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The Camelot Project. Project Partner Training pack. Table of Contents. Session 1 The interface, moving, the inventory and communication Session 2 Gestures, Clothes and making outfits Session 3 Using landmarks, Camera control, Teleporting and screen casting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

The Camelot ProjectProject Partner Training packTable of ContentsSession 1 The interface, moving, the inventory and communicationSession 2 Gestures, Clothes and making outfitsSession 3 Using landmarks, Camera control, Teleporting and screen castingSession 4 - Finding places to film, requesting permission, making landmarks and using landmark history2Session 1During this session we will cover:The Interface toolbars and settingsMoving walking, running and flyingCommunication text chat, speech chat, IM, Call, Friends

For Second Life beginners or revision

Before the session ask everyone to watch the videos or read the paper (in The Project partners training kit) for:CommunicationTurn up volume of individuals in a groupChange settings soundChange name above headMoving around in Second Life

Be prepared to work through sound settings, get everyone chattingDiscuss toolbars and what they do.Speech chatText chatMake friendsIM round the circleLook at the mini map to see friends

3The Bottom ToolbarChat this is where you can see local written conversationsSpeak green when working and green bars will come from your avatars head, this means people can hear you. Speech needs setting up. Use a headset so the sound is not picked up and replayed through your system causing echo.Destinations Place to visitPeople your friends and people near you.Walk / Run / Fly can be used to activate your avatar but also page up and page down and arrow keys work well.Camera Controls again can be used to control the camera which is just behind you. Alt and mouse movements work well too.How to help guides

The Bottom Toolbar Drag Gestures down to the bottom toolbar

The left hand tool barAvatars change whole avatarAppearance change clothesInventory stores all artefactsSearch look for places / peoplePlaces landmarks to teleport toMini map see who is aboutSnapshot take pictures, save to computer or profile

Settings a few changes

Move and View

World SettingsThe time of day changes quickly in Second Life. To keep your film consistent you need to fix your settings or stop time Use the World menu and choose Sun set it to midday or an appropriate time for the video, then it will not change.To restore the day/ night cycle choose Estate Settings.

Moving / Walking / Flying

Also work with arrow keys to do the same actions, avatars get used to using both.Practical session on movement10InventoryThere are set folders, these cannot be changed. Put your clothes into the Clothing folder, new things into Objects etc. Keep it in order!The + sign at the bottom allows you to make new folders and more!The search bar allows you to find belongings very easily, just remember what they are called!

CommunicationHover over an avatar, click on the i for information!Here you can see a slider to turn Hazels sound up or down.Offer and receive friendshipYou can also access her profile to learn more about her.

Right Click MenuRight click on an avatar to access the menu.IM them, Call them into a one to one call, Block a griefer or Zoom In on someone or something that is very useful to see a poster for example.

CommunicationVoice chatA notecard (Click on the + sign in your inventory) Share or drag it onto someoneIM someone (right click on them or search for their name)Local chatCall someone for a voice chat

Second SessionDuring this session we will cover:Clothes using the Holodeck Boutique Renoir to get clothesOutfits make and save outfitsGestures find and use gesturesGet everyone to watch the videos or read the paperwork for:Change avatarsMix and match avatar costumesDress ones avatarGestures15GesturesYou have the gestures button on the bottom bar, select a gesture that will open a menu saying play locally or play in-world.To play locally means only you can see it.Play in-world means others can see it to great to filming!

Speech GesturesSearch for speech gestures in the inventory. Click the top one, hold shift and click the bottom one, all should be highlighted now. Right click on them and choose activate.As you speak now your arms and body move slightly, looking more lifelike useful for machinima!

Wearing ClothesSelect a garmentRight click and choose WearIf it is something other than clothes, e.g. an umbrella, choose Attach and attach it to the avatar, it can be moved by editing and move it to where it should be.Remember you can always see what you are wearing so if you are wearing something you do not want simply right click on it in the list and detach it.18WearingThe right hand tab shows what your avatar is wearing at the moment.Go to the bottom, click on Save As and give your outfit a name.

AppearanceYou can make as many outfits as you wish to.See here some of the ones I have made for machinima!Simply click on a named outfit and choose Replace current outfit

Third sessionDuring this session we willLandmarks use a set of given landmarksTP each other to different landmarked places ( in pairs)Camera Controls Practice using all the camera controls on MOSPScreencast - using Fraps

Experienced SL user could join at this point, this is where we start filmingGet everyone to watch the videos or read the paperwork for:Using Fraps to Screencast paper only and they should set up their Fraps accordingly.Moving around in SLUsing the minimapControl Light

21Visit given landmarksTouch the purple box on the sandbox.This will put several EduNation landmarks into a folder in your recent items.Click on the landmarks to practice getting around Edunation.Offer teleports to each other and ask each other to teleport you to them.Explore The Machinima Open Studio Project (MOSP)

Bring everyone back after about ten fifteen minutes. Share the MOSP landmark.Get everyone a MOSP HUD and tell how to wear it.Again give people about ten minutes to look around.Call them back together and go over the camera controls.Get everyone to hide the user interface and take lots of little bits of footage which they can put together as a guide to MOSP in the machinima training sessions.22Camera controlsThere are two ways of controlling he camera using the built in camera controls

Or, using Alt and the mouse

23Hide user interfaceGet Advanced button on top toolbar Control Alt and DSet window size 1280 x 720Set the Light!Hide the MOSP HUD Shift / Alt and HHide the user interface Control Alt (or F1 or CMD / Alt and U)

Make sure people understand the importance of setting the window size for HD videos and least work for computer

Make sure people have the SL viewer selected when they hide the interface or it will not work

Make sure everyone has selected the light setting they want Tell all to go to 4 different places on MOSP and film about 1 minute in each place with the idea of making a 2 minute or less machinima - simply a look around MOSP.24Fourth sessionDuring this session we willControl light sunrise, sunset, midday, midnightSearch for places and landmark themWorld - Region /Estate Request permission to film talk about SL machinima policy

Get everyone to watch the videos or read the paperwork forFind Places to filmRequest permission to filmTeleport / teleport history / landmarksSL Marketplace and talk about finding freebies give freebie landmarks25CONTROL LightSecond Life has six days for out every one. You need to control the light or your machinima may have light changes.

Using SL SearchSearch for castles / churches/ Scotland

Making landmarksWhen you find a place you like make a landmark so that you can get back.

28Requesting PermissionsMainland Second Life does not need permission it is already granted. Go to World / Region Estate to see the owner this one belongs to the Lindens so it is already free to film.

29The end Now you should have footage to edit, it is time to work in your video editing program to make a machinima.Sessions will be run in Adobe Connect demonstrating how to edit your footage, or look for the software tutorials created by the software company for help in the meantime.