Thanksgiving day!!!

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Thanksgiving day!!!. presentation by Anastasios Bakirtzis & Anastasia Stefa. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Thanksgiving day!!!

  • presentationby Anastasios Bakirtzis& Anastasia Stefa

  • On Friday 25th November, we celebrated in our English class, Thanksgiving Day, which was celebrated in the USA a day before. Our teacher thought that it would be a great idea if we had a Thanksgiving feast in our class. So, we did it! All the students were split in three categories: Story Team, Decoration Team, and most importantly Food Team. Each category would prepare something on that day!

  • When Friday arrived the Decoration team decorated the class with wonderful posters and autumn leaves before the guests arrived. Also the Food team had done a great job. In the menu there was: pumping pie, sweet potatoes, apple pie, chocolate pie, cranberry sauce and a tasty turkey (which was six kilos by the way!! Lots of thanks go to Mrs. Tsoka). All the foods were delicious. Everything was ready and we were just waiting for the guests to come

  • The first people who came, were Mrs. Mandalis class, then Mrs. Petrea came, and last but not least Mr. Tassis. We started our small celebration with a well-informed power point, which Despina Mavromanolaki presented to us. It was a very interesting presentation that helped us understand what Thanksgiving day is. Mrs. Petrea asked questions and seemed to like it too!

  • Everyone in the class had to write in a little card what he was thankful for. We collected all the cards and then we all went to taste the foods that the students had brought. We heard very positive comments from the guests. During the feast we took lots of pictures so we could remember that day for ever.

  • I believe that everybody had a great time but none of that would have been achieved without Mrs. Iosifs help. With a lot of preparation and willingness the whole class made that wonderful Thanksgiving Feast possible! Way to go!!!