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By Erika Roberts The Dewey Decimal System

The Dewey Decimal System

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The Dewey Decimal System. By Erika Roberts. What is it?. The system is broken into 10 subjects Each subject is assigned a “call number” Every book is assigned a smaller number or “decimal” according to author name and subject. Examples. Biography. Non Fiction. Fiction. Religion. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Dewey Decimal System

ByErika RobertsThe Dewey Decimal System

The system is broken into 10 subjects

Each subject is assigned a call number

Every book is assigned a smaller number or decimal according to author name and subjectWhat is it?ExamplesFiction

Non Fiction




PsychologyThe Dewey Decimal System works in decimals. Each book is given a number based on the classification of the book.

Examples of classification: General Knowledge, Psychology and Philosophy, Literature, ectHow does it work?Source: wikipedia.com5Melvil Dewey created the system for book organization.

Used in most public libraries.

Created in New York, 1851.

Who and When?Source: Wikipedia.com, http://www.slais.ubc.ca/COURSES/libr517/02-03-wt2/projects/dewey/P1Section1.htm6000 Generalities 010 Knowledge020 The book030 Systems040 Data processing and Computer science050 Computer programming, programs, data 060 Special computer methods 070 N/A080 N/A090 N/A

000 Computer science, information, and general worksSources: Wikipedia.com7110 Metaphysics 120 Epistemology, causation, humankind 130 Paranormal phenomena, Occult 140 Specific philosophical schools 150 Psychology 160 Logic 170 Ethics (moral philosophy) 180 Ancient, medieval, Oriental philosophy190 Modern Western philosophy100-Philosophy and PsychologySource:http://www-lib.nearnorth.edu.on.ca/dewey/ddc.htm8210 Natural theology220 Bible230 Christian theology240 Christian moral & devotional theology250 Christian orders & local church260 Christian social theology270 Christian church history280 Christian denominations & sects290 Other & comparative religions200-Religion300 Sociology and anthropology310 General statistics320 Political science330 Economics340 Law350 Public administration 360 Social services; associations 370 Education 380 Commerce, communications, transport 390 Customs, etiquette, folklore300-Social Studies410 Linguistics 420 English & Old English 430 Germanic languages German 440 Romance languages French 450 Italian, Romanian languages 460 Spanish & Portuguese languages 470 ltalic languages, Latin 480 Hellenic languages, Classical Greek 490 Other languages400-Language510 Mathematics 520 Astronomy & allied sciences 530 Physics 540 Chemistry & allied sciences 550 Earth sciences 560 Paleontology, paleozoology 570 Life sciences 580 Botanical sciences 590 Zoological sciences500-Natural sciences & mathematics600 General technology 610 Medical sciences and medicine 620 Engineering & allied operations 630 Agriculture 640 Home economics & family living 650 Management & auxiliary services 660 Chemical engineering 670 Manufacturing 680 Manufacture for specific uses 690 Buildings600-Technology 13710 Civic & landscape art720 Architecture 730 Plastic arts, sculpture740 Drawing & decorative arts 750 Painting & paintings (museums) 760 Graphic arts, printmaking & prints, postagestamps 770 Photography & photographs 780 Music 790 Recreational & performing arts700-The Arts810 American literature 820 English & Old English literatures 830 Literatures of Germanic languages 840 Literatures of Romance languages 850 Italian, Romanian literatures 860 Spanish & Portuguese literatures 870 Italic literatures, Latin 880 Hellenic literatures, Classical Greek 890 Literatures of other languages800-Literature & rhetoric900 World History 910 Geography and travel 920 Biography, genealogy, insignia 930 History of the ancient world 940 General history of Europe 950 General history of Asia, Far East 960 General history of Africa 970 General history of North America 980 General history of South America 990 General history of other areas900-Geography & history16SourcesWikipedia.comwww-lib.nearnorth.edu.on.ca/dewey/ddc.htmGoogle.com/imagesGoogle.com

If there are more sources that I forgot to list, I do not own any of the information found on this slide. All the information was found on sites that I searched on Google.