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  • 7/31/2019 Thames River Squadron - 12/21/11


    Missions for America

    Semper vigilans!

    Semper volans!

    The CoastwatcherNewsletter of the Thames River Composite Squadron


    Connecticut Wing

    Civil Air Patrol

    S. Rocketto,

    C/Capt Brendan Flynn, Reporter1Lt Scott Owens, Paparazzi

    Vol. V, No 46 21 December, 2011


    27-30 DEC-Orientation Flights

    04-05 FEB-Unit Commander's Course10-11 MAR-Squadron Leader's Course21-22 APR-Corporate Leader's Course



    20 December, 2011

    The annual Squadron party followed traditional

    lines: civvies, gift exchange, eating, theJeopardy contest, eating, eating, and clean-up.

    SM Constance Bourque took charge of foodarrangements and a veritable cornucopia ofgustatory delights filled three tables. The entreesincluded barbecued chicken, ham, meatballs, pigs-in-a blanket, and Maj Rocketto's Road Kill Chili.

    Salad, jalapeo quiche, and a corn casserole werethree of the most popular sides. Beveragesincluded sparkling cider, a selection of soda andjuices, and eggnog.

    Calorie was King on the desert table. Thecenterpiece was a cake baked by Cadet Danielscelebrating the Squadron. Cadet Paquin producedsugar plaques, each with the name of a member ofthe Squadron and these were affixed to the sides ofthe cake. Cadet Cathcart produced the mostelegant desert, a chocolate-cherry mouse. Hefixed a candy kiss to a chocolate dippedmaraschino cherry, used almonds for ears andsugar drops for eyes. The cherry stem was a tail.

    Cadet Paquin and C/SMSgt Daniels and The


    Cadet Chartier and the Maraschino Mouse.

    The annual Christmas Jeopardy contest pitted 10superannuated seniors against twenty cadets in theprime of life. Capt Wojtcuk assembled a series ofquestions in different categories such asLiterature, Historic December Dates, andHoliday Characters.

  • 7/31/2019 Thames River Squadron - 12/21/11


    Capt Wojtcuk Calls Up Questions for the Quiz

    Despite the heroic efforts of Col Doucette and SMWelch, a hard core of Cadets who have spent toomuch time watching the traditional holiday movies

    and listening to singing chipmunks were able toovercome the Seniors experience and cunningand defeat them for the first time ever! C/CMSgtSchultz even stopped eating to answer a question.There was no way the Seniors could stand againstthat kind of youthful enthusiasm.

    Schultz demonstrates the sergeant skills of

    simultaneous other handed eating, paparazzistaring, and question answering.

    Senior excuses were long and loud. The officialscorekeeper, SM ConstanceBourque, appointed byCapt Robin Wojtuck had a puppy in the fight andher status was challenged.

    The challenge was overruled by the local FireMarshal, SM Adam Wojtuck who also had apuppy in the fight. His reasoning involved asophistical argument involving past scorekeepingpractices by Maj Rocketto which involved binarydigits and modular arithmetic leading to aquestionable senior victory in 2010.

    The Seniors also claimed that the presence of ColsStidsen and Kelling, who were calling Seniors outof the contest hall in order to conduct aSubordinate Unit Inspection, drew our chiefspecialists in arcane issues out of the hall. Oneegregious occurrence was the absence of MajNoniewicz during a question about holiday fastingand feasting customs in Poland! Three senioremissaries bearing gifts of sparkling cider,meatballs, and sweets approached Col Stidsen,appealing to his other office, Wing InspectorGeneral, and requested intercession on theirbehalf. The appeal was tabled but the food wasde-tabled. An appeal to Region is forthcoming.

    The Cadet wait for the next questions reminded

    Seniors of a polar bear waiting by the side of a

    seal's breathing hole.

    When the dust settled and the garbage was bagged,

    members departed into the night, leaving behindthe inspectors and a rump detail of officersawaiting the will of the inspection team. As iscustomary, no meeting will be held on the 27th,allowing time for recovery from the eveningexcesses and planning for future follies.

  • 7/31/2019 Thames River Squadron - 12/21/11




    Over 50 pupils and their parents, representing the

    Aerospace Adventurer's Club from the Juliet W.Long and Ledyard Center Schools visited Groton-New London Airport on Thursday, the 15th. Theclub members, supervised by Stuart Sharack andAlec Rode, are students interested in aviationsciences who meet after school for enrichmentactivities in the aerospace sciences, technology,history, and current events.

    Ledyard Aerospace Adventurer study the BernoulliEffect using a ping-pong ball and an electric hair


    Mr. Sharack has recently retired from Juliet Longand continues to advocate for aerospace. Twoyears ago, he was selected by the Civil Air Patrolto receive their national award as AerospaceTeacher of the Year. He now volunteers hisservices. Mr. Rode teaches fifth grade at LedyardCenter school. Before becoming a teacher, he was

    a US Naval aviator, flying the Vought A-7 CorsairII.

    The event was organized by Maj Rocketto,Aerospace Education Officer of the Thames RiverComposite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol and

    supported by Lanmar Aviation and the 1109th

    Theater Aviation Support Maintenance Group,Connecticut Army National Guard. Mr. DennisPiscitello of Whelen Industries assisted incoordinating the program.

    The party was divided into three sections and eachsection was led by a CAP officer assisted by oneor two CAP cadets. Group One was headed byMaj Bourque and Cadet Meers. Capt Miller andCadet Johnstone led Group Two and SM Russell,C/Capt Flynn, and Cadet Trotochaud headedGroup Three.

    Jesse Edwards, Director of Lanmar's FBO servicesbriefed the pupils on their functions as a fixed baseoperator at Groton, maintaining and servicingaircraft, and opened up two of their corporate jetsfor inspection, a Cessna Citation III and aBombardier Challenger 600.

    Mr. Edwards of Lanmar addresses Group One.

    Cadet Meers and Major Bourque observe from therear.

    SFC Gregory Edwards of the National Guard wascontact point at the 1109th. CWO-2 Michael

    McJunkins explained the role of the 1109th

    TASMG as a repair and logistics support unit forthe Army's helicopter fleet. The club memberswere then given opportunities to inspect and boardthe Boeing -Vertol CH-47 Chinook, the SikorskyUH-60 Blackhawk, and the Short C-23 Sherpa.

  • 7/31/2019 Thames River Squadron - 12/21/11


    CWO-2 McJunkins describes the mission of theSherpa transport aircraft.

    The final station was a visit to the Civil AirPatrol's Cessna 182 Skylane. Col Kinch

    represented CAP and explained the features of ouraircraft and the the many missions of CAP.

    Col Kinch explains the Becker Radio Direction



    submitted by

    Capt Glen Dains, Director of Professional


    Lt Col Paul Rowen of the Northwest HillsComposite Squadron has been appointed asCourse Director for the Unit Commanders Course(UCC) to be conducted in Farmington on February4th and 5th, 2012.

    UCC standardizes the training of squadron andgroup commanders throughout CAP. Thesecommanders are the people responsible foradministering programs and managing thevolunteer members in the field. This course isappropriate for existing commanders and thoseaspiring to be commanders.UCC discusses the traits and skills new unitcommanders will need to develop to effectivelymanage their units. Topics include recruiting andretention, command responsibility andaccountability, safety, how to work with families,management, leadership, communication, andelements of successful units and leaders.

    To enroll for the school, please submit a CAPF 17,with your commanders endorsement, to WingHeadquarters no later than January 20, 2012.Applications received after that date will bereturned. Forms may be hand delivered or mailedto Wing Headquarters at P.O. Box 1233,Middletown, CT, 06457-1233. Please enclose acheck for $20.00 made payable to CTWG CivilAir Patrol, to cover course materials andrefreshments.Prerequisites for attendance are completion ofLevel I, be currently enrolled in one or morespecialty tracks with at least a Technician level,and have previously completed a SquadronLeadership School. Officer Basic Course, or ECI-13, completion is preferred, though not mandatory.

    Uniform will be blues, corporate equivalent orpolo shirt uniform absolutely no flight suits orBDUs. Detailed directions and additional courseinformation will be provided with enrollment



    Squadron officers who need SLS and CLC coursesare reminded to reserve 10-11 March for SLS and21-22 April for CLC

  • 7/31/2019 Thames River Squadron - 12/21/11



    Japan Selects F-35

    The troubled Joint Strike Fighter program'sprospects were boosted as Japan joins Israel inselecting the Lockheed-Martin F-35 Lightning IIas its next generation warplane. Japan selected theF-35 over the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet and theEurofighter Typhoon and is expected to purchaseas many as 60 in transactions which could reacheight billion dollars.

    As production of the F-16 winds down in the ForthWorth, Texas plant, personnel have beentransferred to F-35 production and the dangers of

    huge lay-offs has been averted. Rising costs haveforced the United States to cut back on what was aplanned buy of 2,400 aircraft and some of theeight partner nation