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The FIS Digital Business Banking Roadmaps April 13, 2017 Digital Finance Product Management

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  • The FIS Digital Business Banking Roadmaps

    April 13, 2017Digital Finance Product Management

  • Agenda



    Key Business Drivers

    Mobile Token

    Updated User Experience

    Business Mobile Roadmap

    Business Account Management (BAM)

    Business eBanking (BeB) Roadmap


  • Institutions are challenged with:

    Protecting customers from the

    emerging threat landscape

    Providing tailored, personalized experiences

    Delivering on expectations for real-time

    Creating data-driven connections and

    value across converged channels

    Driving new revenue streams

    Increasing engagement and loyalty

    Expectations are rising

    The Competitive

    Landscape Is Changing


  • Drive Innovation and Expand Digital Capabilities

    Grow Sales and Increase Engagement

    Enhance Security and Reduce Fraud

    Expand Real-time Offerings

    Enable Data-driven Marketing and Analytics

    Create Operational Efficiencies

    Our VisionProvide industry-leading digital solutions that keep our clients

    competitive and relevant with the top financial institutions


  • FIS Digital Drives Growth


    136%PEOPLE PAY (P2P)



    Annual Growth

    *Includes Mobile, Online and ePayments Clients (Q3 2016)


  • Mobile Tokens

  • Mobile Token Use RSA Phone Experience


  • Mobile Token Activation RSA

    1. Download app, select mobile operating system, and

    enter device ID

    The user is instructed to download the RSA SecurID mobile

    app. Once opened, the application presents the users unique

    24-character device ID.

    The user selects their mobile devices operating system and

    enters the device ID to continue.

    2. Scan QR code

    The user scans the QR code using the

    RSA SecurID mobile app.


  • Mobile Token Activation RSA (continued)


    4. Passcode validation

    The user validates their passcode

    and continues to the BeB welcome

    page upon successful activation.

    3. Set up PIN

    The user establishes a unique PIN.

  • Business eBanking (BeB) Updated User Experience

  • Updated User Experience


    Phased delivery

    (Concept Prototype)

  • Navigation


    (Concept Prototype)

    Current BeB

    New BeB

  • Business Mobile Banking

  • Single Digital Finance Experience

    Business Mobile Approvals

    Business Mobile Positive Pay

    Company ID Refactor (v3.5)

    Out of Band Authentication at Logon (v3.5)

    Business Mobile v4.1 (Pilot)

    2016 year in review


  • Top of mind issues for corporate treasurers (269 surveyed) and bank service providers (515 surveyed)

    Source: AFP 2016 Outlook

    64% 64% 62%Education, increased pressure

    on investments in securityComplex sales, demand for

    higher end solutions; integration

    Changing user expectations

    and experience

    Understanding and mitigating

    cybersecurity/cyber risks, etc.

    Implementation of New


    Talent Acquisition and


    Changing User Expectations in Competitive Market


  • Changing Workforce in Corporate Finance and Treasury

    Employment of financial managers is projected to grow 7 percentfrom 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations

    Employment of accountants and auditors is projected to grow 11percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for alloccupations.

    U.S. Bureau Labor of Statistics

    When asked which technologies they would like to seeemployers incorporate into their organizations, Millennial andGen Z respondents said social media (41.4%), wearables(26.5%), virtual reality (26.1%), and robotics (20%).

    Forbes, September 13,2016


  • Q1 2017

    FIS Digital Solutions

    Hero images

    Highlight your brand

    Express a mood or tell a story


    Users will be introduced to 4.1s navigation and accounts


    Locations search automatically populates the map using the customers locations

    Faster performance through quicker functioning that provides greater ease-of-use

    Positive user experience drives engagementand builds customer loyalty


  • Planned projects Q2 2017

    FIS Digital Solutions

    Business Mobile

    Transaction OOBA Approvals (pilot)

    Large # of accounts (pilot)

    App Store feedback (pilot)

    Bill Payment manage payees (pilot)

    Note: Some features listed are future candidates 18

  • Business Mobile

    Touch ID for Apple & Android (pilot)

    Digital Marketing Platform (pilot)

    Hero Image Self-Service Tool



    Candidate projects Q3 2017

    FIS Digital Solutions

  • Business Mobile

    - Business calculators (pilot)

    - Batch Approvals (pilot)

    - Digital Receipts (pilot)

    - Digital Marketing Platform (pilot)

    - mPromote


    Candidate projects Q4 2017

    FIS Digital Solutions

  • Digital Finance Business User Experience


    Initiate and Manage Payments

    Notifications and Push Alerts

    User and Admin Self-Service

    Client Input driving roadmap forward

  • 22

  • Business Account Management (BAM)

  • Overview

    Business Account Management


    For deposit accounts and DESA accounts, BAM will allow existing online banking customers to

    Open and fund



    The FI can determine the types of deposit accounts their customers can open online

    The FI can determine the type of activity requests that can performed by account type

    Account management interfaces with the core deposit system to present the product types and agreements available for configuration

  • Bank options

    Business Account Management


  • User experience

    Business Account Management


  • Business eBanking 2017 Roadmap

  • Completed Projects


    ACH Prenote effective date

    Large statement

    Make performance improvements to allow for customers

    with 100+ accounts have access list most recent

    statement by account type

    DirectLink Merchant SSO (pilot)

    General availability expected in Q2 2017

    Q1 2017

  • Scheduled Projects


    Business Account Management

    General availability

    DirectLink Merchant SSO

    General availability

    Soft/mobile tokens Vasco (Pilot)

    ACBS Weblink SSO (Pilot)

    Multi ABA support (AKA controlled disbursement improvements)

    DAT user ID improvements non-email addresses user ID support

    Multi transfer improvements

    Update the user experience to NOT allow for the creation of a transfer with more than 19 transfers

    Q2 2017

    Q2 2017

    Same Day ACH External Transfers

    MKE ACH ACH reporting NOC compliance enhancement

    ARPPA improvements

    Allow approver to see the details of the positive pay

    issue file before approving

    Payee Positive Pay software upgrade

    Payee Positive Pay desktop check analyzer tool support

  • Planned Projects


    ACBS Weblink SSO (general availability)

    Soft/mobile tokens Vasco (general availability) & RSA (pilot)

    ImageCentre Remittance Lockbox SSO (pilot)

    Same Day ACH phase 2

    Debit support

    ACH Positive Pay for MKE ACH

    ARPPA improvements

    Enhance the reversal & post function in BST to

    prompt user that a correction cannot be made when a

    check cannot be reversed due to statement cycle.

    Deposit Escrow Reporting improvements

    Allow for viewing of entire master structure (all Master

    IDs and all subs)

    Allow for the configuration and display of multiple

    account summary fields (Total # & $ Debits, Total # & $

    Credits and Ledger Balance)

    Print all statement feature

    Wire improvements

    Set default page views for approve wires

    Sequential wire confirmation numbers

    Q4 2017

  • Roadmaps


    Roadmaps are updated quarterly and can be found on the client portal


    BeB path

    Product Information>Product Management>Business eBanking>Product Roadmaps

    Business Mobile path

    Product Information>Documentation>FIS Mobile Banking Services>FIS Mobile Banking Roadmap Documentation

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