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  • The Contact Sheet Page March 2008 June 2006


    © The Photographic Society of Chattanooga and its Contributors. The contents of The Contact Sheet are copyrighted. No material herein may be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the Editor or the material’s specific contributor.

    March 2008 The Contact Sheet

    Newsletter of the Photographic Society of Chattanooga

    Don McGowan to Present Seeing the Near and Far - The Beauty of the Wide-angle Landscape: A Creative Journey

    Thursday, March 20 6:30 PM: Social

    7:00 PM: Program East Ridge

    Community Center

    Guests Welcome

    D on McGowan, a native Georgian, became a pro- fessional nature photographer in 1994 when his work was judged "Best of Weekend" at a

    Great American Photography Workshop in Gatlinburg, TN. Prior to that time, he had been in traditional business and pursuing photography as a personal hobby -- combining it with his life-long love of nature, hiking and backpacking. Don's transition into full-time professional photography in- cluded brief stints in studio photography and photo- journalism until he became the Staff Photographer for Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 1998. During his 4-year tenure there, he photographed the beauty of the Park and chronicled many activities and events of the National Park Service employees in both North Carolina and Tennessee.

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    Image Evaluat ion SessionImage Evaluat ion SessionImage Evaluat ion Session 6:00 PM Thursday, March 20

    Before the PSC Meeting Come early this month and you'll have a chance to get an image (any format: print, jpg digital or slide) evaluated by two experienced photographers from our club. Bob Bratton and Mark Wurst have volunteered to do the evaluations. This will be an informal session to hear what other photographers suggest to improve that image, so come regardless of what your experi- ence level is and see what suggestions they have. Or just come to listen and learn. See you there.

    From the President, PSC Member/Visitor News, Volunteer Opportunities, Meeting Notices


    Don McGowan, Old Newsletters Online, Conferences 3

    Favorite Place: Brookgreen Gardens by Bob Bratton 4

    Call for Entries at Blackwell Exhibit, 5

    Suggestions to Prepare for April 26 Art Show Digital Questions & Answers, Wilderness Wildlife Week ‘07


    PSC Dates to Remember, Field Trips, Event and Seminar Opportunities, Outdoor Chattanooga Activities



    Favorite Place page 4 © Bob Bratton

    Kephart Prong © Don McGowan


    Monday, April 28 6:30 - 9:00 pm

    If you would like to present a travelogue

    e-mail Angela Dillard

  • The Contact Sheet Page 2 March 2008

    From the President... New MembersNew MembersNew Members

    John & Mary Hayes Mohan Rao Nicholas & Sandra Richards

    VisitorsVisitorsVisitors Scott & Emmie GentryScott & Emmie GentryScott & Emmie Gentry C. J. & Deecy JacqueminC. J. & Deecy JacqueminC. J. & Deecy Jacquemin Josh GilreathJosh GilreathJosh Gilreath William NitschkeWilliam NitschkeWilliam Nitschke Robert GinnRobert GinnRobert Ginn Reba ParkerReba ParkerReba Parker Alan GoslenAlan GoslenAlan Goslen Catherine & Michael PriceCatherine & Michael PriceCatherine & Michael Price Carla GuerraCarla GuerraCarla Guerra Serena SmithSerena SmithSerena Smith Mel & Susan HughesMel & Susan HughesMel & Susan Hughes

    Grandfather Sunrise

    © Don McGowan

    John L. Jackson, PSC Board Member and Director of Publicity, will be attending the 2008 National Arts Action Summit in Washington, DC March 31 - April 1. He will have the opportunity to participate in all Arts Advocacy Day events, including training workshops, the congressional arts breakfast, and the Nancy Hanks lecture on arts and public policy.

    Arts Advocacy Day is the only national event designed to bring together a broad cross section of America's national cultural organizations in order to underscore the impor- tance of developing strong public policies and appropriating increased public funding for the arts, humanities, and arts education, as well as other programs within the federal government that have an impact on the visual and perform- ing arts.

    Leslie O'Rear and her daughter Christy Marre from France attended the opening of "Small Works" at Hanover Gallery. They are pictured in the March edition of In the City maga- zine in the Around Town photo section. Beryl van den Bergh, one of PSC's newest members, is a commercial photographer who moved to Chattanooga from Atlanta last May. Her work featuring juxtapositions involving the interaction of two images is on exhibit at Bill Shores Frames and Gallery on Manufacturers Road.

    PSC Board and members extend deepest sympathy to Vickie and Mel Aragon in the death of Vickie’s mother Sarah Cooley Saturday, March 1. Memorial contributions may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105-1942.

    WOW! If you missed the February meet- ing you missed quite an event! Nikon went all out to produce a video of our speaker, Mark Alberhasky. It was a re-

    cord night for visitors (15) and total attendance (90+). We simply had no expectation that attendance would be dou- ble that of previous meetings! Thank you for coming out on such a cold, rainy night. To anyone who had to stand or leave due to crowded conditions, please accept my sincere apology. I'd like to especially thank Milton McLain for working with Nikon and doing such a good job man- aging the constantly changing environment, and every- one who stepped in to offer assistance to him. Lastly, the board was very surprised to discover after-the-fact that Bob Ginn, Executive Vice President of PSA, was in atten- dance. He is currently traveling the country visiting PSA clubs. I'd like to share with you a comment he emailed to Pat Gordy that I feel truly reflects the spirit of PSC, "Your club and its members were very much what I enjoy see- ing as I travel the country - Friends with friends having a fine time while enjoying the photography we all come to see". Bob, if you read this, please come back and visit any time! We will be back in our regular room at ERCC this month, I hope to see you there!

    Angela Dillard, President

    PSC Board/Committee Meetings All meetings will be held in the 2nd floor boardroom of the Hamilton Place JC Penney store. Any PSC member may attend these meetings.

    PSC Board: March 27, 6:15 PM The PSC Board meets the last Thursday of each month. If you are a board member and cannot attend, please let Angela Dillard ( know by the evening before the board meeting.

    PSC Digital Committee: April 3, 6:30 PM The PSC Digital Committee meets the first Thursday of each month. If you are a member of this committee and cannot attend, please let Bob Bratton ( know by the eve- ning before the committee meeting.


    !" Director on PSC Board (completion of term ending September, 2009)

    !" Special Events Chairman !" Website Committee volunteers !" Volunteers to present 20 minute travelogue or pro-

    gram at a Senior Center

    Contact Angela Dillard ( or Mil- ton McLain ( if you are inter- ested in knowing more about these opportunities to sup- port PSC.

    Grandfather Mountain Nature and Photography Weekend: May 3 - June 1

    On-line registration April 1

    www.grandfa ther .com/ planning_your_visit/events/ nphoto.php

  • The Contact Sheet Page 3 March 2008 June 2006

    Little River Reflection © Don McGowan

    Sunset Hurricane River

    © Don McGowan

    Old Newsletters Online By John Brooks

    If you've looked at the newsletter section of the PSC website recently you may have noticed that there are a lot more old newsletters available. I have been scanning the old news- letters from my collection into pdf’s and Mickey Rountree has made them available online. We now have very good coverage back through 1991, and more will be added in the coming months. You might find it interesting to look at some of these and get a flavor of what activities the club has done over the years and the people who were involved. There is quite a lot of good historical infor- mation contained in them. I hope you enjoy them! We would like to continue this effort as far back in time as we can go. The club has a collection that goes from 1985 back to June of 1962. T. Fred Miller has provided a great col- lection to fill in from 1985 to 1988. If you have any old newsletters, please check for the following issues that are needed now. We especially need some from 1989 and 1990. Newsletters needed: 1991 Jan, Feb 1990 Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Aug, Sep, Nov, Dec 1989 ALL NEEDED Jan thru Dec 1988 Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 1987 Feb 1985 Jul, Nov 1984 Dec 1983 Dec 1981 Sep 1980 Nov 1979 Feb 1978 Dec 1977 Jan 1976 Jan, Apr, May, Jun, Jul 1975 Jan, May 1974 Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, Dec