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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 Textile School - Free Information Portal for Textiles</p><p> 1/3</p><p>Natural Fibers</p><p>Natural fibre is any hair like rawmaterial directly obtainable from</p><p>animals, vegetables or mineral</p><p>source and convertible into non-</p><p>woven fabrics such as felt or after</p><p>spinning into yarns or</p><p>woven/knitted cloth.</p><p>Cotton Fibers | Kapok Fibers |</p><p>Coir Fibers | Banana Fibers |</p><p>Hemp Fibers | Alpaca Fibers |</p><p>Qiviut Fibers | Silk Fibers</p><p>Textile</p><p>Textile is a type ofmaterial composed ofnatural or synthet...Textile - An introduction</p><p>Fiber</p><p>Fiber is a hair-likestrand of material. It isflexible and ...The building block of the text ile</p><p>industry - Textile Fibres.</p><p>Textile Yarns</p><p>Yarns are continuousstrands of fibers thatcan be woven or ...Textile Yarns</p><p>SpinningYarn spinning is theprocess ofmanufacturing yarnfrom diff...Yarn Spinning</p><p>Fabrics</p><p>The major methods forfabric manufacture areweaving and kni...Fabric Formation</p><p>Weaving</p><p>You are here: Home</p><p>Textile Fibers</p><p>Fiber is the fundamental component required for</p><p>making textile yarns and fabrics. Fibers can be</p><p>divided into Natural Fibres and Man-made or</p><p>chemical fibers.</p><p>Fiber Properties | Identification of Fibers | History of Fibers |</p><p>Natural Fibers | Man-made Fibers</p><p>Manmade Fibers</p><p>Those fibers made by chemical</p><p>synthesis are often called</p><p>synthetic fibers, while fibers</p><p>regenerated from natural polymer</p><p>sources are called regenerated</p><p>fibers or natural polymer fibers.</p><p>Manmade Cellulose Fibers |</p><p>Manmade Protein Fibers |</p><p>Synthetic Fibers | Polyamide</p><p>Fibers | Elastomeric Fibers |</p><p>Polyolefin Fibers | Vinyl</p><p>Fibers | Special Fibers</p><p>Spinning</p><p>The object of spinning and of the process that</p><p>precede it is to transform the single fibers into a</p><p>cohesive and workable continuous length yarn.</p><p>Yarn Formation | Thread Numbering</p><p>System | Staple Yarn Spinning | Filament</p><p>Textile</p><p>Industry</p><p>The word</p><p>"textile" was</p><p>originally used to</p><p>define a woven fabric and the processes</p><p>involved in weaving. Over the years the</p><p>term has taken on broad connotations.</p><p>The broad definition of textiles will</p><p>generally cover all of the products</p><p>prodced by the textile industry intendedfor intermediate structures or final</p><p>products.</p><p>Evolution of Textile Industry | Textile</p><p>History | Textile History | Storage of</p><p>Textile Materials | Textile News | Textile</p><p>Trade Shows</p><p>Textile</p><p>Finishing</p><p>Textile finishing</p><p>usually includes</p><p>treatments suchas scouring,</p><p>bleaching,</p><p>dyeing and/or</p><p>printing, the final mechanical or chemical</p><p>finishing operations to enhance their basic</p><p>characteristics like dye penetration,</p><p>printability, wet-ability, colour and</p><p>appearance.</p><p>Finishing | Dyeing | Fabric</p><p>Preparation for Finishing | Fabric</p><p>Preparation Techniques | Dyeing</p><p>Methods | Type of Dyes | Screen</p><p>Printing</p><p>Directory Listing</p><p>Free directory for those who</p><p>directly or indirectly related to</p><p>the textile industry including</p><p>Manufacturers, Suppliers, Buyers,</p><p>Web Site Search</p><p>Ads by Google Woven Cotton Fabrics School Textile Bin</p><p>TextileSchool.Com... where the textile industry assembles to learn</p><p>Rp. 300.000 inFree AdsGain New CustomersIn Just 30 Mins With</p><p>Google AdWords. 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Get a Live Quote Now! www.Alibaba.com/Machinery</p><p>Textile Knives Cutting blades for web conversion of Woven and Non-Woven material www.carolinaknife.com</p><p>Kleiberit Adhesives Industrial adhesives for wood automotive - filters - textiles www.Kleiberit.com</p><p>Like</p><p>5</p><p>Felt - Industrial Feltwww.filzfabrik.de</p><p>Felt for industrial applications Wool felt, Needle felt,Nonwovens</p><p>LIFE Antimicrobialwww.life-materials.comBuilt-in Antimicrobial Technology for Plastics,Coatings, Textiles...</p><p>Quartzel, 100% Silicawww.quartz.saint-gobain.comSaint-Gobain Quartz, N1 of Fused Quartz Fiber(yarn, wool, felt ...)</p><p>TCL2011 Conferencewww.intnews.com/TCL2011Textile Coating and Laminating 2011 Orlando, FL,17-18 November</p><p>110 16</p><p>Home School Direct ory Forum Login Regist er </p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Textile School - Free Information Portal for Textiles</p><p> 2/3</p><p>Weaving</p><p>Weaving is the process of making</p><p>cloth with two components, a warp</p><p>and a weft, and can be done by</p><p>very simple techniques on</p><p>complicated machines known as</p><p>Looms.</p><p>Weaving Basics | Weaving</p><p>Looms | Projectile Weaving</p><p>Machines | Rapier Weaving</p><p>Machines | Airjet Weaving</p><p>Machines | Waterjet Weaving</p><p>Machines | Power Looms</p><p>The weaving is aprocess of formation offabric with interla...Fabric Weaving</p><p>Knitting</p><p>Knitting is a method bywhich thread or yarnmay be turned i...Knitting</p><p>Embroidery</p><p>Embroidery is the art orhandicraft of making ordecorating ...Embroidery - machine embroidery</p><p>Textile Finishing</p><p>Textile Finishing is anyoperation (other thanpreparation a...Textile Finishing</p><p>Apparel</p><p>Textile products usedfor clothing is broadlytermed as Appa...Apparel/Garments</p><p>Technical Textiles</p><p>Technical textile are</p><p>textile productsmanufactured for non-...Technical Textiles</p><p>Fashion</p><p>Fashion is not definedsolely by clothingchoices, but it is...Fashion</p><p>Conversion Formulas</p><p>Interactive, table styleconversion calculator todetermine ...Conv ersion Formulas</p><p>Costing</p><p>Costing is the system ofcomputing cost ofproduction or of ...Costing</p><p>Dispatch</p><p>Dispatching is theprocess of deliveringthe products to the...Dispatch</p><p>Membership:</p><p>Latest: munish jha</p><p>Past 24 Hours: 2</p><p>Prev. 24 Hours: 6</p><p>Overall: 452</p><p>People Online:Visitors: 58</p><p>Members: 0</p><p>Total: 58</p><p>Yarn Spinning | Ring Spinning | Rotor Spinning | AirJet Spinning |</p><p>Fabrics</p><p>Fabrics are made from yarns and are</p><p>constructed mostly either by weaving or knitting.</p><p>Felts are fabrics made directly from fibers without</p><p>making yarns.</p><p>History of Fabrics | Type of Fabrics | Woven</p><p>Fabrics | Knitted Fabrics | Blended</p><p>Fabrics | Fabric Defects and Causes |Denim Fabrics | Fabric Washing</p><p>Techniques | Application of Fabrics</p><p>Knitting</p><p>Knitting is the most common</p><p>method of inter-looping and is</p><p>second only to weaving as a</p><p>method of manufacturing textile</p><p>products.</p><p>Knitting Stitch Formation | Flat</p><p>Knitting Machines | Circular</p><p>Knitting Machines | Knitting</p><p>Needles | Knitting Neele Bed</p><p>Garments/Apparel</p><p>Apparel manufacturing involves different steps,</p><p>beginning with the idea or design concept and</p><p>ending with a finished garment.</p><p>Apparel Production Process |</p><p>Merchandising | Pattern Making |</p><p>Spreading or Layering | Pattern Marking |Sewing | Testing | Garment Making Apparatus | Seam Types |</p><p>Stitch Types | Carton Boxex | Interlining | Rhinestones | Buttons |</p><p>Care Labels | Lab Dips | Apparel Terms | Garment Costing |</p><p>Machine Embroidery</p><p>Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating</p><p>fabric or other materials with needle and thread</p><p>or yarn. Often embroidery types were named</p><p>after the predominate stitch that was used, such</p><p>as cross-stitch.</p><p>Machine Embroidery Types | Schiffli Embroidery | Multihead</p><p>Embroidery | Schiffli Embroidery Machine Types | Why 'Schiffli'Embroidery is called so? | Embroidery produced by Schiffli</p><p>Machines | Most used fabrics on Schiffli Machines | Functioning of</p><p>Schiffli Machines</p><p>Still didn't find what you are looking for? Try a quick a search:</p><p>Web Site Search</p><p>Traders, Service Providers, Accessory</p><p>Suppliers, Book Publishers, Associations,</p><p>Technical Institutes, Certification Provides,</p><p>Online Portals etc.</p><p>Tools &amp; Calculators</p><p>Interactive conversion calculator</p><p>to determine textile yarn/thread</p><p>counts within global yarn numbering</p><p>systems.</p><p>Yarn Count Calculator| Universal Unit</p><p>Conversion Calculator| Fiber</p><p>Formulas | Spinning Formulas | Yarn</p><p>Conversion Table | Weaving Formulas</p><p>Discussion Forum</p><p>Textile technical forum to</p><p>discuss difficulties in completing</p><p>certain tasks or to improve performance of</p><p>a certain job or share your knowledge to</p><p>the world.</p><p>News &amp; Trade Shows</p><p>Textile News and Trade Shows</p><p>from trustworthy online</p><p>resources.</p><p>Ads by Google</p><p>Finishing in Textile</p><p>Linen Textile</p><p>Textile Test</p><p>Ads by Google Textile Woven Tissu Textile Print Textile Textile Loom</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Textile School - Free Information Portal for Textiles</p><p> 3/3</p><p>Home | Terms Of Use | Privacy Stat ement | About TextileSchool.Com | Contact Us</p><p>(c) Copyright 2010 by Text ileSchool.com</p></li></ul>


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