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<ul><li><p>The </p><p>Ausbon Sargent </p><p>Land Preservation </p><p> Trust </p><p>The Wilmot </p><p>Conservation </p><p>Commission </p><p>Please feel free to contact us about this effort: </p><p>Debbie Stanley Ausbon Sargent Executive Director 526-6555 x 25 </p><p>Andy Deegan Ausbon Sargent Land Protection Specialist 526-6555 x 24 </p><p>Marion Allen Wilmot Conservation Commission Chairman 603-526-3064 </p><p>Looking across the pasture on the Clayton Nowell property in Wilmot </p><p>25 acres, Wilmot, NH </p><p>Help conserve the Nowell property, located along Grafton Road </p><p>and Walker Brook. </p><p>If you would like to help conserve this important area, </p><p>please send in the response sheet on the opposite side. </p><p>This wonderful property, owned by a well-respected member of the Wilmot </p><p>community, has been farmed, used for maple sugaring, and managed for </p><p>timber production since the late 1950s. Due to its open fields, prime agricul-</p><p>tural and forestry soils, and significant road frontage along the well-traveled </p><p>Grafton Road, it is a prime location for eventual development. In order to pro-</p><p>tect Walker Brook, which serves as the propertys southern boundary, secure </p><p>its ranking of highest for wildlife habitat, and preserve the scenic views </p><p>along Grafton Road, Ausbon Sargent is working to build a coalition of organi-</p><p>zations and individuals to raise the funds necessary to complete this project </p><p>and keep the property as is forever. </p><p>Here are some of the important details of this property: </p><p> The property protects frontage on Walker Brook; </p><p> The open fields provide for a scenic view for people traveling along Grafton Road; </p><p> The property is highly ranked for wildlife habitat and also has extensive water resources including wetlands and vernal pools; </p><p> The property has prime agricultural soils which are rare in the state; </p><p> The property will be open to the public for low impact recreation; </p><p> The property will remain managed for agriculture, timber and maple syrup production. </p><p>The total estimated project cost is $90,000, which includes the purchase of </p><p>the conservation easement and all expenses such as survey, legal, appraisal, </p><p>stewardship (forever), etc. The Wilmot Conservation Commission has pledged </p><p>to support the effort up to $52,500, and Ausbon Sargent has received </p><p>$25,000 in grants and in-kind contributions and $10,000 in private donations. </p><p> With $2,500 left to raise, we still need your support! </p><p> Donations will be accepted through December 31, 2016. </p><p>To submit your donation to help conserve </p><p>The Clayton Nowell Property use the tear off form on the opposite side </p><p>of this fact sheet </p><p></p></li><li><p>Public Benefits: </p><p>Project Funding: The estimated total project cost is $90,000, including the conservation easement price and all </p><p>expenses. The Wilmot Conservation Commission has pledged up to $52,500. Ausbon Sargent has received $25,000 in </p><p>grants and in-kind contributions, and $10,000 in private donations. We still need $2,500 to reach our goal! </p><p>We need your support to complete this project! </p><p>Funding from private donors like you is vital to the conservation of the Nowell Property! </p><p>Please tear off this form and mail it to Ausbon Sargent at PO Box 2040, New London, NH 03257 </p><p>Name: _____________________________________________Phone #: ___________________________________ </p><p>Address: ___________________________________________ E-mail:____________________________________ </p><p> Ive enclosed a check for $________, made out to Ausbon Sargent with Nowell in the memo. </p><p> Please bill my credit card for $_______. Signature:________________________________________________ </p><p> Card Type: Visa Mastercard Card Number_______________________________ Exp Date______ </p><p> Please contact me about making a gift of stock OR call Debbie Stanley at 526-6555. </p><p>Clayton Nowell Property 25 acres, Wilmot, NH </p><p> Protects Walker Brook and the surrounding watershed. </p><p> Maintains scenic views along Grafton Road. </p><p> Encourages the practice of agriculture and responsible timber harvesting in the area. </p><p> Provides public access for hiking, nature observation, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, </p><p>hunting and snowmobiling. </p><p> Provides wildlife habitat for a diversity of species. </p><p>The Nowell Project will protect approximately </p><p>25 acres of field and forest along Grafton Road </p><p>in Wilmot . </p></li></ul>