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A Skate4Cancer fanbook made by supporters for the whole S4C team.

Text of The Dream

  • The dream.

    Skate4Cancer fanbook.

    February 2012

  • Introduction Hello everyone! We are very excited to share this with you. This

    e-book is filled with stories of Skate4Cancer supporters from

    around the world.

    Thank you so much for helping us to make this idea become a

    reality! We're very happy to be involved with such incredible


    We hope you have tissues somewhere, because you'll need them!

    Polona & Tara

    Here we go

  • Ashley(Alberta): After losing my Grandfather to lung cancer, on top of a series of other losses in

    my family, certain aspects of my life were altered -- and not necessarily for the

    better. Though I learned from these things, and am a better person for it now,

    those times weren't exactly positive ones, and by some stroke of luck, during

    that time I stumbled across Skate4Cancer. I'd heard about the organization

    before, but never really looked into it, and upon reading their mission

    statement, I think it's safe to say my life was changed. And for the better this


    I now have a print out of that statement, pinned up on my wall. Reading it I felt

    such an incredible connection and a sense of hope, an indescribable sense of

    hope. I started skateboarding that summer, and Skate4Cancer became

    something I held on to. It felt like a light, when things were dark. I followed the

    New Zealand and Australia skate, checking the blog every day, and as things in

    my family got worse in some ways, and better in others, I found myself

    wanting to contribute something to the cause. The cause that had been

    helping me and giving me hope, not just through my experience with loss due

    to cancer, but gave me hope that I could be a good person, and follow my

    dreams, just like Rob had. And I'm sure it's a unanimous opinion when I say we

    all know that Rob is easily the most big-hearted, empathetic, strong, and

    simply beautiful person to ever touch the lives of others.

    Wanting to share my connection, and help others, I organized a Skate4Cancer

    event in my hometown in Alberta. Alberta is a pretty boring place, and lots of

    kids turn to drugs and cigarettes to kill time, and having lost my Grandfather

    to lung cancer, I wanted to tackle that. I wanted to promote Skate4Cancer so

    that maybe someone like me, who could use a light in their life, could find one.

    I wanted to share Skate4Cancer to promote cancer prevention too, to get kids

    to stop smoking, to agree with the fact that "the cure is knowledge." I wanted

    to do my part, and be proud to support Skate4Cancer, and help promote them.

    It was the least I could do after all they had done for me.

  • Unfortunately, after months of planning and trips to skate parks and events to

    advertise my event, lack of interest and some legal conflicts forced me to

    cancel. I had planned a mini skate (just a few kilometers), and a barbecue. Out

    of all the pamphlets I handed out, and all the skate shops and events I visited,

    only two or three people were committed to participating, and I had found out

    too late in the planning process that I needed legal permissions to skate the

    strip of highway I intended to.

    Although I am saddened by the fact that young people here just didn't seem to

    get it -- I had some people sneer at my pamphlets, I had some kids straight up

    refuse to quit smoking, it doesn't change what Skate4Cancer did for me. I hope

    that maybe, one of my pamphlets in my hometown reached someone who,

    even if they didn't contact me or didn't agree to skate, looked up

    Skate4Cancer. And I hope that the word of the organization spread, and

    helped someone, in some way. And knowing that I made a real, genuine effort

    to change something in my city gave me a sense of accomplishment, even if

    the event wasn't a success.

    I now have a Skate4Cancer tattoo, and I take pride in explaining what the

    organization is to people who ask me what it means. I suppose this story is my

    way of extending an incredibly heartfelt thank you, to Rob and those at

    Skate4Cancer for doing what they do. The cause is an incredible one, and I

    know for a fact that I am not the only life they have touched.

    I say with confidence now that the hardships I did face at that time, are over. I

    had the strength to move on and move forward, all on my own, but nothing

    will compare to that little light, that hope that Skate4Cancer was to me. Rob

    is, without a second thought, my hero. And if there were one person I could

    wish all the happiness and prosperity in the world on, it would be him. I've met

    him once at Warped Tour, but I'd love to meet him again, to shake his hand

    and thank him. And of course, catch that incredibly contagious smile of his.

  • Karen (Switzerland): ''That day I

    met Rob Dyer in beautiful Paris'' I had planned for month to travel from Switzerland to Paris to meet some of

    my friends who live there during my Summer holidays and was really sad to

    learn that I was going to miss Rob for juste a couple of weeks. And when, a few

    weeks before going there, I saw that tweet saying the meeting was postponed

    and would be on June 26th 2011 I couldnt have been happier in that moment

    because I was going to meet one of my role models.

    It took us quite some time to find the right hill where the meeting point was (it

    was in a huge park with dozens of hills and it was crazy hot that day) but I

    finally got there with my two friends!

    I remember seeing him from afar and having the biggest smile ever and that

    feeling of pure joy growing in my stomach. I was so nervous before going to

    talk to him because I had a million of ideas of things I wanted to say but they

    wouldnt come out of my mouth. And acting that way was so stupid because

    he is the most genuine persone I have ever met and after a few seconds, all my

    silly thoughts disapeared and it felt like I was talking to a friend.

    I also remember thinking that you could just see the kindness in him from his

    smile. He has the sweetest smile and its contagious.

    He asked us how and when we heard first about Skate4Cancer and asked

    about nice places in Paris and cities that they were going to skate in and some

    other random things. And then we took a picture with him, hugged him

    goodbye and let him talk to other supporters that were waiting for their turn to

    talk to him.

    It went all very quick but it was enough for me to realize how amazing he is and

    how much he inspires me in becoming a better and even more kind person.

    And from that day on, I consider that moment as one of the best day of my life

    because it truly changed me.

  • So thank you Rob for all your hard and amazing work. Thank you to the

    Skate4Cancer team, too, because you are all amazing for being part of such a

    great organization.

  • Nicki (Alberta, Canada): ''I finally

    met my idol.''

    August 12th, 2011, I met one of my idols. Rob Dyer. He was at the All Time Low

    concert selling Skate4Cancer merch, trying to get the word out about

    Skate4Cancer, what they do and stand for. He was handing out pamphlets

    with information about Cancer. When I asked for a picture with him, he said

    yes with a big smile on his face. He was just so upbeat and happy about what

    he was doing. After the picture he gave me a hug and thanked me. I was too

    tongue tied to say anything other than thank him also. There was so much I

    wanted to say to him, like thank-you for what you do, youre a huge inspiration

    to me, and youre story is such a sad but good one. If I could change a thing

    about meeting him, I would just tell him how much he and Skate4Cancer mean

    to me. All I can say is keep up the great work Rob! And I hope you can open the

    DreamLoveCure center soon! That center will do wonders to people dealing

    with Cancer!

  • Janja (Slovenia):

  • Camille (France): ''Rob made sure

    he talked to everyone and gave so

    many hugs I stopped trying to count


    I lost my grandmother when I was a child, my grandfather had to deal with it, such as my uncle and a lot of people I care(d) about, may they have been from my family or not. But the biggest loss I had to deal with was the one of my father. I've been missing him everyday for almost two years now, and I will probably always do.

  • He was my hero, and he's still the person I look up to the most. He was an incredible human being, the kindest person I've ever known. He's fought for two years before finally pass away exactly a week after his 47th birthday. I'll never forget that day. This is when I decided to change. I think and hope I became a better person thanks to him. I got tattooed "Dream Love Cure" in his memory exactly one year after that, which was my first tattoo of a long list. I met Rob last June at the "Skate de France" kick off in Paris, and it was just amazingly perfect. He took time to make sure to talk to everyone, hear everyone's stories and give so many hugs I stopped trying to count them. I hope Skate 4 Cancer gets way bigger in the future. It's an organization everyone should know about, and I'll always try my best to spread the word about it. I hope they'll be able to open centers in a lot of foreign countries to sensitize youngers about cancer.

  • Natalie:

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