The Age of Exploration SS6H6: The student will analyze the impact of European exploration and colonization on various world regions

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The Age of Exploration SS6H6: The student will analyze the impact of European exploration and colonization on various world regions Slide 2 SS6H6 a. Identify the causes of European exploration and colonization; include religion, natural resources, a market for goods, and the contributions of Prince Henry the Navigator Enduring Understanding Movement/Migration: movement and migration of people and ideas affect all societies involved Essential Question: - What factors, including the contributions of Prince Henry the Navigator, influenced European nations to begin overseas exploration? Slide 3 Age of Exploration Europeans began a period of exploration across the globe due to a strong desire for wealth, land and honor. Slide 4 There were many reasons for the exploration of the world by the Europeans starting in the 1400s. Some of the reasons are: To find a sea route to the spices of Asia - As spices, silks, and other luxury goods from Middle East and Asia became more popular and desirable, the prices began to go up. This was because the people who controlled the trade routes knew they could charge more money and the Europeans would PAY!!!! These goods were like the Wii, everyone wanted them and would pay BIG BUCKS! Europeans wanted a part of the pie Slide 5 Reasons for Exploration To find gold, silver, and precious stones - After coming back from The Crusades, Europeans were dazzled by the treasures they saw in the Middle East and in Asia. The possibility of them finding a way to obtain these items for themselves was alluring. So, when they did find these items in places such as the Americas, they saw an opportunity to gain these riches by colonizing the lands they found. Slide 6 Reasons for Exploration To expand their knowledge of the world - Once Europeans found these new areas and found new routes, they wanted to explore more of the world to see what else is out there. They also wanted to see what else they could get their hands on that might be valuable. To expand the Christian religion - European Christians saw an opportunity spread Christianity to newly discovered regions of the world. Missionaries accompanied explorers on their voyages in order to convert conquered peoples. This was another opportunity for Europeans to gain control of indigenous (native) people and their resources. Slide 7 Reasons for Exploration To build and control larger empires - Countries such as Portugal, Spain, England, and France began colonizing the regions they explored. The conquered people supplied these European countries with cheap labor to harvest the raw materials. Controlling more areas and people = more power and $. Slide 8 Reasons for Exploration To find natural resources for their newly created factories. - The colonies they created gave Europe control over natural resources This meant that Europe could make goods for less money and would not have to import these goods from other countries. To open up new markets for their newly created products - Europe was able to sell these cheap goods to their own colonies and to other countries. They expanded their ability to make money from only selling to their own country to selling goods to several other parts of the world.