The Creation and Application of Digital Storytelling for All Grade Levels

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The Creation and Application of Digital Storytelling for All Grade Levels. ICE 2009 Presenters: Dr. Beth Moore & Vicki Mast Franklin College. Topics of discussion on Digital Storytelling:. Storytelling process Technology tools to use at all grade levels Examples of student work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Creation and Application of Digital Storytelling for All Grade Levels

The Creation and Application of Digital Storytelling for All Grade LevelsICE 2009Presenters: Dr. Beth Moore & Vicki MastFranklin College

1Topics of discussion on Digital Storytelling:Storytelling processTechnology tools to use at all grade levelsExamples of student work

Digital Storytelling can hook students by making learning come alive!2What is Digital Storytelling?Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. [University of Houston]

Digital Storytelling contains some mixture ofcomputer-based imagestextrecorded audio narrationanimationvideo clipsand/or music

Digital Storytelling can vary in length from 2-10 minutes. 3 Daniel Meadow, a British photographer, educator, and digital storyteller, defines digital storytelling as short, personal multimedia tales told from the heart. [University of Houston] http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu4Why use Digital Storytelling?hooks students on learninggeared toward all grade levels (K-Post Secondary)can be used with non-readers, ESL, ELL studentsaddresses how digital imaging & photographs can expand the role of the teacher and learners, not just the mere use of technology5Why use Digital Storytelling?reinforces educational skillsreading, writing & public speakingresearch, documentation & organizationcooperative learning & problem solving21st century technology skills (applied to your content = technology integration)

Source: use Digital Storytelling?multimedia can improve comprehensionbenefits the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learnersengages studentsbetter retention, multiple senses stimulated

Sources: to Digital StorytellingDefine, Collect, DecideSelect, Import, CreateDecide, Write, Record, FinalizeDemonstrate, Evaluate, Replicate

Source: is how we used Digital Storytelling to hook the freshmenEDU 124-Introduction to American Education/spring semester~ fun way to use technology to tell a story using images~ go to web and find existing information on a subject they were interested in

Minimum Requirements:~ 1 video clip~ 1 still image~ 1 music clip or voice over~ 1 video transition~ 1 video effect~ 2-3 minutes in length

Technology used:~ Windows Movie Maker (required)~ YouTube Downloader (optional)~ Any Video Converter (optional)~ iTunes (optional)~ Audacity (optional)

9and we continue to use Digital Storytelling asSophomores: EDU 222 Child Development and Educational Psychology /fall semester

Juniors: EDS 326/327 Instructional Strategies I & II SCI 334/335 Science & Elementary Teaching I & II EDE 344/345 Teaching and Learning Literacy I & II EDE 365/366 Mathematics Methods for Elementary Teachers I & II

Seniors: EDE 444 Social Studies Methods (Virtual Tour)

10Examples Pre-School

11Additional Resourceshttp://eduscapes.com the search feature on the website to find additional links, over 50 at this time.

12Additional Resources

13Conference Materials are Available ON: