The Academic Job Search

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The Academic Job Search. John Burton Associate Professor and Director American Studies DePaul University. Types of Positions. Tenure-Track Assistant Professors Instructors Visiting Positions—One-Year Visiting Positions—Renewable Senior Positions (Full and Associate Professors). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Academic Job Search

  • The Academic Job SearchJohn BurtonAssociate Professor and DirectorAmerican StudiesDePaul University

  • Types of PositionsTenure-Track Assistant ProfessorsInstructorsVisiting PositionsOne-YearVisiting PositionsRenewableSenior Positions (Full and Associate Professors)

  • Academic Job Search:The Faculty View

    What happens before the search begins:

    Institutional Needs AssessmentPosition Proposal & DescriptionFaculty Search Committee

  • TimetablePositions approved later Spring or Early SummerAdvertisement in late Summer or AutumnInterviews at National Conferences in Autumn/Early WinterInterviews WinterOne-Year Positions in late Spring

  • The Search CommitteeMembershipBackgroundTime CommitmentLength of ServicePolitics

  • Finding Open PositionsBegin EarlySearch widely (Chronicle, H-Net, Journals and Newsletters)Job Listings at Professional OrganizationsCheck locally

  • Reading the Job AdWhat is the department looking for?Double DescriptionTeaching vs. ResearchVague or specificWho are they?

  • Research the InstitutionJob DescriptionCheck the WebAsk Friends

  • Applying for the PositionCurriculum VitaeCover Letter

  • Curriculum Vitae--PartsEducationTeaching ExperienceCourses TaughtResearchPapers & PublicationsService & Work Experience

  • Curriculum Vita--TipsMake it comprehensive, but dont pad itAvoid GimmicksMake it easy to ReadKeep it chronologicalProof Read, Proof Read, Proof Read

    The Typical CV gets less than one minute of attention

  • The Cover LetterPersonalizeCall attention to your strengthsTailor to the InstitutionInclude a teaching philosophyDescribe your research succinctly

    The Cover letter is your one chance to stand outIt may only be skimmed so make it clear and direct

  • ReferencesIdentify before you begin the job searchProvide copies of your CV and basic cover letterTailor the references to different aspects of your experienceShould include your dissertation chair

  • Where to ApplyThe Long Shot???I could teach that. . . .The Nineteenth Century is really just the late eighteenth Century. . . .Is Neurobiology Environmental Science?

    Think really carefully about applying outside your field. You probably will be wasting time and money

  • Assembling the PacketGet the details rightposition title, department name, and universityDont foldDont call the department unless absolutely necessaryDont include more than requested (dont send your book if they havent asked)

  • Reviewing the Applications200+ applications common4-5 faculty review committeesCreating a Short List (Politics & Personalities) Phone or National Conference interviews

  • The Phone CallGet the information you need to interview well.Ask what you need to prepare or provide.Be as professional as possible (change your voice mail message if necessary)Try not to call back to the department before the initial interview

  • Initial InterviewOften only hourKeep your responses succinct and directWatch your interviewersif more than one, make sure to focus on all of themDress Appropriatelyerror on being to formal than not formal enoughBe polite but not overly personal

  • On-Campus InterviewStudy the InstitutionLearn about the Department & FacultyBe prepared with Syllabi, Papers, ArticlesSleep well!Take breaks when provided

  • Parts of the InterviewTeaching PresentationResearch PresentationInterviewsCampus Tour

  • Teaching PresentationTake it really seriouslyKnow about the course and/or audienceDirected to both students and facultyDont depend on the students or faculty for success

  • Research PresentationMake it interesting!!Not everyone attending may be in your fieldBe prepared for technology snafusYoure the expert!!

  • InterviewsAnswer the questions directlythen stop talking!Look at everybody in the roomBe prepared for academic disputes between faculty

  • End of the Search:The Job Offer!!!Next Steps:Tenure!!