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Texas Special Kids Presents: 2006 Texas Special Kids Slide 2 Slide 3 INTRODUCTION Are you juggling too many tasks? How do you do it all? Not all at once! Glean Implement one thing at a time. Slide 4 I. Mom Needs a Quiet Time A.Designate a Space 1. Chair in corner of bedroom 2. Put your Bible in the bathroom! B. Timing 1. May need to think outside the box- Not the usual early morning concept 2. Make it a consistent time 3. True Confessions- Patsys Q.T. Slide 5 C. What do I study? I have so little time! 1. Read the Proverb of the Day 2. Read the same chapter every day for a week D. What about interruptions? I. Mom Needs a Quiet Time (cont.) Slide 6 II. The Blueprint A.Expect interruptions 1. Year-round school BONUS: Academic Benefit 2. Consider the entire day your school day- NOT 8 to 3 B. Appointments 1. Schedule control a. Set aside one day for appointments b. Schedule appointments at the same time of day Slide 7 2. Other childrens schoolwork a. Little ones need short time/day- dont need school all day anyway b. Older children- Begin to develop their learning independence c. Create a take-along box or bag for each child ~ Paper, crayons, pencils, clipboard ~ Appropriate-level books for silent reading ~ Read-alouds (you read to them or they read to each other ~ Hand-held educational games (turn off sound!) Hangman, Yahtzee, Boggle, Simon II. The Blueprint (cont.) Slide 8 3. Academics for the other children a. Always have one subject to fall back on in case of emergency b. Consider Unit Studies ~ older children might read to younger ~ you can work with more than one child at a time 4. Enlist help a. With the special needs child b. With the older children 5. Start the day out right Slide 9 III. Tidy Up the Work Bench A.Trading Spaces- Want your house to look perfect all day every day? SELL! 1. The two extra people in your home: a. Homeschooling has as much stuff (books, manipulatives, etc.) as anyone in your home. Give it space. b. Therapeutic tools for a special needs child take as much space as a person. Define the space. Slide 10 2. Keeping a level head Keep two spaces neat above all else in your home: a.Some place where you can entertain guests b.A space for YOU to escape when chaos reigns III. Tidy Up the Work Bench (cont.) Slide 11 B. Simple Systems 1.Laundry a. Put a basket for reds or new dark clothes beside the washer b. Cut sorting time by doing one persons clothes at a time and wash all in cold water c. Wash sheets from one bedroom each week d. Dont buy dark-colored towels! e. Teach little ones to fold towels f. Teach children to do their own laundry III. Tidy Up the Work Bench (cont.) Slide 12 2. Feeding the Crew a. Two Words: ~ Meat and marinade ~ Buy pre-cut veggies (fresh or frozen) b. Double your recipes and freeze half for a rough day c. When someone says, How can I help?, say Bring dinner! d. Teach kids how to make PB & Js so they can make them for everyone e. WalMart honors competitors ads- shop the ads for value! III. Tidy Up the Work Bench (cont.) Slide 13 3. Employ the Unemployed a. Teach children to participate from an early age; Think: Can a child do what I am doing here? b. Remember: EX IN People do not do what you EX pect. They do what you IN spect. III. Tidy Up the Work Bench (cont.) Slide 14 4. Where is that thing?- Stuff Control! a. Boxes in the attic- rotate seasonally b. Lorettas closet c. Overhead shelves d. Locked rooms/closets III. Tidy Up the Work Bench (cont.) Slide 15 5. Work Your Plan Most systems start in the living room/kitchen REVERSE THAT! Start in your bathroom as you get ready Straighten your bedroom. Make the bed! Move to the kids bedrooms/bath- hold them accountable for pick-up THEN do the common areas III. Tidy Up the Work Bench (cont.) Slide 16 6. The Measure of a Woman I do not measure myself by anything that has no end: Dishes Laundry Or Anything that anyone else can mess up! Slide 17 IV. More Power (Rrr, Rrr) Whats a father to do? A. For the family as a whole 1. Occasional dinner prep 2. Laundry his own, linens, help fold, one childs 3. Big breakfast 4. Character training and Bible study Slide 18 IV. More Power (cont.) B. With the special child 1. Help with therapy / exercises 2. Teach some academics 3. Entertain 4. Stretch him socially C. The other kids 1. Take along on errands 2. Read to them 3. Train in household chores 4. Entertain / play games 5. Supervise bedtime routine 6. Teach / accountability for some academics Slide 19 V. Break Time When did you start feeling like you were going to survive? Getting the rest you need: A. The old adage Sleep when he sleeps. B. Enlist some help 1. Outside helpers 2. Mom goes to bed early while Dad puts the kids to bed 3. Evening naps after Dad gets home C. Creative scheduling Dad takes the kids to church on Wednesday night and Mom stays home for a nap. Slide 20 V. Break Time (cont.) D. Desperate times call for desperate measures A good video buys you a 30 minute nap on the couch! E. A special note about safety: If you are concerned about a child getting out of the house while you sleep, ADD LOCKS! Slide 21 VI. Home Depot vs. Harbor Freight The Lowe cost of homeschooling a special child A. Lose your pride. Ask for what you need. B. Be specific about gift lists. Family members who want to help will appreciate a detailed list of toys, books, games, or equipment will help. Be sure to include a wide price range. Slide 22 C. Think creatively about educational and manipulative materials 1. Reuse/Recycle/Renew a. Look at containers differently: film canisters / margarine tubs / Quik boxes / new mayo containers b. Borrow an idea from Grandma Wear an apron to carry reinforcers or frequently needed items VI. Home Depot vs. Harbor Freight Slide 23 2. Create alternative equipment / therapy products a. Need a hugger? Try a life jacket! b. Make your own weighted vest with a walkers neon Velcro vest. Sew on fishing weight medals for outstanding performance. 3. Make your own plumbing builder out of PVC pipe and joints. 4. Wal-Mart ball vs. catalog ball VI. Home Depot vs. Harbor Freight Slide 24 VII. True Confessions Patsys Encounter with The Messies Manual This is not a sprintits a marathon Poco a poco se llega lejos Slide 25 This is not the end of the process we are always available to talk further through our website. Visit us at: Visit our vendor booth for a private consultation. Visit Our website for email consultation any time. Contact TSK for seminars for your support group or church.