This is the official list of the day’s events and times. If there are ever any schedule changes, I will announce them during the Patrol Leader’s Council Meetings. Your Patrol Leader will then pass that information on to you.

    There is one more thing that I will be making use of to keep us moving and on time and that is the Kudu horn. Very simply, you will hear me sound the Kudu horn when it’s time to begin the next event. On Wood Badge, the Kudu horn and the SPL are never far apart!

    I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you each of you. If there is ever a question or concern, please don’t hesitate to ask or seek me out. I will do my best to provide you with the correct answer or point you in the right direction. I see my most important duty as making sure this course gets delivered to you as it was intend- ed so that you will be able to gain the most rewarding experience possible. To be more specific, the entire staff and I are committed to this goal.

    With that, I invite you to begin the journey .

    Enjoy your first day at Wood Badge! Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open!

    Jim: Senior Patrol Leader

  • Patrol members

    learn by rotating

    leadership roles

    During the Wood Badge course,

    participants will rotate through a

    series of leadership positions, as a

    Scout might experience during his

    time with a Boy Scout troop.

    It’s critical that each patrol mem-

    ber becomes familiar with his or

    her responsibilities and passes

    along important information to the

    next person to hold that position.

    The roles and responsibilities of

    each position are explained below.

    Patrol Leader

    Take a leading role in planning and

    conducting patrol meetings and


    Encourage patrol members to

    participate fully in the Wood

    Badge course and to achieve all

    they possibly can.

    Represent the patrol as a member

    of the Patrol Leaders’ Council


    Set a good example by living up to

    the Scout Oath and Law.

    Practice using the leadership and

    team skills being taught during

    Wood Badge presentations.

    Ensure that daily patrol self assess-

    ments are carried out in a timely,

    effective manner.

    Provide patrol members with all

    the resources and information

    they need. Empower the patrol to

    become a high performance team.

    See that the patrol is prepared for

    all course presentations and activi-


    Have fun!

    Assistant Patrol Leader

    Assume the responsibilities of the

    patrol leader whenever the patrol

    leader is unavailable or unable to

    do so.

    Encourage patrol members to fully

    participate in the Wood Badge

    course and to achieve all they can.

    Assist the patrol leader in empow-

    ering the patrol to become a high-

    performance team.

    Set a good example by living up to

    the Scout Oath and Law.

    Have fun!

    Patrol Scribe

    Provide interesting and timely

    material about the patrol to the

    publisher of The Gilwell Gazette,

    the daily newspaper of the course.

    Set a good example by living up to

    the Scout Oath and Law.

    Have fun!

    Patrol Chaplain Aide

    In concert with the chaplain aides

    of the other patrols and the assis-

    tant Scoutmaster assigned to coor-

    dinate their efforts, the patrol

    chaplain aide will:

    Learn what resources are available

    that can be used for religious ob-

    servances during the course and

    make that information available to

    the rest of the patrol.

    Develop and help present the

    participants’ Scouts’ Own religious


    Assist in conducting other religious

    observances that may arise during

    the Wood Badge course, including

    grace at meals and daily reflec-

    tions within the patrol.

    Set a good example by living up to

    the Scout Oath and Law.

    Have fun!

    Patrol Member

    For a patrol to succeed as a high-

    performance team, each of its

    members must:

    Fully participate in the Wood

    Badge course experience and

    achieve all he or she possibly can.

    Practice using the team develop-

    ment skills introduced during-

    Wood Badge presentations.

    Help his or her patrol meet its

    obligations to fulfill assignments,

    including the development and

    presentation of the patrol project.

    Set a good example by living up to

    the Scout Oath and Law.

    Have fun!


  • The Course Director and Scout Master fo

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