The First Day of School

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<p>The First Day of school</p> <p>Characters: Narrator, Teacher Enchanted, Claire, Edson, Girl, Mother SCRIPT:Narrator: Claire lived in a very faraway land where children studied to fix stars, to be doctors of flowers, and to be magicians. The first time Claire went to school, she was very afraid. She didnt know anybody and classes had already started. Her legs were shaking, but she had to say goodbye to her mother, and went right in to school.</p> <p>Teacher Enchanted: Sit down, Claire. Lets see Edson, do you remember yesterdays lesson?</p> <p>Narrator: Edson stood up and very seriously he said. Edson: Mini, mini, mini pibi, let there appear a delicious chocolate candy bar. Suddenly, instead of a chocolate bar, a piece of candle appeared. Everybody, even Claire were laughing and yelling.</p> <p>Everybody: He made a mistake! He made a mistake!</p> <p>Teacher Enchanted: Who wants to help Edson?</p> <p>Girl: I will! Mini, mini, mini quiliti, let there appear a delicious chocolate candy bar.</p> <p>Narrator: Everybody clapped when an enormous choclate bar appeared.</p> <p>Teacher Enchanted: Now let`s play a game called the flying jump. If you dont know the spell you will not be able to fly. Listen everybody: maraca, maraca, maraca zambaine let it fly, let it fly like a plane.</p> <p>Narrator: Some said the wrong spell and fell to ground but everybody laughed. Next, teacher Enchanted taught the children different spells, useful for every occasion. Claire was so excited that she raised her hand to tell a different spell:</p> <p>Claire: Star, lets, star, starlets, let the classroom be filled with stars.</p> <p>Narrator: Everybody clapped when thousands of stars filled the classroom. Then the children wrote all the spells in their notebooks to study them. Claire went happily back home, kissed her mother and told her about her first day of school.</p> <p>Mother: Did you like school, Claire?</p> <p>Claire: Yes, Mom, and I want to go back tomorrow and everyday.</p> <p>Characters: Narrator, Little Red Riding Hood, Mother, Wolf, Grandmother, WoodsmanSCRIPT: Narrator: Once upon a time there was a very beautiful blond girl who lived in a village near the forest with her mother. One day her grandmother gave her a very nice red riding cloak, that is why everybody in the village called her Little Red Riding Hood. One day Little Red Riding Hood: Did you call me, mother? Mother: Yes, Little Red Riding Hood. Your grandmother is very sick. I want you to go to her house and take her this little basket with some bread and honey. Little Red Riding Hood: Yes, mother. Mother: But dont stop in the forest, and dont talk to stranger. Do as I say, and get soon to your grandmothers house.</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: Yes, mother. Narrador: And Little Red Riding Hood went through the forest with the little basket for her grandmother who lived in a nearby village. Along the way, she saw many beautiful flowers in the forest.</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: Oh, what a beautiful flowers! I will take some to my grandmother.</p> <p>Narrator: She left the little basket in the ground to pick up some flowers, when suddenly</p> <p>Wolf: Good morning Little Red Riding Hood! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: Good morning, Mr. Wolf.</p> <p>Wolf: Where are you going so early?</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: I am going to my grandmothers house to take her this little basket with some bread and honey.</p> <p>Wolf: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha and does your grandmother live far from here, Little Red Riding Hood?</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: Oh no, Mr. Wolf, she lives just across the forest in the first little house in the village the one with the white door.</p> <p>Wolf: Good-bye, Little Red Riding Hood. I hope she gets better. And look, do you see that road?</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: Yes,I do.</p> <p>Wolf: Just follow that road and you will get soon to your grandmothers house.</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: Oh, yes I will, thank you!</p> <p>Wolf: Good-bye, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!</p> <p>Narrator: Little Red Riding Hood kept looking for flowers disobeying her mother who told her not to stop in the forest and to get soon to her grandmothers house. Meanwhile, the wolf knocked at Little Red Riding Hood grandmotherhouse.</p> <p>Grandmother: Whos there?</p> <p>Wolf: Its me grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood, and I brought you a basket with some bread and honey.</p> <p>Grandmother: Come in my little daughter, push the door.</p> <p>Narrator: As soon as the wolf entered he gobbled up Little Red Riding Hood s grandmother. Then he put on a nightgown, jumped into bed and waited for the little girl. A few minutes later Little Red Riding Hood arrived at her grandmothers house. She knocked at the door.</p> <p>Wolf: Whos there?</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: Grandmother, its me, your granddaughter, Little Red Riding Hood. I came to bring me a little basket with some bread and honey.</p> <p>Wolf: Come in my little daughter, push the door.</p> <p>Narrator: Little Red Riding Hood entered the little house. She went straight to her grandmothers room, and in the bed there was the Wolf dressed with her grandmothers clothes.</p> <p>Wolf: Come in, my little girl. Rest for a while</p> <p>Narrator: Little Red Riding Hood sat in a chair, and looked at her grandmother.</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: Oh, grandmother how large arms you have!</p> <p>Wolf: They are to hug you better, darling.</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: Oh, grandmother, how big legs you have!</p> <p>Wolf: They are to run faster, sweety.</p> <p>Little Red Riding Hood: Oh, how big ears you have, grandmother!</p> <p>Wolf: They are to hear you better, honey. Little Red Riding Hood: And how big eyes you have! Wolf: To see you better, Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood: Oh, grandmother, and why do you have those big teeth and that big mouth? Wolf: They are to eat you better! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Narrator: And the Wolf gobbled up Little Red Riding Hood. Then the wolf fell asleep. Meanwhile a woodsman was passing by the little house, when he saw the door opened. He entered, looked for the old lady, and then he saw the wolf. Woodsman: Oh! The wolf is sleeping! And hes so fat! I hope I am on time! Narrator: Then he took the wolf by the neck and made him spit out the poor Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood who were still in one piece. Little Red Riding Hood: Oh, thank you, good woodsman. Grandmother: This will be a lesson for you, Little Red Riding Hood. Now you will never disobey your mother again.</p>