The Blood Sugar Solution

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<ul><li>1. The UltraHealthyProgram for LosingWeight, PreventingDisease, and FeelingGreat Now!</li></ul> <p>2. In THE BLOOD SUGAR SOLUTION, Dr. Mark Hyman revealsthat the secret solution to losing weight and preventing notjust diabetes but also heart disease, stroke, dementia, andcancer is balanced insulin levels. Dr. Hyman describes theseven keys to achieving wellness-nutrition, hormones,inflammation, digestion, detoxification, energy metabolism,and a calm mind-and explains his revolutionary six-weekhealthy-living program. 3. With advice on diet, green living, supplements andmedication, exercise, and personalizing the plan for optimalresults, the book also teaches readers how to maintainlifelong health. Groundbreaking and timely, THE BLOODSUGAR SOLUTION is the fastest way to lose weight, preventdisease, and feel better than ever. 4. "Dr. Hyman has done it again with a lucid description of thecauses of the diabesity epidemic and a powerful treatmentprogram. The Blood Sugar Solution is a must-read for anyoneanywhere on the spectrum between mild insulin resistanceand full-blown Type-2 diabetes--a groundbreaking, science-based, easy-to-follow prescription. Start your journey tohealing now!" (Mehmet Oz, MD) 5. "With compassion and authority, Dr. Mark Hyman addressesthe real driver of overeating, obesity, diabetes, heartdisease, cancer, and more-insulin. Insulin imbalance, thesecret killer, robs millions of a rich, joyful, happy life. If youhave struggled with weight and ill health, you will find a newdoorway to wellness through his solid science-based,personalized solution." (Deepak Chopra ) 6. "Rare, indeed, is the individual who combines scientificexpertise, deep caring, and equally deep insights. Dr. Hymanis one of these, and in addition, as a leader in functionalmedicine, has a unique ability to see past the many adverseeffects of a lifestyle at odds with health to the underlyingcauses both within and all around us. He puts all of theseattributes to work for you in The Blood Sugar Solution,providing detailed guidance for both individuals, and thepopulation, to avoid the perils of obesity and chronicdisease-and get to health." (David L. Katz, MD, Director,Yale University Prevention Research Center ) 7. An internationally respected physician, researcher, educator,activist, and five-time New York Times best-selling author,including The Blood Sugar Solution (also a PBS special), TheUltraMind Solution (also a PBS special), The UltraSimpleDiet, UltraMetabolism, and UltraPrevention (winner of theBooks for a Better Life Award), Dr. Hyman has dedicated hislife and career to ensuring optimal health - UltraWellness -for all individuals. His new book and PBS special, The BloodSugar Solution, will be released March 2012 to address theglobal epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular andother related diseases. 8. His revolutionary "secret" to achieving UltraWellness? Dr.Hyman is the worlds leading pioneer and practitioner of aground-breaking and emerging approach to medicine thattreats our system, not our symptoms. This new healthparadigm is a systems-based, patient-centered method(called Functional Medicine) to preventing and treatingdisease and promoting health that works on two intertwinedplatforms: identifying and addressing the underlying causesof disease instead of just managing and masking symptomsand employing emerging trends in science and medicine,and integrative medicine. 9. I found this book to be very informative. BJMack This book will change your life, and you will have a betterunderstanding of how to live a healthier life. ChristineRowlands And, because obesity can be an integral factor of diabetes,the author, Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, calls the disease,"Diabesity". Steven Hotvedt 10. We have found most affordable priceof The Blood Sugar Solution: TheUltraHealthy Program for LosingWeight, Preventing Disease, andFeeling Great Now! from Itoffers Fast and Free Shipping. Once again!Dont forget to compare price before you buy. Check outnow when Stock Last to AvoidDisappointment! </p>