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  • Vol. XXVIIII March 4, 2011 St. Petersburg, Florida Issue 9


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    March 4, 2011 Vol. XXVIIII Iss. 9

    2 Friday, March 4, 2011

    BY ASHLEY DANIELSAsst. News Editor

    Coach Herman Boone, the inspiration behind the movie Remember the Titans, recently spoke to Eckerd students about di-versity. The Afro American Society, Campus $FWLYLWLHVDQGWKH2IFHRI0XOWLFXOWXUDO$I-fairs sponsored the affair as part of the Col-lege Program Series, and it happened to be one of the better-attended events. Sopho-more Arielle Burger said, I feel that Re-member the Titans is a popular and well-NQRZQPRYLHDQGLWGHQLWHO\KDVLQVSLUHGmany of us in one way or another. I believe that everyone wanted to meet the man who started it all.

    In 1971, America was going through troubled times with the Vietnam War, the Pentagon Papers, the murders of the Black Panthers and the Supreme Court ruling on the Swann v. Charlotte 0HFNOHQEXUJBoard of Ed-ucation case, which legiti-mized busing as a method to achieve de-segregation. Boone united the T.C. Wil-liams Titans.

    It was a time, he said, when many people in America felt they had a reason to wake up angry every single day.Tensions ran high in Alexandria, Va.,when three high schools were merged into one senior high school, putting black students in the same school as whites.

    Not only was race an issue but the stu-dents were also competitive rivals. The community knew that the Titans were go-ing to be the test. Boone, who came from 1RUWK &DUROLQD ZKHUH KH ZRQ YH VWDWHchampionships, said, I was scared to death. Ive always believed there is no difference in coaching a kid of a different race, [but] I had never coached a white kid. The Titans, along with Boone, had to set the tone for the rest of the community.

    The evening at Eckerd began by showing one of the most memorable clips from the movie, the 3 a.m. run through the swamps

    WR WKH*HWW\VEXUJ EDWWOHHOG ,W LV DW WKLVpoint in the movie that players and coaches QDOO\ SXW WKHLU GLIIHUHQFHV DVLGH DQG EH-come a team. However, Boone was quick WR WHOO WKH DXGLHQFH WKDW WKH OP VFHQH LVDisneynesque. I might be crazy, said Boone, but I aint stupid to run through the swamps at 3 oclock in the morning. But Boone did take the Titans to Gettysburg, on a bus. The lesson from Gettysburg and the Civil War, he said, was one nation, the rea-son he took the Titans to the historical site. 0D\EHLIWKHSOD\HUVVDZZKHUHVROGLHUVKHVDLGZKRGLGQWOLNHHDFKRWKHUPHWWRJKWthey could put their differences a side and come out as one team.

    I always told them that a team is a group of people with one vision, with one objective and by God, one heartbeat, and if I hear two heartbeats in this room Im gonna kill one of them suckers, Boone said.7KH DXGLHQFHZDV OOHGZLWK IDQV RI WKH

    movie. As Senior Daria Hall said, When I put the program together, I didnt realize that that many people on campus loved the movie and story as I did. But for Boone, there were two very special audience mem-bers, Kirk Barker and Tom Lewis, who were a part of the 1971 team. These men were RULJLQDO7LWDQV7ZRRIWKHQHVWPHQZKRhave ever put on a Titan uniform, said Boone. Two men who embraced diversity when diversity was not a word. Barker and Lewis helped break the mold in Virginia. These men stood by me, Boone said, and was the real inspiration of the blockbuster movie. People in the audience could feel the love Boone had for these men. Freshman Kelsey Spaulding said, It clearly displayed the relationship Coach Boone had with his players.

    In 2000, the Titans set up a foundation called 71 Original Titans with a goal to sup-port kids from de-pressed neighbor-hoods by offering them scholarships toward secondary education.

    For Boone, the 1971 Titans team will always be spe-cial.

    I was chosen to coach some in-credible young kids whose deci-sion to embrace diversity and ac-

    cept the soul of an individual who did not look like he or did not talk like he rather than reject that person based on the color of his skin, he said. Im a part of developing what we now call diversity, and I am very proud to have had a role in that. But more than anything else, because of their deter-mination to win, they found that in order to win they had to accept their brother.

    The Titans won that year. They won every game they played. In ten of the regular sea-son games their opposing team didnt score. Barker said, There was a pride factor in try-ing to get shut-outs. But the eighth game of the season, which was depicted in the movie as the championship game, was the closest one the Titans would see. Fighting together as a united team to come out on top proved to be the turning point of the season and re-sulted in them going to the state champion-ship.

    Each player had to face discrimination, bias and anger, yet they came together as a team to show the community what diver-sity truly was. The decision these men made to get along shocked the world because it proved that men and women of different races could work together, successfully. Di-versity is not about race, rather age, sexual orientation, economic standing, gender but never about the color of a persons skin. As Burger said, We are all different and in or-der to work together we have to appreciate these difference in each other.

    Boone said, I believe that diversity is all about who you are as an individual, then it creates respect, where respect becomes trust, and trust is the emotional glue that combines all communities together.

    So Boone asked the young people as edu-cated students of Eckerd CollegeWhen you encounter injustice, dont forget to speak up and speak out about it.

    Online Now:o Omega attacked from the sea; SPPD investigating

    Remember the Titans Coach Boone speaks to students about diversity

    photo by Ashley Dan-iels

    Coach Boone speaks in Fox Hall.

    o Review of The Mechanic


    in the Go Pavilion? I know this seems like a silly question, but I am legitimately concerned about this decision because I have many friends and colleagues who have fallen be-FDXVHRIWKHVOLSSHULQHVVRIWKLVSODVWLFRRU,KDYHQRWLFHGWKDWWKLVRRUZKHQLWLVH[SRVHGWRWKHHOHPHQWVDQGLVfrequently used by sweaty basketball players, becomes very wet, very quickly and is therefore quite hazardous...I have been wondering why it was necessary to put in plastic RRUVZKHQFRQFUHWHRRUVZRXOGKDYHEHHQVDIHUDQGOHVVH[SHQVLYH"

    Lukas Kucinski

    I wasnt aware of that, Eastman says of the slipperiness of the new courts. He adds that when he was alerted of the ques-tion, he passed on the students concerns to Fred Sabota, as-sistant dean of students for Campus Activities, who is work-ing on a solution to the problem, such as a kind of mopping system that would be available to students. The fact is, the only surface that would not be slippery would be concrete, says Dean of Students Jim Annarelli. Or asphalt, which en-vironmentally is just a nightmare. He adds that while the courts can be slippery, its something were concerned about and are going to be addressing. Regarding the selection of WKHRRULQJVXUIDFHZKLFKLVPDGHE\6SRUW&RXUW$QQDUHOOLexplains, We wanted a surface that had a bit of give to itit guards against stress fractures, for instance, if one is really SOD\LQJKDUG,WVQRWRRULQJWKDWZDVFKRVHQZLWKRXWDORWRIthought, without a lot of consultation.

    Eastman says that the contractors (Cannon Design), have designed more athletic venues than anyone else includ-ing the main venue for Olympic trails in Colorado.

    There are rumors about having to re-do the GO Pavil-LRQWKDWWUXH"

    Brianna Dickinson

    No, says Eastman, we just did it. Were not going to re-do it.

    What is being done to encourage more professors of dif-IHUHQWHWKQLFEDFNJURXQGVWRFRPHWRWHDFKDW(FNHUG"

    Daria Hall

    It [diversity] is somethingwe talk about all the time, says Eastman. Every opening for faculty the academic dean

    appoints a search committee of faculty in that discipline, or closely related to that discipline, he explains. Each of those groups is charged to do everything the