THE BEATLES MEDLEY - ORCHESTRAL SCORE BEATLES...Piano f Back-beat q = 125 [A] Ticket to Ride f f f f sfz f f f f f sfz f sfz f sfz f ... THE BEATLES MEDLEY Lennon-Mc Cartney Arrangement by Fedor Vrtacnik ...

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THE BEATLES MEDLEYTicket to rideA Hard Day's NighPlease Please MeFrom Me To YouI Want to Hold Your HandGet backWe can work in outYellow submarineLennon-Mc Cartney Arrangement by Fedor VrtacnikFlute1 Alto Saxophone2 Alto Saxophone1 Tenor Saxophone2 Tenor SaxophoneBaritone Saxophone1Trumpet in Bb2Trumpet in Bb3Trumpet in Bb4 Trumpet in Bb1Trombone2Trombone3Trombone4 TromboneDrumsElectric GuitarBass guitarPianofBack-beat q = 125Ticket to Ride[A]ffffsfz fffffsfz fsfz fsfzfsfz fsfz fsfz fBma Ema/A A6 E11 Gf fAbBma Ema/A A6 Ab Bbm/Ab[A]f 2 3 4 5 6 THE BEATLES MEDLEY Lennon-Mc CartneyArrangement by Fedor Vrtacnik Fl.Alto Sax.A. Sax.T. Sax.T. Sax.Bari. Sax.1Tpt2Tpt3TptTpt.1Tbn.2Tbn.3Tbn.Tbn.DrumsE. Gtr.BassPno.Ab Bbm/Ab Ab Bbm/Ab Ab Bbm/AbAb Ab Ab Ab Bbm/Ab Ab Bbm/Ab Ab Bbm/AbAb Bbm/Ab Ab Bbm/Ab Ab Bbm/Ab Ab Bbm/Ab Ab Bbm/Ab Ab Bbm/Ab7 8 9 10 11 12 (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) 3


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