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  • The Bridge Vol. 2, Issue 2 September 22, 2014

    The Bridge 2 Vol. 2, Issue 2

    New changes to an old house: Anderson

    Hall extensively renovated By Kirsten Frazier

    Anderson Hall, the oldest building on campus, recently underwent extensive renovations. It was first built in 1911. The building contains

    seven bedrooms, 19 beds, and each has its own full bathroom. It also has a full kitchen and a kitchenette. There is a balcony overlooking the

    town and the boys’ dorm.

    It has been renovated many times, but the newest renovation began in 2007. It took seven years to complete, ending in June 2014. President

    Gritton says he is very satisfied with the new renovation. He commented, “I think it was a great idea” Anderson Hall has also been used for

    guest housing as well as the president’s home in the past.

    The newly-renovated building is now available for guests to stay in. It is also being used for special events. Already this building has been

    used by the FFA for officer interviews, the Year book Queen Pageant dinner, and a new student reception.

    A new queen is crowned at annual

    Yearbook Queen Pageant By Fre Bentz

    The Yearbook Queen Pageant was held on

    Saturday, September 20, in the Melvin Davison

    Chapel. The evening culminated in the crown-

    ing of Jaycie Leone 2015 Yearbook Queen.

    Mrs. Michelle Barnes and the yearbook staff

    sponsored the event, with Mrs. Bonita Robin-

    son decorating the chapel. This year’s contest-

    ants were Lily Wynn, Erin Buchko, Rachel

    Roughton, Veronica Nwahiri, and Jaycie Leone.

    The Yearbook Pageant has been a tradition at

    OBI for many years. In order to select this

    year’s queen, the judges scored the contestant

    in the areas of individual resume’, interview,

    casual wear, talent, and evening gown.

    Veronica Nwahiri, in her third year at

    Oneida, was awarded first runner-up. She

    was escorted by senior Tucker Parkhouse. Ve-

    ronica said, “I am looking forward to how I

    am going to present my answers to the judg-

    es.” Erin Buchko, who won Miss Congeniality, has attented OBI

    for two years. She was escorted by senior DK Kiawu. Erin said she

    has always wanted to be in a pageant “because after watching

    Toddlers and Tiaras I wanted to do it.” Jaycie Leone, the new Year-

    book Queen has attended OBI for two years. She was escorted by

    Donald Chick. Jaycie said, “I am doing a monologue, I am looking

    forward to it.” She also said, “I just wanted to do it for fun, and it’s

    my senior year. I want to do lots of things.” Rachel Roughton won

    the award for Best Talent with her original song which she sang

    and played on guitar.

    Anderson Hall contains seven bedrooms. Each

    bedroom has multiple beds and a full private


    The building has a full kitchen downstairs

    where guests can prepare meals. There is also

    a large dining room which has already been

    put to good use for the Yearbook Queen Pag-

    eant dinner.

    Anderson Hall is decorated with a unique

    mix of old and new furniture.

    The oldest Bible on OBI’s campus can be found on display

    in Anderson Hall.

    The stairwell wall displays portraits of people who have donated

    land and money to help continue OBI’s mission of education for

    time and eternity.

    Jaycie Leone (center) was crowned the 2015 Yearbook Queen on Saturday evening. She

    performed a monologue entitled “Beautiful” and was escorted by senior Donald Chick, Jr.

    Boys’ soccer team advances to state competition

    The Mountaineers defeated Hazard 10-0 on Friday. They will now

    advance to the state tournament which is during Fall Break.

    By Noble Zika

    Congratulations to the boys’ soccer team! On Friday, they played a

    great game against Hazard in sectionals to go to Elizabethtown for the

    state tournament. The school day ended early so that all faculty and

    students could go to the game and support the team. In the first half of

    the game, OBI played strong and ended the half with a score of 8-0.

    Ten minutes into the second half the Mountaineers scored two more

    times, ending the game in a 10-0 blowout. For Fall Break, a few players

    on the boys’ soccer team are required to stay and play a tournament in

    Elizabethtown and hopefully win it all.

  • The Bridge 3 Vol. 2, Issue 2

    Volleyball team young but impressive

    By Noble Zika

    The boys’ soccer team has

    had a great start in the season,

    but this is only a beginning. On

    September 3, 20 members of

    the soccer team went on a two-

    day trip to Frankfort, Kentucky

    to represent OBI in a tourna-

    ment. They lost the first game,

    but they kept their heads high

    and won the next day. The team

    ended up placing third overall.

    Right full back for the soccer

    team, junior De’Jour Frazier,

    said, “I feel that the soccer team is on a road to a new beginning. We

    have worked hard the last few games and we are glad to have a new

    coach that is going to lead us to victory. Everyone on the team is dedi-

    cated and has a great bond with each other. Getting the win over all

    the schools we have played

    doesn’t really mean much,

    but hard work and attitude

    is everything, and I feel we

    can do something special

    because ‘hard work beats

    talent when talent fails to

    work hard.’’’ Starting left

    forward, junior Dami

    Olowoye, said, “I think the

    soccer team has reached its

    peak. We have a great team

    and a great coach that

    acknowledges our talent,

    and we have the potential to

    accomplish great things this

    season.” Starting left mid-

    field, junior Simon Robinson said, “I think we are good, and naturally

    we have good team chemistry. [Coach Clark] knows what he is do-


    The girls’ soccer team has done great for their first time coming

    together as a team. Starting right fullback,

    senior Peggy Tebbs from Liberia, has

    played soccer in her freshman year and is

    playing soccer for the last time now in her

    senior year. She says, “It is going very

    well. We’re having fun so far, and I am

    happy for the wins.” Fellow senior and

    starting center fullback Tolu Sola

    Adeyemi, from Nigeria, is our youngest

    senior. This is her first time playing soc-

    cer. She said, “I think we are doing very

    well as a team and we are becoming

    stronger day by day.” Newcomer to the

    team Talina Brown, a junior said, “It feels

    fine to be part of the team.”

    The Bridge 4 Vol. 2, Issue 2

    Senior Spotlight: Luke White

    By Aisha Biyo

    Luke White is from Lexing-

    ton, Kentucky. Starting his

    fourth year here, Luke has been

    involved in soccer, swimming,

    and tennis. When asked about

    what brought him to Oneida,

    he replied “My parents didn’t

    think the school I was going to

    would be good for me, so they

    sent me here. I liked it so I

    stayed.” Some of Luke’s

    achievements include getting a

    varsity letter jacket, being on

    the all- A honor roll, achieving

    the “Best Competitor” award in

    tennis, and getting the “Best

    Long Distance Swimmer”

    award. His favorite aspect of

    Oneida is the people. Luke says

    that his friends are his inspira-

    tion at OBI because “they

    inspire me to get good

    grades and to do better at


    Luke has a lot of class

    pride saying, “We are the

    best.” After graduation,

    Luke plans on going to

    either the University of

    Louisville or University of

    Kentucky to study Pre-

    Med. Then he plans on

    going to Johns Hopkins

    University. He also plans

    on playing tennis in col-

    lege. Luke also gives ad-

    vice to the underclassmen

    saying, “Your grades al-

    ways matter. Don’t ever

    slack off. Always take AP


    Student Survey: What are your

    Fall Break plans?

    Senior Luke White is from Lexington, Kentucky. He has attended OBI for all

    four years of his high school career. Luke plans to pursue a degree in Pre-Med

    after graduating in May.

    Soccer teams play tournaments and add players

    Golf team swings through

    weather challenges

    By Spencer Montgomery

    Volleyball is off to a great season. They have had many great matches.

    The team, which is made out of mostly middle school students, works to-

    gether and has great sportsmanship. Manager AJ Shackelford says that he

    feels as if “there are many great players, and the high school students are

    stepping up to become great leaders.” Each player knows her role on the


    This year’s