The Death Penalty is Justifiable for Some Crimes

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Foro temtico en ingles acerca de la pena de muerte


<p>The death penalty is justifiable for some crimesThe death penalty is one of the most serious penalties and ancient of the history. Currently, in 23 countries it applies this conviction, especially in countries like China, Congo, USA and Iran. The death penalty has been regarded as a judicial punishment, and is related to the execution of a criminal who has committed a crime very seriously, usually murder, drug trafficking, offend or leave a religion, and corruption. Many people defend it as a just punishment and a way to reduce these crimes to instill fear in potential offenders. But for me, there are particular reasons for being partially in favor and against.Against: Everyone has the right to take away the life of another human, even if he has committed an atrocity. If we are willing to say that the criminal makes a wrong to kill another human, we must be willing to say that killing is equally bad. The justices State is under their convenience. On many occasions it has sentenced to death a people by their ideologies and thoughts are against the state. I believe that the law mustnt only punish criminals, but also it should focus on preventing people from committing crimes. Finally, the courts make mistakes, and the history is full of cases of innocent men wrongfully convicted.In favor: Social Utility. The death penalty is a deterrent act, thus, the people feel intimate to commit a crime because they know their respective punishment. I considerer the atrocious must be punished in this penalty.The foregoing is my thinking, I respect other opinions because we are talking about a very subjective issue, which affects the ethics and moral, political and ideological position, religion, culture and type of each profession people.</p>


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