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Thank You for a Great Six Years

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  • Thank You for a Great Six Years

    I recently spoke with a new group of nurs- ing students, and mentioned that I had been a nurse for more than 25 years. As I spoke those words, I remember thinking how that couldnt be true since it seems like it was just yester- day that I graduated and started as a staff nurse on a pediatric rehabilitation unit. I have loved every minute of my career as a reha- bilitation nurse. My career has given me the oppo,rtunity to meet countless other nurses and healthcare professionals who have en- riched my professional life. One of the great- est privileges I have had along the way has been the opportunity to serve as editor of this journal.

    It also seems hard to believe that it has been six years since I wrote my first editori- al for Rehabilitation Nursing. In my first ed- itorial, I wrote that my goals as editor would be to provide a journal with content that ap- plies to your practice, helps you understand the changes in rehabilitation and health care, and challenges you to grow and stretch pro- fessionally. Over the past six years, I have worked with numerous talented and dedicat- ed editorial board members, manuscript re- viewers, authors, and staff to design a jour- nal that would do all of those things and more.

    Susan Dean-Baar, PhD RN

    Editor CRRN FAAN

    We strove to include articles that addressed topics of importance across the many settings and populations where rehabilitation nurses practice and to bring current advances in the science of rehabilitation nursing to practi- tioners in a way you could use to improve the care you provide to your patients and clients. Your response has been tremendous in help- ing shape a journal that has become an even more valuable resource for rehabilitation nurses.

    Not many nurses are given a platform to speak to thousands of nurses six times a year. Ive used my platform to provoke thought and dialogue and hope that along the way I have provided a springboard for your own personal development. You have certainly provided me with incredible collegiality and support in my own ongoing development as a nurse. Thank you for a great six years!

    Dr. Elaine Miller will guide the journal through the next stage of its development. She has a deep passion for rehabilitation nurs- ing and great ideas for ensuring that Reha- bilitation Nursing continues to grow and evolve as one of the best specialty nursing journals around. Join me in welcoming her as the new editor.

    170 Rehabilitation Nursing Volume 28. Number 6 NovemberlDecember 2003