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  • 1. Aims:To introduce Action Adventure Exam TopicTo consider what The Action AdventureGenre is made up ofTo look at an example of Action Adventure n nd positio ovement a le shot m Camera Ang ffects Special E scene Mise-en- Editing Sound
  • 2. What lms would you add to the list?
  • 3. What makes Action Adventurean enjoyable action adventuremovie? Speed and MotionSpectacle Suspense and Jeopardy Conict and Combat
  • 4. How do the aspects of filmcontribute to these areas? Falling motion through trees/Body language/ setting Speed and Motion Sound of the wind rushing Beeping became louder and more Thud of crashing emphasises this rapid Music contributes to this Panicked dialogue Low angle longshot falling straight down Spectacle Suspense and Jeopardy Expansive setting Fast tempo creates this Variation of shot types Very long shot highlights contribute to panic vulnerability and contributes to the spectacle Conict and Combat Combat clothes contribute to Close up of closed eyes falling understanding of character from plane suggests he has been pushed
  • 5. A&OTo consider the meaning of mise ensceneTo consider its importance to Action Special effects -Adventure Genre Computer Generated Images (CGI) Costume - Pro-lmic Time period Character Status Age Ability Props -Lighting -AtmosphereMood Mise-en-scene Time period Genre Status/PowerEmotions CharacteristicsTemporal awareness (time of day) Setting - Time period Location Genre Colour as media language Hero qualitiesHow does the mise-en-scene contribute to the providing suspense and jeopardy in this sequence?
  • 6. Colour as Media Language Facial ExpressionsProps andsetting Shot type and angle Body language
  • 7. Hold down the following to grab an image from the internet: .Shift, CMD,4 Extreme Close-UpYou will then se a crosshair, now drag this over the imageyou want and it will appear on the desk top, as if by magic! Eye of the subjectWhat qualities or characteristicscome through the shot? Dark and Gloomy setting Looking through key hole to create this atmosphere to suggest isolation and confinement
  • 8. Puropse and intention Realism Dramatic (irony) Atmospheric Tell Propel Enhance Expressive ContinuityDiegetic Parallel Sound Concepts Diegetic Non-diegetic Ambient Soundtrack Score Contra-punctual
  • 9. Purpose and intentionContinuityPace and TempoSpace and time manipulationCharacter relationships 180 degree rule Matching on action Editing Concepts Graphic matching Shot reverse shot Eyeline matching Cross cutting Establishing Shot
  • 10. Purpose and intentionSpectacleProduction valueGraticationEscapism Computer generated imagery Modeling Pro lmic Special Effects Pyrotechnics Green screen Prostetics
  • 11. Answer all two questions using examples from the extract.1 Explain two ways in which the characters and/or events in the extract fit theaction adventure genre. [10]2 Explain how each of the following is used to create effects that fit the actionadventure genre: soundtrack camerawork mise-en-scne. [20] Total [30]
  • 12. Tips for Exam Success Write about the sequence chronologically Assume the examiner has not seen the sequenceOpening sentence: The establishing shot in this sequences shows...... Technical language is essential throughout the essay Signifies, symbolises, represents, connotes... DO NOT TALK ABOUT GENERIC FEATURES OF ACTION ADVENTURE
  • 13. Answer the question below, with detailed reference to specic examples fromthe extract only1) Discuss the ways in which the following are used, in thisextract from Holby City. Make explicit link to how gender and andage are represented through all the technical aspects:Camera Angle shot movement and positionEditingSoundMise-en-scene Using the mark scheme give an approximate grade and provide 3 reasons for this grade taken from the mark scheme.
  • 14. Eye line matching is used in this sequence whereby we see Bond in a mid shot drivingthe car and this is linked by a close up shot of the GPS device. The function of this shotis to show his primary mission, in this case to reach a target (parrellel editing shows thisto be the rescuing of the female heroine). This suggests bond is the underdog and hasfar more barriers to overcome. The effect of this heightens the suspense and jeopardy ofthis sequence.