The 3 Levels of Reading A Close Reading Activity for Antigone.

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<p>The 3 Levels of Reading</p> <p>The 3 Levels of ReadingA Close Reading Activity for AntigoneThe three levels of reading are: Reading on the lineReading between the linesReading beyond the lines1st Level of Reading: the concrete meaning (the innermost circle)Write the most significant topic word of the play (ideas on next slide)Write multiple dictionary definitions of the word (denotation)Explain why the word is important by placing it in the context of the narrative (tell me what it adds to the story) 2nd Level of Reading: the abstract meaning (the middle circle) Referring to the text, draw 4 images inspired by parts of the reading that relate to the wordGive the full MLA quotation to show the link between each image the word you have written 3rd Level of Reading: the thematic level (the outside circle) Write 2 thematic statements drawn from the significant word you wrote in the innermost circle and the images you drew in the middle circle. Tie everything to the work as a whole.</p> <p>Words to ConsiderYou may choose from the following words, or choose your own: PrideFate/ProphecyCrime and Punishment Civil Law (Laws of the land)AnarchyLeadershipDivine Law (Laws of the gods)Vengeance</p> <p>When you finishSelect one of your thematic statements (from the outer circle) to use as a thesis statement . On the reverse side of your paper, compose a lengthy paragraph analyzing meaning / theme in Antigone. RubricLevel 1 information intactLevel 2 information intactLevel 3 information intactProper MLA format All information is relevant Provides a true theme statement Paragraph is completeParagraph is thoughtful and thorough Assignment is neat and organizedInformation is creatively displayed </p> <p>MLA Format for PlaysHer minds a traitor: crimes kept in the dark / Cry for light, and the guardian brain shudders (2.89-90). </p> <p>There is no happiness where there is no wisdom;/ No wisdom but in submission to the gods (Exodus 139-140). </p>


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