The annual epcot flower and garden

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The Annual Epcot Flower and Garden

The Annual Epcot Flower and Garden FestivalBy Courtney Moody

History of the Flower and Garden FestivalThe Flower and Garden Festival has been held at the Walt Disney World Resort in Epcot since 1993. The festival celebrates springtime with fabulous flower displays and exhibitions. In 2011, Home and Garden Television, (HGTV), sponsored the Flower and Garden Festival for the first time, featuring weekend appearances from acclaimed HGTV landscapers.

Educational Opportunities HGTV designers and Disney gardeners often give free educational classes. Past class topics have included Mobile Gardens and Gardening with Kids. People who attend often receive free plants and seeds.The booths, located all around Epcot, also provide educational opportunities. The Disney Gardeners booth and the University of Florida Master Gardeners booth are just a few.

ConcertsFlower Power concerts are a major reason to attend the Flower and Garden Festival. These free concerts are performed by music artists from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Two of the bands that performed this year were the Turtles and the Village People.The Fairy GardenThe Fairy Garden invites guests to take a step into Pixie Hollow, the magical world of Tinker Bell and her friends. Tiny fairy houses are hidden everywhere. Within the garden is Fawns Butterfly House. This life-size butterfly house is home to numerous species of butterflies, such as the zebra long wing, black swallowtail, and cloudless sulphur butterflies.

Special GardensThere are many different gardens around Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival. Each country around the World Showcase features a different themed garden. One of them is the English Tea Garden. Teacups can be found in this quaint garden, filled to the brim with plants that are used to make tea.

Additional HighlightsThere are many other gardens throughout Epcot, each holding something exciting. New gardens are introduced every year, along with other new features. The Walt Disney Company announced this year that one of the new additions would be lit-up gardens, among other new features.

Something For EveryoneThe Flower and Garden Festival is something that should not be missed. It provides fun for both the young and the young-at-heart. It is a magnificent event for all to enjoy.

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