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<p>The Integration Of Textile Sensor In a Wireless Monitoring Suit</p> <p>Submitted By : Biswajit pradhan Regd. No. -0601218423 Branch A.E.&amp; I.</p> <p> Introduction ECG Measurement Respiration Measurement Wireless Power &amp; Bidirectional Data</p> <p>Transmission Data Processing &amp; Storage Conclusion Reference</p> <p> Wearable Electronics and Intelligence Textile Reason to use Textile Sensor Advantage Of Wearable Electronics over</p> <p>Conventional Sensor Technique</p> <p>(Schematic overview Of the Wearable Electrodes)</p> <p>ECG Measurement :Textrode :-</p> <p>Advantage Over Conventional Gel Electrode Non-irritating characteristics Possibility of integration in a shirt</p> <p>Comparision B/w Textrode &amp; Gel Electrode</p> <p>Model for the Common Mode Interference</p> <p>Equation for Common Mode Voltages</p> <p>Interface Circuit :</p> <p>(Schematic Overview of ECG Read out Amplifier)</p> <p>Comparision B/w bootstraped &amp; Operational Amplifer :</p> <p>Respiration Measurement :Respibelt : Fabric Sensor Made of stainless steel yarn knitted in Lycra</p> <p>(Respibelt Respiration sensor)</p> <p>Interface Circuit :</p> <p>(Read Out Circuit for the Respibelt)</p> <p>(Respiration Measurement with Respibelt)</p> <p>Wireless Power &amp; Bi-directional data transmission</p> <p>Data Processing &amp; Storage It consist of PIC16C771 microprocessor and 24LC64 serial EEPROM A simple peak detection and heart rate calculation is implimented on the microprocessor for ECG measurement For respiration measurement a counter,additional filtering and respiration rate algorithm are used Both heart rate and respiration rate are stored in a EEPROM and easily read out to a PC using inductive link</p> <p>(Integration Of Textrode and Respibelt sensor in a shirt)</p> <p>Conclusion : Textile material has a strong potential to be used as a sensor element , antennae and interconnection in a wearable bio-instrumentation system. Major benefits are the improved pateint comfort and the reusability of the sensor. These wearable electronics shirts can be washable.</p> <p>Reference : www.google.com</p> <p> www.wikipedia.com www.sciencedirect.com</p> <p>Thank u</p>


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