The Atlantic Revolutions : England, America & France

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The Atlantic Revolutions : England, America & France. Critically weakened the Old Regime. Freedom Progress Democracy Nationalism. Background of Revolution. social change ideas. English Precedents. "Bill of Rights / Glorious Revolution (1688) the king could not suspend laws - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Atlantic Revolutions: England, America & France

The Atlantic Revolutions:England, America & France

Critically weakened the Old RegimeFreedomProgressDemocracyNationalism

Background of Revolution

social change

ideasEnglish Precedents

"Bill of Rights / Glorious Revolution (1688)

the king could not suspend lawsno taxes would be levied or standing army maintained in peacetime without the consent of Parliamentsessions of Parliament would be held frequentlyfreedom of speech in Parliament would be assuredsubjects would have the right of petition and be free of excessive fines, bail, or cruel punishmentspopular sovereigntythe political principle that the legitimacy of the state is created by the will or consent of its people, who are the source of all political powerEffects of the Revolutions

popular sovereignty replaces absolutism

the dynasty replaced by the nation

converted the king's subject into the nation's citizen

Effects of the Revolutions

the nation the major social unit

"defense of the sacred soil of the homelandEffects of the Revolutions


a system of ideas that are usually goal-directedConclusion

Liberalismhuman nature was essentially goodmankind essentially rationalpurpose of life the "pursuit of earthly happiness

Conservatismhuman nature was weakmankind essentially selfishpurpose of life the search for social stability and order