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Mastering RAW; All You Need to Know From Capture to Print


ln associaIion wiIh-!34%2).'2!7All you need Io know, Irom capIure Io prinI"%9/.$4(%"!3)#3Advanced Iechniques Io Iake your phoIography Io Ihe nexI level!$/"%,)'(42//-ln-depIh Iour oI Ihis IanIasIic new kAW soIIware2!72/5.$50Guide Io Ihe besI kAW processing soIIware4(%#/-0,%4%'5)$%4/2!70(/4/'2!0(93 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW AugusI 200So kAW lnIroducIion WhaI is kAW, and how can iI benehI your phoIography?6 ShooIing kAW lI's easier Ihan iI seems Io change Ihe way you shooI8 Managing hles Row Io bring order Io your kAW hles!0 Processing hles keady Io sIarI enhancing your kAW hles? lollow our 20 hrsI sIeps in kAW processing!4 8eyond Ihe basics Advanced Iechniques Io Iake your phoIography Io Ihe nexI level!6 Adobe LighIroom We walk you Ihrough Ihe key IeaIures oI Ihe exciIing new kAW soIIware. Why noI download Ihe beIa and geI involved? 20 kAW LdiIor kound-up Rere's Ihe key IeaIures oI a selecIion oI some oIher kAW processing programs 22 OuIpuIIing hles 1here are some greaI ouIpuI opIions available. We Iake a look aI IhemDI1DkIAL 1AMditor Nigel AIherIon Contributing ditor !amie RarrisonWriter Philip AndrewsProduction ditor !acqueline PorIerArt & Design Simon WarrenADDI1IDNAL IMAC5Philip Andrews AdobeCcnLcnLslI you're a regular reader oI WDC you'll have heard a loI abouI kAW phoIography. lI's a meIhod oI working designed Io exIracI Ihe maximum image qualiIy Irom your digiIal phoIos. MosI cameras process each picIure as iI's Iaken so IhaI you geI an image IhaI's virIually ready Io prinI sIraighI ouI oI Ihe camera. 8uI in doing so some oI Ihe inIormaIion IhaI was capIured by Ihe sensor is discarded. 8y shooIing in Ihe kAW hle IormaI you bypass Ihe in-camera processing and reIain all Ihe daIa collecIed by Ihe sensor. ShooIing in kAW involves a sIeep learning curve, buI iI is ulIimaIely worIhwhile Ior phoIographers who value image qualiIy above all else.1haI's where we come in. We've prepared Ihis comprehensive guide Io working in Ihe kAW IormaI - iI Iells you everyIhing you need Io know, Irom sIarI Io hnish.8uI iI you'd like even more guidance and inIormaIion visiI our websiIe aI www.whatdigita|, where you'll also hnd a selecIion oI QuickIime movie IuIorials covering many oI Ihe Iopics IeaIured here.NigeI Atherton7%,#/-%CONTENTSc0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAWln associaIion wiIh-!34%2).'2!7All you need Io know,IromcapIure Io prinI"%9/.$4(%"!3)#3Advanced IechniquesIo Iake your phoIographyIo Ihe nexI level!$/"%,)'(42//-ln-depIh Iour oI Ihis IanIasIicnewkAWsoIIware2!72/5.$50Guide Io Ihe besI kawprocessing soIIware4(%#/-0,%4%'5)$%4/2!70(/4/'2!0( 0Ulck7lM M0Vl 7U70klAL5 0N kAW c0NVk5l0N 7cHNl0U5ICo to and cIick on DownIoads4 1he CompleIe Guide 1o kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.comMost D5Lks, and more and more high-end compact cameras provide the option for switching from the traditionaI capture formats of IPC and 1Iff to kAW. 1hls capLure ormaL glves phoLographers more conLrol over Lhe dlglLal phoLos Lhey creaLe by Laklng back a bunch o processlng sLeps LhaL unLll now have been handled by Lhe camera and placlng Lhem rmly ln Lhe hands o Lhe phoLographer. 1hls oers more creaLlve opLlons and poLenLlally beLLer cuallLy conLrol, buL along wlLh Lhls exlblllLy comes lncreased responslblllLy. WHA1 lS kAW!All slngle shoL dlglLal cameras (excepL Lhose uslng Lhe loveon chlp) conLaln a sensor made up o a grld, or maLrlx, o llghL-senslLlve slLes. Lach slLe responds proporLlonaLely Lo Lhe amounL o llghL hlLLlng lLs surace. 8y recordlng and analyslng each o Lhese responses a Lone ls aLLrlbuLed Lo each sensor poslLlon ln Lhe grld. A dlglLal plcLure can Lhen be creaLed rom Lhe range o scene brlghLnesses ocused Lhrough Lhe lens onLo Lhe sensor's surace. 1hls process resulLs ln a monochrome (black, whlLe and grey) lmage as Lhe CCD or CMOS sensors Lhemselves cannoL record Lhe colour o Lhe llghL, only Lhe amounL o llghL hlLLlng Lhe sensor slLe.1o creaLe colour, a small lLer ls added Lo each o Lhe sensor slLes. ln mosL cameras Lhese lLers are a mlxLure o Lhe Lhree prlmary colours ked, Green and 8lue and are lald ouL ln a deslgn called a 8ayer paLLern. lL conLalns 2S/ red lLers, 2S/ blue and S0/ green (Lhe hlgher percenLage o green slmulaLes Lhe human eye's senslLlvlLy Lo Lhls parL o Lhe vlslble specLrum). Uslng Lhls sysLem Lhe varlous elemenLs o a scene are recorded as a maLrlx o red, green and blue plxels o varylng brlghLnesses. 1he phoLo ln Lhls ormaL ls whaL we generally reer Lo as a kAW le. lL conLalns lnormaLlon abouL Lhe brlghLness and colour o Lhe WhaI is kAW and whaI are Ihe advanIanges oI capIuring in Ihis IormaI Ior Ihe phoIographer? PhiIip Andrews explains all).42/$5#4)/.4/2!7scene buL ln a orm LhaL can'L be readlly edlLed or enhanced wlLh sLandard phoLo soLware. UnLll Lhe currenL lnux o kAW-enabled dlglLal cameras and soLware, phoLographers were bllssully unaware o Lhe exlsLence o such les, as Lhe lmages LhaL Lhey recelved rom Lhelr cameras were already converLed rom Lhe kAW sLaLe Lo Lhe much more amlllar (and useable) !lLG or 1lll orm. 1hls converslon occurs as an lnLegral parL o Lhe capLure process where Lhe raw daLa comlng rom Lhe sensor ls used Lo creaLe a ull 2!7)NTRODUCTIONc0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAWkAW hles diIIer Irom oIher hles in IhaI some opIions IhaI are hxed during Ihe processing oI 1llls,!PLGs eIc can be changed losslessly wiIh kAW. 1hink oI kAW hles as having Ihree disIincI secIions:L camera 0ata (a.k.a LXll or meIadaIa):lncludes Ihings such as camera, shuIIer speed and aperIure deIails, mosI oI which cannoI be changed;Llmage 0ata:recorded in-camera,buI can be changed in a kAW ediIor. Changeable opIions include colour mode, whiIe balance, saIuraIion, conIrasI and applicaIion oI sharpness. L7he lmage:1he daIa drawn direcIly Irom Ihe camera's sensor siIes in a non-inIerpolaIed (8ayer paIIern) Iorm. lor mosI cameras, Ihis daIa is supplied wiIh a I6biI colour depIh, providing many more colours and Iones Ihan Iound in a sIandard 8biI !PLG or 1lll camera hle. Aboe: A RAR lle is ccrcse1 c llree arls: lle lrace, lle Oarera Dala ar1 lle lrace Dala 0Ifferences hcLwccn k^W and cLhcr crnaLs2!7#/.6%23)/.A RAR lle is lle lclc ccrerle1 rcr ils aralccte lecirrircs ltl slill searale1 irlc lle Baer allerr sc llal eacl serscr sile rereserls cre cclctr crlS 1he CompleIe Guide 1o kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.comA0VAN7A05ou geI Io use Ihe Iull Ional and colour range capIured by Ihe camera.ou can remove many oI Ihe hle processing decisions Irom Ihe camera Io Ihe deskIop where more Iime and care can be Iaken in Iheir execuIion. 1his includes:L WhiIe balance changesLRighlighI, shadow and mid Ione ad|usImenIsLApplying sharpnessLManipulaIing saIuraIionLColour mode (skG8, Adobe kG8 eIc) swiIchesLDe-moir improvemenIs ou creaIe and save Ihe mosI comprehensive digiIal picIure hle - 'digiIal negaIive'- currenIly available.ou can make image daIa changes such as a swiIching whiIe balance seIIings wiIhouI image loss. 1his is noI possible wiIh non-kAW IormaIs as Ihe whiIe balance resulIs are hxed in Ihe camera processed hle. ou can 'upscale'using primary image daIa (sIraighI Irom Ihe sensor) raIher Ihan pre-processed inIormaIion which arguably leads Io beIIer resulIs.0l5A0VAN7A05 8igger hle sizes on your camera's memory card.Raving Io process Ihe images beIore use back aI Ihe deskIop.ln some cases needing specialisI kAW processing soIIware Io converI hles in addiIion Io your image-ediIor package.Working in kAW is more Iime consuming, especially posI-capIure.Some knowledge is needed Io make Ihe mosI oI Ihe benehIs oI kAW.res & cens c ShccLnc kawcolour lmage. Speclal algorlLhms are employed Lo change Lhe 8ayer paLLerned daLa Lo a sLandard kG8 orm. ln Lhls process Lhe correcL colour value or each plxel ls 'guessLlmaLed' uslng Lhe lnormaLlon rom Lhe surroundlng red, green and blue slLes. 1hls process ls called lnLerpolaLlon and works exLremely well on mosL cameras. So when you opL Lo save your lmages ln !lLG or 1lll ormaLs Lhls capLure and lnLerpolaLlon process happens lnLernally ln Lhe camera each Llme you push Lhe shuLLer buLLon. SelecLlng kAW as your preerred capLure ormaL sLops Lhe camera rom processlng Lhe colour-separaLed (prlmary) daLa rom Lhe sensor and slmply saves Lhls daLa Lo your memory card. 1hls means LhaL Lhe ull descrlpLlon o whaL Lhe camera 'saw' ls saved ln Lhe lmage le and ls avallable Lo you or use ln Lhe producLlon o cuallLy lmages. X1kA Pk0CSSlNC S1PSounds greaL, doesn'L lL` 8uL whaL's Lhe caLch` Well, kAW les have Lo be processed beore Lhey can be used ln a sLandard lmage-edlLlng appllcaLlon llke lhoLoshop. New appllcaLlons llke Adobe's LlghLkoom and Apple's AperLure can enhance kAW les wlLhouL rsL converLlng Lhem buL or Lhe mosL parL serlous edlLlng can only Lake place on a converLed kAW le. So you wlll need Lo employ a speclal kAW converLer. 1hese programs come as elLher sLandalone pleces o soLware or as a dedlcaLed eaLure ln your avourlLe edlLlng package. Some can process les rom capLure devlces o several manuacLurers, oLhers are resLrlcLed or use wlLh slngle camera models only. Deslgned Lo allow you Lo Lake Lhe unprocessed kAW daLa dlrecLly rom your camera's sensor and converL lL lnLo a usable lmage le, Lhese edlLors also provlde access Lo oLher lmage characLerlsLlcs LhaL would oLherwlse be locked lnLo Lhe le ormaL. varlables such as colour space, whlLe balance, lmage sharpness and Lonal compensaLlon (conLrasL and brlghLness) can all be accessed, edlLed and enhanced as parL o Lhe converslon process. WH 801Hk!So why noL usL sLlck Lo !lLG` 1he answer ls Lwoold: beLLer lmage cuallLy and more creaLlve conLrol. Armed wlLh Lhe Lop-cuallLy kAW-edlLlng soLware now avallable, and a kAW-enabled camera, phoLographers can make consldered udgemenLs abouL Lhe many varlables LhaL aecL Lhe plcLure converslon, provldlng cusLomlsed plcLure-by-plcLure soluLlons never posslble ln-camera. 1he real advanLages o enhanclng your phoLos aL Lhe kAW sLage are LhaL Lhese changes are made Lo Lhe le aL Lhe same Llme as Lhe prlmary lmage daLa ls belng lnLerpolaLed Lo orm Lhe ull colour plcLure. LdlLlng aLer Lhe le ls processed (saved by Lhe camera ln 8 blL verslons o Lhe !lLG and 1lll ormaL), means LhaL you wlll be applylng Lhe changes Lo a plcLure wlLh ewer Lones and colours. And we all know Lhe beneLs LhaL such hlgh-blL edlLlng provldes. A second bonus or dedlcaLed kAW phoLographers ls LhaL acLlons llke swlLchlng rom Lhe whlLe balance opLlon selecLed when shooLlng, Lo anoLher cholce when processlng, are perormed wlLhouL any lmage loss. 1hls ls noL Lhe case once Lhe le has been processed wlLh Lhe lncorrecL whlLe balance seLLlng. MosL kAW converslon programs also conLaln several baLch processlng opLlons. 1hese allow Lhe user Lo seL general parameLers or a group o lmages and Lhen lnsLrucL Lhe program Lo process and save each le ln Lurn auLomaLlcally. 1hls ls a real Llme saver when you have Lo edlL a bunch o plcLures Laken under Lhe same condlLlons. Some soLware also lncludes Lhe ablllLy Lo shooL and adusL plcLures whlle your camera ls aLLached Lo Lhe compuLer. 1hls eaLure, usually reerred Lo as 'LeLhered' shooLlng, works well or sLudlo phoLography and has Lhe advanLage o bypasslng Lhe camera's memory card and savlng les dlrecLly Lo your associaIion wiIhBecre a RAR lle car le erlarce1 Will a slar1ar1 e1ilirc rccrar lle icltre las lc le irlerclale1 irlc a slar1ar1 ROB icltre crral. !lis ccrersicr rccess is tstall lar1le1 l a 1e1icale1 ccrersicr tlilil stcl as A1cle Oarera RaW 6 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.comlI you swiIch your camera Io kAW, you will need Io shooI diIIerenIly in order Io geI Ihe benehIs. 8uI iI's easier Ihan iI seems3(//4).'2!7|a|||| SJ Pro Be|ow: Rill RaW eralle1 careras, sWilclirc caltre crrals is tstall a sirle raller c raicalirc a cctle c Sel U rert aces lecre seleclirc lle reW lle crralSHOOTING2!7c0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAWnabIIng k^W capLurc 7hough the basic controIs such as focus, composition and exposure remain the same regardIess of the capture format you choose, the inherent differences in the characteristics of IPC and kAW mean that some changes in your shooting workow are warranted.CHANClNC 0Uk SH001lNC W0kkfl0W f0k kAW'Once l have swlLched my camera Lo kAW wlll Lhere be any change ln Lhe way LhaL l shooL`' Maybe. MosL experlenced phoLographers prlde Lhemselves on Lhelr ablllLy Lo conLrol all Lhe uncLlons o Lhe camera. OLen Lhelr dexLerlLy exLends beyond Lhe LradlLlonal conLrols such as aperLure, shuLLer speed and ocus Lo 'dlglLal only' eaLures such as whlLe balance, conLrasL and sharpness. lor Lhe besL resulLs Lhey manlpulaLe Lhese eaLures Lo maLch Lhe camera seLLlngs wlLh Lhe scene. lor lnsLance, a landscape phoLographer may add conLrasL, boosL saLuraLlon and manually adusL Lhe whlLe balance seLLlng o hls camera or a mlsLy valley shoL aL dawn. An avld Lravel phoLographer may reduce conLrasL and saLuraLlon and swlLch Lo a DayllghL whlLe balance seLLlng when conronLed wlLh Lhe oaLlng markeLs ln 1halland ln summer. lL has long been known LhaL such cusLomlsaLlon ls essenLlal l you wanL Lo make Lhe besL lmages posslble and are capLurlng ln a !lLG or 1lll ormaL. 8uL as we have seen, seLLlngs such as Lhese, Lhough xed ln 1lll and !lLG ormaLs, are ully adusLable when shooLlng kAW. lMPllCA1l0NS f0k CAP1Uk VAklA8lSWhaL does Lhls mean ln our day-Lo-day phoLography` Well, l aLer documenLlng some lnLerlors you orgeL Lo swlLch Lhe whlLe balance seLLlng rom LungsLen back Lo dayllghL beore sLarLlng Lo shooL ouLslde, all ls noL losL. 1he whlLe balance seLLlng used aL Lhe Llme o capLure ls recorded wlLh Lhe raw le buL ls only applled when Lhe plcLure ls processed. So when you open Lhe lmages ln a raw converLer Lhe plcLure ls WiIh mosI kAW-enabled cameras swiIching Irom one capIure IormaI Io anoIher is a simple maIIer oI enIering Ihe camera seI-up menu and selecIing Ihe kAW enIry Irom Ihe lmage QualiIy opIions. 1his opIion may also be accessed via a qualiIy Ioggle or swiIch elsewhere on Ihe camera.Some models also oIIer a choice beIween compressed and non-compressed versions oI Ihe hle. Compressing will mean picIures will Iake up less space on Ihe memory card, buI Ihe process oI compression resulIs in longer saving Iimes. 1his isn'I an issue unless you like Io phoIograph acIion, as Ihe exIra Iime Iaken Io compress Ihe hle will reduce Ihe Irames per second raIe oI your camera.1here are several cameras on Ihe markeI IhaI also have Ihe abiliIy Io save boIh kAW and !PLG versions oI Ihe same hle aI Ihe Iime oI capIure. 1his opIion can be a real Iime saver iI you need Io access your picIures quickly, buI Ihe IeaIure is less oI an advanIage iI you regularly perIorm many enhancemenI sIeps Io your hles as, in Ihe end, Ihe capIured !PLG will noI resemble Ihe processed kAW hle. 7 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.comreprIetary and Opcn k^W hc crnaLskAW enabIed cancraskAW fll X1NSl0NSCAN0N .CkW Nlk0N .NLCAN0N .Ck SlCMA .X k0DAk .DCk S0N .SkfUIl .k^ MlN0l1A .MkW0lMPUS .Ok AD08 .DNGN|kor 0Z00in associaIion wiIhprevlewed uslng Lhe capLure seLLlng (LungsLen) buL you can easlly selecL a dlerenL opLlon (ln Lhls example, dayllghL). And all Lhls happens wlLh no resulLanL loss ln cuallLy. Hooray! 1he same slLuaLlon exlsLs or conLrols such as conLrasL, saLuraLlon and, wlLh some cameras, sharpness. As beore, Lhe seLLlngs made aL Lhe Llme o shooLlng wlll be used as a basls or lnlLlal raw prevlews buL Lhese can be adusLed beore processlng. 1hls leads some people Lo belleve LhaL Lhey no longer need Lo pay aLLenLlon Lo Lhese shooLlng acLors, so Lhey leave Lhelr cameras seL Lo 'auLo everyLhlng', preerrlng Lo x any problems aL Lhe deskLop. OLher phoLographers conLlnue Lo conLrol Lhelr cameras on a shoL-by-shoL basls bellevlng LhaL an lmage capLured wlLh Lhe rlghL seLLlngs wlll save processlng Llme laLer. 8oLh approaches are valld and whlch sulLs you wlll largely be down Lo wheLher you would preer Lo spend your Llme manlpulaLlng your camera or compuLer. AI Ihe momenI Ihere is no one sIandard Ior a kAW hle IormaI. Lach manuIacIurer Iends Io have a version oI kAW IhaI is specihc Io Iheir own camera range. 1hey mainIain IhaI Ihis approach gives Ihem Ihe besI exibiliIy Io Iake advanIage oI consIanIly changing camera Iechnology while mainIaining compaIibiliIy and image qualiIy across Iheir producI range. ln lebruary 200S Adobe released a specihcaIion Ior a new non-proprieIary hle IormaI Ior sIoring camera kAW hles. 1he DigiIal NegaIive IormaI, or DNG, is being puI Iorward by Ihe company as a candidaIe Ior a common kAW sIandard IhaI boIh camera and soIIware manuIacIurers can adopI. MosI phoIographers believe IhaI Ihe new IormaI is a sIep in Ihe righI direcIion as iI brings compaIibiliIy and sIabiliIy Io Ihe area along wiIh Ihe assurance IhaI your raw hles will be able Io be opened long aIIer your camera has gone by Ihe wayside. 1o coincide wiIh Ihe new IormaI Adobe provided a Iree conversion uIiliIy (Ihe Adobe DNG converIer) IhaI can converI mosI common raw Iile IormaIs Io Ihe new deIaulI sIandard. kecenI upgrades oI boIh PhoIoshop,PhoIoshop LlemenIs and Adobe Camera kaw (Adobe's own raw converIer) now also mean IhaI all programs are DNG compaIible. ln Ihe pasI Iew monIhs Leica,Rasselblad,kicoh and Samsung have all released cameras IhaI capIure naIively in Ihe DNG IormaI.GeI your Iree DNG converIer here: CAN0N L LOS-JD L LOS-JDs L LOS-JD Mark ll L LOS-JDs Mark ll L LOS JD Mark ll N L LOS SD L LOS J0D L LOS 20D L LOS 20DaL LOS D30 L LOS D0 L LOS 300D (DlglLal kebelKlss DlglLal) L LOS kebel X1 (LOS 3S0DLOS Klss DlglLal N) L lowerShoL 00 LlowerShoL AS L lowerShoL AS0 L lowerShoL lro J L lowerShoL S30 L lowerShoL S40 L lowerShoL S4S L lowerShoL SS0 L lowerShoL S0 L lowerShoL S70 L lowerShoL GJ L lowerShoL G2 L lowerShoL G3 L lowerShoL GS L lowerShoL G L lowerShoL lro70 L lowerShoL lro90 lS C0N1AX L N DlglLal PS0N L k-DJ fUIlfllM L llnellx L900 L llnellx l700 L llnellx SS000 Z L llnellx SS200S00 L llnellx S90009S00L llnellx S7000 Z L llnellx S2 lro L llnellx S3 lro L llnellx S20 lro HASSl8lAD L H2D k0DAk L DCS J4n L DCS lro J4nx L DCS720x L DCS70 L DCS lro SLknL LasyShare l8S0 L LasyShare l880 k0NlCA MlN0l1A L Alpha SweeL DlglLal (!apan) L Alpha-S DlglLal (Chlna) L DlMAGL AJ L DlMAGL A2 L DlMAGL A200 L DlMAGL S L DlMAGL 7 L DlMAGL 7l L DlMAGL 7Hl L Maxxum Dynax SD (Lurope) L Maxxum SD (USA) L Maxxum 7DDynax 7D lAf IL ApLus 22 L valeo L valeo JJ L valeo J7 L valeo 22 llCA L DlglLal-Modul-k L D-Lux 2 L Dlgllux 2 MAMlA L ZDNlk0N L DJ LDJH L DJX L DJ00L D200 L D2H L D2Hs L D2X L DS0 L D70 L D70s L Coolplx S000 L Coolplx S400 L Coolplx S700 L Coolplx 8400 L Coolplx 8700 L Coolplx 8800 0lMPUS L L-J0 L L-J L L-20L L-S00L Sl-3J0L Sl-3S0L Sl-S00UZ L LvOL1 L-300 L C-S0S0 Zoom LC-S00 Zoom L C-7070 Wlde Zoom L C-8080 Wlde Zoom PANAS0NlC L DMC-lZ30 L DMC-LCJ L DMC-LXJ PN1AX L 'lsL D L 'lsL DSL 'lsL DS2 L 'lsL DL klC0H L Gk DlglLal SAMSUNC L lro 8JSSlCMA L SD9 L SDJ0 S0N L DSC-kJL DSC-l828 L DSC-v3 Hasse|b|a4's |atest caeras captare rat|e| |r t|e 0N0 forat8 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.com8y repIacing the Ie browser feature found in previous versions of Photoshop with the fuII feature 8ridge appIication, Adobe changed the way picture Ies were handIed. 8ridge is not just a tooI for viewing your photos, it is a key technoIogy in managing, sorting and enhancing those Ies. 1his pivotaI roIe is never more evident than when one is managing kAW Ies. Here we wiII Iook at some of the ways that you can bring order to your Ies using 8ridge. USlNC kW0kDS Keywords are slngle word descrlpLlons o Lhe conLenL o lmage les. MosL phoLo llbrarles use keywords as parL o Lhe way Lhey locaLe lmages wlLh speclc conLenL. 1he words are sLored ln Lhe meLadaLa assoclaLed wlLh Lhe plcLure. Users can allocaLe, edlL and creaLe new keywords (and keyword caLegorles) uslng Lhe Keywords panel ln Lhe 8rldge browser and llle lno paleLLe ln lhoLoshop. New keywords and keyword caLegorles (seL) can be added Lo Lhe Keyword panel by cllcklng Lhe New Keyword SeL and New Keyword buLLons aL Lhe boLLom o Lhe panel. UnwanLed seLs or keywords can be removed by selecLlng rsL and Lhen cllcklng Lhe DeleLed buLLon. Unknown keywords lmporLed wlLh newly downloaded or edlLed plcLures are sLored ln Lhe panel under Lhe OLher Keywords seL.kA1lNC AND lA8lllNC fllS One o Lhe many ways LhaL you can organlse Lhe raw les LhaL are dlsplayed ln Lhe 8rldge workspace ls by aLLrlbuLlng a label -!.!').'9/522!7&),%3Lo Lhe plcLure. ln CS2 Lhe labels opLlon ls supplled ln Lwo orms - a colour Lag, called a Label; or sLar raLlng, called a kaLlng. LlLher or boLh label Lypes can be applled Lo any plcLure. 1he label Lag can Lhen be used Lo sorL or locaLe lndlvldual plcLures rom groups o phoLos.Labels andor raLlngs are aLLached by selecLlng Lhe Lhumbnall(s) ln Lhe workspace and Lhen chooslng Lhe deslred label rom Lhe llsL under Lhe Label menu. Keyboard shorLcuLs are also provlded or each label opLlon maklng lL posslble Lo culckly apply a label Lo a Lhumbnall or group o Lhumbnalls. Or you can culckly add sLar raLlngs by cllcklng beneaLh Lhe Lhumbnall ln Lhe workspace. Labels can also be aLLached Lo plcLures ln Adobe Camera kaw and Sllde Show eaLures. S0k1lNC lMACS1he Lhumbnalls LhaL appear ln Lhe 8rldge workspace can be sorLed and dlsplayed ln varlous ways.8y deaulL Lhe plcLures are dlsplayed ln ascendlng order based on Lhelr lenames buL 8rldge provldes a varleLy o oLher opLlons ln Lhe View : 5ort menu. MosL o Lhe seLLlngs llsLed here are sel-explanaLory. Once a sorL enLry ls selecLed Lhe workspace ls auLomaLlcally updaLed and Lhe les reordered.ln addlLlon, Lhe ollowlng relaLed eaLures exLend Lhe conLrol LhaL you have over how your les are dlsplayed: L 1he Show opLlons ln Lhe vlew menu,L1he kaLlngs and Labels eaLures LogeLher wlLh Lhe lLerlng opLlons conLalned ln Lhe drop-down menu aL Lhe Lop rlghL o Lhe 8rldge workspace.flNDlNC fllS One o Lhe greaL beneLs o organlslng your plcLures ln Lhe 8rldge workspace ls Lhe huge range o search opLlons LhaL Lhen become avallable Lo you. SelecLlng find rom Lhe LdlL menu dlsplays Lhe llnd dlalogue. Here you wlll be able Lo nomlnaLe whaL you wanL Lo search or, Lhe Row Io use 8ridge Io organise your kAW hlesDOWNLOADING2!7c0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAW9 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.comcrlLerla or Lhe search, whlch older you wanL Lo search ln, whaL Lype o meLadaLa Lo search and nally whaL Lo do wlLh Lhe plcLures LhaL maLch Lhe search crlLerla.1o locaLe plcLures wlLh speclc keywords, lnpuL Lhe LexL lnLo Lhe llnd eaLure ln 8rldge, seLLlng Keywords as Lhe locaLlon or Lhe search. 1o orm a search based on a raLlng level selecL Lhe dit : find eaLure and choose kaLlng, ecual Lo, greaLer Lhan, less Lhan and Lhe sLar value as Lhe crlLerla. M1ADA1A PANl 1he MeLadaLa panel ln 8rldge dlsplays a varleLy o lnormaLlon abouL your plcLure. Some o Lhls deLall ls creaLed aL Llme o capLure and oLher parLs are added as Lhe le ls edlLed. 1he meLadaLa lncludes llle lroperLles, ll1C (copyrlghL and capLlon deLalls), LXll (camera daLa), GlS (navlgaLlonal daLa rom a global poslLlonlng sysLem), Camera kaw seLLlngs and LdlL HlsLory. 1o dlsplay Lhe conLenLs o each meLadaLa caLegory cllck on Lhe slde-arrow Lo Lhe leL o Lhe caLegory headlng. 1he daLa dlsplayed ln Lhls paleLLe, such as Lhe copyrlghL, descrlpLlon, auLhor and capLlon lnormaLlon, can be edlLed here or vla Lhe fiIe : fiIe Info dlalogue ln lhoLoshop, and Lhe range o conLenL Lypes ArchIvIng k^W hcs wLh DNG dlsplayed ln Lhe paleLLe ls conLrolled by Lhe selecLlons ln Lhe MeLadaLa lreerences ln 8rldge. M1ADA1A 1MPlA1S 1he meLadaLa opLlons ln CS2 also allow users Lo creaLe and apply groups o meLadaLa seLLlngs Lo lndlvldual or groups o les. 1he seLLlngs are creaLed, saved and applled as a meLadaLa LemplaLe. 1hls really speeds up Lhe managemenL o Lhe many les Laken durlng shooLlng sesslons, all o whlch need Lo have shooL, locaLlon, cllenL and copyrlghL deLalls aLLached.1o creaLe a LemplaLe, open an example lmage ln lhoLoshop and Lhen dlsplay Lhe llle lno dlalogue. Add your own deLalls and lnormaLlon lnLo Lhe edlLable areas o Lhe varlous daLa secLlons ln Lhe dlalogue.NexL, selecL Lhe 5ave Metadata 1empIate opLlon rom Lhe pop-up menu LhaL appears aLer presslng Lhe sldeways arrow aL Lhe Lop rlghL o Lhe dlalogue. 1he new LemplaLe wlll be added Lo Lhls menu, allowlng you Lo easlly append exlsLlng deLalls ln lhoLoshop by openlng Lhe plcLure's llle lno dlalogue and selecLlng Lhe LemplaLe rom Lhe pop-up menu. 1he same LemplaLe can be applled Lo several plcLures by mulLl-selecLlng Lhe Lhumbnalls and Lhen chooslng Lhe deslred LemplaLe rom Lhe llsL avallable ln Lhe pop-up menu ln Lhe MeLadaLa lanel ln 8rldge. 1he LemplaLe les LhaL you creaLe are sLored ln XML ormaL and are saved Lo a MeLadaLa 1emplaLes older ln DocumenLs and SeLLlngs\User\AppllcaLlon DaLa\Adobe\XMl or Wlndows associaIion wiIh8y now iI should be plain Io see IhaI Ihe kaw IormaI has many advanIages Ior phoIographers, oIIering Ihem greaIer conIrol over Ihe Ione and colour in Iheir hles, buI unIorIunaIely Ihere is no one sIandard available Ior Ihe specihcaIion oI how Ihese kaw hles are saved. Lach camera manuIacIurer has Iheir own avour oI raw hle IormaI. 1his can make Ihe long-Ierm managemenI oI such hles a liIIle Iricky. WhaI happens, Ior insIance, iI over Iime Ihe specihc IormaI used by your camera Ialls ouI oI Iavour and is no longer supporIed by Ihe ma|or ediIing packages? Will you be able Io access your picIure conIenI in Ihe IuIure? Adobe developed Ihe DNG or DigiIal NegaIive hle Iype Io help promoIe a common kaw IormaI IhaI can be used Ior archival as well as ediIing and enhancemenI purposes. 1he company hopes IhaI Ihe specihcaIion will be adopIed by Ihe ma|or manuIacIurers and provide a degree oI compaIibiliIy and sIabiliIy Io Ihe raw IormaI area. AI Ihe momenI Rasselblad, Leica, kicoh and Samsung have all produced cameras IhaI capIure in Ihe DNG IormaI, wiIh more predicIed Io Iollow. Adobe has included DNG ouIpuI opIions in boIh PhoIoshop CS2 and PhoIoshop LlemenIs 4.0 and also provides a DNG converIer IhaI can change many proprieIary camera kaw IormaIs direcIly Io DNG. 1he converIer is Iree and can be downloaded Irom ln addiIion Io providing a common kaw hle IormaI, Ihe DNG specihcaIion includes a lossless compression opIion which will help reduce Ihe space Iaken up wiIh Ihe Ihousands oI images IhaI phoIographers accumulaIe.0P1l0NS f0k SAVlNC 10 DNC 5aving to DNC from Adobe Camera kaw 1o save your kaw hles in Ihe DNG IormaI selecI Ihis opIion as Ihe hle Iype when saving Irom Ihe Adobe Camera kaw uIiliIy. Using the DNC converter MulIiple hles can be converIed Io Ihe DNG IormaI using Ihe Iree DNG ConverIer, available as a download Irom AIIer launching Ihe uIiliIy,selecI Ihe Source and desIinaIion direcIories and deIermine Ihe name and exIension Io be used wiIh Ihe converIed hles. 1he lasI seIIing in Ihe dialogue is Ihe Change PreIerences buIIon. Click here Io alIer Ihe deIaulI seIIings used Ior Ihe conversion. 1he laIesI version oI Ihe converIer oIIers Ihe opIion Io embed Ihe original kAW hle wiIhin Ihe dng conversion. 1his acIion will cause Ihe resulIanI hle Io be larger, as iI will conIain Iwo Iorms oI Ihe picIure, buI you geI an added sense oI securiIy knowing you can exIracI Ihe original hle laIer. I0 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW!702/#%33).'So how do you manually enhance your kAW hles? SIarI here...208ridge users can open Ihe kaw hle by righI clicking Ihe hle's Ihumbnail Ihen choosing Dpen With : Photoshop C52. Or imporI Ihe phoIo direcIly inIo ACk by righI clicking, Ihen selecIing Open in Camera kaw. 1his new CS2 only open allows Ior IasIer kAW processing as Ihe conversions Iake place wiIhouI Ihe need Io share compuIer resources wiIh PhoIoshop. Using 8ridge nsLcad2!7PROCESSINGc0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAW3 AND DPNINC 1H fIL IN LMN15SLarLlng ln Lhe lhoLo 8rowser or Organlzer workspace ln lhoLoshop LlemenLs, slmply rlghL cllck on Lhe Lhumbnall o Lhe kAW le and selecL Go Lo SLandard LdlL rom Lhe pop-up menu Lo Lranser Lhe le Lo Lhe LlemenLs' verslon o ACk ln Lhe LdlLor workspace. 4 kD1A1 kICH1 Dk Lf1Once Lhe kAW phoLo ls open ln ACk you can roLaLe Lhe lmage uslng elLher o Lhe Lwo koLaLe buLLons nexL Lo Lhe prevlew wlndow. 7he idea of processing your rst kAW Ie can be a IittIe daunting. Here, we walk you Lhrough Lhe process wlLh whaL ls arguably Lhe mosL wldely used converslon soLware - Adobe Camera kaw (ACk). lL comes ln Lwo sllghLly dlerenL avours, one shlpped wlLh lhoLoshop LlemenLs and Lhe oLher wlLh lhoLoshop and 8rldge. ! DPNINC 1H kAW fIL IN PHD1D5HDPOnce you have downloaded your kAW les rom camera Lo compuLer you can sLarL Lhe Lask o processlng. 1he kAW le ls noL ln Lhe ull-colour kG8 ormaL we are used Lo, so rsL you need Lo open Lhe plcLure lnLo a converslon uLlllLy or program. SelecLlng fiIe : Dpen rom lnslde lhoLoshop wlll lmporL Lhe phoLo lnLo Lhe Adobe Camera kaw (ACk) uLlllLy. 243J::II 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.comline Iune your resulIs wiIh Ihe 1emperaIure and 1inI sliders (below Ihe preseIs drop down menu). 1he 1emperaIure seIIings equaIe Io Ihe colour oI lighI in Kelvin - so daylighI will be SS00 and IungsIen 2800. Move Ihe slider leII Io make Ihe image cooler (more blue) and Io Ihe righI warmer (more yellow). 1he 1inI slider is a green Io magenIa scale. 8 ManuaI W8 adjusLncnLsin associaIion wiIhlraces cctrles c A1cle56978J0551kAICH1N HDkIZDN5 Dk Vk1ICAL5 lhoLoshopCS2 and 8rldge users can ne Lune Lhe roLaLlon o Lhelr plcLures wlLh Lhe SLralghLen 1ool. ALer selecLlng Lhe Lool, cllck and drag a sLralghL llne along an edge ln Lhe phoLo LhaL ls meanL Lo be horlzonLal or verLlcal. Upon releaslng Lhe mouse buLLon ACk creaLes a crop marcuee around Lhe phoLo. ou wlll noLlce LhaL Lhe marcuee ls roLaLed so LhaL Lhe edges are parallel Lo Lhe llne LhaL was drawn wlLh Lhe SLralghLen Lool. When you exlL ACk by savlng or openlng (lnLo lhoLoshop) Lhe plcLure, Lhe roLaLed crop ls applled.6CkDPPINC 1D 5UI1Also new Lo Lhe laLesL release o ACk whlch can be ound ln lhoLoshop CS2 or 8rldge ls Lhe Crop Lool. !usL selecL Lhe Lool, Lhen cllck and drag Lo draw a marcuee around Lhe plcLure parLs you wanL Lo reLaln. Use Lhe slde and corner handles on Lhe marcuee Lo adusL Lhe slze and shape o Lhe selecLed area. 1he crop ls applled upon exlLlng Lhe ACk dlalogue. lredened crop ormaLs are accessed by cllck and holdlng Lhe Crop Lool buLLon. 1here's also a CusLom opLlon where you can deslgn your own crops. 7Pk51 W8 CHANC5ou can opL Lo sLay wlLh Lhe WhlLe 8alance seLLlngs used aL Lhe Llme o shooLlng ('As ShoL') or selecL rom a range o llghL source speclc seLLlngs ln Lhe W8 drop down menu o ACk. Choose your seLLlng, or choose Lhe AuLo opLlon Lo geL ACk Lo deLermlne a seLLlng based on Lhe lmage currenLly dlsplayed. 9 WHI1 8ALANC 1DDL AnoLher culck way Lo balance Lhe llghL ln your plcLure ls Lo choose Lhe WhlLe 8alance Lool and Lhen cllck onLo a parL o Lhe plcLure LhaL ls meanL Lo be neuLral grey or whlLe. ACk wlll seL Lhe 1emperaLure and 1lnL sllders so LhaL Lhls plcLure parL becomes a neuLral grey and ln Lhe process Lhe resL o Lhe lmage wlll be balanced. When selecLlng llghLer Lones ensure Lhe area conLalns deLall and ls noL a blown or specular hlghllghL.!0 511INC 1H WHI1 AkA5 AdusL Lhe brlghLness wlLh Lhe Lxposure sllder. 1he seLLlngs are ln l-sLop lncremenLs; a + J.00 seLLlng ls eculvalenL Lo lncreaslng exposure by J -sLop. Use Lhls sllder Lo peg or seL Lhe whlLe Lones. our alm ls Lo llghLen Lhe hlghllghLs wlLhouL cllpplng (converLlng Lhe plxels Lo pure whlLe) Lhem. 1o do Lhls, hold down AlLOpLlon whlle movlng Lhe sllder. 1hls prevlews Lhe phoLo wlLh Lhe plxels belng cllpped agalnsL a black background. Move Lhe sllder back and orLh unLll no cllpped plxels appear buL Lhe hlghllghLs are as whlLe as posslble.I2 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.com2!7PROCESSINGc0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAW1he Shadows slider adusIs Ihe shadow areas oI Ihe image. Again Ihe aim is Io darken Ihese Iones buI noI Io converI (or clip) delicaIe deIails Io pure black. As wiIh Ihe Lxposure slider, Ihe AlI/OpIion key can be pressed while making Shadows ad|usImenIs Io preview Ihe pixels being clipped. Or use Ihe Shadow and RighlighIs Clipping Warning IeaIures Io provide insIanI clipping Ieedback on Ihe preview image. !! ^djusLnc Lhc shadcws!2 8kICH1N55 CHANC5 1he 8rlghLness sllder makes maor changes ln Lhe mldLone areas and smaller umps ln Lhe hlghllghLs. ln so dolng Lhls sllder ls less llkely Lo cllp Lhe hlghllghLs (or shadows). 1hls ls why lL ls lmporLanL Lo seL whlLe and black polnLs rsL wlLh Lhe Lxposure and Shadows sllders beore ne Lunlng wlLh Lhe 8rlghLness conLrol.!3 INCkA5INC/DCkA5INC CDN1kA511he ConLrasL sllder concenLraLes on Lhe mldLones ln Lhe phoLo. ConLrasL changes are besL applled aLer seLLlng Lhe whlLe and black polnLs o Lhe lmage wlLh Lhe Lxposure and Shadows sllders. !41D 5HAkPN Dk ND1 1D 5HAkPNSharpenlng should be applled as Lhe very lasL sLep ln Lhe edlLlng process and Lhe seLLlngs used need Lo maLch Lhe Lype o ouLpuL Lhe phoLo ls desLlned or. 1hls means lmages LhaL are noL golng Lo be edlLed aLer kAW converslon should be sharpened wlLhln ACk, buL plcLures LhaL are golng Lo be enhanced urLher should be sharpened laLer uslng Lhe speclallsL lLers ln lhoLoshop and LlemenLs. 1he sharpenlng conLrol ln ACk ls based on Lhe Unsharp Mask lLer and provldes an easy Lo use slngle sllder sharpenlng opLlon. A seLLlng o 0 leaves Lhe lmage unsharpened and hlgher values lncrease Lhe sharpenlng eecL based on kadlus and 1hreshold values LhaL ACk auLomaLlcally calculaLes vla Lhe camera model, lSO and exposure compensaLlon meLadaLa seLLlngs. !5 5A1UkA1IDN CDN1kDL1he SaLuraLlon sllder adusLs Lhe vlbrancy o Lhe colours. Movlng Lhe sllder Lo Lhe rlghL lncreases saLuraLlon, wlLh a value o +J00 belng a doubllng o Lhe colour sLrengLh ound aL a seLLlng o 0. keduce saLuraLlon by movlng Lhe sllder Lo Lhe leL, wlLh a value o -ff produclng a monochrome lmage. ND1: ln lhoLoshop or 8rldge's verslon o ACk Lhe Sharpness, Lumlnance SmooLhlng and Color Nolse keducLlon sllders are locaLed under Lhe DeLall Lab.J2J3JJJ4J5I3 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.comin associaIion wiIhAdebe camera kaw daccucI. Preview area 2. WhiIe 8alance seIIings 3.1onal conIrols 4.AuIo checkboxes Ior Ional conIrol S.SaIuraIion, 6.Sharpness and noise opIions 7.Zoom Iool 8.Rand Iool 9.WhiIe 8alance Iool I0.koIaIe buIIons II.Shadow and RighlighIs Clipping Warnings I2.Preview checkbox I3.Colour RisIogram I4.kG8 values readouI IS.OuIpuI opIions243JJ0 76958J5J3J2 JJ J4243JJ076958J5J3J2JJJ4J6!6kDUCINC NDI5ACk conLalns Lwo nolse-reducLlon conLrols. 1he Lumlnance SmooLhlng sllder reduces Lhe appearance o greyscale nolse - useul or lmprovlng lmages LhaL appear gralny. 1he second Lype o nolse ls Lhe random coloured plxels LhaL Lyplcally appear ln phoLos Laken wlLh a hlgh lSO seLLlng or a long shuLLer speed. 1hls ls reerred Lo as Chroma nolse and ls reduced uslng Lhe Color Nolse keducLlon sllder ln ACk. 1he nolse reducLlon eecL o boLh eaLures ls lncreased as Lhe sllders are moved Lo Lhe rlghL. When uslng Lhese Lools, zoom ln Lo Lhe lmage (aL leasL J00/) and check Lhe resulLs o your seLLlngs ln lmporLanL areas o deLalls. !7DU1PU1 DP1IDN5 1he secLlon below Lhe maln prevlew wlndow ln ACk conLalns Lhe ouLpuL opLlons seLLlngs. Here you can adusL Lhe colour depLh (8 or 6 blLs per channel), Lhe color space (lCC prole), Lhe lmage slze (malnLaln capLure dlmenslons or Lhe plcLure or slze up or down) and Lhe lmage resoluLlon (plxels per lnch or plxels per cenLlmeLre). NoLe: 1he lhoLoshop LlemenLs verslon o ACk only conLalns Lhe Colour DepLh ouLpuL opLlon.!8 DPNINC IN PHD1D5HDP Dk LMN151he lasL sLep ls Lo apply Lhe changes. 1hls can be done ln a varleLy o ways. 1he mosL baslc opLlon ls Lo process Lhe kAW le accordlng Lo Lhe seLLlngs selecLed, Lhen open Lhe plcLure lnLo Lhe edlLlng workspace o lhoLoshop or LlemenLs. LlemenLs users slmply selecL Lhe OK buLLon and lhoLoshop aclonados cllck Lhe Open buLLon. SelecL Lhls rouLe l you lnLend Lo edlL Lhe lmage beyond Lhe changes made durlng Lhe converslon. !95AVINC 1H PkDC55D kAW fILlhoLoshop users can save converLed raw les rom lnslde Lhe ACk dlalogue vla Lhe Save buLLon. 1hls acLlon opens Lhe Save OpLlons dlalogue whlch conLalns seLLlngs or lnpuLLlng lenames, chooslng le Lypes and exLenslons as well as le Lype speclc characLerlsLlcs such as compresslon. OpL or Lhls approach or asL processlng o mulLlple les wlLhouL Lhe need Lo open Lhem ln lhoLoshop. 1he same uncLlonallLy ls noL avallable or LlemenLs users. lnsLead Lhey wlll need Lo open (cllck Lhe OK buLLon) Lhe converLed le ln Lhe edlLor workspace and Lhen selecL fiIe : 5ave As.20APPLINC 1H kAW CDNVk5IDN 511INC58oLh verslons o ACk leL you apply Lhe currenL seLLlngs Lo Lhe kAW phoLo wlLhouL openlng Lhe plcLure. ln LlemenLs Lhls ls done by AlL-cllcklng Lhe OK buLLon. ln lhoLoshop, usL cllck Done. And no changes are made Lo Lhe underlylng plxels. When nexL Lhe le ls opened, Lhe applled seLLlngs wlll show up ln Lhe ACk dlalogue ready or changlng. J920J7J8HOTOSHO LLLMLNTSI4 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.com5o far we have taken a camera Ie in a kAW format and, using the features of Adobe Camera kaw (ACk) processed the image, enhancing coIour, tone and sharpness, next Iet's now Iook at some more speciaIised techniques that the professionaIs are using daiIy to speed up their workow whiIe maintaining the uItimate image quaIity. 2!702/#%33).'"%9/.$4(%"!3)#3WanI Io go IurIher? lollow Ihese pro Iechniques Io speed workow wiIhouI sacrihcing qualiIyJ 1o lighIen midIones buI no change Io highlighI and shadow areasCck and drac a nddc ccnLrc pcnL upwards2 1o darken midIones buI no change Io highlighI and shadow areas Cck and drac a nddc ccnLrc pcnL dcwnwards3 1o decrease conIrasI Cck Lc add a ccnLrc pcnL Lc Lhc nddc and Lhcn cck and drac a shadcw ccnLrc pcnL upwards and a hchchL pcnL dcwnwards4 1o increase conIrasI Cck Lc add a ccnLrc pcnL Lc Lhc nddc and Lhcn cck and drac a shadcw ccnLrc pcnL dcwnwards and a hchchL pcnL upwards5 1o lighIen shadows only Cck Lc add a ccnLrc pcnL n Lhc nddc and Lhcn cck and drac a shadcw pcnL upwards. Ncw adjusL Lhc nddc pcnL unL Lhc hchchL arca c Lhc nc s ancsL sLrachL acan. 6 1o darken highlighIs onlyCck Lc add a ccnLrc pcnL n Lhc nddc and Lhcn cck and drac a hchchL pcnL dcwnwards. Ncw adjusL Lhc nddc pcnL unL Lhc shadcw arca c Lhc nc s ancsL sLrachL acan. |eft: !le ariliar Otres ealtre ctr1 ir |lclcslc is rcW alsc aailalle ir A1cle Oarera RaWBe|ow: Otic| slarl ctres strrarAvAlLA8LL lN: ACk lOk lHO1OSHOl8klDGL Lxperlenced phoLographers who wanL a llLLle ner conLrol over Lhe Lones ln Lhelr plcLures oLen use Lhe Curves eaLure ln lhoLoshop. lL conLalns a graph-based workspace wlLh a llghL grey hlsLogram prevlew o Lhe plcLure's Lones and a sLralghL llne LhaL represenLs Lhe relaLlonshlp beLween lnpuL values and ouLpuL Lones. 8y manlpulaLlng Lhe llne ln Lhe curves dlalogue Lhe user can nely Lune Lhe appearance o dlerenL Lones ln Lhe phoLo wlLhouL unduly aecLlng oLher areas. Several kaw converLers such as Adobe Camera kaw (lhoLoshop and 8rldge) now conLaln curves eaLures so LhaL such ne-Lunlng sLeps can be applled Lo kaw les usL as easlly as sLandard lSD, !lLG or 1lll lmages. 1he eaLure ls locaLed under Lhe Curve Lab ln Lhe SeLLlngs area o Lhe ACk dlalogue. 1he user can selecL rom Lhree curve preseLs ound ln Lhe 1one Curve drop down menu or creaLe Lhelr own 'cusLom' seLLlngs. Do Lhls by cllcklng Lo place a conLrol polnL on Lhe curve and Lhen cllck-dragglng Lhe polnL Lo a new poslLlon Lo alLer Lhe Lones ln Lhls parL o Lhe lmage. #526%302/6)$%!$6!.#%$4/.!,#/.42/,536J 24#526%315)#+4)03BEYONDTHEBASICSc0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAWIS 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.comin associaIion wiIh1he verslon o Adobe Camera kaw ln lhoLoshop CS2 lncludes many new eaLures lncludlng Lhe ablllLy Lo open and process mulLlple raw les aL Lhe same Llme. lrevlous verslons o Lhe uLlllLy as well as Lhe verslon LhaL shlps wlLh lhoLoshop LlemenLs are only able Lo work on one le aL a Llme.1o process several les aL once, mulLl-selecL Lhelr Lhumbnalls ln Lhe 8rldge workspace and Lhen selecL fiIe : Dpen with Camera kaw (AlLOpLlon k). 1he rsL selecLed le ls prevlewed ln Lhe ACk workspace and hlghllghLed ln Lhe sllde Lable secLlon (leL) o Lhe dlalogue. 1he resL o Lhe plcLures are also dlsplayed here ln Lhumbnall orm. 1o process Lhe les slmply cllck on each Lhumbnall ln Lurn, maklng your enhancemenLs uslng Lhe sllder conLrols and Lhen cllcklng Save or Done Lo apply Lhe changes. lor lmages #/,/52&).%45.).'7)4(#!,)"2!4%As well as Lhe whlLe balance preseLs and 1emperaLure and 1lnL sllders, Adobe Camera kaw also conLalns a seL o colour speclc conLrols grouped under Lhe CallbraLe Lab ln Lhe SeLLlngs secLlon o Lhe dlalogue. 1hough daunLlng Lo sLarL wlLh, Lhe opLlons here provlde an amazlng amounL o conLrol and are used by many pros Lo 'prole' Lhe way LhaL Lhe colour rom Lhelr cameras ls lnLerpreLed by Lhe raw converLer. 1hls ls parLlcularly useul or bulldlng a prole or neuLrallslng Lhe casLs ln lmages shoL under mlxed arLlclal llghLlng condlLlons. 1he process lnvolves phoLographlng a MacbeLh Color Checker reerence board under Lhe llghLlng condlLlons LhaL are Lyplcal or Lhe scene. 1he kAW le ls Lhen opened lnLo Adobe Camera kaw and Lhe colour and Lones o Lhe capLured le ls adusLed Lo maLch Lhe 'Lrue' values o Lhe paLches. 1he kG8 values LhaL each paLch should be (ln a varleLy o colour spaces) can be obLalned rom 8ruce Llndbloom's greaL webslLe ( 1hese synLheLlc values wlll acL as a reerence when maklng your adusLmenLs. SLarL by seLLlng a baslc whlLe balance by cllcklng onLo Lhe llghL grey paLch o Lhe Color Checker wlLh ACk's WhlLe 8alance Lool. NexL use Lhe Lxposure and Shadow sllders Lo adusL Lhe conLrasL o Lhe lmage. Use Lhe Color Sampler Lool Lo check Lhe paLch values ln Lhe kaw prevlew agalnsL Lhose synLheLlc values ound on Llndbloom's slLe.NexL swlLch Lo Lhe CallbraLe Lab and use Lhe sllders Lo sLarL Lo adusL Lhe colour o Lhe LesL paLches. Agaln your alm ls Lo maLch as closely as posslble Lhe capLured (sampled rom Lhe prevlew) values wlLh Lhe synLheLlc values o Lhe colour checker. Movlng one sllder wlll noL only aecL lLs colour buL also Lhe value o Lhe oLher Lwo. MaLchlng Lhe Lwo values ls a process o adusL, check and Lhen adusL agaln buL once compleLed Lhe nal colour seLLlngs can be saved as a new seLLlngs subseL and applled Lo all phoLos Laken under Lhe same llghLlng condlLlons.shoL aL Lhe same Llme under Lhe same llghLlng condlLlons, Lhe enhancemenL process ls even culcker. SLarL by adusLlng Lhe seLLlngs or Lhe rsL phoLo ln Lhe serles. NexL choose Lhe SelecL All buLLon aL Lhe Lop leL o Lhe dlalogue (you can also mulLl-selecL speclc Lhumbnalls) and Lhen cllck Sychronlze. ACk Lhen dlsplays Lhe Synchronlze dlalogue where you can selecL Lhe speclc enhancemenLs LhaL you wanL Lo apply Lo all selecLed lmages. Cllck OK Lo exlL Lhe dlalogue and apply Lhe changes Lo Lhe Lhumbnalls. lress Lhe Save or Done buLLons Lo apply Lhe changes Lo Lhe phoLos. And remember LhaL Lhe enhancemenLs have noL been applled permanenLly - you can always reopen Lhe raw le and change Lhe seLLlngs or even remove Lhe enhancemenLs all LogeLher.-5,4))-!'%2!702/#%33).'|ar |eft: !le ersicr c AOR llal slis Will |lclcslc OSZ car rccess rtllile RaW lles al lle sare lire. Mtlli-selecle1 lles are 1islae1 as lltrlrails lc lle lel c lle rair reieW area |eft: !le Srclrcrite clicr allcWs lle tser lc al lle sellircs creale1 cr cre lle lc a seleclicr c cller raW lclcs All ics cctrles c |lili Ar1reWsBe|ow: !le lalle is lai1 ctl ir lle sare C \ 1 arra as lle OclcrOlec|er clarl, ar1 Willir eacl cell, lle cclcr ccrcrerls are slcWr ir re1, creer, llte cr1er rcr lc lc lcllcr.Dala cctrles c WWW.lrtcelir1llccr.ccr5N1H1IC kC8 VALU5 fDk 1H MAC81H CDLDk CHCkk PA1CH5 (ADD8 kC8)!le calilrale ccrlrcl rci1es lle alilil cr lclccralers lc lre ltre lleir Wlile lalarce ir lleir icltres lc ralcl 1ilctll rcr-slar1ar1 licllirc ccr1ilicrsI068I67I82I49I30I03I22IS49SI0869I29I28I74I33I89I70I94I2I48799II62I708S978462I0SI67I86732I3I62S7S462I49I0II4876IS248S8228I99SSI6483I4463I34I6324224I236200200I99IS9I60IS9I22I2II20848484S3S3S3I6 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.com1he beIa oI LighIroom, Adobe's new sIreamlined raw workow producI, is an exciIing prospecI. Rere's a walkIhrough oI Ihe key IeaIures!$/"%,)'(42//-0kay, so it's not the norm for us to give space to products that are stiII in the beta stage of production. After aII, the feature set and interface design can change, and probabIy wiII, before the program is naIIy reIeased. 8ut Adobe's new raw workow product is different. Why? Well rsL, lL's a publlc beLa, so you have Lhe chance Lo play wlLh Lhls new Lechnology and even conLrlbuLe Lo lLs developmenL. LlghLkoom also provldes us wlLh a unlcue vlslon o raw le processlng, manlpulaLlon and managemenL. 1he uLure ls belng orged now and we wanL you Lo know abouL lL.WHA1 lS llCH1k00M!lhoLoshop ls a complex beasL. lL's noL LhaL Lhe lndlvldual eaLures are conuslng ln Lhemselves (okay, some blLs are!), lL's when you sLarL Lo layer and merge Lhem LogeLher. llrsL Llme users can be daunLed by Lhe prospecL o Lrylng even Lhe mosL baslc Lasks. LlghLkoom on Lhe oLher hand, ls a decepLlvely slmple producL. lL uses Lwo core Lechnologles: a relaLlonal daLabase, whlch sLores your lmage deLalls, seLLlngs and meLadaLa and provldes searchlngcaLalogulng opLlons - and Lhe Adobe Camera kaw englne, whlch supplles Lhe lmage enhancemenL Lools. Lven aL Lhls beLa sLage lL eels llke a well deslgned, sLreamllned phoLographer's work Lool. Adobe's englneers have dlsLllled Lhe core power and eaLures o boLh Lhe workow and raw converslon elemenLs o lhoLoshop and packaged Lhem lnLo a new lnLerace. 1here are eaLures llke Lhe 1one Curve LhaL are pure lhoLoshop, buL even such amlllar conLrols have been glven a makeover, provldlng cusLomlsaLlon opLlons way beyond whaL ls currenLly avallable. 1he addlLlon o new conLrols llke SpllL 1onlng and HSL Color 1unlng make Lhls an exclLlng addlLlon Lo Adobe's llne up. And dld l menLlon LhaL Lhese enhancemenL Lools never change Lhe orlglnal plxels capLured` 1he whole workow ls lossless (le non-desLrucLlve). lmage enhancemenL and converslon seLLlngs are sLored separaLely Lo Lhe orlglnal lmage daLa and are Lhen used Lo generaLe screen prevlews, prlnL ouLpuL and Lhe screen-based slldeshows o Lhe les. 2!7SOFTWAREc0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAWI7 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.com5 1he module menu appears aL Lhe Lop o Lhe screen and noL only llsLs Lhe opLlons avallable buL also hlghllghLs Lhe one currenLly selecLed. AL Lhe momenL Lhere are our modules lncluded ln LlghLkoom (Llbrary, Develop, Slldeshow, lrlnL) buL, glven Lhe modular naLure o Lhe program, don'L be surprlsed l oLher opLlons become avallable ln Lhe uLure. 4 1he rlghL hand panel holds Lhe seLLlngs conLrols avallable or Lhe currenL module. ln Llbrary mode lL dlsplays some culck adusLmenL opLlons, ln Lhe Develop module Lhe panel conLalns Lhe compleLe seL o enhancemenL conLrols and ln Lhe Slldeshow and lrlnL modules lL houses layouL and ouLpuL seLLlngs. 6 1he menu bar provldes access Lo sLandard menu commands buL, llke mosL screen elemenLs ln Lhe LlghLkoom lnLerace, Lhls Loo can be hldden rom vlew and resLored when needed. ! 1he leL panel's role changes dependlng on whlch module or mode you are ln. 1he example screen shoL shows LlghLkoom ln Lhe Llbrary mode whlch ls prlmarlly deslgned or managlng your phoLos and organlslng your shooLs. So here you wlll see LhaL Lhls secLlon o Lhe screen houses Search, CollecLlon, vlew and Llbrary opLlons. l you swlLch Lo Lhe Develop, Slldeshow or lrlnL modules, Lhe conLenLs changes Lo dlsplay preseL and saved opLlons seLLlngs. 2 1he lmsLrlp area ls locaLed aL Lhe boLLom o Lhe screen and dlsplays all Lhe lmages rom Lhe currenLly selecLed Llbrary. lndlvldual plcLures or groups o lmages can be selecLed rom Lhe lmsLrlp ln any module.3 ln Lhe deaulL seLLlng or Lhe Llbrary module, Lhe maln workspace dlsplays an enlarged prevlew o Lhe plcLure selecLed ln Lhe lmsLrlp. A slngle mouse cllck on Lhe lmage zooms Lhe plcLure Lo and ro a J:J magnlcaLlon seLLlng. lmages can be vlewed ln Grld (llke a sorLlng area on a sllde box), Loupe (enlarged Lo J:J) or Compare (slde by slde comparlsons o mulLlple phoLos) modes whlle ln Lhe llbrary mode. ln Slldeshow and lrlnL modes Lhe workspace dlsplays a prevlew o Lhe lmages as Lhey wlll appear on screen or on Lhe prlnLed page. 4(%7/2+30!#%Lightroom comprises four workow modu|es - Library, Deve|op, S|ideshow and Print - and the precise |ayout of the interface changes according to which modu|e is se|ected. 1he workspace can, however, be divided into severa| key sections. 1hese are:in associaIion wiIh: :I8 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.com2!7SOFTWAREc0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAW1he Develop module ls Lhe nexL sLep ln Lhe LlghLroom workow and ls cenLral Lo all enhancemenL changes LhaL are applled Lo your phoLos. !usL llke when you are worklng ln Lhe Adobe Camera kaw dlalogue, Lhe enhancemenL seLLlngs and conLrols are grouped ln a panel on Lhe rlghL o Lhe wlndow and a prevlew o Lhe lnLerpolaLed raw le ls also lncluded. New or LlghLroom ls a lreseLs 8rowser panel (below rlghL) LhaL houses ready-made converslon seLLlngs as well as Lhose creaLed and saved by Lhe user. 1he speed wlLh whlch Lhese seLLlngs can be applled and Lhe prevlew lmage updaLed ls really lmpresslve.Develop conLalns amlllar ACk conLrols such as WhlLe 8alance, Lxposure, shadows (now called 8lacks), 8rlghLness, ConLrasL, DeLall (sharpness and nolse), Lens CorrecLlon (rlnglng and vlgneLLlng) and Camera CallbraLlon. 1hese conLrols work ln a slmllar ashlon Lo Lhelr counLerparLs ln ACk buL eaLures such as Lhe Lone curve have galned a LlghLroom makeover. Now lL ls posslble noL only Lo manlpulaLe Lhe shape o Lhe curve manually (cllck and drag) buL also make Lhese adusLmenLs vla new sllder conLrols. WlLh Lhese you can seL hlghllghL and shadow cllp polnLs, adusL conLrasL and brlghLness and also compress or sLreLch speclc ranges o Lones ln Lhe lmage. 1hls new Compresslon sllder provldes real power or Lhose phoLographers who llke Lo push Lhe Lones around ln Lhelr lmages. ln addlLlon Lo reworklng eaLures llke Lhe Lone curve, Develop also conLalns brand new conLrols. We now have a dedlcaLed greyscale converslon Lool called Lhe Greyscale Mlxer, a Hue SaLuraLlon and LlghLness conLrol, and a greaL SpllL 1onlng eaLure LhaL makes creaLlng cool cross-processlng eecLs a breeze. AB0\E R|z|t: !le erlarcererl ccrlrcls ir lle Deelc rc1tle c licllrccr irclt1e e\islirc A1cle Oarera RaW ccrlrcls, ar1 lrar1 reW ealtres: l) Ocrlrcls cr Basic erlarcererl clarces. Z) lrrce1 !cre Otre ealtre. J) NeW Slil !crirc sli1ers are creal cr crcss-rccessirc eecls. 1) BcrrcWirc rcr lle Olarrel Mi\er ir |lclcslc ct car ra|e creal crescale ccrersicrs Will llis reW ealtre. 5) NSl Oclcr !trirc is a lrar1 reW cclctr ealtre llal is 1esicre1 cr lre ltrirc lle ltes ir ctr lclcs. C) Slarer ar1 rcise re1tclicr ccrlrcls. !) lers ccrreclicr sellircs cr lcll icrellirc ar1 rircirc ccrlrcl. &) Oarera Oalilralicr ealtre llal is tse1 cr lre ltrirc Wlile lalarce sellircs. $%6%,/0,)"2!29All lmage managemenL sLarLs wlLh Lhe Llbrary module. Here you lmporL your phoLos, arrange Lhem ln collecLlons, add keywords, search your llbrary or browse lndlvldual shooLs. All Lhls acLlvlLy ls handled wlLh Lhe opLlons ln Lhe leL hand panel whlle ln Lhe workspace you can vlew your lmages ln magnled Loupe mode, slde by slde Compare mode or Grld mode. One Lhlng LhaL you wlll noLlce lmmedlaLely ls Lhe speed wlLh whlch you can edlL, raLe and label your plcLures. Unllke oLher browser producLs, LlghLkoom ls noL as Lled down Lo Lhe operaLlng sysLem le sLrucLure as ls normally Lhe case. When you lmporL phoLos rom a shooL, Lhe program generaLes lLs own organlsaLlonal sLrucLure (relaLlonal daLabase) LhaL noL only malnLalns Lhe managemenL cholces you make (raLlng, addlng meLadaLa eLc) buL also holds Lhe raw processlng seLLlngs you choose. 1hough exposure, brlghLness and conLrasL can be culckly adusLed here uslng Lhe seLLlngs ln Lhe Qulck Develop secLlon Lhe maorlLy o enhancemenL changes are made ln Lhe nexL parL o Lhe process. Aboe: !le Ori1 ieW 1iers rcr Ocrare ieW ir llal il Wcr|s rcre li|e a licll lalle ar1 rci1es lle clarce lc seaterce iraces as Well as lalel ar1 scrl ller R|z|t: !le lilrar arel ccrlrcls all lle sellircs cr raracirc slccls, cclleclicrs, searcles ar1 |eWcr1sI9 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.comR|z|t: !le |rirl rc1tle is lle cerlre c all lar1cc ctltl irclt1irc lle rc1tclicr c ccrlacl sleels ar1 ir1ii1tal rirls WHk 10 fk0M Hk!Lven Lhough LlghLroom ls ln a beLa sLage you can geL a good lndlcaLlon o how Lhe nal producLlon program wlll look, eel and, more lmporLanLly, uncLlon. Adobe says LhaL a new beLa ls belng released every slx weeks or so, and as we go Lo press l noLlce LhaL beLa 2 has usL been announced. And yes, Adobe ls llsLenlng Lo Lhe commenLs made on Lhe orum. 1hls new beLa conLalns a Crop Lool and ls ln a Unlversal 8lnary ormaL whlch means LhaL lL can run on Lhe new lnLel-based MaclnLoshes. WlLh promlses o more renemenL as Lhe beLa program progresses, and a Wlndows verslon Lo ollow culckly, LlghLroom ls a slgn o Lhe way LhaL kAW processlng wlll be handled ln Lhe uLure.|eft: !le Sli1eslcW rc1tle rci1es crealie reserlalicr clicrs llal car le ctltl ir |Dl, N!Ml cr eer llasl crrals l you llke, you can ouLpuL your phoLos as a presenLaLlon. 1he presenLaLlon opLlons can be ound ln Lhe Slldeshow module where you can layouL and secuence a group o lmages Lhen produce Lhem as a lDl presenLaLlon, H1ML or llash webslLe. When selecLlng Lhe Slldeshow module Lhe conLenLs o Lhe rlghL panel change Lo opLlons LhaL alLer Lhe seLLlngs or your presenLaLlon. Here you can adusL border and shadow opLlons as well as Lhe layouL and any overlay used or each sllde. 1he producLlon can be prevlewed by presslng one o Lhe vCk Lype conLrols or llay and lrevlew buLLons aL Lhe boLLom o Lhe panel. OuLpuL Lhe slldeshow ln one o Lhe Lhree ormaLs wlLh Lhe LxporL command. 3,)$%3(/702).4l you ever wondered l anybody ln Adobe llsLens Lo Lhe suggesLlons o lLs users, Lhen Lhe LlghLroom lrlnL module ls a conrmaLlon LhaL Lhey do. Here ln Lhe one dlalogue are all Lhe conLrols LhaL you need Lo ouLpuL conLacL sheeLs, prlnL packages as well as lndlvldual prlnLs. 1he rlghL panel conLalns prlnL and layouL seLLlngs. 1he mlddle o Lhe screen conLalns a prevlew o Lhe phoLos as Lhey wlll appear on Lhe prlnLed page; and on Lhe leL you have a range o LemplaLe preseLs and Lhe ablllLy Lo save your own prlnL layouLs. All iraces cctrles c |lili Ar1reWsin associaIion wiIhWanI Io have a say abouI Ihe developmenI oI LighIroom? Well, geI your skaIes on and go Io Iabs.macremedIa.cemItechneIegIesIIIghtreemI (no www) download Ihe beIa and sIarI Io play. !ump onIo Ihe Iorums and add your own commenIs Io Ihe hundreds oI oIher phoIographers who are geIIing exciIed abouI Ihe prospecI oI a compleIe raw workow package.Hcw Lc ccL nvcvcd: 20 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.com2!7%$)4/22/5.$50Adobe LighIroom is |usI Ihe laIesI enIry Io Ihe kAW processing arena. Rere's a selecIion oI oIher kAW ediIing programs currenIly availableJ 2kAW SH001k7EBwww.pixmantec.ccm#OST kaw 5hccter lssentials 2005 - lree kaw 5hccter lremium 200 - U5$99.004RIALDOWNLOADAVAILABLE vesllxmanLec kaw ShooLer ls shlpped ln Lwo dlerenL Wlndows verslons: a ree llghL edlLlon called LssenLlals 200S (a wlnner ln Lhe WDC Awards) and a beeer proesslonal release, lremlum 200. 1he core Lechnology beLween Lhem ls Lhe same buL Lhe ree verslon has a smaller enhancemenL and edlLlng eaLure seL. kaw ShooLer ls as much a kAW workow Lool as a converslon uLlllLy. Users can download, browse (wlLh greaL speed), edlL, correcL and converL lndlvldual as well as baLches o kAW les. A recenL addlLlon ls a new Colour Lnglne module, whlch acLs as a plug-ln or Lhe lremlum edlLlon and helps Lo provlde beLLer colour accuracy. AD08 CAMkA kAW 7EB www.aJcbe.ccm #OST incluJeJ in lhctcshcp anJ lhctcshcp llements4RIALDOWNLOADAVAILABLE ves as part cf JcwnlcaJ trials cf lhctcshcp anJ lhctcshcp llements Deslgned as a plug-ln or boLh lhoLoshop, 8rldge and LlemenLs, Lhe Adobe kAW converLer sLarLs when you open a kAW le rom lnslde elLher program. 1he blg plus wlLh Lhls edlLor ls LhaL lL's asL, easy Lo use, has a greaL prevlew, ls well lald ouL and works rom lnslde Lhe klng o dlglLal lmaglng soLware. No need Lo process Lhe kAW le ln one program and Lhen open Lhe processed le ln lhoLoshop Lo nlsh Lhe edlLlng ob. 1he LranslLlon beLween kAW converslon program and lhoLoshop ls smooLh and eorLless and ln Lhe laLesL verslon many o Lhe enhancemenL Lasks can be applled Lo Lhe le wlLhouL havlng Lo pass lL Lo Lhe maln edlLlng space.Nlk0N PlC1Uk Pk0IC1Nikon's PicIure Pro|ecI is supplied wiIh all oI iIs DSLks and kAW-enabled bridge cameras. 1he soIIware allows you Io browse kAW hles and save as 1lll and !PLG, buI does noI allow you Io make any ad|usImenIs. Nlk0N CAP1Uk Dl10k o may have Io pay a premium Ior Nikon CapIure, buI Ihe advanIage over PicIure Pro|ecI is immense: you can change Ihe Iones, WhiIe 8alance and more, as well as conIrol Ihe camera remoIely Irom Ihe deskIop.CAN0N PH010 Pk0fSSl0NAllound on Ihe Canon SoluIions disk, PhoIo Pro allows you Io view and ad|usI Ihe CkW or Ck hles produced by Ihe Canon kAW-enabled cameras. Like mosI oI Ihe proprieIary soIIware, Ihe laIesI version is backwards compaIible.0lMPUS MAS1k As a Iree suiIe Ihe Olympus MasIer soIIware is preIIy darn good value Ior money. kAW images can be browsed, ad|usIed, and saved Io oIher IormaIs quickly and easily. LxIra money is needed Io upgrade Io Olympus SIudio.PN1AX PH010 lA80kA10kPenIax PhoIo Lab is similar Io Ihe oIher soIIware menIioned, wiIh Ihe opIions Io browse, ad|usI and alIer Ihe image. lmages can Ihen be converIed Io 1lll and !PLG. fUIlfllM HPk U1lll1As well as allowing Ihe correcIions and ad|usImenIs Io lu|ihlm .kAl hles, Ryper UIiliIy also allows browsing oI images and, crucially, ad|usImenIs oI Ihe S Pro's images'dynamic range via a slider in Ihe conrol panel. 1he unique design oI Ihe sensor allows precise conIrol oI highlighI and shadow deIail.reprIetary k^W scLwarc (usuay suppcd wLh Lhc cancra)EDITINGPROGRAMSc0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAW2I 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.com536SHAkPkAW f0k DlCl1Al PH010CkAPH7EB www.lcqicalJesiqns.ccm/lmaqinq!.htm.ccm #OST U5599.004RIALDOWNLOADAVAILABLE ves1hls ls Lhe only edlLlng soLware ln Lhe group LhaL uses NeuLral NeLwork Lechnology ln Lhe lnLerpolaLlon o kAW les Lo creaLe plcLures wlLh a balance beLween hlgh resoluLlon and low nolse. 1he program provldes no less Lhan Lhree oLher meLhods o lnLerpolaLlon and an opLlon Lo vlew Lhe unprocessed 8ayer paLLern as well. Sharpkaw can be used wlLh Canon, Nlkon, MlnolLa, Kodak, lul, Slgma, Sony, lenLax, ConLax and Olympus generaLed les.1he program eaLures Lhree dlerenL meLhods or auLo whlLe balanclng, bullL-ln conLrols or lens dlsLorLlon and colour balance correcLlon, lmage reslzlng wlLh perspecLlve conLrol levels and unsharp mask lLer. 8l88l AND 8l88lll1 7EB www.bibblelabs.ccm #OST U55!29.00 (prcj 59.00 (litej4RIALDOWNLOADAVAILABLE ves8lbble provldes a culck and easy way Lo converL and enhance kAW les. lL supporLs Nlkon, lul, Olympus, Kodak and Canon cameras. lL can be used ln sLandalone mode or as a plug-ln or lhoLoshop, allowlng kAW les Lo be opened rom Lhe program, processed vla 8lbble and Lhen loaded back lnLo lhoLoshop. lmage adusLmenLs lnclude One cllck WhlLe balance, advanced hlghllghL recovery, kG8 Color balance, HSv 8alance, Hl-cuallLy lmage slze re-sampllng. lmage processlng lLers lnclude: 8lur, Sharpen, Medlan CuL and Unsharp mask.8lbble comes ln lro and LlLe verslons and edlLlons LhaL are sulLable or Wlndows, MaclnLosh and Llnux plaLorms. CAP1Uk 0N S7EB www.phasecne.ccm#OST U5599.00 fcr the limiteJ lJiticn versicn. U55199.00 fcr lrc eJiticn4RIALDOWNLOADAVAILABLE vesWlLh supporL or a range o cameras lncludlng Lhe ablllLy Lo drlve Lhe amed lhase One dlglLal camera backs, Lhls soLware ls an lndusLry sLrengLh edlLor rom a company who has been aL Lhe oreronL o kAW capLure or years. 1he soLware provldes clean and sharp resulLs. 1he program can be used wlLh Canon, lenLax, Nlkon, lul, Olympus, Lelca and Lpson cameras. 1he soLware allows a range o lmage adusLmenLs such as grey balance, levelscurves, conLrasL, crop, slzlng, and unsharp masklng Lo be carrled ouL ln one process wlLh lnsLanL eedback on Lhe screen. lor Lhe colour-consclous phoLographer Lhe Color LdlL opLlon allows you Lo adusL exlsLlng colour proles dlrecLly.8kI 8k0WSk Pk07EB www.breezesvs.ccm#OSTU559.954RIALDOWNLOADAVAILABLE ves 8reeze8rowser has long been assoclaLed wlLh Canon DSLk cameras, buL Lhe soLware has evolved Lo supporL a wlde varleLy o Nlkon, Olympus, Konlca MlnolLa and lenLax cameras as well. UK-based soLware auLhor, Chrls 8reeze, ls also renowned or Lhe level o personal supporL provlded or lL. One o Lhe obvlous dlerences Lo Lhe oLher packages ls LhaL lL can be used as an lmage-managemenL resource, wlLh asL Lhumbnalllng and prevlews, noL usL kAW les, buL !lLGs and oLher lmage le ormaLs. lL ls also avallable bundled wlLh Downloader lro, whlch leLs you copy les rom your camera uslng personallsed namlng and sLorage preerences.4in associaIion wiIh22 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW'2!7&),%3WhaI ouIpuI opIions do kaw users have aI Iheir disposal?Be|ow ar4 Aboe: B clic|irc N ct car 1isla lle lisl c slcrlctl |es tse1 lc ccrlrcl lle sli1e slcW cr a11 lalels lc icltres 1trirc lle reserlalicrR|z|t: A |Dl reserlalicr is i1eal cr ser1irc a series c iraces.lrcr lle |Dl |reserlalicr 1ialccte, ct car a11 cr rerce lles lecre seleclirc lle |reserlalicr clicr/540544/3#2%%.lNS1AN1 SllDSH0WS Slldeshow ls one o Lhe new vlew modes avallable ln Lhe 8rldge workspace. SelecLlng Lhls opLlon creaLes an auLomaLlc sel-runnlng slldeshow conLalnlng Lhe lmages ln Lhe currenL workspace or Lhose mulLl-selecLed beore chooslng Lhe eaLure. lresslng Lhe H key dlsplays a llsL o commands LhaL can be used Lo navlgaLe, edlL and adusL Lhe slldeshow. 1hls eaLure provldes a greaL way Lo culckly edlL and label lmages LhaL you have usL phoLographed. MulLl-selecL Lhe phoLos wlLhln Lhe 8rldge workspace and Lhen cllck CtrI/Command L Lo swlLch Lo Slldeshow vlew. As each o Lhe phoLographs are belng dlsplayed you can kaLe Lhe plcLures by cllcklng Lhe number keys J - S or Label Lhem by presslng - 9. Some phoLographers use Lhls approach wlLh Lhelr cllenLs, lnLeracLlvely raLlng Lhe plcLures based on Lhe cllenL's eedback Lo Lhe sllde show. P0k1A8l SllDSH0WS l you need Lo send a serles o phoLos Lo someone you can creaLe a porLable slldeshow LhaL Adobe calls a lDl lresenLaLlon. 1hls sel-runnlng slldeshow ls saved ln Lhe lDl or Adobe AcrobaL ormaL and can be emalled or saved Lo a CD.As beore, sLarL Lhe process by mulLl-selecLlng Lhe phoLos Lo be lncluded ln Lhe presenLaLlon rom Lhe Lhumbnalls lnslde Lhe 8rldge workspace. NexL selecL Lhe lDl lresenLaLlon opLlon rom Lhose llsLed ln Lhe 1ooIs : Photoshop menu. lhoLoshop opens and Lhe lDl lresenLaLlon dlalogue ls Lhen dlsplayed. Here you can add Lo Lhe les selecLed or remove Lhem rom Lhe llsL. NexL, selecL Lhe lresenLaLlon opLlon aL Lhe boLLom o Lhe dlalogue and adusL Lhe Advance and 1ranslLlon seLLlngs beore cllcklng Lhe Save buLLon. NomlnaLe a name and older or Lhe presenLaLlon beore cllcklng Save or a second Llme. Choose Lhe Screen kes seLLlng rom Lhe lDl lreseLs dlalogue dlsplayed, Lhen press 5ave PDf. lhoLoshop now does lLs maglc openlng, converLlng slzlng and savlng Lhe plcLures ln Lhe presenLaLlon ormaL. 1he nal resulL can be vlewed ln Adobe's ree AcrobaL keader. UntiI recentIy the kAW Ies were viewed as a capture-onIy format, with the rst step in any workow being the conversion of the picture to another Ie type so that editing, enhancing and output tasks couId be performed. I say recentIy because with the reIease of products such as Lightroom from Adobe, it is no Ionger necessary to change Ie formats to move your pictures further through the production workow. Lven 8rldge ls suclenLly kAW enabled Lo allow you Lo produce conLacL sheeLs, lDl presenLaLlons, llcLure lackages and Web Gallerles all rom kAW orlglnals. es, Lhe les are converLed as parL o Lhe producLlon process or Lhese ouLcomes, buL l can llve wlLh Lhls l lL means LhaL my preclous plcs sLay as kAW or more o Lhe producLlon workow.So leL's look aL some o Lhe ouLpuL opLlons LhaL are avallable or Lhe kAW phoLographer who wanLs Lo malnLaln hls plcLure's kAW sLaLus or longer. OUTPUTc0ML7 0Ul0 70 kAW23 1he CompleIe Guide Io kAW www.whaIdigiIalcamera.comin associaIion wiIhxpertIng Lc cLhcr hc crnaLsR|z|t: !le lrace |rccesscr scril cererales t lc llree 1iererl lle crral ersicrs c lle criciral RaW lle atlcralicall.|eft: !le ccies creale1 l lle lrace |rccesscr are ccrerierll slcre1 ir searale cl1ers lalelle1 Will lleir lle le.Aboe: As Well as rc1tcirc ccrlacl sleels RaW lles car le ccllale1 irlc cller rtlli-rirl 1esicrs tsirc lle |icltre |ac|ace ealtre alsc lccale1 ir lle !ccls > |lclcslc AU10MA1D C0NVkSl0NS USlNC 1H lMAC Pk0CSS0k 8ack when CS was hrsI released, Adobe evangelisI kussell 8rown developed Ihe lmage Processor Io demonsIraIe Ihe power oI Ihe scripIing engine wiIhin PhoIoshop and aI Ihe same Iime Io provide a very handy image conversion uIiliIy. Now Ihe lmage Processor is a permanenI parI oI boIh 8ridge and PhoIoshop's IeaIure lineup. 1he uIiliIy is designed Io quickly converI a range oI kAW hles inIo !PLG, PSD and 1lll versions. 1here is an opIion Io manually ad|usI Ihe kAW conversion seIIings Ior Ihe hrsI hle and Ihen apply Ihese seIIings Io Ihe resI oI Ihe images. 1he uIiliIy can also rename, run a pre-saved acIion, add copyrighI deIails and size aI Ihe same Iime as converIing beIween IormaIs, providing a IasI and eIhcienI workow Ior processing images IhaI have been capIured in a single session.AIIer processing, Ihe hles are sIored in Ihree separaIe Iolders on your hard drive. 1o use Ihe uIiliIy, selecI your raw hles Irom inside 8ridge and Ihen choose 1ooIs : Photoshop : Image Processor. SeI Ihe locaIion where processed hles are Io be saved, Ihe hle Iype and any associaIed seIIings (size, compression, colour prohle), add in copyrighI deIails and Ihen choose any acIions Io apply Io Ihe hles. Pk0DUClNC A C0N1AC1 SH11he ConLacL SheeL opLlon ln lhoLoshop can be used rom 8rldge Lo prlnL 'proo' sheeLs o raw les. 1humbnalls are mulLl-selecLed rom Lhe 8rldge workspace beore accesslng Lhe uLlllLy vla 1ooIs : Photoshop. 1he opLlons conLalned ln Lhe ConLacL SheeL dlalogue allow you Lo selecL Lhe number o columns o lmage Lhumbnalls per page and Lhe conLenL o Lhe LexL labels LhaL are added. 1he page slze and orlenLaLlon can also be chosen vla lage SeLup. lresslng Lhe OK buLLon lnsLrucLs lhoLoshop Lo open each lmage ln Lurn, reslze lL and Lhen poslLlon lL ln a new documenL ready or prlnLlng.PlC1Uk PACkAC 1he mulLl lmage prlnLlng ldea ls exLended vla Lhe llcLure lackage uLlllLy, also locaLed under Lhe 1ooIs : Photoshop menu ln 8rldge. WlLh Lhls, you have Lhe opLlon o laylng ouL several lmages o dlerenL slzes on a slngle page. AlLernaLlvely you can produce several coples o Lhe same phoLo ln a range o LemplaLe deslgns. Use Lhls Lo puL LogeLher mulLl-prlnL pages LhaL are desLlned or cuLLlng up and presenLlng separaLely. PklN1lNC PH010S Wl1H0U1 C0NVkSl0N UnorLunaLely 8rldge doesn'L conLaln a sLralghL prlnL opLlon LhaL allows lndlvldual kAW les Lo be prlnLed rom Lhe workspace. 8uL Lhe SmarL ObecL Lechnology released ln lhoLoshop CS2 provldes a neaL workaround. SmarL ObecLs are a way o embeddlng Lhe orlglnal le wlLhln a speclal layer ln a lhoLoshop documenL. SLarL by ndlng ouL Lhe exacL plxel dlmenslons o Lhe kAW le. SwlLch Lo lhoLoshop and creaLe a new documenL uslng Lhese dlmenslons ln Lhe New DocumenL dlalogue. NexL ump back Lo 8rldge and cllck onLo Lhe Lhumbnall o Lhe kAW le. Now SelecL fiIe : PIace : In Photoshop. 8rldge opens lhoLoshop Lhen dlsplays Lhe kAW le lnslde Lhe Adobe Camera kaw dlalogue. Make changes, buL you wlll be able Lo readusL Lhe kAW seLLlngs laLer. Cllck Lhe Save buLLon and Lhen LnLerkeLurn Lo place Lhe kAW le lnLo Lhe lhoLoshop documenL. NoLlce ln Lhe layers paleLLe LhaL Lhe kAW plcLure has be placed as a speclal SmarL ObecL layer. 1he kAW le ls now embedded lnLo Lhe lhoLoshop documenL. 1o make changes Lo Lhe kAW seLLlngs, double cllck on Lhe layer's Lhumbnall. 1hls acLlon dlsplays ACk allowlng you Lo Lweak Lhe kAW seLLlngs. lrlnLlng can now be handled vla fiIe : Print with Preview.NoLe: lull kAW workow producLs llke LlghLroom and AperLure do conLaln dlrecL prlnL opLlons.02).4).'&2/-2!7&),%3Be|ow: !le ealtre atlcralicall lisls lle lclcs selecle1 ir Bri1ce ir lle Ocrlacl Sleel 1ialccte. ll is lere llal ct car aller lle sleels lactl ar1 1esicr lecre rc1tcirc lle crct c lltrlrails as a reW |lclcslc 1cctrerl


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